A Call to Action: Stop SOPA and PIPA

If you haven’t heard by now the Internet is on strike against legislation that, if passed, would give large amounts of power to select groups of people in the entertainment industry and government.  These people will then be able to go after websites for hosting copyrighted content (think YouTube) or sites that even link to another site that have a link to copyrighted material.  Now The Dead Hub isn’t for infringing on copyrights, but the group of people that would be in power could deem a link or website is in violation, and without due process, can have the site shut down and cut off funding.  This was originally aimed to crack down on websites overseas (think The Pirate Bay), but the implications in the US are huge.

For The Dead Hub this bill is lethal!  It’s also lethal to musicians.  There are many tech companies and blogs out today that have made careers for some big artists. Justin Bieber can thank YouTube to name one instance.  Yet, there are groups that want the likes of YouTube and Tumblr to be shut down for copyright violations.  It doesn’t make sense. I am pretty sure Justin’s label made some money in the process, yet they stand for SOPA.  FYI Justin Bieber has taken a public stance against SOPA and PIPA.

Then there are artists that are completely oblivious to the bill itself.  Look at the band Ra Ra Riot. Last night they were educated on SOPA and PIPA by their fans in the comments on Facebook.

ra ra riot clueless SOPA

Then there are artists that are progressive thinkers and activists. Joe Satriani has taken his own website dark, along with many others to protest.

Joe Satriani SOPA

Maluca has a comedic take on the situation as she took to Facebook last night, but she had taken the stance against SOPA.

Maluca SOPA

What can you do? Take action and contact your representatives.  Follow this link via Google to find out how:  https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/

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