Local H’s New Album

Local H is currently in the studio recording with producer Sanford Parker (Bloodiest, Pelican, Yakuza) for their upcoming summer release of Hallelujah! I’m a Bum-tentative title.  The title seems almost appropriate as I witnessed, along with many others, at a recent show at Austin’s Fuel Room.  Scott and Brian both looked a little unrockstar-ish to say the least.  Scott is sharing video clips from the studio that he recorded with his iPhone to the band’s Facebook page.  In one he uploaded a video of his clean shaven look, aka the clean Scott (yay!).  Many fans gave me hell for ripping on both Brian and Scott’s image, but in this industry appearances do matter no matter who or how talented you are. I bet some of you that sent me hate mail gave Metallica hell when they cut their hair back in 1996 for Load, so don’t tread on me. I am just doing my job writing the truth.

So back on track, the new album that is set to release this summer, is the first studio album of original recordings since 2008’s 12 Angry Months.  Fans can check out all the videos Scott has upload thus far on Local H’s Facebook Page.

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  1. The C Word says:

    Well, I’m a female and I just saw my very first Local H show on May 25th. I’ve got to counter you. I thought Scott looked really hot, and it made me hot and bothered. I like that look on a guy. I myself have a similar look, as far as fashion choice goes. I almost always, no matter where I’m going, wear Converse shoes, jeans, and a t-shirt (usually a band t-shirt). A guy dressing better than me is a turn-off. Most importantly, it’s all about rocking the f#ck out. I will always be more impressed by that than what a guy onstage is wearing. He wins as far as I’m concerned.

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