Volbeat: Makes Fans Happy

Gigantour 2012
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

All Photos by Paul Weber

Volbeat is:
Michael Poulsen
Anders Kjølholm
Jon Larsen

Volbeat Gigantour 2012 Milwaukee Wisconsin The Rave

Volbeat is the perfect balance of metal and rockabilly. The music screams heavy metal while Michael Poulsen’s vocals are deeply embedded in the rockabilly genre.  Since The Dead Hub last covered Volbeat, more and more people are picking up on this Danish trio of metal goodness.  It was apparent last night as Lacuna Coil ended their set and the crowd was prepping for Volbeat to take the stage. Volbeat was the only thing on the fans lips.

As Volbeat hit the stage fans chanted Volbeat over and over and it was so loud that it cut right through the intro music. The crowd was fully energized as the sound of thunder rolled in as the bass drum driven “Warrior” started to play.  Shortly after “Warrior” Michael pointed out that this was the first time the band played Milwaukee’s icon music venue, The Rave.  The Rave is an old auditorium theater that has hosted thousands of iconic rockers. If you’re looking for the House of Blues feel, it’s not here.  Michael pointed out, “It’s a bit creepy spooky in here!”

Volbeat Gigantour 2012 Milwaukee Wisconsin The Rave

The energy of the night reached breaking point at “Sad Man.”  The mosh pits and crowd surfing were just forming, and up to this point,it had been pretty tame for metal show. Michael dedicated “Sad Man” to the late Johnny Cash.  He even changed his vocal styling to reflect Johnny’s in the first verse.  After the first verse it was all Volbeat style and the crowd sang the chorus. It was mighty impressive; even Michael stopped and couldn’t stop saying “WOW.”  It didn’t take long for the guys to transition right into “Goat” and get the crowd’s blood flowing again as he egged them on with, “Do you want this?”

The tone was slowed down as Michael dedicated “Fallen” to his father, the victims of Jeffrey Dahmer, and to anyone who’s lost someone. Michael thanked the fans several times throughout the night for their constant support.  He also pointed out how crazy the crowd was several times. The band seemed most impressed at the sheer enthusiasm the crowd reflected back to them.

Volbeat pretty much ruled the night and injected a healthy dose of metal into the crowd’s blood.  Based on the beaming faces onstage and action on the floor Volbeat won the crowd and made some new fans last night in Milwaukee.

Volbeat Gigantour 2012 Milwaukee Wisconsin The RaveSetlist:

Guitar Gangster
Sad Man
Who They Are
Pool of Booze
Still Counting

Need more Volbeat action? Read Amy Harris’ interview with Michael Poulsen here and for more concert photos check out Weberv2.com!

Photos from Volbeat’s set at The Rave in Milwaukee:

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