Milagres charm the Mercury Lounge

The Brooklyn-based quintet Milagres plugged into Mercury Lounge Thursday night to a welcoming crowd.  The outfit matriculated from NYU, but didn’t form until post-graduation.  Bringing their swooning tunes from their fall release, Glowing Mouth, lead Kyle Wilson’s falsetto burst opened the set with “Gentle Beast”, as the onlookers cheered in delight.  Milagres have a mutable sound that has been compared to Arcade Fire, R.E.M. and even Prince.  On their second song of the night, “To Be Imagined”, Kyle’s vocals reminded me of another Brooklyn troop, The Antlers and Canadian Patrick Watson with similar swooning and crashing cymbals and beats.  On “Fright of Thee”, a more macabre tone is evoked and resembled something Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones might have produced.

Guitarist Eric Schwortz served as speaker for the band chatting with the crowd and gauging interest in Downton Abbey?  Their fans were into it and the atmosphere felt like a room full of friends rather than industry suits witnessing the next big thing.  Eric also informed the audience of their latest track , “Quiet Street”, which premiered on Paste Magazine’s site.  Before concluding the set with “Fifty Fourteeners”, Kyle threw out an open invite to their fans to join them at HiFi , a bar up the street that would be honoring drink deals if they mentioned the gig.  Now that’s a classy band, taking care of its fans.

Set list
Gentle Beast
To Be Imagined
Glowing Mouth
Lost in the Dark
Fright of  Thee
Quiet Street
Here To Stay
For Disposal
50 14ers

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