The Justin Bieber Factor

Justin BieberI understand the need to partner up with fellow musicians to make beautiful music. Partnerships are almost necessary for any business to grow including musicians, yet some partnerships make me scratch my head.  Let’s take Justin Bieber for example.  Once this boy hits puberty it’ll all be over for him unless he keeps writing bubble gum pop songs for the next boy who replaces him.  Even then he won’t be in the spotlight as he is today.   Please note I’ve never been a Justin Bieber fan.  I had a friend who photographed one of his meet and greets and, boy oh boy, was there a story to tell.  Justin was late to the meet and greet and he really didn’t have a good reason. He was too busy playing video games to actually meet his fans on time.  After hearing his sorry excuse, it left a bitter taste in my mouth and I really lost a lot of respect for him.  But what do I know because the teeny boppers still love and gush all over him and that means other artists are going to try and capitalize on his loyal and crazy fan base.

This past Christmas Justin teamed up with Mariah Carey for a revised version of “All I Want for Christmas.” Granted I gave it a listen because I am a huge Mariah fan, but listening to Justin’s voice is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard.  The music video creeped me out because there was Mariah being all sexy like Mariah is great at doing and in comes an underage boy singing “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  I want to scream jailbait!  In addition the single didn’t even place on the US Billboard charts. Fast-forward to today and the electronic/hip hop group Far East Movement collaborated with Justin on their new song “Live My Life,” and again I gave the song a try, but it isn’t anything special or even catchy.   To me it’s apparent that some of these collaborations are money grabs.  If you team up with Justin Bieber on an album it’s really jumping the shark.  Artist need to weigh the pros and cons to partnering up with Justin.  Do you really want to lose some of your coolness with your older non-Bieber fans?  Is the money generated worth losing those fans? I also nearly puked in my mouth when I heard he was endorsing a product at the Consumer Electronic Show this past January.  It’s not new to have celebrities at CES but when I heard Justin Bieber and even Snookie were making appearances, CES’ coolness rating sank in my eyes.

Is it really worth it to team up with the boy wonder that will soon fall of the face of the earth after he is replaced with someone just like him?  For me I lose more respect for the artists that are teaming up with him.  Also conducted a survey and Justin Bieber was the second musical turnoff for both men and women, so if you are on a first date don’t talk about how cool that new Bieber song is, ok?

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