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  • Exitmusic provides the prologue at Mercury Lounge

    Brooklyn outfit Exitmusic opened for the sold out School of Seven Bells gig at the Mercury Lounge early Tuesday evening.  Led by the real life couple of Aleksa Palladino (aka Angela Darmody of Broadwalk Empire) and Devon Church, Exitmusic produced the perfect warm-up with songs from their EP From Silence and their forthcoming LP Passage.  A soundtrack of filmy, layered choruses lulled the audience to a seance of crashing guitar riffs.  Opening their set with “The Sea”, Aleksa’s brooding voice delivers a haunting, “It’s the silent seeeeeaaa.”  From there they leaped into “The Modern Age”  where Devon shredded his guitar.

    Aleksa was particularly beguiling singing, “Look up the sky’s awake, the sun is shining,” on “The Hours”.  They ended their set with a new song, “Sparks of Light”.  This writer was hoping for their dreamy re-imagining of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” but it was foregone in the short set.

    Exitmusic’s debut LP Passage is out May 22nd on Secretly Canadian.  Check out the title track here.  The band is off to SXSW and a US tour that hits NY March 28 at Terminal 5 and May 5 with School of Seven Bells again at Le Poisson Rouge.

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