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Interview: Jon Larsen from Volbeat


Since the last time we saw Volbeat in Cincinnati, they have blown up in the US with their tour with Megadeth and Motorhead. They are a premier and first-class European Metal band that is sweeping North America by storm playing coast to coast. They have been touring on the album Beyond Hell/Above Heaven for a couple years now and are set for another run this summer.

Amy spoke with band drummer Jon Larsen to get everybody ready for their set at Rock on the Range. The two discussed the evolution of the band in the short time since they were last seen in Ohio. They will be taking the stage at Rock on the Range in Columbus along with the rest of the best acts in Metal and Rock music.

Amy: I know you guys just got off the Gigantour Tour. Did you have any crazy Motorhead or Megadeth stories along the way?

Jon: No not really actually, not really any interesting stories to tell. We got along fine with both camps and everybody was in high spirits. I think it was definitely a great tour for all.

Amy: Rock on the Range is always a crazy time in Columbus. What are you looking forward to about the show and are you looking forward to seeing any other bands there?

Jon: Oh yeah, I am always looking forward to seeing Anthrax. We like to hang out with those guys.  We have hung out with them a few times. We don’t know Zombie or Manson but Anthrax is gonna be cool.

To read more head over to The First 3 Songs! (Direct link to article)

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