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Interview with Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch will be one of the headlining acts of Rock in the Range this year, one of the nation’s biggest Hard Rock and Metal festivals that takes place in Columbus this weekend. They have become known for their “active” show encouraging crowd participation that can get on the edge of out of hand at times. The band released their third studio album last year American Capitalist which quickly shot to the top of all Rock and Metal charts.

Amy caught up with drummer Jeremy Spencer  and the two discussed the grueling nature of the industry especially as a drummer and the advice that has driven him to be in the position of leading the rhythm and timing of Five Finger Death Punch. They will be taking the stage Saturday night on the Main stage in Columbus.

Amy: I was excited to talk to you because I know you just won the Golden God award for Best Drummer. How was that experience for you?

Jeremy: It was really great because I am a fan of all those drummers in the category and to be put in the same category was humbling already and then to win, it was “Wow, this is really cool.” We couldn’t be at the show because we were out on tour. I got a call saying, “You know he won and if you could put together a video for the acceptance that would great.” So I made this really ridiculous acceptance speech video where I dressed up as redneck fans mocking me giving a speech so I did a multi-character video for winning the award and it was really funny. It is all over the internet in case you get a chance to see it. Everyone got a kick out of it, but overall it was a really humbling experience and really cool.

To read more of the interview head over to The First 3 Songs! (Direct link to interview)

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