The Broken Glass Beer Review: Fox Barrel’s Ginger & Blackcurrant

Fox Barrel
Ginger & Blackcurrant

Fox Barrel's Ginger and Blackcurrant

Fox Barrel's Ginger and Blackcurrant

The best cider I have ever tasted! I’ve never had a pear cider before, it was nothing like I have ever tasted. Fox Barrel’s unfiltered pear cider has a cloudy reddish hue at first pour. This spicy red pear cider is infused with ginger extract, blackcurrant juice and organic honey. It has an aroma of sweet pear. The flavor is a rich pear and ginger at first taste. There is just enough ginger bite without that ginger burn. The last few sips are even sweeter than the first.

Tip: Give a full bottoms up tilt & swirl to evenly disperse the unfiltered pear-wine sediment.

ABV: 6.5%
Calories: 210
Gluten Free: Yes
Carbohydrates: 20g

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