In Photos: Foo Fighters at Summerfest

Foo Fighters
Milwaukee, WI

Foo Fighters at Summerfest 2012

What can you say, It’s the Foo Fighters. It’s a rare thing to know your about to get your monies worth, but with the Foo Fighters that’s simply the truth. From an endless list of great songs to a seemingly endless amount of energy and emotion, the Foo Fighters put on a true to the word, “Rock show”. I must admit, as a photographer I was hoping to see another rock legend at the show, Ross Halfin. If you don’t know who photographer Ross Halfin is you don’t know your rock history. Check out his work at and check out the Foo Fighters when they come to your City. Judging by the sold out Amphitheater at Summerfest, you better get your tickets early.

Photos from Foo Fighters’ set in Milwaukee at Summerfest:

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