Coping with the Heat at Lollapalooza

xrt misting tentLollapalooza started yesterday to a packed crowd and high heat and full sun.  To say it’s hot outside is an understatement.  When patrons pay big money to spend 3 days out in the heat enjoying their favorite artists there has to be a way to cool down.

Having Lollapalooza in Grant Park makes a great location for a festival with great views such as Lake Michigan and Buckingham Fountain, but one drawback is all the concrete that collects all the rays of the sun and lack of trees to escape from it.  Need to find shade? Here’s where to find it and places to avoid.

The Red Bull Soundstage and stages on the north end of the park were good for keeping down the heat due to the fact there was grass and not concrete. It made all the difference especially as the midday and early afternoon hit.

The BMI stage is the best to escape the sun! The stage is nuzzled between a set of trees where many people came to cool down and may not have even known the artist.

The worst stage to be in for the heat was the Playstation stage in the afternoon.  Yesterday during Die Antwoord’s set, there was a handful of us that walked away to find shade as balls of sweat were rolling off our head and back.  It wasn’t pretty.  The good part was, even when finding shade, we could still hear Die Antwoord’s set.

cta cooling bus lollapalooza

The CTA supplies buses around the park for cooling stations.  Yesterday those buses were packed!  Chicago radio station, WRT supplied a misting station for people to stand in or run through.

Forget sun block? No problem! American Family Insurance was around to give out sun block, ear plugs, and hand sanitizer.

Headed downtown today? Don’t forget to dress cool, but sandals are a no-no! Against the steamy concrete, the flip flops will burn your feet!

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