Interview: Nonpoint

Nonpoint released their 8th album back in May of last year and hit the road with Drowning Pool as well as gracing the stage for Ozzfest.  The new year hasn’t stopped them from hitting the road as they recently wrapped up their tour dates with Dirge Within and are playing the Soundwave Festival and catching up with All That Remains for some shows in Australia.

We had the chance to speak with Nonpoint on their stop with Dirge Within at Austin’s Fuel Room in Liberyville, IL.  Check it out below:

Non Point on Tour

Tour: Soundwave Festival
2/26/11 Brisbane RNA Showgrounds AU
2/27/11 Sydney Eastern Creek Raceway AU
Tour: with DevilDriver, Ill Nino and All That Remains
3/2/11 Sydney The Forum AU BUY TICKETS
3/3/11 Melbourne Billboard AU BUY TICKETS
Tour: Soundwave Festival
3/4/11 Melbourne Showgrounds AU
3/5/11 Adelaide Bonython Park AU
3/7/11 Perth Steel Blue Oval AU

Non Point on the Net:

Escape the Fate Talks Touring, Interscope Records, and Crazy South American Fans

Escape the Fate is currently headlining “The Dead Masquerade” tour with Alesana, Motionless in White, GetScared and Drive A.  The tour kicked off on January 20th and continues through March 12th in San Diego.

Their self-tilted album Escape the Fate is heavier than the previous two releases.  It’s songs from the self-titled album like “ Massacre,”  “Issues,” “Zombie Dance,” and “City of Sin” that show off their harder edge.  The band  has been around since 2004 and has dealt with more issues that break bands apart and somehow still have managed to grow stronger and bigger with time. We had the opportunity to talk with Robert Ortiz and it provided a look into how personal and passionate he takes his work. Plus, this is not a band that looks to just “make it,” but to grab the music industry by the neck.

The Dead Hub: How is the headlining tour going so far?

Ortiz: “Actually, it’s been pretty incredible, Dude. I like to think that our own worst enemy is ourselves because the only thing that could possibly stop us from reaching this crazy level is ourselves. People are digging it; they love it and it’s huge, Dude. I can’t believe it. We were at a point where we asked ourselves, ‘Will this even work out?’and now it’s like, ‘Wow, I can’t believe it’s working!’ People get it, people love it, and they really grasp what we’re doing. People are coming out because they want to see what the big deal is, and now, they’re hooked on it.”

DH: Is there anything different with you headlining; anything different for your prior fans to your new ones?

Ortiz: “I’ll just let you know that what we do is that we put everything we got, when it comes to financially or whatever it is, we put everything we have into our show. We just got signed onto Interscope and we’re milking it for all it’s worth; not just go home and chill and get a nice house. That’s not what we’re about. We want to bring the biggest show and spectacle that we can. We have crazy lives; big setup. It’s probably too big for where we’re at right now, but it’s like ‘Fuck it dude, we have to do it.’ It’s incredible to see that there are clearly new fans and clearly old fans. It’s pretty incredible because there’s fans that kinda sit around and listen to the old stuff, and then there’s fans that maybe, not really have heard old stuff, but have heard our newest single and are like ‘Hey man, this is awesome!’ It’s been good but it’s definitely interesting to see how far we’re come.

DH: Speaking of changing to Interscope, your album you have out now, Escape the Fate, seems like it’s a little harder. Is this something, being with Interscope has allowed you to do?

Ortiz: The cool thing is that when we signed the Interscope, our whole thing was that we wanted to take the next step up and we told them, ‘We got our thing going on. Don’t fuck it up.’ and they said, ‘We’re not gonna fuck it up, we like what you’re doing, we’re gonna push it, keep doing what you’re doing and let us help you.’ That was the whole thing with signing the band, but they definitely have allowed us to do our thing. As far as production, that’s all us. Bryan “Monte” Money, our guitarist is a genius; he’s creative and he just reaches and finds sounds. Most of the production and sounds  you hear on the album, he created it on his laptop from Garage Band. I want people to be sucked in like a movie when they hear this thing, whether it was a heavy song or a ballad. The attitude was, ‘let’s make everything sound as big as possible.’ They gave us a bigger budget to work with and we were all ready before we signed with Interscope. We even started recording drums and all that, before we were even signed on. We were doing it on our own dime. We were just that passionate and that much in a hurry to get our vision out because you know, you have to strike when the iron’s hot. Interscope has definitely helped us and allowed us to see our vision too, but they have also pushing our vision, but it’s all us.

DH: It’s a great album.

Ortiz: Thank you. Thank you.

DH: As far as growing up, what were some of the bands that influenced you and your style of drumming?

Ortiz: I’m old school, man. I love fuckin rock and metal; that’s my core. I listen to everything. Now that I’ve grown up, I can appreciate all sounds of music, from rock and metal, to country, to pop music and all kinds of stuff. I love it. I can appreciate just about anything if I really take the time to understand where the artist is coming from. Growing up, I was really shy and very sheltered, so I grew up listening to metal stuff, pissed off little kid. I didn’t have any friends. I always looked at drumming as my way to impress people. I thought this way people were gonna like me. I’m gonna have something to give the world and when I looked at bands like Megadeth and Metallica, I felt like, they were singing to me, they were telling me they have the same story. They were definitely an influence. I grew up and actually did start to get that attention; started hanging out with the cooler kids. They showed me the drums and I thought that was the best sound ever. Travis Barker is the best drummer ever. WTF! Lars from Metallica, he’s probably one the biggest influence as far as drumming, but he also for many other reasons. He doesn’t concern himself too much with all the technical aspect. He’s not clean, he’s not pretty, but he cares about the song. To me, he cares about how he influences everything, and a lot of times, less is more. I love that approach. The guitar sounds so much bigger when the drums aren’t competing with them. Sometimes, I love guitar more than drums because it has that ability to move you and the drums are what should be pushing it.

DH: I know you guys toured many countries, but you toured South America. How did that audience compare to American audiences?

Ortiz: I’ll level with you Man. South America was an experience that has changed me as a person. I started to notice that the bands far from a point of success. In my eyes, I see that there’s people working for me and getting things done, but all I have to do is play drums and it feels great. You start to lose sight of the little things in life. You lose sight of the fact that you have to appreciate what you have. We’re always bitching about something. South America was a crazy experience for me. I always used to think America is great, but those people, you don’t even have to let them know they’re poor, just let them be happy. I didn’t realize that people down there know that shit’s not right and so for them, any audience we play for, they go, they spend their money, it’s because they’re longing for that escape. It’s going out and having a good time. It’s escaping any other woes that there is and I share that with them while I’m on stage. In South America, it’s just that much more important to them. It’s like, ‘I need this and I know that you’re probably not gonna go back there for another 2 ½ – 3 years, if you ever do, so we’re gonna soak you in a much as we can.’ They smothered us, literally, physically, they smother  you. They’re grabbing and picking my shit because they wanted to grab any piece of us that they could. They followed us to where we eat; they found our hotel room and were calling us. They couldn’t get enough, like, they knew this was their chance. They’re desperate over there and that’s the feeling I got and it made me appreciate what I’m doing so much more, whereas before it was like, ‘Yeah, I’m cool, you guys should like my music.’ The world needs people like me and my band and they want me to deliver. It changed my outlook on life a lot.

DH: As far as festivals in 2011, I know you’re doing Rock on the Range, but is there anything else you guys are gonna do?

Ortiz: FestivaIwise, I don’t know about the States, but we’re definitely gonna be doing some of the bigger ones. It should be good. I don’t know the names of them, but definitely a lot of European festivals.

DH: A lot of fans are looking forward to hearing you at Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH.

Ortiz: We were supposed to do it last year, but the truth is, we were smack in the middle of our album, and we were so into it and fired away. I don’t remember what we said back then, if we were honest or not, but we were just so into it that we couldn’t leave it to go do something else and focus. We had to give our full focus to performing because our focus was in writing and recording the creative process. Now that our album is out and it’s time to perform those songs and give people something to see, now it’s time to go do Rock on the Range.

DH: You’re gonna be coming to Chicago/Milwaukee. Is there anything to gear the fans up to? In such a huge market, what is there for them to look for?

Ortiz: Chicago is our fuckin home. That place is narly. It’s whatever we can do and as big as we can possibly make it. And you know, Chicago is a bigger place, so it’s gonna be huge, trust me. I don’t know, we really don’t plan that far in advance. It’s just like, ‘Let’s do this.’

Escape The Fate tour dates

2/11      Hartford, CT @Webster Theatre
2/12      Worcester, MA @The Palladium
2/13      Montreal, Quebec @Club Soda
2/14      Toronto, Ontario @Phoenix Theatre
2/16      Buffalo, NY @Town Ballroom
2/17      Royal Oak, MI @Royal Oak Music Theatre
2/18      Grand Rapids, MI @The Orbit Room
2/19      Milwaukee, WI @Rave Ballroom
2/20      Chicago, IL @The Vic Theater
2/21      Sauget, IL @Pop’s
2/23      Minneapolis, MN @The Cabooze
2/25      Denver, CO @The Summit Music Hall
2/26      Salt Lake City, UT @In The Venue
2/27      Boise, ID @Knitting Factory
3/1        Spokane, WA @Knitting Factory
3/2        Portland, OR @Roseland Theater
3/3        Seattle, WA @Showbox at the Market
3/5        San Francisco, CA @Grand Regency Ballroom
3/6        Sacramento, CA @Ace of Spades
3/8        Reno, NV @Knitting Factory
3/9        Fresno, CA @Crest Theatre
3/11      Anaheim, CA @The Grove of Anaheim
3/12      San Diego, CA @Soma

written by Peter Lizano

Jerms Speaks!

Dirge Within hit Austin’s Fuel Room in Libertyville on the 31st last month and Peter kidnapped Jerms for a few minutes.  See what happened below:

Ok, we really didn’t kidnap him, he was a willing  participant. Thank you to Jerms and Dirge Within for taking time to speak with us!

Check out the photos and review of the guys at Austin’s here, and check them out on the web:


ILL Nino brings Latin Metal to Milwaukee

ILL Nino
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

ILL Nino is:

Cristian Machado – lead vocals
Dave Chavarri – drums
Lazaro Pina – bass guitars
Ahrue Luster – lead guitars
Daniel Couto – percussion
Diego Verduzco – rhythm guitars

What could be the coldest night this year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ILL Nino turned the heat up with some molten metal.

Rapper Wiz Khalif played in the sold out Eagles Ballroom, which is in the huge ballroom upstairs and then there were more bands playing at the Rave’s other side stages. This left ILL Nino the basement stage to perform.

With a smaller crowd for this show, it did not stop the fans from banging their heads and making themselves heard for the “Restore the Insanity” tour featuring Ekotren, Fashion Bomb, Anew Revolution and headliner, ILL Nino.

ILL Nino opened the set with “If You Still Hate Me.” Throughout the night, percussion sounds of Latin America were thrown into a mixture of Spanglish and metal, proving why ILL Nino is known as one of the best Latin Metal bands out there today. One of the best guitar players in metal, Ahrue Luster and Cristian Machado, doing vox that include growls, screams, and melodic vocals prove that you can’t count them out after ten years in the business and two management changes – to the one they call home, now Victory Records.

ILL Nino played over an hour set and 16 to 19 songs were available to choose from each night. The crowd was in it from the start, with the middle being reserved for the moshers.

For Metal fans out there, don’t miss this tour when it comes around your town.

Check out our interview with ILL Nino:


Hate Me
Te Amo
I Am Loco
This is War
Lifelss Life
God is for the Dead
God save Us
When it Cuts
How Can I

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos:

written by Peter Lizano

ILL Nino Talks Songwriting, Possible albums, and Victory Records

Peter Lizano talks with ILL Nino in Milwaukee, WI. They clear the air about their trouble with labels, a possible acoustic album and much more.

Knife to Slice Through America

Shonen Knife
Schubas Tavern
3159 N. Southport
September 21
9:00 p.m.

(with special guests
Aleks and the Drummer

Shonen Knife is a trio of women from Osaka Japan making music that draws as much influence from The Clash as it does from the Archie’s. They are poppy and punky and every bit of energy they have pours through their music.

After nearly three decades of recording albums and playing live shows – the band has decided to do a few new things – things that they seem to have always wanted to do and now seems like the right time.

One of those things is release their latest CD “Free Time” in English making the happy-go-poppy dance music even that much more accessible. We decided we needed a way to better understand the band as well as introduce them to you in hopes of getting you into Schubas to see them play live. [Read more…]

Murder By Death Interview: Never Judge a Band By Their Name

Murder By Death Interview with Adam Turla
Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

Murder By Death Adam Turla Interview

Photo by Stacy Young

Looking at their cover art and hearing their name you wouldn’t put Murder By Death in the Indie Rock category, but this four-piece from Bloomington, Indiana breaks that mold. They incorporate a mixture of different sounds including the accordion, cello, and trumpet to create this interesting Johnny Cash meets a toned down Misfits sound. In keeping with their unconventional sound, Murder By Death also draws from a different pool for their inspiration as well, referencing the Old West, zombies, and the Devil. I got the chance to chat with lead singer Adam Turla before their show at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on August 3rd. Speaking with Adam was more like having an in depth conversation with a friend rather than interviewing a stranger about their band. It made for a really great discussion.
[Read more…]

Maps & Atlases’ Erin Elders Talks Focus On New Album

Maps & Atlases
Perch Patchwork

maps cover hires

After reaching some impressive heights with the complexities among pop-like structures on their first two EPs (Trees, Swallows, Houses and You and Me and the Mountain) Chicago indie-rockers Maps & Atlases released their first full-length album, Perch Patchwork on June 29, kicking things off with a raucus, sold-out release show at Subterranean.

Fresh off a tour with Frightened Rabbits and just a few days before embarking on their first headlining U.S. tour, guitarist Erin Elders of Maps & Atlases took a few minutes to talk about the new album, what he’s listening to now and his stint as a tutor at a “rock-and-roll after-school program” with other Chicago musicians.

Read more of our interview with Maps & Atlases after the jump…

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The stars are aligned for Jones

The Constellations reap accolades
“Southen Gothic” released
Summer tours heating up


Atlanta’s latest export – The Constellations – are bringing their southern style – and their “Southern Gothic” to a town near you this summer. Their touring plans have them criss- crossing the country spreading joy and music with reckless abandon.

I caught up with lead singer Elijah Jones recently between stops to get a handle on the band that has evolved and solidified into a tight touring unit – a group so tight they can recreate much the intricately nuanced “Southern Gothic” live on stage.

“We are touring with eight members which allows us to recreate a lot of the album,” Jones said.“Still some of the songs have to be reinterpreted.” [Read more…]

Adam Lambert: Transposing, Lip-Syncing, & Auto-Tune

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour For Your Entertainment

adam Lambert

The Dead Hub was lucky enough to get another opportunity to ask Adam Lambert a couple of questions pertaining to his debut album For Your Entertainment and current headlining Glam Nation Tour. Read what Adam had to say below in regards to transposing his tunes live, pitch correction plug-in Auto-Tune, and the dreaded act of lip-syncing… Dead Hub: Many of your songs have you belting and holding out some pretty high notes. Do you find yourself having to lower the key of any of your songs live in your set on this tour just as a means to save your voice? Adam Lambert: Yes. We have lowered a couple of the keys so that I can make sure that I am sounding my best every night. I worked with a vocal coach on the show and we sat [down] and looked at everything. We said, “Okay, so let’s take this one down a half step and maybe alter this one,” so that I can get through it every night.

adam Lambert

Dead Hub: As someone who can really sing and has Broadway musical experience, how do you feel about artists who lip-sync when performing live and use Auto-Tune in the recording studio?Adam Lambert: I think at the end of the day, whatever they need to do to make the song sound good is what it is about for them. I do not judge it. It is not for me. I am not going to be lip-syncing anytime soon. I am not really fond of Auto-Tune abuse. But it’s a style and it’s cool and it’s catchy. If it makes you sing along and it makes you dance, then the song is doing its job and that is the whole point. I just happen to prefer the style where it is more vocally driven.

Interview with Mike Grubbs from Wakey! Wakey!

IMG 1329

Between busy schedules of being the lead singer and songwriter from indie rock band Wakey! Wakey! and playing bartender “Grubbs” on One Tree Hill, Michael Grubbs took the time to answer some questions on how the summer tour is going and what music he recommends for 2010.

Keep reading for our interview with Mike.

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Donn T talks Music Business, Kalediscopic, and rapper Common

Donn T
Release: 7/12/2010
Label: MoreAboutMusic

Donn T is her own woman. She describes herself as “authentic”. She grew up in a very musical family on the East Coast. Her father and mother are both recording artists and her brother is GuestLove from the hip hop band The Roots.

Her debut album, Kaleidoscopic, drops July 12th.  The album is a fusion of multiple genres from house music, dance, pop, and soul.  The Dead Hub recently caught up with Ms. Donn T to talk business, Kalediscopic, and tells her tale of writing for rapper Common.

The Dead Hub: Where in the world is Donn T at today? MySpace lists several locations.

Donn T: Yeah I just depends on the week. (laughs) I am bicoastal, as in the United States. LA and Philadelphia. I spend 1/3 of my time in LA, 1/3 UK, and 1/3 Philadelphia.

I’ve written for TV and film, which is why I am in Los Angeles. My label and management are in the UK. I have a very interesting life. I have meetings that I have to take at 10am UK time and I have to be alert. 10 AM UK time is 4 am Philly time. My publicist is in New York and at the moment I am in Philadelphia. [Read more…]

Courtenay Green talks Princeton University, SXSW, and See Green’s newest EP, Violet

When I hear a person’s name as an artist, I generally lump them in the singer/songwriter category. Then I heard Courtenay Green and I stopped assuming. Courtenay Green fronts the pop-rock dance band See Green. They EP, Violet, dropped on May 4th and The Dead Hub caught up with Courtney to talk about the EP, her alm mater (Princeton University), and See Green at SXSW.

The Dead Hub: You recently changed your performing name from Courtenay Green to See Green. What brought on the change?

Courtenay: A few reasons, but mainly because the music was changing a lot. It moved from a quieter singer/songwriter style to an electric guitar to become more of a band sound. The primary reason is it pigeonholed you much faster. New project new music…new sound…and no one could spell my name! [Read more…]

Boys Like Girls Break It Down To Business & Break Even

Boys Like Girls
Love Drunk
The Bamboozle Roadshow

boys like girls

Boston power pop/rock quartet Boys Like Girls stopped through Chicago on The Bamboozle Roadshow and took a pretty significant chunk of time out of their schedule to chat with The Dead Hub. Boys Like Girls is Martin Johnson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar), Bryan Donahue (bass), and John Keefe (drums).

“Heart Heart Heartbreak” sounds incredibly similar to “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. When writing, recording, and producing the track was it your intention to emulate the Bon Jovi hit single in any way?

Martin: Did you see the YouTube that mashes them up? I’m really excited about it.

Bryan: I didn’t see it.

Martin: You know what it is? It’s the two hits at the beginning. I didn’t realize that until it was on the record. I probably would’ve changed the two hits if I had known so many people were going to talk about it. It’s just that I don’t really care. Bon Jovi’s sweet, so whatever. Everybody rips off everybody. [Copying] is the best form of flattery. Hey Bon Jovi, thank you, thank so much. Good song guys. It’s the two hits at the beginning. It’s the stealthy rock-and-roll hits. I guess we’re just keeping some stealthy rock-and-roll hits alive. We didn’t realize it until after the record [was finished] that it was kind of similar. I’ve never experienced ourselves in one of those “Wow, you ripped yourself off” or “Wow, you ripped somebody else off” video mashups. We got really excited. There’s this one with Nickelback where they rip themselves off. It’s a mashup of two [of their] songs.

Dead Hub: Well, all of their songs sound alike pretty much.

Martin: I’m not even a closet Nickelback fan. I’m a public Nickelback fan. I think they’re great.

Bryan: We all are. We made that public years ago.

Martin: We’re all public Nickelback fans. Check that out on YouTube [BLG/Bon Jovi mashup] and know that the band gets a good laugh out of it.

Read the rest of our interview with Boys Like Girls after the jump…

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Behind The Scenes With Adam Lambert And Max Martin

Adam Lambert
Glam Nation Tour
For Your Entertainment


Earlier this month The Dead Hub got the chance to ask Adam Lambert a quick question pertaining to his debut album For Your Entertainment. The singer will be performing at The Venue at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN on Thursday, June 17th. You can still buy tickets here. Read what Adam had to say below in regards to his last two hit singles…

Hi Adam. How are you?

Good. How are you?

Good, thank you. I was wondering if you could discuss and elaborate on your experience in the studio working with Max Martin while you were recording “If I Had You and “Whataya Want From Me?

He is great. I think Max is obviously one of the best in the business. He just knows what is going to sound the best. I trusted that because I have heard his music and I have always been a fan of it. I remember we did “Whataya Want From Me” over the summer [last summer]. I remember after hearing the first demo, being so thrilled with it. I remember going back to my management and saying, “We have to ask him to do another song. We have to. He is so good. He is so, so good.” And then he sent this one [“If I Had You”] and he wrote some lyrics that are specifically about me, kind of for me. It is a really great song. I love it.


Check back on The Dead Hub soon to read more of what Adam had to say about his current Glam Nation Tour and his debut record For Your Entertainment.


It is no surprise that Ian Anderson – Jethro Tull’s iconic flue player – is as eclectic and unpredictable as the music he has been playing since around 1968.  The soft-spoken musician is as much at ease talking about his early days as a blues musician as he is talking about being a grandfather in “barbecue shorts.”

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Jewel Presents ‘Sweet and Wild’ On Star Light Café Tour

Jewel – Star Light Café Tour
Sweet and Wild
Chicago’s Vic Theatre

Jewel Promo

Singer/songwriter Jewel is back and ready to go this summer with a new album and tour. Jewel will be coming through Chicago this Friday, June 4th playing the Vic Theatre on her Star Light Café Tour. Jewel is currently promoting her sophomore country album Sweet and Wild, which will be released to the public next Tuesday, June 8th. The Star Light Café Tour finds the three-time GRAMMY® nominee performing acoustically, giving fans an intimate concert experience with the woman who has sold more than 27 million albums worldwide since her mainstream musical debut in 1995. The Dead Hub chatted with the artist this morning, keeping the focus on her songwriting and music, which is just the way Jewel likes her interviews to be conducted.

Read The Dead Hub’s full interview with Jewel after the jump…

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Aqualung: Life, Liberty & Everything In Between

Verve Forecast
Magnetic North – Out now!

“Well, we’ve accumulated quite a wide range of Scotch.” – Matt Hales (Aqualung), life on the road on the US

[Read more…]

Rally For One’s Brett Maline Pushing Band To The Top


It all started back in 2006 with four friends who shared the same passion: music. The boys got together, began writing and playing music, and Rally For One took off from there. They never had the intention of trying to make a living off of their music, but recorded some demos in a garage and began booking local shows for fun. It was not until rhythm guitarist Blake O’Brien and lead guitarist Brett Maline met a producer while working at a restaurant that the two realized their music could be more than something “just for fun.” The band headed straight into the recording studio and cut their debut album Dreamin’.

With an album to promote and market, Rally For One booked their first national tour. Three more national tours followed, as well as sophomore full-length record Four Sides To Everything. Music comes naturally to each member, with everybody able to play an instrument, take over lead vocal duties, and intricately harmonize with one another a la Coldplay. Rally For One is comprised of: Brett Maline (lead guitar), Blake O’Brien (rhythm guitar), Marty Sage (bass), and John Humphries (drums).

Read the full interview with Brett Maline from Rally For One after the jump…

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Paper Route Makes Tracks for Windy City

Paper Route Interview
Universal Records
Absence – Out now!

Currently on tour with Owl City, Paper Route has sold out every performance until their upcoming gig at The Aragon Ballroom. When asked what keeps them focused during the hectic hours of touring, band member J.T. Daly sputtered the word “pancakes” more than a few times. Andy Smith had a more resounding answer saying, “Patience, resilience and a willingness to forgive each other.”

Paper Route is ready and set to amaze the soon-to-be sold out show on April 30th. I got the chance to chat with multi-instrumentalists Andy Smith and J.T. Daly of Paper Route who discussed their past albums, future writing and what’s in store for the massive show at the end of the April.
[Read more…]

2AM Club’s Marc Griffin Ready To Takeover Music Scene

2AM Club

I was lucky enough to conduct a phone interview with the up-and-coming pop hip-hop fusion group 2AM Club. Marc Griffin, the group’s lead singer, was kind enough to give me some of his time while on the road to answer a few questions about the band and to promote their debut album What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

Read the entire interview with Marc from 2AM Club after the jump…

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Making The Video: On Set Interview With AM Taxi

AM Taxi “Fed Up”
Music Video Shoot – Chicago, IL
March 31, 2010


AM Taxi

With blessings from the perfect spring weather, AM Taxi relaxed inside dilapidated convent ready to shoot their first music video after being exclusively signed to Virgin Records. An exciting time for the Chicago-based band, AM Taxi had the chance to talk about their history in the Windy City as well as their current U.S. tour leading straight to their sets at this year’s Warped Tour.

Read the interview and see more photos from the set of AM Taxi’s new music video “Fed Up” after the jump…

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30 Seconds To Mars Songwriter Jared Leto Talks Business

30 Seconds To Mars / This Is War
4.16.10 / Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL30 Seconds to mars Jared Leto

(updated: See pictures and review from their show at the Aragon in Chicago here!)

In preparation for the upcoming performance by three-piece rock band 30 Seconds To Mars, The Dead Hub though it would be a grand idea for our Chicago readers to get to know a little bit about the group’s lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and sole songwriter Jared Leto. 30 Seconds To Mars also includes Shannon Leto (yes, Jared and Shannon are brothers) on drums/percussion and Tomo Milicevic on lead guitar, violin, and keyboards. The band, hailing from Los Angeles, released their third studio album This Is War in December of 2009. The new record features lead single “Kings And Queens,” which is to be followed by “This Is War” as the second single. Opening acts for 30STM’s Chicago show include MuteMath and Neon Trees.

Read my interview with Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars after the jump…

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Sheila Carabine from Dala Talks about “Everyone is Someone,”Touring, and of course, Doing This All with Her Best Friend

Everyone is Someone
Out Now!

The Dead Hub talked with Sheila Carabine of Dala about touring, the new album, and of course, how do two long-time friends really get along in small quarters while touring.

Dala, aka the Dala Girls, is a duo that I stumbled across several months ago.  The dynamic Canadian duo of friends, Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine, was named after taking the two last letters of their first names.

More of our talk with Sheila and Dala Tour dates after the jump…

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Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack talks ‘My Dinosaur Life’, Lady Gaga and what’s next for MCS


I’m sure most of you are aware by now, but I am a BIG Motion City Soundtrack fan. I remember when I was handed a cute green robot sticker with the caption “I Am The Movie” back in 2002. I didn’t know who MCS was at the time. I liked the sticker I went ahead a put it up in my car.

Check out what Justin had to say after the jump…

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Up Front And Blunt: Singer/Songwriter Sia Tells All

Sia / We Are Born
4.25.10 / Vic Theatre
Chicago, IL


Never in my life have I spoken with an artist as open and honest in her responses to my questions than when I interviewed Sia in anticipation of the Australian singer’s upcoming concert in Chicago and new record We Are Born. Sia is truly a breath of fresh air in a world oversaturated with puppets masquerading around on stages all over the world as performers (Britney Spears? Justin Bieber?). Sia will be stopping in Chicago on The We Meaning You Tour 2010 on Sunday, April 25th, 2010 when she plays the Vic Theatre with opening act Girl In A Coma. Not planning on seeing the show? Read on to find out more about the singer/songwriter pop vocalist. Once you finish reading this interview, the need to see Sia live in concert will completely overwhelm you. You will NOT want to miss it.

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Making The Video: On Set With AM Taxi

AM Taxi “Fed Up”
Music Video Shoot – Chicago, IL
March 31, 2010


Chicago’s local music scene has been pretty quiet over the winter months, working silently on new material to premier once the sun comes out to play. On the warmest (high of 81 degrees!) and most pleasant days in March (of course, it was the last day of the month), Chicago-based AM Taxi sent a wave of pop/rock throughout Chicago’s Pilsen district at the filming of their newest music video. Over the next few days, we’ll take you behind-the-scenes of AM Taxi’s latest music video for their new single “Fed Up” via production still shots, band interviews, and more!

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Saves The Day Talk Life On The Road

I got to snag an interview with Saves The Day while they were finishing up the New Found Glory 10 yr anniversary tour. Saves The Day has their upcoming seventh full-length album, Daybreak, making it’s debut this year. A release date is yet to be set. However I hear that the album is almost finished. The boys say Daybreak is the best yet and will melt your faces off! But you can read all about that after the jump!
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Max Bemis called me on the phone and I touched myself…


When I found out I was going to interview Max Bemis of Say Anything (and Two Tongues and Perma), I was beyond ecstatic. When I first heard “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too” (the inspiration for the title of this post) back in 2006, well, it was love at first note. I’ve been following Say Anything’s career ever since.

From Max’s personal ordeals to line-up changes, Say Anything has been through a lot since its inception. Many fans, like me, are aware and even feel like they’ve gone through it with them. Max’s lyrics are very personal and are capable of evoking a myriad of emotions. That’s one of my favorite things about this band.

Despite any rough patches along the way, the current incarnation of Say Anything is on point. They are polished, but not overly so. They seem ready to grow in a new direction without losing any of the qualities that make them awesome. Say Anything has a new self-titled album out and will be touring with Angels and Airwaves this spring.

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V.V. Brown: The Dead Hub Artist To Watch In 2010


All it took was for me to hear the opening guitar riff in V.V. Brown‘s single “Shark In The Water” and I was in love. Then I heard the chorus. Words cannot express how insanely catchy that song’s hook is. The horn section! The layered vocals! The chord progression! The voice! The beat and groove! The guitar riff! The clapping! There is not one tiny thing wrong with that chorus. It is absolutely perfect. It serves its purpose: to get stuck in the listener’s head and have that person singing or humming along to the melody over and over all day long. That’s what it did to me upon hearing it the first time. “Shark In The Water” is still on repeat when I listen to it (over and over again). I am not only in love with the song, but in love with the woman singing it. Again, all it took was 20 minutes of conversing with V.V. Brown over the phone and my respect and admiration for her skyrocketed. V.V. Brown is by far my new favorite artist of 2010 and she should be yours as well.

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New York Minute w/ The Avett Brothers

Catching The Avett Brothers in between recordings and a sound check, I got to talk with a member of the Avett Brothers, cellist Joe Kwan. The genre-hopping troupe have been producing albums since 2000, often releasing two albums per year. Combining classic genres like ragtime with contemporary methods and honest lyrics is their forte. Described by the San Francisco Chronicle as having the “heavy sadness of Townes Van Zandt, the light pop concision of Buddy Holly, the tuneful jangle of the Beatles, the raw energy of the Ramones.”

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Interview: Kings of Convenience

The folk-pop duo (Bøe with childhood friend Erlend Øye) released their third album, Declaration of Dependence in October 20th, 2009. They were scheduled to tour through the US over the next few months, however they have postponed all tour dates and condensed them into a 10-day tour. Their new Chicago show is the last stop in the short US tour on June 10th at The Metro. All previously bought tickets will be honored, so the venue is close to selling out. This is their first US tour since 2004 and tickets are sure to sell out. The Kings of Convenience are making sure this tour is neat and clean. “We like to keep it comfortable,” Eirik added. In a brief February interview, I got to find out what is really important for the Norwegian team.

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Jason Chung (Nosaj Thing) Keeps It Honest

A self-proclaimed “music research geek”, L.A.-native Jason Chung a.k.a. Nosaj Thing originally wanted to produce tracks like Dr. Dre or drop beats in the likes of Timberland. After sneaking out to his first rave sometime during 8th grade (remember: This is L.A.), Chung was hooked on the melodies and bass of electronic music. leaving high school and a synth-pop duo (sans keytar), the young mix master started creating his own tracks using every resource at his disposal.

Jason Chung of Nosaj ThingNosaj Thing’s debut album Drift topped iTunes Electronic charts at #5, but his work doesn’t stop there. With almost as many remixes as original songs and a secret remix EP dropping this summer, the 23 year-old DJ is spending time working on an innovative live visual performance creating an otherworldly environment not unlike the moody melodies featured in Drift.

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In the Green Room with Matt Hires

Matt Hires’ Take Us To The Start is available now!

Matt HiresAs I arrived at the Schubas Tavern on a particularly mild February day, I immediately noticed how busy the the West Lakeview venue was. Young and old crowded the Harmony Grill in anticipation for a singer/songwriter who’s been making waves from his sunny Florida hometown. Enter Matt Hires. The 22-year old singer met up with us in between sound checks and some live recordings. Disappearing behind the bar front, Matt took us down to the Tavern’s make-shift green room for a pre-show interview. The walls are littered with colorful vintage posters from many previous Scubas events. This room has seen Kings of Leon, Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens before Matt Hires first show at Schubas Tavern. However, this twentysomething is no stranger to the Midwest. He even has a few surprises in store for his fans…

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