Tilted Kilt Bar Review

Tilted Kilt
1360 Lake Street
Roselle, IL 60172

So this was my first time at any Tilted Kilt, they have a few locations in the Chicago-land area. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there were 2 things that really amazed me. 1 it’s a sports bar. Uh, didn’t peg that one. It’s cool…I like sports. 2 it was kid friendly! I was shocked to see families here chillin’ getting their grub on and catching a Blackhawks game. I nailed this place as being a regular bar.

Décor: Interesting…lots of liquor décor, posters and pictures of Stonehenge, A Knights Tale-the movie. I get it, it has a Celtic-theme of Ireland or Scotland. But what was funny was the Bravehart movie poster next to random golf photos. I think I may be missing something here….

The Crowd: I was actually surprised by the crowd. Since I knew the servers wore revealing uniforms I imagined a large crowd of older men here. So not the case. The crowd was pretty diverse with families, couples out for dinner and then you had your regular guys out to watch the Blackhawks game.

Service: So nice! Jordan was our server and she was great! When it was slow she sat down to shoot the shit. Normally I would be against this but Jordan was pretty awesome so I didn’t mind talking to her.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Lots of good beers here! Bodingtons, Harp Lager, Magic Hat #9, Woodchuck Amber Cider, Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, Half Acre, Good Island Green Line, Hacker Pschorr, Fat Tire, MGD, Hoegaarden, Schock Top, Leinenkugel’s Seasonal, Ranger I.P.A., Dos Equis, Heinekien, Good Island 312

Eats: Pretty basic bar food. My friend ordered some Naked wings. Naked meaning plain, no sauce. She said they were really good. I can vouch for her fries tho, they were pretty yummy!

Sounds: At first we had some basic pub tunage which was alright but then the game came on and all you heard was a very loud hockey game! Mind you it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the game on full blast if it were a packed bar but this night was dead so I just found it to be annoying.

Parking: Private lot! No problem parking here.

Overall: Good times! Good beer choices. I will most likely be stopping back in with the family for some dinner in the near future. Although now I want to visit their other locations to see what the differences are. I hear Elgin has live bands, mostly cover bands I’m sure but the good thing is I am a cover band junkie!

Singing it up at Brando’s Speakeasy

Brandos Speakeasy Chicago

Don’t worry, no password needed at this Speakeasy. Brando’s is known for their AWESOME Karaoke 7 days a week! This is a great lounge with a homey feel. Very intimate and quaint.

Décor: Not too much to look at here. It has a dive-bar-ish feel.

Crowd: Friendly, fun-filled, karaoke-ing loving patrons!

Service: The bartenders were marvelous! They were so friendly and easy to joke around with. And they are not afraid to rock the mic right! They even let me go up on stage with them so I could do a combo of back up dancing and vocals.

Liquid Courage: You won’t find anything on Tap here BUT you will find some pretty sweet specials. Brando’s is known for their specialty martini’s that are only $5 dollars – offered daily.

Weekly Specials:

$5.00 Apple Martinis / $4.00 well drinks / $2.00 Modelo / $12.00 flights of Martinis

$5.00 French martinis / $4.00 Chilled vodka Shots / $5.00 Hacker Schorr / $12.00 flights of Martinis

$1.00 Jolly Rancher shots / $5.00 Vodka martinis / $15.00 Buckets Miller Lite

$3.00 Well $8.00 Chocolate Martinis / $5.00 Bomb Shots / Small Pizzas $5.00 Large $10.00

Fridays After work party! Karaoke
$5.00 Martinis / $1.00 Lemon Drop shots

Saturdays 70’s 80’s and dance with Karaoke all night
$1.00 Lemon Drops / $8.00 Flights of wine / $5.00 Martinis (Apple, Pomegranate, Lemon Drop)

Eats: Get your pizza’s here! Not in the mood for pizza? No worries you are in the loop. Plenty of options are just a short stroll away!

Sounds: There is Karaoke on Demand 7 days a week but is officially scheduled Wednesday – Saturday starting at 7pm.

Parking: Its downtown. So either find a parking garage nearby or take a train or catch a bus.

Overall: One of my new favorites downtown. I will make it a point to stop in when ever I have a chance! Brando’s will definitely take care of any Karaoke fix you need!

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Bar Review: Diablo’s Cantina in Sin City

Diablos Cantina Las Vegas

Jessica & I checked out Diablo’s years ago and shame on me for never telling you guys about it! My cousin Maria had originally told me about Diablo’s Cantina and thought this was the place for me and my hubby to hang. Boy was she right! So while in Vegas for my sister’s wedding myself, the hubby and my cousin decided to stop in.

Décor: This Mexican restaurant has open-air dining, a DJ Booth with flat screen TV’s, full bar and specialty frozen margarita bar. That is just the first floor! The second floor has a full bar, outdoor dining, more TV’s and a built in stage! Other than all the funny signs you will find hanging around the one thing I have to have to mention is the Wheel O’ Sin. The Wheel gets spun every 30 minutes for Happy Hour deals on beers, margaritas & shots!

Crowd: Hmmmmm it’s Vegas! You get all sorts of peeps hanging out here.

Service: Bartenders, servers and hostesses have always been nice.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Nevermind what’s on Tap and order yourself a Margarita! I normally like mine on the rocks because whenever I get a frozen one it’s too much like a slushy. Not here my friends! Diablo’s mixes them just right. Not too much slush and not too liquidy.

Eats: I haven’t had a bad dish here yet! Love the fish tacos. Could snack on their guac and chips all day long! What you need to know….. They have this contest called “Diablo’s Death Wing Challenge” where you have to eat 20 death wings in 20 minutes. While we were there someone did take up the challenge, we didn’t get to stick around to see how well he did but I’m gonna guess he didn’t make it! It took him forever to get through his first wing. But if you are brave enough to eat through the hurt you will be forever immortalized on their wall of fame….if you lose you will get royally shamed. Now I wish I had stuck around. They also have this Ultimate 4 Pound Burrito for $40. If you eat the whole thing you get a free Diablo’s T-Shirt. That’s a whole lotta burrito!

Sounds: Music overhead, people socializing, cheers for the Wheel O’ Sin, cars zooming on the strip.

Parking: It’s near the Monte Carlo. Choose a casino, park, and get your butt there!

Overall: I really can’t say enough about this joint. If you are ever in Vegas you HAVE to stop in! It’s so much fun, it’s on the strip, it’s too good to pass up!

Bar Review: Fox and Hound, Schaumburg IL

Fox and Hound
1416 North Roselle Road
Schaumburg, IL 60195


Came in for a friend’s graduation gathering and at the last minute we had a group of 15 people coming. We expected people to show up around 8pm and it was already 6pm. I called over to see if by chance I could get some reserved seating. I didn’t catch the manager’s name but she was very nice and was able to get some tables together for us. Good thing too! Cause it was a full house that night. It seemed like everyone in the Schaumburg area was at Fox and Hounds that night.

Décor: It’s a sports bar so lots of HD TV’s and pool tables. Booths and tables a plenty and even some compfy couches in the back. Three separate rooms to choose from all filled with various TV screens.

The Crowd: The night of our graduation celebration there was a huge High School reunion in one of the back rooms. It was kinda weird; they were all wearing name tags that had their old High School Yearbook photo on it. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. I’m just sayin’ when I’m older I don’t wanna be reminded of how hot I was in High School and now I’m some gray haired old lady with bags under my eyes that could carry a weeks worth of luggage.

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Diary Of The Playboy Bunny That Will Never Be

Playboy Club 50th Anniversary Party
The Venue – Hammond, IN
June 10, 2010

Playboy 45

Excitement escalated as we hopped in the car and headed to The Venue. I was officially en route to an alien world that I knew existed but had never experienced firsthand. No, I am not talking about a Lady Gaga show. I could not decipher whether I was feeling confusion, amusement, or horrifying fascination with my imminent attendance of Chicago’s 50th Anniversary Party for the Playboy Club at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana last Thursday night.

More photos from the Playboy Club 50th Anniversary Party after the jump…

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Chicago House of Blues

House Of Blues
329 N. Dearborn
Chicago, IL 60654

House of Blues Chicago opened in 1996 and is located in the historic Marina City complex on the Chicago River. Modeled after the spectacular “Estavovski” Opera House in Prague, the spectacular views from the exclusive Opera Boxes are a unique and unforgettable experience. From legendary acts such as The Who and Al Green to contemporary artists such as Pearl Jam and Jurassic 5, House of Blues Chicago has been host to some of the world’s most renowned musicians. In keeping with tradition, the House of Blues Chicago displays the “Crazy Quilt” and keeps a metal box of mud from the Delta Mississippi underneath its stage.

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Hala Kahiki

Hala Kahiki
2834 River Rd
River Grove, IL 60171

hala kahiki gardenI first came to Hala Kahiki at the end of 2008 and loved it! I was getting ready to get married the following month and seeing all the festive Tiki decorations got me super pumped. Sadly I haven’t found myself here as often as I had hoped so when I got an invite over the weekend I couldn’t pass it up. This is a must go to bar!

Décor: Tiki-riffic! This place is head to toe full of Island Tiki gear with dim lighting to set the mood. Lots of Bamboo walls, Tiki guys on the walls, palm trees, beaded curtains, you name it they have it! Once you walk in it seems very small. There is a nice little bar area with some seating. Beyond that is another tiny room with more tables. The first time I came here I thought that was it. But when you keep venturing out more this place is huge full of all sorts of nooks and crannies. And they even have a super cute patio out back.

hala kahiki

hala kahiki 2

The Crowd: Very chill. Being a Friday night this place is open until 2am and people were still stopping in at 1:30 for a drink. The flow of people coming in and out was never ending.

Service: Very polite and speedy in their grass skirts and leis. Being in a group of 7 I anticipated a wait on getting drinks after ordering but these guys know what they are doing! Within a couple of minutes our drinks were right in front of us. I was impressed.

Liquid Courage: The list is never ending and to be honest can be a little overwhelming. Their drink menu is 4PAGES LONG! It was so hard to decide. My absolute fav is the Chi-Chi. It’s a delicate blend of Vodka and Coconut Milk blended and served in a ceramic coconut cup topped with a cherry. If you are a coconut lover like I am try the Chi-Chi!

hala kahiki 3Eats: Won’t find any here! Even though they have a 4 page drink menu you won’t find any food to order. Just a complimentary bottomless clam shell bowl of pretzels.

Sounds: Island sounds unless someone requests a song from the Jukebox. And not one of the new school digital ones either. This is way old school with actual cd’s in the jukebox and no skipping people’s songs.

Parking: Some street parking but they have their own lot in the back.

Overall: I am in love with Hala Kahiki. If it weren’t for the 30min drive I would be here all the time. Love the cheesy décor, love the drinks and I can’t wait for the next gathering.

Chicago City Limits

Chicago City Limits
1712 West Wise Road
Schaumburg, IL 60193

I used to frequent here quite often when I first moved out to the NW Burbs. Such a great bar to see some great live music. Have found some super fun cover bands here & saw Vanilla Ice!!! Yep you read correctly, Mr Ice Ice Baby himself, it was super sweet.

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Back Alley Bar

Back Alley Bar
2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89104

copy IMG 7154

After a long day at the Consumer Electronic Show we decided to get some grub. This little bar drew us in with their taco special but we will talk about that later. What was even more shocking was how close this bar was from our room. As soon as you get off the elevator and walk out into the casino BAM! there it is. Just a quick elevator stumble away.

Décor: This is such a small place there really isn’t much room for a whole lotta décor. The kitchen is out in the open behind the salsa bar. They have a small stage, the chairs are red metal, with wooden tables, a decent size bar and a handful of flat screens.

Crowd: Surprisingly not that busy. Just your regular Vegas folk here to have a good time.

Service: The service was awesome! Kierra is the best waitress I have ever had in Sin City. She was super bubbly, helped us out with our drink selections, and joked around with us all night. Loved her!

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Chicago’s Brand New Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Hall
2424 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614


Talk about being a big part of Chicago History! The building that houses Lincoln Hall first opened in 1912 as the Fullerton Theatre. Since then, the building has housed a garage and machine shop, the Crest Theatre and, most recently, the 3 Penny Cinema. In 1934, FBI sharpshooters were stationed atop what is now Lincoln Hall to prevent John Dillinger’s escape from the Biograph Theatre across the street on the night he was killed. After 20 years as owner/operators of Schubas Tavern Mike and Chris Schuba opened Lincoln Hall in this historic building. “We’ve been looking three years for a building that would create a human-scale, intimate experience where we can put the music first,” said Chris Schuba in 2009 as he walked the dust-covered mezzanine while construction workers welded, sawed and hammered around him.

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Schubas Tavern

3159 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657


Here is a little history on Schubas for ya. Schubas is a brick and masonry neo-Gothic treasure that’s been a Lake View neighborhood landmark for over 100 years. Built in 1903 as part of a project undertaken by the Schlitz Brewery, the building was one of hundreds erected at the turn of the century. This project included structures housing everything from corner taps to opulent hotels, and stretched from Minneapolis through Wisconsin to the far reaches of Chicago’s Pullman district. Schubas remains one of a handful of these elegant buildings still operating as a saloon.

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Donny Dirks Zombie Den

Donny Dirks Zombie Den
2027 N 2nd St
Minneapolis, MN 55411



There are so many great things to say about this bar I don’t even know where to start! First things first this place had me with the cheesy flicks on the tube, this special night featured the Garbage Pail Kids Movie. I hear they show all sorts of Zombie-esk flicks. They have Daily Happy Horror from 4pm to 7pm with 2 for 1 Tap Beer. In the corner, a small chainsaw sits inside a glass case that reads “In case of zombie attack, break glass.” They have a “Weird Science” option where you can play Mixologist and make up your own dangerous concoctions. And you gotta love the clever drink descriptions!

Champagne Cocktail
Fancy fun for everyone. Choose from peach, rhubarb, orange, grapefruit, cherry or aromatic bubbles.

“Orange Death”
When you only have a half a pair of testicles you don’t order this drink. Brandy, orange, & strong.

“El Baron Del Terror”
Made for & by orphaned Mexican zombies that we found in the basement.
The most bastardized classic made the proper way w/ the juice of a whole fresh lime in each glass. A Margarita…..made in Mexico…..by terrorists.

Décor: Swanky with chandeliers, tiger striped carpet, smoked out mirrors, deer heads, & large cozy seats at the bar or plush booths to lounge in.

The Crowd: Everyone seems to be real chill. We came early so it wasn’t very busy. I hear it gets uber packed the later it gets.

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B.B. King’s Blues Club NOW OPEN at The Mirage

bb king


B.B. King’s Blues Club – the restaurant that provides southern comfort and live music ’round the clock.


Now open serving the best Creole cuisine with that southern comfort touch for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dining.


Monday – Thursday, 6:30 a.m.-2 a.m.

Friday – Sunday, 6:30 a.m.-4 a.m.

Breakfast menu served from 6:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

Lunch/Dinner menu served from 11:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Late night menu served from 11 p.m.-2 a.m.

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Southern comfort and live music to converge at B.B. King’s Blues Club at The Mirage

bb king

LAS VEGAS – September 2, 2009 – “The Thrill is Gone” no longer as the King of Blues brings his popular restaurant, bar and nightlife venue, B.B. King’s Blues Club, to Las Vegas. The namesake that made Lucille famous is set to open winter 2009 at The Mirage.

From early morning to late night, B.B. King’s Blues Club will serve the best in Creole cuisine fused with that southern comfort touch. Palates of Las Vegas visitors and locals alike are sure to be awakened by signature items such as Fried Dill Pickles, Gumbo Ya Ya Straight from the Bayou, Lip Smacking Ribs, Southern Fried Catfish and Banana Bread Pudding. It doesn’t stop with the food, as the drinks are just as tasty and full of soul – from the Boll Weevil that’s sure to pack a punch to the Wang Dang Doodle that the women will love.

It is an all-in-one experience as B.B. King’s Blues Club will offer music seven nights a week from funky and fast to soulful and smooth. Come for dinner and experience the tunes that emanate from the in-room stage. As the night progresses, so will the tunes as guests turn to the dance floor to dance the night away. The house bands at B.B. King’s Blues Club surpass the standard of what many know to be a house band, and friends of the King are likely to stop by at any time to join them and jam the night away.

B.B. King’s Blues Club at The Mirage will be located across from The Beatles REVOLUTION Lounge and next to Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. The 558-seat venue will feature four bars; one outside looking into the club and three inside, all with great views of the stage and entertainment. The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dining; open until 2 a.m. on weekdays and 4 a.m. on weekends or until the last man (or woman) is left standing. The signature retail section of the famed blues club will be open all hours for patrons to take home some soul, including T-shirts, glassware, guitar picks and more. For more information, please visit www.bbkingclubs.com.

1st Place Sports Bar & Grill

First Place Sports Bar & Grill
1736 W Algonquin Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192

watermark IMG 5281 copy

Like any other bar, I came across First Place because I needed something to quench my thirst. Specifically in this case it was a keg. It was after a holiday weekend the hubby & I came in to drop off our empty keg, can you believe it?! It was actually empty! I know this defeat doesn’t sound like much but I find in getting older it becomes harder & harder to kill a keg. Oh how those younger years made it seem so easy…. Anyway since we were there & thirsty we decided to take a seat at the bar. Now when it comes to sports bars in the burbs you normally get a place like Fox and Hounds which is a hug space that is usually over priced with not very attentive staff. Total opposite ends of the earth with First Place! The space is very intimate but has ample seating.

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Theory Sports Bar

9 W Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60654

Photo: theorychicago.com

I came to Theory because of a Groupon I had purchased a couple of weeks ago. For those of you who don’t know what a Groupon is here is how it works: Each day you get an email featuring something cool to do at an unbeatable price and you only get it if enough people join that day. So go sign up for your daily Groupon! We stopped in on a Saturday for an early dinner before heading out to The Ashland for a birthday party and I must say I really like this place! The vibe is sports bar meets classy lounge. This is not your average sports bar.

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Karaoking it up at Eaton’s

Eaton’s Redwood Inn
118 W Chicago St
Elgin, IL 60123

I love a good dive bar but Eaton’s has probably been the weirdest dive bar I have ever been to. After getting carded, the bartender made it very clear that they only accept cash, how old school! But I didn’t care, cash is all I had. I have been to some seedy bars but Eaton’s was straight up scary! I was afraid to touch anything in fear I may leave with a disease.

Décor: The set up was super simple, mainly made up of a colossal bar that took up most of the place. There were some booths and couple of tables along the walls, but that was about it. The walls are made up of wood paneling and exposed brick, while the ceiling was made up of some antique moldings. There are only 2 restrooms, 1 men’s and 1 women’s, that don’t have paper towels. They have that revolving towel in the machine that just rotates the same sheet over and over, nastiness. There is a pool table stuffed in one of the corners of the bar along with a couple of slot machine-like arcade games, very fitting for the casino town.

The Crowd: Like any dive bar it doesn’t exactly attract many posh patrons which is why I like them! If I wanted to hang out with preppy brosef’s I would go to a club.

Service: A-ok, not too welcoming when you first enter but after they card you & order a couple of drinks they seem to warm up a little.

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Cinco de Mayo at La Puerta

La Puerta
560 4th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101

 La Puerta watermark copy



Last week I was in Cali visiting my bff Jessica. Since this was my very first Cinco de Mayo not being in the windy city I decided to yelp around to see what was going on. While looking for events in San Diego I came across La Puerta. They were having a brunch special from 10am-2pm serving up dollar mimosas, SOLD! We headed down crossing our fingers not knowing what to expect since Jess had never been. We were pleasantly surprised, this place was incredible!


Décor: It’s a smaller establishment made up of a decent size bar, gigantic comfy booths, some tables  & a handful of flat screen TV’s.


The Crowd: Sociable group! Everyone was super friendly. There was even a girl who approached us asking if the mimosas were really $1.


Service: So welcoming, our server was great. I especially loved her because she kept feeding me cheap drinks. The bartenders were equally great, didn’t have to wait long for our orders.


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Yelp’s Mango Mixer At Bon V

Bon V
1100 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60607 

Bon V Main Bar

I attended a yelp event over the weekend at Bon V and I have to be honest here, I wasn’t super impressed with Bon V. For one they were severely understaffed for this special event and the bouncers weren’t the nicest bunch of folks.

A few days before hand my friends and I decided to reserve a table at the club for a little after party. The deal was 5 girls per table with a complementary bottle of champagne and complimentary Hosted Bar from 9pm to 10:30pm. Days before the event we received our email confirmation, one table was under my name and the other was under my friend Stacy’s. After the yelp event ended the bouncers were telling us we had to head downstairs because these tables were reserved seating. I explained to him we are supposed to have 2 tables but didn’t know which ones were ours. I gave him my name and he walked away to see were we should be. After a few minutes another gentleman came along saying we had to move yada yada, again I explained the situation. Meanwhile the first guy who was supposed to be finding our table was walking by. I grabbed him to see if he found our spot and with a puzzled look on his face just shrugged his shoulders and said I don’t know. Finally Stacy got a hold of yet another security guy and after going back and forth on how they couldn’t find our names on any list Stacy finally says “Do you want to see our email confirmation!?” pulls out her phone and the guy tells her not to worry about it and sticks us at the nearest table he could find. Goodness! Was that so hard!? After getting our group settled in we realize we are the ONLY group in the VIP area…WTF? If the tables aren’t taken what’s the big deal if they are taken by non VIP people!

Follow the jump for the rest of my review…

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Yelp’s Arabian Nights at Tizi Melloul

Tizi Melloul
51 North Wells
Chicago, IL 60610

Tizi Melloul_Chicago

I came here for the Arabian Nights Yelp event last night. The evening was filled with specialty drinks, Belly dancers, tarot card readers, henna tattooists & of course de-lish morsels.

Décor:  The restaurant was filled with vibrant red colors, comfy pillows, spectacular lanterns and chandeliers that glowed soft radiance. It is a very intimate space with a cozy vibe.

The Crowd: Full of Elite Yelpers of course! The crowd was friendly & interactive with the Belly dancers.

Service: Absolutely wonderful! The owner, Steven, stopped by our group to introduce himself & made sure we had plenty of drinks & bites to nibble on. The servers were fabulous. They were so pleasant & accommodating. The Belly dancers were outstanding! They even gave my friend a little lesson in how to shake her money maker!

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Neighborhood Inn

Neighborhood Inn
2322 Hassell Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

my local spot


Neighborhood Inn or the hood as I like to call it was having a pre St. Patrick’s Day gala on Saturday night so I decided to stop in for a bit. The room was energized as the KJ who was dressed in full Leprechaun gear, red beard and all, got the party going with some gnarly karaoke & some sweet green foam hands, beach balls, & glow stick giveaways.   


Décor: The hood keeps it uncomplicated. The floor and ceiling remind me of my teenage bedroom in the basement, both made up of tile. There is a big bar with lots of seating on one side of the room and about a dozen or so tables with chairs on the other. There are about 10 TVs, half of them play TV shows while the others have the karaoke screen so you can sing along. There are only a couple of arcade games, Bags & Bowling, but with the endless karaoke who needs arcade games!


The Crowd: Usually the crowd is on the younger side but this particular night brought out everyone. There was a nice blend of people out for the pre St. Patty’s Day shindig. Though, I have to mention I was disturbed by one lady who wore no bra with a halter top that had a slit down the front, almost exposing a fully but for sure had serious side boob action. So not cute!


Service: The service was friendly & because of the pre holiday festivities they were very busy but attentive!


Liquid Courage On Tap:

Miller light

Sam Adams seas white ale and lager



Blue moon



Coors light



Bud light


St. Patty’s Specials included; $3 Miller Light green beer with mug, $5 Car Bombs, $4 Snake Bombs,

$3 Admiral Nelson n Coke, $2 Shamrock Shake Shots, $4 Horny Irishman Drink with UV Blue, lemonade & pineapple juice



Eats: You’ll find standard bar appetizers here, I am fond of the potato skins myself, but you will also find a slew of sandwiches, wings, burgers & salads.  


Sounds: If you make it out on a Friday or Saturday night you can count on some excellent karaoke. So be prepared to sing the night away!


Parking: The hood shares a lot with the 7-Eleven, right next to the day care center & 24/7 Laundromat. It’s a weird combination of establishments to have next to one another but whatever!


Overall: The Neighborhood Inn is your quintessential dive bar that makes you feel at home. If you still don’t have plans tonight for St. Patty’s Day check out the Neighborhood Inn! Stop in for a mug of cold green beer, a plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage and enjoy some karaoke.


Americas Bar: Where There’s Something For Everyone, Every Day of The Week

Americas Bar
2308 W. Higgins Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Tucked away in the courtyard of Barrington Square Mall Americas Bar is known as the perfect place between upscale & casual while still maintaining that neighborhood atmosphere.

Scenery: The exterior has a plethora of seating to hold a party of 60 to enjoy what’s left of summer or to join in on a round of Bags. The interior glows as soft blue light showers down on you. There is a massive bar that fills the floor with a five foot Statue of Liberty twirling in the center. On the opposite side there is a miniature dance floor surrounded by the DJ area & tables with chairs. There are flat screen TV’s so DJ’s can play videos while they spin. During my after work visit there seemed to be very little variety. It started off with your basic Top 40 but then gradually went into a lot of 80’s with some late 90’s pop tunes. When the DJ started at 10pm we went through it all over again. All the Top 40 songs we just listened to at six o’clock were in rotation again. It was like listening to the radio.

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Beat Kitchen: Kitchen in the Front, Beat in the Back!

Beat Kitchen
2100 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618

After battling rush hour for 2 hours I finally made it to the Beat Kitchen. This quaint corner bar is in the Roscoe Village neighborhood that has a cute outdoor patio area. I didn’t have a chance to eat here, but they have an incredible assortment of items on their menu. Everything from appetizers, soups & salads to sandwiches, specialty pizzas & even dessert! They even have vegetarian options, which is fantastic for me! They have an extensive beer & wine menu at semi-decent prices. Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday the Beat Kitchen hosts Brunch from 11:30-4pm. Their menu has everything from French Toast to Empanadas. The backroom is where the Beat comes in. It’s a small area with an intimate stage. There was a bar but no bartender. I didn’t really care as much since I wasn’t there to drink, but if I was I’d be pretty peeved. There were a good 4 or 5 ceiling fans, but none of them were on so it was a hot mess for all.

Overall the sound & lighting were excellent; I will for sure be back to check out brunch & will absolutely come back for another show!

Blarney Island: Your Tropical Hideaway of the Midwest

Blarney Island
27843 W Grass Lake Rd
Antioch, IL 60002

Hailed as “The Key West of the Midwest” Blarney Island really is “A Mile Away From Reality”.  I used to live in the Antioch area and had never been to Blarney Island, and honestly I am kicking myself right now! This place is so amazing. We pulled up to Port of Blarney and found volleyball nets outside. There is a bar and restaurant with seating outside on the dock. For a small fee you can launch your own boat for a day on the lake. To get to the island, if you don’t have your own boat, there is a shuttle service that varies in price depending on the day or event that runs every hour.

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New Management Rocks Out The Ashland!

The Ashland
2824 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

The Ashland your everything bar. It’s a chill bar, party bar, sports bar, your neighborhood bar. The outside patio is nice to sit back and relax on a fine Chicago summer night or play a game of Bags. You won’t miss the newly tagged graffiti on the outside that flows inside. The inside is your natural bar with local art splattered on the walls. On tap you will find Rouge Dead Guy Ale, Guinness, Magic Hat #9, and always a fav Blue Moon. The back room of The Ashland is the place to be with a private bar, comfy couches, Karaoke (with props!), Rock Band, & Wii. The ladies bathroom smells great with one of those timed air fresheners. You’ll find plenty of graffiti of permanent marker on the stall walls from drunken patrons. All in all I adored my time spent at The Ashland.

Keep on reading for their weekly specials.

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Drink & Be Happy at Richard’s

Richard’s Bar
725 W. Grande Ave
Chicago, IL 60610

After the disappointment of the Butterfly Social Club myself and a few others headed over to Richard’s. At a glance it seemed like a regular dive bar, but boy was I wrong! This place was great. The crowd was diverse, even with the old Italian men all gussied up in their fine suits and gold chains. Richard has several beer coolers full of cases of beer for the road. They have a bar list hanging above the bar. There was an awesome jukebox with all the favorites, the walls were complete with Rat Pack memorabilia & black & white prints of gangster films. The bar is fully stocked with everything from PBR to one of my favs Stella Artois. You can even order up a hard-boiled egg for only 75 cent a pop. Sweet! Richard’s is one of my new beloved neighborhood bars. If you are in the area stop by Richard’s and say hey!

Butterfly Social Club

Butterfly Social Club
722 W. Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60610

I first heard about the Butterfly Social Club through a good friend who found a clip about it on Metromix. This club was to exude organic quality from their décor to their eco-friendly menu. The interior was described as a living entity. It was a forest/hobbit hole growth in the middle of the city. There was hand sculpted walls & trees that also functioned as seating. All alcohol, juices, & tonics are certified organic or grown & produced in an eco-friendly environment. Their four bathrooms were each decorated as one of the natural elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air. The club was also solar and wind-powered. Patrons could even help power the DJ booth by peddling on bikes. Guests who peddled were rewarded with discounts on drinks.

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The Conga Room Opens This Fall

Conga Room
800 W. Olympic Blvd.
Suites A160 & A260
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 749-0445

Dubbed the Latin House of Blues, the original Conga Room featured the best of the best in local and international Latin artists, bringing together thousands of patrons seeking great music, dancing, food, drinks, and atmosphere. The Conga Room is getting ready to re-launch this fall in the South Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles. The new location can be found at L.A. Live on Olympic Blvd. & Figueroa St. next to the Staples Center, ESPN, & Grammy Museum.

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John Barleycorn-Schaumburg, IL

John Barleycorn
1100 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60173


 Located just west of Woodfield Mall, Barleycorn opened their doors on March 14. I have heard mixed reviews so I figured I would check it out to see what all the hub-bub was about. I heard it was ridiculous to get into so I thought I would wait out the novelty of a new bar.

This place is huge! It has 2 stories filled with flat screen TVs on every wall, the lower level consists of bar to the left & dinning on the right. The second floor is a big dance floor with three monster bars, a 5 foot stage, and a dozen booths for bottle service along either side. There is an outdoor patio that will be very convenient this summer. The sound system & lights are superb! There is a catwalk that starts backstage & goes over head leading to the soundboard & DJ booth.

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Liars Club

Liars Club
1665 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL

After a long night at Mayfest we headed out to The Liars Club. This club was interestingly decorated with drawings of KISS, singing deer wearing friar hats, & 80’s alien porn on the TV’s. There was a vast variety of music from Johnny Cash to Madonna to Digital Underground. Too bad DJ Skips-A-Lot was on deck, but I’ll give him an A for effort. During the night I ventured upstairs to seek out the bathrooms & (in retrospect) wish I peed my pants instead. Just waiting outside the door you could test your gag reflex to the smell of urine. The floor was damp with I don’t know what & couldn’t get out of there fast enough. From what I hear the downstairs gentleman’s bathroom wasn’t much better. The urinal was broken (not wont flush broken) but shattered I might as well have pissed on the floor broken with no sink. Not a bad first of the night bar but definitely not a “break the seal” bar. I don’t think I will be back any time soon, not even for the $2.50 pints of PBR.

Clearwater Theater

Clearwater Theater
96 West Main Street
West Dundee , IL

I have probably driven past this place a dozen times and never realized it was a music venue. It’s a restored vintage theater located right in the heart of downtown Dundee . I heard Age of The Fallen where in town playing a show & I had to check it out. You may remember them from our previous review. After paying a $6 cover I walked in to find a serious circle moshpit on the main floor. It was insane. This place is a great intimate venue with awesome lighting & acoustically dynamic sound system. I love the stage, it’s about 5 feet high and takes up most of the back wall. Because this was an all ages show only one of the bars was open & gated. You had to show an id & get a nifty green & white wrist band that said “Drinking Age Verified”. You could only drink in the barricaded area but it wasn’t so bad. There was plenty of seating & standing room available. Clearwater features a main stage and intimate listening areas: the pit/main floor, patio and private balcony. The bathrooms were clean with a good amount of stalls. The service was nice & the beers were reasonably priced. All in all I give this venue 2 thumbs up. I will absolutely be back to check out another show.

Check out Clearwater ’s website for upcoming events: www.clearwatertheater.com

They book Local, National, & Regional acts year round. Their spectrum of entertainment includes: music, comedy, karaoke, concert, performance packages and event planning.

Tiger’s Has It Goin’ On

Tiger O Stylies
6300 Ogden Ave
Berwyn, IL 60402

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I headed out to Tiger’s. I envisioned a small corner neighborhood Irish Pub probably having some cover bands playing but it was really a classy dive. When you first walk into Tiger’s you notice the stage and the bar. The floor is filled with tables and off in the corner there is a couple couches & just enough room for one pool table. While looking around at the band posters and neon décor you will also notice these signs posted:

Yep sure enough there are cameras all over this joint! I didn’t know if I should feel safe or violated. But it didn’t seem to matter after a couple of $4 24oz Tecate’s, they were delicious, and so was my combo platter. I have to say this was one of the BEST combo platters I have ever had. I know, your thinking dude it’s just bar food. But really this appetizer was awesome. If you ever have the chance get the fried ravioli, it’s the man! All in all, kudos to Tiger O’Styles for enforcing original bands, having a nice laid back environment, good sound system, and awesome food & drink prices. I will definitely be back.

Check out Tiger’s at www.tigerostylies.com or check them out on myspace at www.myspace.com/tigerostylies

Giving Back To The Patrons

Every bar has their weekday specials to get more customers in the door. What makes me angry is why not have drink specials on the weekend? I know, it’s because people are out and about more on the weekend anyway, so why bother? Let’s make as much money as we can! But seriously I would totally opt to go to a neighborhood bar to socialize, see a band, and have some reasonable priced drinks. It’s better than cleaning my house. Why don’t our neighborhood bars give back a little more to us patrons?

I know the last time I posted about The Little Big Horn there was a lot of disappointment, but I have to admit I think they are on to something. We noticed this sign, try to look past the grammar.

Having the bartender match the money you play in the jukebox is a pretty sweet deal. If there was a bar near me who offered to match my jukebox monies I would totally be a Monday regular!