Robyn’s Body Talk

Body Talk
Release Date: 11/22/2010
Cherrytree Records

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Robyn body talk

At the beginning of the year reemerging pop-star, Robyn, announced that she would release three short records. Through out the past year Robyn has slowly crept into the psyche of pop-electro enthusiasts, with Body Talk Part 1 and 2 being released earlier this year and a tour with pop-R&B sure helped. Body Talk is the third and final promise and it’s not just B-sides or scrapped tracks left over from Parts 1+2. [Read more…]

Kings of Leon Lack Inspiration

Kings of Leon
Come Around Sundown
RCA Records
Out Now!

Come Around Sundown OUT NOW!

Kings of Leon is one of those bands that never made a blip on my radar.  Its not for any particular reason, I guess no one in my social circle has never stated a strong case for them. So I go into this with fresh ears.

Come Around Sundown, the band’s fifth studio album open with what can only be described as a stadium rock anthem, which isn’t always a bad thing.  There is a reason why the 80’s were full of bands playing big epic sized arenas.  Communal lyrics and catchy chorus-refrains are great when large masses of people are together watching and overpowering the band on stage, but this is not a show I’m reviewing, it’s an album and a lot of that fantasy is lost but not completely. [Read more…]

The Polomo Show

Neon Indian
The Metro – Chicago, IL

Neon Indian is Alan Polomo’s baby, his crazy acid tripped out Member’s Only jacket wearing infant. His sound has a bit of 80’s aesthetic; electronic dance music with filtered vocals. Polomo’s song composition is seamless and chaotic, he can craft beets, string, loops, and bleeps together that’s reminiscent to a collage.  Polomo has three bandmates helping him interpret his music for live performances; Jason Faries, drums; Leanne Macomber, keyboards; and Ronalds Gierhart, Guitars.  Each providing their own entertainment for the audiences.Between playing the keyboards and the tambourine Leanne was the person engaging the audience.  The only member on stage who’s face wasn’t hiding behind a curtain of hair she became the band’s avatar. [Read more…]