Ebony Bones on the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Tour: The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

Ebony Bones
The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

Ebony Bones The Echo - Los Angeles, CA 2/5/2010Just the mere appearance of Ebony Bones is alluring. She hails from south of London and is a complete DYI artist. The name derives from a nickname from her childhood, “Boney.”

Her music is a delightful mix of dance tropical  goodness and she has the looks to match.
She is currently on her WARRIOR tour and definitely worth it to just check it out.

Ebony Bones The Echo - Los Angeles, CA 2/5/2010

W.A.R.R.O.I.O.R. Tour Dates:

2/5 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA
2/6 – Green Dolphin – Chicago, IL
2/7 – Wrong Bar – Toronto, ON
2/8 – Belmont- Montreal, QB
2/9 – Middle East Downstairs – Boston, MA
2/10 – Hudson Hotel (Fashion Week) – New York, NY
2/11 – Marbar – Philadelphia, PA
2/12 – DC9 – Washington, DC
2/13 – Southpaw, Brooklyn NY

Photos of Ebony Bones at the Echo in Los Angeles:

DJ Tiesto Day One at the Shrine in LA!

DJ Tiesto
The Shrine – Los Angeles, CA

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009It isn’t everyday that one can get two generations of a family at one show, but on Friday night we did.  DJ Tiesto played the first of his three shows at the Shrine. Here are the two takes on the night.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009

“Twiggs” – 20-something

“Tiesto” …one of the most recognizable names in electronica music today and why is that? Because he’s down right Awesome! The new album Kaleidoscope is a huge change from Tiesto’s normal style of music, but as with any other artist or genre as the music progresses and the style changes so must the producers. In my opinion this new album has brought his old style to the new heavier style that is rapidly becoming more popular today. With heavier bass drops, intense build-ups and a personalized light show to fit his new songs, there is no way you can go wrong by seeing him live!

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009“Lucky” – Wise-one

…The Shrine Auditorium is an old, landmark theater located adjacent to the Coliseum and the USC campus.  I knew driving out there that parking was going to be an issue, and then it hit me; tonight was the USC vs. UCLA football game!!  Despite going head-to-head with the football game, and unlike the football game, Tiesto delivered.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009Having never been to a show of this style (I’m an old school rock concert photographer) I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew this crowd of people wasn’t really dressed for a football game, so where could they all be going?  Then my son reminded me, as he had been doing all night, this guy is BIG, like Bono and U2 a few weeks ago, all these people are here for him.  He was right.  After some minor difficulties obtaining my photo/media pass we entered into a packed floor at the Shrine.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009It was Tiesto’s shrine tonight, this crowd worshiped him, and he gave them what they came to hear.  The masses, arms raised, moved as one, in dance, to his beat.  Different than all the other concerts that I have been to, the feeling was that of a celebration, everyone was smiling and partying.  He did not let them down, bringing more approval from the packed, standing crowd, he delivered song after song.  I must admit, I was not familiar with his songs, his style yes, and even I found myself getting into the music, into the beat, and yes, smiling at the crowd while moving to the music.

Photos of DJ Tiesto at the Shrine in Los Angeles:

In Photos: Black Eyed Peas Open for U2 at the Rose Bowl

Black Eyed Peas
The Rose Bowl – Pasadena, CA

Black Eyed Peas The Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA 10-25-2009Umm…yeah…I wasn’t at the show put we sent Greg Lucker. He said he really enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas. Now I know why he said that. The first thing that went through my head as I saw this picture was, “Oh My GOD, I love those boots!!” I am thinking most men at the show would have replaced “boots” with something else.

Photos of the Black Eyed Peas opening for U2 at the Rosebowl:

Slayer at Rockstar Mayhem in Chicago and San Bernadino

Rockstar Mayhem 2009 – Mainstage
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre – Chicago, IL 7/26/2009
The Dust Bowl – San Bernadino – 7/12/2009

Here are some pictures of Slayer and Marilyn Manson from their stop in Chicago on the 2nd Annual Rockstar Mayhem Tour. Keep your eyes peeled for our interview with Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo.

Slayer Mayhem 2009 11

Tom Araya – Frontman – Slayer

Chicago, IL Mayhem

Click on the Thumbnails to Enlarge:


San Bernadino, CA Mayhem


All That Remains at Mayhem: Interview with Jeanne Sagan

All That Remains
Rockstar Mayhem 2009 – San Bernadino, CA
Jaeger Stage

All That Remains Rockstar Mayhem 2009 - San Bernadino, CA 7/12/2009 Jaeger Stage

Mayhem came and took over the San Bernadino Valley last Sunday. I walked into the park knowing that this was heavy metal grounds; heavy metal flourishes here and I haven’t heard of a band that has had a bad turn out. This is also the site for the now infamous egging of Iron Maiden back on Ozzfest in 2005.

All That Remains hits the Jaeger Stage at Mayhem in Support of their newest album Overcome. Today everyone appears to be like kids on their first day of school, a bit nervous but ready to go.

We caught up with Jeanne Sagan of All That Remains to talk about life on the road, coming into the band, and life at Mayhem.

Jessica: You played on All That Remains’ last album correct?

Jeanne: I did. I recorded the last two albums Fall of Ideals and Overcome.  I am the resident bass player.

Jessica: How long have you been in the band?

All That Remains Rockstar Mayhem 2009 - San Bernadino, CA 7/12/2009 Jaeger StageJeanne:  I’ve known the band as long as they have been the band. Our bands played a lot of shows together so I’ve known Mike from about ‘98/’99. Where we come from the music scene is so close knit. Killswitch came from our area, Shadows Fall, Unearth; a lot of bands were out and about touring that were all from the same scene. Everyone kind of knows everyone. That’s how I got into the band.

Jessica: What’s the biggest change you’ve seen from the band as once and outsider and now an insider?

Jeanne:  Oh man, I’ve never went on tour before so my entire world changed. Going to see the band then to be onstage is insane. A lot of my friends always wondered what it was like and now I am on a bus and touring.

Jessica: Is it nerve racking?

Jeanne: Not anymore. I was a little nervous the first day trying to get the drummer configured and all that. There is the first day jitters like the first day of school. Once you get your curriculum you are all set.

Jessica: I think you are the only female on the tour.

Jeanne: Yeah, I am the only one that’s in a band. I am the only one that actually gets to be onstage.

Jessica: It’s 3 days into Mayhem, how is it treating you?

Jeanne: Before we even got to this tour our drummer hurt his hand when we were in Europe.  We have a fill-in drummer with us now, and today is his third show with us. That to start off with made it a little nerve racking, but we’ve been looking forward to this tour all year.  It wasn’t going to stop us.

Jessica: Poor Jason, what is he doing?

Jeanne: He’s doing good. He’s at home in Boston probably crying himself to sleep. (laughs)  He has several more appointments. We hope he can come out and play with on this tour because I know it would mean a lot to him.

Jessica: What has been the biggest setback the band has faced?

Jeanne: Right now, I would have to say it is Jason. Things are going so well with the new album. We get amazing tour responses and get offered great tours.  Right now we are riding pretty high up.

Jessica: Where is your favorite place to play?

Jeanne: Wow, we went all over the place this year.  There were a lot of new experiences I’ve never been in and places we haven’t played in a long time. We went to Japan for our first real tour over there. We went to Scandinavia and we played a show in Moscow also. There are so many I can’t pick just one.  I love Finland. It’s probably one of my new favorite places.

Jessica:  The biggest highlight for the band?

Jeanne: Playing in Sweden.  It was one of the most defining moments.

Jessica: Are you writing new material on the road?

Jeanne No, we are still flying high on the new album. It came out in September and now we have our second song on the radio. We are trying to get to as many places as possible.

Jessica:  What is a fun fact about you or the band that we may not know?

Jeanne: Ummm…we are a bunch of nerds! Jason plays World of Warcraft. Mike really likes sports and Phil likes Halo and he’s the internet guy–the Twitter and Facebook. He’s very nerdy like that. I read books and I like science a lot. You don’t have to be really cool.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images:

Tour Dates for Rockstar Mayhem 2009:

7/10/09 Sacramento, CA     Sleep Train Amphitheatre
7/11/09 San Francisco, CA    Shoreline Amphitheatre
7/12/09 San Bernardino, CA    Glen Helen Pavilion
7/14/09 Seattle, WA    White River Amphitheater
7/17/09 Phoenix, AZ     Cricket Pavilion
7/18/09 Albuquerque,     NM Journal Pavilion
7/19/09 Denver, CO     Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre
7/21/09 Kansas City, KS     Sandstone Amphitheater
7/22/09 St. Louis, MO     Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
7/24/09 Atlanta, GA     Lakewood Amphitheater
7/25/09 Indianapolis,     IN Verizon Wireless Music Centre
7/26/09 Chicago, IL      First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
7/28/09 Toronto, ON     Molson Amphitheater
7/29/09 Scranton, PA     Toyota Pavilion
7/31/09 Cleveland, OH     Blossom Music Center
8/1/09 Pittsburgh, PA     Post Gazette Pavilion
8/2/09 Detroit, MI     DTE Energy Music Theatre
8/4/09 Boston, MA     Tweeter Center
8/6/09 Virginia Beach,     VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater
8/7/09 Camden, NJ     Susquehanna Bank Center
8/8/09 Hartford, CT     New England Dodge Music Center
8/9/09 Washington,  DC     Nissan Pavilion
8/11/09 Tampa, FL     Ford Amphitheatre
8/12/09 West Palm Beach, FL     Cruzan Amphitheatre
8/14/09 Dallas, TX     Superpages.com Center
8/15/09 Houston, TX     Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
8/16/09 San Antonio, TX      Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Marilyn Manson Headlines Rockstar Mayhem 2009

Marilyn Manson
Rockstar Mayhem 2009 – San Bernadino, CA


Marilyn Manson Rockstar Mayhem 2009 - San Bernadino, CA 7/12/2009 MainstageWell, I have seen Marilyn Manson before and it wasn’t the greatest experience because he was being one of the biggest princesses and arrived on stage very late. Last Sunday didn’t leave room for him to pull off such antics and we were all very grateful for that. We didn’t stay for the entire show because of sheer exhaustion and too much sun.

All we have are these darling pictures of him for your viewing pleasure and more to come…

Photos of Marilyn Manson at Rockstar Mayhem in San Bernadino:

Kevin Costner and the Modern West at Stagecoach 2009

Kevin Costner and the Modern West
Stagecoach 2009 – Indio, CA
Palomino Stage

Kevin Costner and the Modern West Stagecoach 2009 - Indio, CA Palomino Stage 4/25/2009

“You all look taller in person too!” was Kevin Costner’s line to kick off his performance at Stagecoach.

I don’t think any of us really believed that the real Kevin Costner was going to grace the Palomino Stage at Stagecoach. As we all packed into the tent, people were chatting about when they were going to bolt and were making other plans in case Kevin “sucked.”  Even Kevin knew that the tent was packed because people were just curious to see if he really had talent. By the way–he does.

I was lucky to get there early enough to have a prime seat on the haystack front row where I started to write yesterday. I decided that it was safer for all if I put the computer away during the performance.

More Pictures and the Review after the jump…

Kevin’s set was filled with good old rock and roll country. There were only two slower song songs in the set and one was a duet with Sara, one of the bandmate’s wives. The song is called “Let Me Be the One.” I really enjoyed it.  I don’t know if Kevin and his band write all Kevin’s songs, but if they do, I give them a thumbs up.

I really could appreciate the diversity in the songs that they played. For instance, Kevin sang about the devastation from Katrina in “5 Minutes to America” then a couple songs later he had the crowd moving with “Backyard.” Backyard is a simple song, really. It drives a point home for a lot of men. You know anybody who has broke down vehicles in their yards? You need to play them this song because as Kevin mentioned, “You will never fix those cars!”

To put an end to everyone’s curiosity, yes, Mr. Costner can sing and he’s very good at the country thing.  Plus he still looks just as handsome as ever, which helps greatly because he doesn’t have a huge stage presence when performing.  If you don’t believe me, there were just as many, if not more people in the tent near the end of his set than there was when he began.

Of course Kevin couldn’t just close the night like anybody else at Stagecoach. His last line of the night….”See you at the movies.”

The 45-Minute Set:

Took your Love Away from Me
5 Minutes from America
Long Hot Night
90 Miles Down the Road
A song about a soldier meeting his maker (sorry don’t know the song’s name)
The Sun Will Rise Again
Let Me Be the One
Hey Man, What About You (Super catchy and upbeat)

Photos of Kevin Costner and the Modern West Stagecoach 2009:

Stagecoach Day 1: Brad Paisley Teaser Shots


I am a little bit country and a hell of a lot of rock and roll, so when you mix the two together you get Brad Paisley! We are still sifting through hundreds of shots from yesterday but I can’t  help myself and felt this desire to post these two pictures of Brad.  No wonder why 40,000 people came out to see him last night. He was breaking curfew too! We will have more pictures for you very soon! I’ll post a link to the new post with a review and photos from Brad’s performance here.  Keep you eyes peeled!



Suicide Silence at Extreme Thing 2009

Suicide Silence
Extreme Thing 2009 – Las Vegas, NV


Right off the bat I must announce that Suicide Silence took the Golden God Award away at the Revolver Awards for “Best New Talent” on April 7th in Los Angeles. Now moving on to Las Vegas.  Suicide Silence hit the stage at Extreme Thing Sports and Music 2009 in Las Vegas, which feels like an eternity ago, but really it was March 28th.  The day was a very sunny day in the Las Vegas desert. It was so sunny that I charred my face and ended up leaving early.

The crew didn’t head out of the Extreme Thing event early because of me, but because the day was getting very insane. There was rambling from the Clark County fire marshal that they were going to shut the event down and none of us wanted to be around to even see that happen. Why shut the festival down you may be asking? Well, there was a ton of young punks in the audience, yes I am fully aware of the punk music that was on the bill, and these kids would start chucking full water bottles with caps on into the audience. Apparently last year patrons of the festival were severely hurt and the fire marshal didn’t want that happening again.

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Run Devil Run Parties at the Roxy!

Run Devil Run
The Roxy – Hollywood, CA

Jeremy Aric-Lead Vocals/Guitar
Domo-Lead Guitar
Randy Austin-Keyboards/Vocals/Percussion
Sally Hope-Bass
Dave Plesh-Drums

Run Devil Run The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 3/20/2009

Run Devil Run debuted their latest EP,5 BY 5, on Friday the 20th. It’s the first EP of new music from the group since changing their name from Poets and Pornstars to Run Devil Run. It’s a new band in essence and a new name. Don’t get me wrong, the band rocks more than ever with their new frontman, Jeremy at the helm.

If you are unfamiliar with Run Devil Run these guys (and Sally) are good old rock and roll and in the day in age where many bands forget what it is to rock Run Devil Run set the new standards for this era.  They have a massive following in Hollywood but that didn’t stop their fans in the likes of Chicago to come out and root them on Friday.

All the bands members love and acknowledge their fans and their appreciations shows. Jeremy thanked everybody several times between songs for being there for the band even through the frontman transition.

This is the second time I have seen Run Devil Run live and they feel like a tighter band already. They really know how to entertain a crowd and it helps when your bass player is a really “hot” woman that every man in the room has fantasies about. Don’t think we don’t know this boys. I see how you look at her! It’s all part of the package that gives the band such great appeal. They are all multi-talented and play to the crowd. You don’t need to know the words to the songs; even though they are catchy enough you will catch on, to have a fun night.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, watch for big things from this band! Hollywood is only the beginning for Run Devil Run.


Hey You
Sex Wine
Beautiful Being
Think You Better Go
Just Evolving
Rock ‘N Roll

Photos of Run Devil Run:

For previous reviews and pictures of Run Devil Run:

Viper Room

The Roxy- Night they Announced New Band Name

Need to hear Run Devil Run?

Check out their Myspace!

Blue October at the House of Blues in San Diego

Blue October
House of Blues – San Diego, CA

Justin Furstenfeld – vocals.guitar.piano
Ryan Delahoussaye – violin.mandolin.keys
Jeremy Furstenfeld – drums
CB Hudson III – guitar
Matt Noveskey – bass

Blue October House of Blues - San Diego, CA 3/18/2009Ahh…didn’t realize what a cult following these guys have until I posted news months back about the tour they are currently on. I was reading message boards where fans were planning trips just to see Blue October. I am not saying that’s a bad thing. I love seeing fans come together for a band that they have so much passion and energy for and Blue October’s Fans came out in full force.

I honestly thought they were going to be just another rock band until I actually saw them on that beautiful Tuesday night in San Diego. Justin is a very memorizing frontman. He hypnotized all the ladies that made up the first 10 rows of people at the HOB. Plus the stage setup was very interesting. It wasn’t how artists traditionally setup a stage. Normally all the musicians onstage face the crowd, but not on Blue October’s stage. They set the stage so several mics were facing to the side of the stage. It made for a great visual and an unexpected surprise.

Blue October House of Blues - San Diego, CA 3/18/2009

These guys are out supporting Approaching Normal that hit the streets on March 24th. If you haven’t picked up your copy or if you need to hear the album go here.

The only complaint I had for the night was the incredible low lights. I understand the whole ambiance the band was going for but when I’m not that far from the stage and for the majority of the time I have a hard time seeing the band members that is not a good sign. I know going to a live concert is about the live music but I know I am there to SEE the band. I also know the House of Blues is capable of supplying brighter lights.

Overall Blue October won me over with their show and their music. I would love to see them again next time they roll into town.

Tour Dates:

Mar, 18th  San Diego House of Blues

Mar, 19th  Las Vegas House of Blues

Mar, 21st  Los Angeles Club Nokia

Mar, 22nd Anaheim House of Blues

Mar, 24th  Approaching Normal Street Date

Mar, 25th  San Francisco Fillmore

Mar, 26th  Portland Crystal Ballroom

Mar, 27th  Seattle Showbox

Mar, 28th  Spokane Knitting Factory

Mar, 31st  Salt Lake City The Depot

Apr, 1st    Denver Ogden Theater

Apr, 3rd   Omaha Sokol Hall

Apr, 4th   TBA

Apr, 5th   St Louis Pageant

Apr, 6th   Lawrence Liberty Hall

Apr, 10th  Austin Stubbs

Apr, 11th  Austin Stubbs

Apr, 20th  New Orleans House of Blues

Apr, 22nd Tampa Janus Landing

Apr, 23rd  Orlando House of Blues

Apr, 24th  Myrtle Beach House of Blues

Apr, 25th  Charlotte Amos

Apr, 27th  Washington DC 930 Club

Apr, 29th  Philadelphia Theater of Living Arts

May, 1st   New York Webster Hall

May, 2nd  Providence Lupo’s

Photos of Blue October at the House of Blues San Diego:

Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol Hits the Belly Up Tavern

Taylor Hicks
The Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA


The house is packed for this former American Idol. He’s in town for his starring role in the Grease musical which is currently in San Diego and will continue to hit the West Coast until the end of May.  Not only is Taylor making his way around the country with Grease but he’s also out promoting his newest release that will drop March 10th title The Distance. you may be hearing his newest single of The Distance called “What’s Right is Right.”

The audience is on the older side compared to most concerts that I attend. I would say it was also an even split of males and females. I was sitting next to a group of very vocal older women. I am talking these ladies were in their 60’s or 70’s. It appeared that there were generations of women there too. For example, mom, daughter, and grandma would be in packs in the audience. I would say Taylor Hicks would make a great family outing, but too bad this show was 21+. FYI: Taylor Hicks drink Budweiser.

I have a confession to make, I didn’t watch American Idol when Taylor was on it. I almost wish I did, but on the other hand, I have this clean perspective on him. He is a very talented performer, and he also has that natural ability to woo women in the audience. I know this because I was very taken with him. He also has an abundance of energy. He didn’t really stop moving which is probably due to the Grease musical training.

More of this review, photos, and tour dates after the jump…

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Theory of a Deadman hits San Diego and Las Vegas!

Theory of a Deadman
Opening for Motley Crue and Hinder St. of Los Angeles Tour
Cox Arena- San Diego, CA

Tyler Connolly – vocals/guitar
Dean Back – bass
David Brenner – guitar

I was a fan of Theory of a Deadman since their self-title album with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback sitting at the producer’s chair. This album spawned their biggest or should I say my radio favorite “Invisible Man.” Granted there are still many great songs on the album but that one is a great car song.

Pictures and review after the jump…

It was great to see these guys open for the Saints of Los Angeles Tour when it stopped in San Diego, CA. Mind you this review is from San Diego and the pictures are from Las Vegas at the Joint. This was Theory’s first performance in San Diego. The crowd appeared to be receptive of them although not many were actually in the arena yet. Many fans didn’t show up to the venue until 30 minutes before the Crue went on.

The sound in general SUCKED at Cox Arena but I am pretty sure it’s because a). where we were sitting b). the fact that the arena wasn’t even 1/3rd full. I could only hear Tyler’s vocals during choruses.

They played as Tyler said, “A song for shitty days,” “I hate my life.” Now this is an awesome song minus the fact they gripe about spending money on their wives. Men really need to invest in a sugarmomma. They also played “Bad Girlfriend.”

Their set was fairly short because they had to make room for Hinder and then the Crue. Plus they also had an opening act that I completely missed because they started at 6:30pm and that’s about the time I arrived at Cox.

Theory of a Deadman is out supporting their newest release Scars & Souvenirs. Visit their official website or their Myspace for more details.

Tour Dates:

2 San Diego, CA Cox Arena **
4 Reno, NV Reno Events Center **
6 Las Vegas, NV The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel**
7 Las Vegas, NV The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel **
10 Omaha, NE Quest Center **
11 Moline, IL iWireless Center **
13 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena **
14 Madison, WI Alliant Energy Center **
15 Rockford, IL MetroCentre **
17 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena **
18 St. Paul, MN Xcel Energy Center **
19 Green Bay, WI Resch Center **
21 Nashville, TN Sommet Center **
22 Birmingham, AL BJCC Arena**
25 Greenville, SC BI-LO Center **
27 Lafayette, LA Cajun Dome ***
28 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena ***
3 Miami, FL Hard Rock Casino***
4 Orlando, FL UCF Arena **
6 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa **
7 Erie, PA Erie Civic Center **
8 Hershey, PA Giant Center ***
10 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place *
11 Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum *
13 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena **
14 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena **
16 New York, NY Madison Square Garden **
17 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena**
18 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center **

Photos of Theory of a Deadman:

Gabriella Cilmi’s Whole Lotta Love in Los Angeles

Gabriella Cilmi
Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA

Gabriella Cilmi Hotel Café - Los Angeles, CA 1/26/2009

This was a first time for me at the Hotel Café as it was also Gabriella’s. Gabriella is from Australia and this was her first show in Los Angeles. She was showcasing in the famous LA venue that is known for breaking singer/songwriters. It’s an amazing little place. She also has a new album scheduled to be released on March 17, 2009 called Lessons to Be Learned off Universal Music Group.

The place is packed and she gets onstage and is already full animated. She opens with her ultra-super poppy “Got No Place to Go.” I call it the Caterpillar song. She sings of a caterpillar in her soul, maybe it’s an Australian thing. See the Album Review Here.

Gabriella is nailing every song as if she sang the songs in one take off the album. Ok, she did miss a line during the first song but continues singing. Could be first time nerves? I would be a tad nervous if I were an artist and was told I had a gig at Hotel Café and oh yes, you’re showcasing too.

Sanctuary and Got No Place to go are my favorites off the album and she performed them strongly. The audience seemed very receptive to her and her first American single, “Sweet About Me.” If you need a dose of some pop music that is slightly off-kilter Gabriella is for you.

I wasn’t ready for the ballads in the set but I guess she had to throw them in. She did cover Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” which received screams and shouts from the audience. This girl has a huge voice for her little body. She is a cross between Amy Winehouse and Mary J. Blige. She also covered Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.” It’s the song that she says, “Blew up her world.” It was very impressive but very straining on one’s vocal chords.

Expect great live performances from this one. She has unbelievable talent and energy. Oh course she is still only 17 years old. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for future tour dates.

Got No Place to Go
Sweet About Me
Cigs and Lies
Cry Me a River
Save the Lives
Whole Lotta Love

Need more info on Gabriella?

Check out her Myspace and Official Site for news and bio.

Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge Picture:

The Devil’s Run at the Viper Room in Hollywood

Run Devil Run
The Viper Room – West Hollywood, CA

Jeremy- Vocals
Domo- Guitar
Randy- Keyboard and Backing Vocals
Sally- Bass
Dave- Drums

Run Devil Run The Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA 1/18/2009

We have a few pictures up form Run Devil Run on Sunday at a very packed Viper Room. I was not there but the word was passed to me via Greg Lucker that the show was nothing but awesome.
Greg caught up with Jeremy after the show and talked about the upcoming EP RDR will be releasing in the near future. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for the EP. The release will most likely fall in conjunction with a show at the ever so loving Roxy in LA.

We will keep you posted!
Photos of Run Devil Run a the Viper Room:

Hinder Takes It To The Limit in Vegas

The Pearl Theater – Las Vegas, CA

Austin Winkler- Vocals
Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey- Guitar
Mark King- Guitar
Mike Rodden- Bass
Cody Hanson- Drums

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008It was Hinder’s night, the night of their album release party at The Palms. The show has a new vibe compared to previous Hinder shows. They were playing new material and the crowd was digging it. The new album dropped on Election Day, November 4th. This is their follow-up to their hit album Extreme Behavior. The album is filled with new radio hits and rock ballads. Hinder is currently headlining the Jagermusic Tour with Rev Theory and Trapt supporting the bill. It makes for a great night of music.

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008Hinder wasted no time and started with their first single off the new album “Use Me.” The crowd was already singing along. The entire set flowed smoothly between the rock ballads and the up temp songs. The night was filled with a great mix of music from their first album and new music. While listening to the new songs they performed I could smell radio hits all over it. Their newest single “Heaven Sent” is destined to be another one of their radio hits. The title track “Take It to The Limit” is also another catchy song with choruses that will wheel you in.

Throughout the night Austin’s mic stand would change. For those who have seen Hinder live before, they know his mic stand is filled with different colored bras. Tonight he also had the American flag waving from his stand. Now don’t read this wrong, it was on a completely different mic stand from the one with the bras. They had the same set they have been playing on for a while now. It contains a catwalk that wraps around the back of the drum kit. It’s made of chrome and is a perfect match for this rock band.

Austin, Blower, Mark, Mike, and Cody all looked very excited to be there onstage. Not only is it still early in the Jagermusic Tour, but that night there was a big party up at the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Fantasy Tower in The Palms. I know many of us were looking forward to that also. I can tell you at the after party, we got to see a look at the new comic book based on the life of Hinder. You know you are special when you get your own comic book. For more information you can check it out here.

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008The setlist for the night:

Use Me
Homecoming Queen
Heaven Sent – off Take it to the Limit
Take it to the Limit – off Take it to the Limit
Better Than Me
How Long
Best is Yet to Come – off Take it to the Limit
Up All Night
Born to Be Wild
Without You
Room 21
Thing for You – Austin said this was a new song, but I remember him saying that last year performing at the House of Blues in Vegas.
Lips of an Angel
Get Stoned

One would think the night’s festivities ended with Get Stoned, but it didn’t. The party was just getting started as the crowd and the boys headed up Fantasy Towers in Vegas to the Hugh Hefner Suite. I could tell you stories of what happened up there at the Party but you know the saying, “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!”

Can’t get enough of Hinder? Check out our photos and reviews from their show in Irvine, or in Vegas last year at the House of Blues.

Need to Catch Hinder Live?

A). November 6th they will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
B). Check out their Tour Dates

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Tour Dates:

Oct 30 2008 Las Vegas The Pearl Theater At The Palms Casino all ages Link

Nov 1 2008 Reno Grand Sierra Resort Theatre all ages Link

Nov 2 2008 Anaheim The Grove of Anaheim all ages Link

Nov 4 2008 Los Angeles Wiltern Theatre all ages Link

Nov 8 2008 Jacksonville Metropolitan Park all ages Link

Nov 9 2008 Orlando Tinker Field all ages Link

Nov 10 2008 Ft. Walton Beachhe Swamp 18+ Link

Nov 12 2008 Baltimore Rams Head Live! all ages Link

Nov 14 2008 Worcester The Palladium all ages Link

Nov 15 2008 Allentown Crocodile Rock all ages Link

Nov 16 2008 Montclair Wellmont Theatre all ages Link

Nov 19 2008 New York Nokia Theatre16+ Link

Nov 20 2008 Atlantic City House of Blues 18+ Link

Nov 22 2008 North Myrtle Beach House Of Blues all ages Link

Nov 23 2008 Knoxville Valarium all ages Link

Nov 24 2008 Starkville Rick’s Cafe 18+ Link

Nov 26 2008 Tulsa Cain’s Ballroom all ages Link

Nov 28 2008 Springfield Shrine Mosque all ages Link

Nov 29 2008 Omaha Sokol Auditorium all ages Link

Nov 30 2008 Wichita The Cotillion all ages Link

Dec 2 2008 Minneapolis First Avenue all ages Link

Dec 3 2008 Des Moines Val Air Ballroom all ages Link

Dec 4 2008 Kansas City The Uptown Theater all ages Link

Dec 7 2008 Houston Verizon Wireless Theater all ages Link

Dec 9 2008 Sauget Pop’s all ages Link

Dec 11 2008 Milwaukee The Eagles Cluball ages Link

Dec 12 2008 Cincinnati Bogarts all ages Link

Dec 13 2008 Ft. Wayne Piere’s 21+ Link

Dec 15 2008 Dayton Ervin J. Nutter Center all ages

Dec 17 2008 Grand Rapids The Orbit Room all ages Link

Rev Theory in Vegas @ The Pearl Theater

Rev Theory
The Pearl – Las Vegas, CA

Rich Luzzi – Vocals
Matty McCloskey – Bass, Vocals
Julien Jorgensen – Guitar
Rikki Lixx – Guitar
Dave Agoglia – DrumsRev Theory The Pearl - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008

I was turned onto Rev Theory by a friend leaving their CD in my car. Since I don’t really listen to CDs in my car anymore and my Zune player is on the fritz, the CD received heavy play for the month it was sitting in there. People who jumped in my car would ask me, ” Who are you listening to?” I would say Rev Theory and one musician said, “They sound like good Midwestern Rock!” It’s funny because they are from New York. I would call it radio rock myself. Never-the-less, the album is something I now own myself and for the first in awhile have memorized the entire CD. That is always a good sign.

Rev Theory The Pearl - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008On that note, we were able to catch Rev Theory live and meet the guys when they opened for Hinder on their current Jager Music Tour at The Palms in Vegas. They were sandwiched between Trapt and Hinder. The band has so much energy they could have headlined the show.

Their set was filled with most of the songs off their new album Light it Up. The stage was set for action and a they certainly delivered. No one in the band stood still and they jumped from raiser to raiser.

From gaging the audience it appeared they gained more fans that night in Vegas. They defied the saying “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.” Well for the show at least, I am not going to go into details about the party up in the Hugh Hefner Suit at the Fantasy Towers. Those stories will stay in that Tower.

I wish they could have played longer. I dare to say they owned the night with all the energy they exerted. It was heart-pounding Rock and Roll. I do wish they would have played “Ten Years” from Light it Up, but that is my only complaint of the night.

Their Set for the night:

Wanted Man
Light It Up
Favorite Disease
Broken Bones
Song off First Album
Hell Yeah

They are currently on tour to support Light It Up with Trapt and Hinder sponsored by Jager.

Photos of Rev Theory in Vegas:

Tour Dates:

Nov 4 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Wiltern w/ Hinder Los Angeles, California
Nov 10 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Swamp / Hinder Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Nov 12 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Ram’s Head Live w/ Hinder Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 14 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Palladium w/ Hinder Worcester, Massachusetts
Nov 15 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Crocodile Rock Cafe w/ Hinder Allentown, Pennsylvania
Nov 16 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Wellmont Theatre w/ Hinder Montclair, New Jersey
Nov 19 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Nokia Theatre Times Square w/ Hinder New York, New York
Nov 20 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ House of Blues w/ Hinder Atlantic City, New Jersey
Nov 22 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ House of Blues w/ Hinder North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nov 23 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ The Valarium w/ Hinder Knoxville, Tennessee
Nov 24 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Rick’s Cafe w/ Hinder Starkville, Mississippi
Nov 26 2008 Jagermusic Tour @ Cain’s Ballroom w/ Hinder Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nov 28 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Shrine Mosque w/Hinder Springfield, Missouri
Nov 29 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Sokol Auditorium w/ Hinder Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 30 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Cotillion Ballroom w/ Hinder Wichita, Kansas
Dec 2 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ First Avenue w/ Hinder Minneapolis, Minnesota
Dec 3 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Val Air Ballroom w/ Hinder Des Moines, Iowa
Dec 4 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Beaumont Club w/ Hinder Kansas City, Missouri
Dec 6 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Nokia Theatre w/ Hinder Grand Prairie, Texas
Dec 7 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Verizon Wireless Theater w/ Hinder Houston, Texas
Dec 9 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Pop’s w/ Hinder Sauget, Illinois
Dec 11 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Eagles Club w/ Hinder Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Dec 12 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Bogart’s w/ Hinder Cincinnati, Ohio
Dec 13 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Piere’s w/ Hinder Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dec 15 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Ervin J Nutter Center w/ Hinder Dayton, Ohio
Dec 17 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ The Orbit Room w/ Hinder Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dec 18 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Wedgewood Entertainment Center w/ Hinder Youngstown, Ohio
Dec 19 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Clutch Cargos w/ Hinder Detroit, Michigan
Dec 20 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour at House of Blues w/ Hinder Cleveland, Ohio
Dec 22 2008 Jagermeister Music Tour @ Pepsi Center w/ Hinder Indianapolis, Indiana

Apocalyptica Invades Anaheim

House of Blues – Anaheim, CA

Eicca Toppinen
Paavo Lötjönen
Perttu Kivilaakso
Antero Manninen
Mikko Sirén

Apocalyptica House of Blues - Anaheim, CAPerttu

I had been waiting for 7 years to experience Apocalyptica live. I remember buying the albums and hoping someday others would hear how talented these 4 classically trained cellists are. They started by covering heavy metal songs on their cellos to now writing their own arrangements and bringing in some of rock’s biggest stars to guest vocalists on their albums. The newest album is Worlds Collide which features “I Don’t Care” and “I’m Not Jesus” featuring 3 Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier and Corey Taylor, respectively.

In the beginning the four used to consist of Eicca, Paavo, Perttu, and Max Lilja. Max left back in 2002 with another project in mind and Antero is filling in until a fourth is found for the permanent spot. Mikko is the drummer who, to this point, has only recorded one record with the band. It wasn’t until recent years when Apocalyptica picked Mikko up as a drummer and they started adding vocals to their arrangements.

Apocalyptica House of Blues - Anaheim, CAThe House of Blues in Anaheim was packed and sold out. Many there were new fans. Eicca and Perttu did a lot of talking, in English, between songs. Since there was an abundance of females in the audience that were enthralled with the handsome looks of the Finnish men onstage, we didn’t mind that we couldn’t completely understand what they were saying.

If you haven’t experienced something like Apocalyptica or are hesitant to go to a performance with only the sounds of the heart thumping cellos, don’t be. One of the sources of energy from the crowd was singing along to the Metallica songs they covered. Note for note the audience would sing along and pump their fist. Paavo would encourage the audience participation and you could see all three of the guys mouth the words to the song as they played. For their radio songs with Corey Taylor from Slipknot, “I am Not Jesus” and “I Don’t Care” with the lead singer from 3 Days Grace, they bought out a guy named Chris. I was really expecting Toryn from Fuel, but we didn’t grace us with his presence. Chris wasn’t really that impressive and he lost a lot of the energy that was going in the crowd.
Apocalyptica House of Blues - Anaheim, CAThey saving grace after Chris singing was ripping into the likes of “Harvester of Sorrow” and “Enter Sandman” from Metallica. Those songs perked everybody right up. They also played another hit of theirs, “Bittersweet”, which was originally sung by H.I.M. and Lauri Y. The original song is full of different harmonies and can melt just about any woman. The guys dedicated “Bittersweet” to the ladies that came to see them. The best part was hearing the song without the vocals and enjoying the true beauty of the song.

As for their energy onstage, it’s immense. They move around and headbang more than some of the rock bands I’ve seen that just stand there and play. Remember, these guys are carrying around large cellos, which is no easy task. There are no straps to hold the instrument to their body. They do have giant skulls in the shape of cellos that they could sit on, but the majority of the time they were on their feet entertaining the crowd. It was a very intimate night at the House of Blues.

The best song of the night next to “Bittersweet” was their rendition of “Hall of the Mountain King.” Let’s just say classical music never sounded so good! They are a very unique group that can successfully cover heavy metal songs and create their own metal arrangements on cellos and pull it off to the mass audience. Plus, it helps that they made friends in the rock industry along the way. They left us all wanting more and they were very grateful that we were there.

They still have a few tour dates left in the States. Hopefully they will be able to come back soon, visas permitting. Check out our review and photos from their show back in March when they hit San Diego.

Apocalyptica Tour Dates:

10/27/2008 San Francisco-Oakland-San CA USA Slims
10/28/2008 Hollywood CA USA THE AVALON HOLLYWOOD
10/29/2008 Anaheim CA USA House of Blues – Anaheim
10/30/2008 San Diego CA USA House of Blues
10/31/2008 Las Vegas NV USA HOUSE OF BLUES
11/01/2008 Tucson AZ USA At The Rock
11/02/2008 Tempe AZ USA Marquee Theatre
12/02/2008 Oxford United Kingdom Carling Academy
12/03/2008 Liverpool United Kingdom Carling Academy
12/04/2008 Nottingham United Kingdom Rock City
12/05/2008 Wolverhampton United Kingdom Wulfrun Hall
12/06/2008 Glasgow United Kingdom ABC
12/07/2008 Newcastle United Kingdom Carling Academy
12/08/2008 Bristol United Kingdom Carling Academy
12/10/2008 Portsmouth United Kingdom The Pyramid
12/11/2008 Sheffield United Kingdom Plug
12/12/2008 London United Kingdom The Astoria

The Setlist:

Fight Fire With Fire
I’m Not Jesus
Last Hope
Life Burns
Seek and Destroy
Inquisition Symphony
I Don’t Care
Enter Sandman
Hall of the Mountain King

Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge the Pictures:

The Foo Fighters Take over Harley Davidson’s Love Ride

Foo Fighters
Pomona Fairgrounds – Pomona, CA

Dave Grohl – guitar/vocal
Taylor Hawkins – drums
Nate Mendel – bass
Chris Shiflett – guitar

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008

The Foo Fighters took part in California’s Bike Week, performing for thousands on-stage in Pomona Fairgrounds for Harley Davidson’s 25th Anniversary Love Ride.

It was very apparent that people were there to see Dave Grohl and the guys. ZZ Top Headlined the show, and they are Rock gods, but the Foo Fighters should have headlined that show. Many fans of all ages ran to the stage early to get their up-front spots so they could have their moment in fandom with Dave Grohl.

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008The show was stellar to say the least. It was a first for me, but not The Dead Hub. We covered them this year when they hit Chicago. Dave hit the stage with his Coors Light beer can and started to rock. They opened with “All My Life” and then “Times Like These.” You know you are in for a treat when an artist starts with some of their big songs. The hit songs didn’t end there either. The guys ripped into “Learning to Fly” and a blues-driven “Young Man Blues” by the Who. They also played new songs “One Long Road to Ruins.”

Then came the part that I was looking forward to, which was Dave playing acoustically onstage. He opened his mini-acoustic set with “Miracle” then “My Hero.” Dave is great about involving the crowd and getting the crowd to sing right along with him. “My Hero” was a great example of that. He had the crowd singing the chorus for him.

Foo Fighters Pomona Fairgrounds - Pomona, CA 10/26/2008The band then was introduced to all the Love Ride concert goers. The best was when Jesse Green was rocking out on her violin and Dave prepped all of us for the “Greatest Triangle Solo EVER!” It was the best and ONLY triangle solo I’ve seen, so Dave was right on the ball with that one. Taylor Hawkins then took to the mic and sang “Cold Day in the Sun.”

Its not a Foo Fighter concert without “Everlong” and the day ended with “The Pretender.” They played at 12:15pm so it was nice and light out for everyone to see the stage. After they left the stage there was a mass exodus to the exit. It appeared that much of the younger crowd left before ZZ Top. Thus, that’s why the Foo Fighters should have headlined the days festivities.

P.S. : Among the celebrities watching the show was Gene Simmons.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the pictures:

The Lordz Hit the Roxy in West Hollywood

The Lordz
The Roxy – West Hollywood, CA

The Lordz The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA 10/22/2008

The Lordz aren’t your average rock/rap band. The band is lead by brothers Mike and Adam McLeer. These two brothers started on a great path to success in Brooklyn with the help from Public Enemy; that was until tragedy struck that brought their bright future to a screeching halt. Their mother and 4-year-old sister were killed in a hit and run accident. To this day, the person responsible is still out there.

The brothers have a new album out, The Brooklyn Way, the first since the death of their family members. They are also back on tour and this time it’s with friends, Everlast. We caught the show on Wednesday night at the Roxy along with some big names that came out to support Adam and Mike.

The Lordz The Roxy - West Hollywood, CA 10/22/2008The guys hit the stage well-dressed. This may sound silly, but it has been awhile since I’ve seen men onstage that looked put together like they were. Mike and Adam were full of energy and you could hear and see they were very grateful to be back on tour, and to see everyone who came out to see them.

They played a better-than-the-original cover of Jim Carol’s “People Who Die.” The crowd was moving and singing along at this point. Also people like Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray pushed their way to the front of the stage to cheer on The Lordz during their set. Between songs the guys would talk about how L.A. feels like a second home to them and how they have great friends here.

They also played “Proof of the Way.” They closed with “Saturday Night” which only made the crowd want more. While singing, the guys were moving around the stage constantly. It was obvious that the stage couldn’t contain any of these guys. They needed a bigger stage for the amount of presence Mike and Adam possess.

Overall their sound is very rock driven with rap style vocals. Their energy screams that they are here to party and to take their friends with them. That makes every day Saturday night when the Lordz play onstage.

If you are on the West Coast you still have a few days to catch up with the guys and see Everlast.

Tour dates:

Oct 24 2008 Downtown Brew San Luis Obispo, California

Oct 25 2008 The Boardwalk Orangevale, California

Oct 26 2008 Slim’s San Francisco, Calfornia

Oct 29 2008 The Belly Up Solana Beach, California

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Bleeding Through at Liskfest 2008

Bleeding Through
Liskfest 2008
Somewhere in a Canyon – Irvine, CA

Brandan Schieppa – Vocals
Brain Lepke – Guitar
Derek Youngsma – Drums
Ryan Wombacher – Bass
Marta – Keyboard
Jona Weinhofen – Guitar

The six head bangers hail from Orange County, California. They are a heavy metal band with some mean cookie monster vocals and crunching guitars. The first time I heard of Bleeding Through was via Rob Caggiano’s MySpace page. Rob is a producer and occasionally likes to play guitar with the heavy metal icons Anthrax. Rob produced Bleeding Through’s album, The Truth, in 2006. This was the first opportunity for me to see them live and have it actually work out.

They opened up with the song “The Truth” which starts off with “I don’t give a fuck.” Saying the word fuck always get a crowd going. Bleeding Through had the crowd making a huge circle pit, it was the biggest we witnessed that day. I am pretty sure they made some new fans with their set at Liskfest. I also realized very quickly that these guys and girl were the only metal band on the bill at Liskfest. Someone needs to get them on Rockstar Mayhem’s tour in 2009. I believe they would fit right in.

During their set, Brandan, would jump into the barricade and go for some crowd participation. He’d let them take hold of the microphone and sing. They also played “Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire” and new song “Tragedy of Empty Streets” and “Orange County Blonde and Blue.”

They were on the bill for Liskfest because a). they know Chris Lisk and b). they are out supporting their new album Declaration that dropped September 30th.. For everybody in Southern California they are holding a Album Release Parties at Soma in San Diego and at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. Check tour dates below.

Need to hear Bleeding Through? Check out their MySpace along with their Official Website.
Tour Dates:

10/25/2008 San Diego, CA SOMA (CD RELEASE!) Click For Details
10/26/2008 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction (CD RELEASE!) Click For Details
11/09/2008 Edinburgh, UK Corn Exchange Click For Details
11/11/2008 Plymoth, UK Pavillion Click For Details
11/12/2008 Birmingham, UK Academy Click For Details
11/13/2008 Birmingham, UK Academy Click For Details
11/15/2008 London, UK Alexandra Palace Click For Details
11/16/2008 Manchester, UK Apollo Click For Details
11/21/2008 Dusseldorf, DE Philipshalle Click For Details
11/22/2008 Munich, DE Zenith Click For Details
11/23/2008 Freiborg, CH FRI-SON Click For Details
11/24/2008 Zurich, CH Volkshaus Click For Details
11/25/2008 Vienna, AT Gassometer Click For Details
11/26/2008 Vienna, AT Gassometer Click For Details
11/28/2008 Weisbaden, DE Rhein Main Halle Click For Details
11/29/2008 Berlin, DE Columbiahalle Click For Details
11/30/2008 Copenhagen, DK Vega Click For Details
12/02/2008 Olso, NO Rockafella Click For Details
12/03/2008 Stockholm, SE Arenan Click For Details
12/05/2008 Lund, SE Mejeriet Click For Details
12/06/2008 Gothenburg, SE Lisebergchalle Click For Details
12/08/2008 Helsinki, The Cable Factory Click For Details
12/09/2008 Tampere, FI Pakkahoune Click For Details
12/13/2008 Novosibirsk, RU Rockcity Click For Details
12/14/2008 Omsk, RU XL Club Click For Details
12/15/2008 Moscow, Tochka Click For Details

Photos of Bleeding Through:

Poets and Pornstars to Run Devil Run: Rockin’ The Roxy

Poets and Pornstars
The Roxy – Hollywood, CA

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008

Poets and Pornstars are back on the map after their little hiatus from the rock and roll spotlight. Last August they released their first album, made rounds at all the Southern California hot spots and then their lead singer left. One might think the frontman of a band leaving is the ultimate death of the band, it was for Journey anyways. This band reinvented itself with a new singer, Jermey Aric, and the new chemistry within the band.

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008The Poets comeback show was August 8th 2008. Yeah we missed it, but we ended up being at one hell of a rock show on Saturday night at the Roxy. Before the Poets and Pornstars performance we caught up with them to talk about life after Hal, changing the name of the band, the new singer, album, and touring, but first the show review.

The was filled with super sex ninja Poet’s fans, most armed with camera and camcorders. This quintet owned the stage for their entire set. The new frontman Jeremy was winning over the crowd on Saturday. I know I’ll get flack for saying this but his voice resembles the likes of Bon Scott. Plus Jeremy and Sally seem to have a natural onstage chemistry as if they were playing together for years.

Midway through their set they slowed it down a bit with the ever-so-catchy “In the Dark”. Randy who graced the keys for most of the night also stepped to the mic for a couple songs with Jack(bottle) in hand.

They also played a new song called “Beautiful Being” then Randy hopped on vocals again. The curtains dropped at the last song and the crowd went absolutely nuts wanting more. They chanted as if they were trying to wake the dead. Unfortunately due to time constraints there was no encore. It’s all ok in the end because Poets and Pornstars Run Devil Run (new band members+new chemistry=new band name) is releasing an EP early winter. There is also rumbling of touring. Stay Tuned for the interview and more details. Also for more information an upcoming events visit their MySpace.

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Domo

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Dave

Poets and Pornstars The Roxy - Hollywood, CA 9/13/2008Jeremy

Photos of Poets and Pornstars at The Roxy:

Chris Cornell at the House of Blues in San Diego

Chris Cornell
House of Blues – San Diego, CA


Chris Cornell HOB 8 29 08 42

Projekt Revolution ended on August 24th in Woodlands, Texas, but that didn’t stop Chris Cornell from playing a few more shows. His last stop on tour before his break was at the House of Blues in San Diego, California, to a sold out crowd.

Chris broke out a few new songs that are on his upcoming release Scream that is due out October 14th. This album was produced by Timbaland, the famous hip-hop producer and rapper. I have already heard rumbling from fans about the uneasy feeling they have with Chris’s new songs. I can’t blame them. It’s a bit of a stray from Chris’s rock and roll work. On Friday I was most curious to see how the new songs with Timbaland would be pulled off live. To my great pleasure he stripped the songs down to their rock and roll beginnings. There were no “beats” or any sound of Timbaland present. It was Chris and his rock and roll band playing new rock and roll music.

[Read more…]

The Northstar Session Opens for Matthew Sweet at the Belly Up

The Northstar Session
Belly Up – San Diego, CA

Matthew Szlachetka Guitar and Vocals
Kane McGee Drums, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Dave Basaraba Keys, Vocals, Melodica
Chris Torres Bass and Vocals

The Northstar Session Belly Up - San Diego, CA 8/25/2008


This Belly Up show was a first for both The Northstar Session and The Dead Hub. Prior to the show Matt and I were on the phone discussing and hyping each other up about this particular venue. We were told The Belly Up is the best place to hear live music in San Diego, and since neither of us had stepped foot in The Belly Up before, we were exited to experience it. The Belly Up is, as everyone had said, one of the best places to hear music. The setup is really convenient and easy because they have different levels to see the show, meaning less visual obstructions. Most of the space is standing room only except near the back and side of the stages that have tables and chairs.

The Northstar Session Belly Up - San Diego, CA 8/25/2008The Northstar Session took the stage to a healthy crowd. As I stood in the crowd with the video camera I had people asking me questions about these guys. They are lucky I actually know the band and have that information at my disposal in my brain. On that note, here is a little history and an introduction of the band.

The Backstory (Short Version):

The Northstar Session was just Matt in 2002. It wasn’t until Matt moved from the East Coast to California and met Kane when the North Star Session became a band. They are now a four piece band with lots of talent on board including Dave Basaraba (keyboard) who has toured for the likes of Meredith Brooks, Becca, and Paul Freeman.

Currently, you can hear their music in the following movies:

Numb (Matthew Perry, Kevin Pollak, Helen Shaver, Mary Steenburgen, William B. Davis)

It’s Alive (Bijou Phillips, James Murray, Raphael Coleman)

Repo (Jason Mewes, Ben Gourley, Izabella Miko, Lindsey McKeon, Patrick Muldoon, Frankie Jay Allison, Sunny Maybrey)

When the four guys took the stage they were in the zone. Kane started off on guitar and lead vocals. By the song “Easier” he was at his drum kit singing lead. He took on lead vocals several more times for this set. When Kane’s not taking on the lead vocals, he’s singing the backing vocals for the song while drumming.

Matt encouraged crowd participation and rallied the crowd to the stage. Matt sang my personal favorite “Lovely Life” long with another favorite, “Poldy and Molly”.

The set list for the night included:

All At Once
Straight To You
Poldy And Molly
Lovely Life
Turn You Around
Worlds Apart
Crazy Jade > Mean Mr. Mustard > Crazy Jade
All Roads

They had a guest guitar player, Billy Clements, step in for the last two songs of the night. He drew much praise from the audience with his guitar solos and chops.

These guys are writers and session players; a well oiled machine. Kane and Matt have an undeniable chemistry on and off stage. The Northstar Session made a great impression on the crowd and as Matthew Sweet finished his first song of the night, many were commenting on the Nothstar Session blowing Matthew Sweet out of the water. They won over a new set of fans on that lovely, lovely Monday night.

Check out there latest release New Prehistoric Times on Myspace.com or it’s available at CD Baby.

Video clips coming soon..

Angels and Airwaves at Warped Tour in San Diego

Angels and Airwaves – Warp tour 2008 San Diego
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Update: More Pictures Added

Angels and Airwaves - Warp tour 2008 San Diego Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

Here are just a few pictures from the Angels and Airwaves from Warp Tour at the San Diego stop of the tour. You can read about their stop in Chicago here along with pictures from the show.

Photos of Angels and Airwaves at Warped Tour San Diego:

Reel Big Fish in San Diego, California

Reel Big Fish
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Reel Big Fish Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

I am currently sitting in the parking lot of the Cricket Wireless where I was on the 14th for Warped Tour. I am sitting here waiting for Dave Matthews to be over so I can hightail it out of the crazy parking lot. If you have ever been to the Cricket in Chula Vista, CA you know what I am talking about.

Enjoy the pictures of Reel Big Fish from their Warped Tour performance. They performed quite a few covers that included Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” to A-ha’s “Take on Me.” There antics onstage are quite entertaining and amusing. They talked about the crowd getting in their pants and played off that which seemed unscripted.

They of course played their big hits and started off the set with “Sell-Out.” If you can’t tell by the pictures, the show was a blast. These guys are fun and flamboyant and I’ll be seeing them again.

Photos of Reel Big Fish at San Diego Warped Tour:

Tour Dates:

Sep 18 2008 6:00P Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom Vancouver
Sep 20 2008 6:00P Calgary, ALB – MacEwen Hall ballroom, Calgary
Sep 21 2008 8:00P Edmonton, AB – Edmonton Events Center Edmonton
Sep 22 2008 6:00P Regina, SK – the Distrikt Regina
Sep 23 2008 6:00P Winnipeg, MB – the Garrick Center Winnipeg
Sep 24 2008 6:00P Thunder Bay, Ontario , Canada- The Outpost Thunder Bay, Ontario
Sep 26 2008 6:00P Torronto, ON – Sound Accademy Torronto
Sep 27 2008 6:00P Montreal, QC – Club Soda Montreal
Oct 30 2008 6:00P Sao Paulo, Brazil – Via Funchal Sao Paulo
Oct 31 2008 6:00P Curitiba, Brazil – Espaco Calas Curitiba
Nov 1 2008 6:00P Buenos Aires, Argentina – El Teatro Flores Buenos Aires
Nov 2 2008 6:00P Santiago de Chile, Chile – Caupolican Santiago

Motion City Soundtrack at the San Diego Warped Tour

Motion City Soundtrack @ Warped Tour 2008
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Motion City Soundtrack @ Warped Tour 2008 Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

Here are some pictures from Motion City Soundtrack from the San Diego stop of the Warped Tour 2008.

Check out the review and pics from their stop in Chicago at the Honda Civic Tour and their show at the  House of Blues last December.

Photos of Motion City Soundtrack at Warped Tour in San Diego:

Panima and the Interview with David McCann

Panima – Warped Tour 2008 San Diego
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista

Ernie Ball Stage

David – Vocals
Steven – Guitar
Justin -Guitar/ Vocals
Raul – Drums
Davith -Bass/Vocals

Panima - Warped Tour 2008 San Diego Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista 8/14/2008

While walking around Warped Tour, we were getting inundated with bands and band managers trying to get us to see their band or do an interview.  I was even grabbed by the arm by one manager, but I was off to see Motion City Soundtrack. On the other end of the spectrum, it is great to run into bands that we’ve met before. David from Panima is one of those guys. My apologies because most know him as “Fro”. If I have to explain that, you aren’t looking at the pictures.

Panima hails from Riverside, California, not too far from The Dead Hub Headquarters. The word around Southern California is if these guys keep busy pushing they way they are, Panima will be the next big band to come out of Riverside. What other band had great success that came from Riverside? Alien Ant Farm.

Warped Tour started a contest via Myspace where fans voted who would play Warped Tour.  Panima won a slot on the Ernie Ball Stage, thanks to all the fan voting!

We met up with David for a couple minutes before they hit the Ernie Ball stage at 7:15pm.

Panima - Warped Tour 2008 San Diego Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista 8/14/2008

Jessica: How is Warped Tour treating you?

David: Really Well! It’s fun but really hard. It’s hard because there is a lot to it. We set up around 7a.m. then pack up around 10p.m. We don’t get much sleep.

J: Have you played or jammed with any other bands on the tour yet?

D: I sing on stage with Greeley Estates (Hurley Stage) now and then.

J: What’s your favorite part of being on Warped Tour?

D: I wake up in a new state every day. Also, getting to travel the entire United States and see places that I have never seen before.

J: What are your plans after Warped Tour wraps up?

D: Chill! Hanging with the family. Then we are touring again starting in October.

J: What is the newest album Panima has out now?

D: Take Cover which is actually an EP.

Band Pictures/ Click on thumbnails to enlarge picture:

Cobra Starship and a Shot in the Ass

Cobra Starship
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Gabe Saporta – Vocals
Ryland Blackinton – Guitar
Alex Suarez – Bass
Nate Novarro – Drums
Victoria Asher – Keytar

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

Gabe Saporta

Thursday was my first Cobra Starship experience. I was greeted by the 80’s looking Cobra Starship sign that didn’t read Cobra Starship to me. That was probably because I was extremely dehydrated from walking around Warped Tour and refusing to pay high prices for water. I had to have someone tell me that the Highway 1 stage, one of the mainstages, did in fact have Cobra Starship up next. I don’t know about anybody else, but stage signs weren’t clearly marked with the stage names, especially on the smaller stages. Anybody else notice that?

Gabe Saporta, the frontman, mentioned during the first couple songs of the set that he wasn’t feeling well and he actually had to take meds that the doctor said would make him feel better. He said that there was one problem with the meds. They had to be taken via a syringe in his butt. He then described the welt that was around the entry point of the needle that was injected into his butt. Normally I would be screaming “Too much information!” but this was hilarious. He commented, “I lost my voice but my ass looks great!” The band played on.

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008Victoria Asher

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008Ryland Blackinton

Overall, the band was in great spirits minus the illness going around. Everybody was into them because they started with one of my favorites, Send My Love to the Dance Floor. They had the entire 2-mile radius crowd moving and grooving! The spirit and energy of the band was crazy. I enjoyed their set the most at this years Warped Tour.  Of course, I couldn’t stay for the entire set because it conflicted with another band I wanted to see on a stage that took 10 minutes to walk to.

They are out on tour supporting their newest release Vida Cobra! This band is one very busy band! If you get the chance to catch them as they roll through your town, get your 80’s gear on and go!

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008Tour Dates

Aug 20 2008 8:00P
Brisbane Entertainment Centre Brisbane, AUS

Aug 22 2008 8:00P
Acer Arena Sydney, AUS

Aug 23 2008 8:00P
Rod Laver Arena Melbourne, AUS

Aug 25 2008 8:00P
Adelaide Entertainment Centre Adelaide, AUS

Aug 27 2008 8:00P
Burswood Dome Perth, AUS

Aug 30 2008 8:00P
Vector Arena Auckland, NZ

Sep 1 2008 8:00P
Quattro Osaka, JPN

Sep 3 2008 8:00P

Oct 7 2008 8:00P
Club Infinity Buffalo, NY

Oct 8 2008 8:00P
Webster Hartford, CT

Oct 9 2008 8:00P
Trocadero Philadelphia, PA

Oct 10 2008 8:00P
Casino Hampton Beach, NH

Oct 11 2008 8:00P
Nokia New York, NY

Oct 12 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Cleveland, OH

Oct 14 2008 8:00P
Majestic Detroit, MI

Oct 15 2008 8:00P
HOB Chicago, IL

Oct 16 2008 8:00P
Cabooze Minneapolis, MN

Oct 17 2008 8:00P
The Rave Milwaukee, WI

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008 Oct 18 2008 8:00P
Pops St. Louis, MO

Oct 19 2008 8:00P
Beaumont Kansas City, MO

Oct 20 2008 8:00P
Gothic Theatre Denver, CO

Oct 21 2008 8:00P
Avalon Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 23 2008 8:00P
Croation Vancouver, BC

Oct 24 2008 8:00P
Wonder Ballroom Portland, Oregon

Oct 25 2008 8:00P
El Corazon Seattle, Washington

Oct 26 2008 8:00P
Knitting Factory – Boise Boise, Idaho

Oct 28 2008 8:00P
Empire Event Center Sacramento, CA

Oct 29 2008 8:00P
The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

Oct 30 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Los Angeles, CA

Oct 31 2008 8:00P
Jillian’s Las Vegas, NV

Nov 1 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Anaheim, CA

Nov 2 2008 8:00P
House of Blues San Diego, CA

Nov 4 2008 8:00P
Marquee Phoenix, AZ

Nov 5 2008 8:00P
Club 101 El Paso, TX

Nov 6 2008 8:00P
Cains Tulsa, OK

Nov 7 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Dallas, TX

Nov 8 2008 8:00P
Scout Bar San Antonio, TX

Cobra Starship Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008 Nov 9 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Houston, TX

Nov 11 2008 8:00P
Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL

Nov 12 2008 8:00P
Revolution Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Nov 13 2008 8:00P
House of Blues Orlando, FL

Nov 14 2008 8:00P
Masquerade Atlanta, GA

Nov 15 2008 8:00P
Music Farm Charleston, SC

Nov 16 2008 8:00P
Tremont Charlotte, NC

Nov 18 2008 8:00P
The National Richmond, VA

Nov 19 2008 8:00P
Sonar Baltimore, MD

Nov 20 2008 8:00P
Starland Sayreville, NJ

Nov 21 2008 8:00P
Gravity Pittsburgh, PA

Nov 22 2008 8:00P
Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH

Nov 23 2008 8:00P
Intersection Grand Rapids, MI

Nov 25 2008 8:00P
Opera House Toronto, ON

Nov 26 2008 8:00P
Club Soda Montreal, QC

Nov 28 2008 8:00P
Lupos Providence, RI

Nov 29 2008 8:00P
Crocodile Rock Allentown, PA

Nov 30 2008 8:00P
Northern Lights Albany, NY

Jan 28 2009 8:00P
Academy 2 Birmingham, UK

Jan 29 2009 8:00P
Garage Glasgow, Sco

Jan 30 2009 8:00P
Club Academy Manchester, UK

Jan 31 2009 8:00P
Cockpit Leeds, UK

Feb 1 2009 8:00P
Rock City – The Basement Nottingham, UK

Feb 2 2009 8:00P
KCLSU London, UK

Anberlin: Acoustic in the MySpace Tent

Anberlin: Acoustic at the Myspace Tent
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Band Members: (not all present for acoustic show)

Stephen Christian ▪ Vocals
Joeseph Milligan ▪ Guitar
Deon Rexroat ▪ Bass Guitar
Christian McAlhaney ▪ Guitar
Nathan Young ▪ Drums

Anberlin: Acoustic at the Myspace Tent Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

Looking like Kid Rock: Stephen Christian

I walked up to the Anberlin tent at Warped Tour and saw the sign for their acoustic performance at the Myspace tent. Curious to hear them acoustic (I have a weakness for acoustic performances) I wanted to head over to hear it. I asked the guy who worked at the tent where the Myspace tent was. He said he didn’t know. He continued, “It’s a big tent you can’t miss it!”  We walked down the next aisle, and there it was, in a huge tent like the guy had said.

Anberlin: Acoustic at the Myspace Tent Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008Christian, Stephen & Joey

We waited and waited in the tent for Anberlin to come out. Granted we arrived at the tent early because we found it fast. The DJ in the Myspace tent had the PA attached to his iPod. Unfortunately for some in the audience, he broke out into Celine Dion, Vanessa Carlton, Jesse McCarthy, and of course he topped it off with N’Sync. The most surprising thing is that there were many girls in the tent singing at the top of their lungs to the songs. Finally Anberlin arrived. We only stayed for a few songs because the tent was packed and it was very, very hot in there with no air movement.

Anberlin: Acoustic at the Myspace Tent Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/14/2008

Anberlin is supporting their new album “New Surrender”. Missed them on Warped Tour?  They are heading out for a US/ Europe Headlining tour in October. Visit their Myspace for more details.

Read Jennifer’s full review with pictures from the Chicago stop of the Warped Tour with Anberlin here.

Tour Dates:

2 Oct 2008 Warehouse Live Houston, Texas
3 Oct 2008 White Rabbit San Antonio, Texas
4 Oct 2008 The Door Dallas, Texas
5 Oct 2008 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
7 Oct 2008 Ogden Theatre Denver, Colorado
8 Oct 2008 The Great Salt Air Magna, Utah
10 Oct 2008 The Knitting Factory Spokane, Washington
18 Oct 2008 Marquee Theatre Tempe, Arizona
20 Oct 2008 The Beaumont Club Kansas City, Missouri
21 Oct 2008 House of Blues Chicago, Illinois
22 Oct 2008 Bogart’s Cincinnati, Ohio
23 Oct 2008 House of Blues Cleveland, Ohio
24 Oct 2008 Clutch Cargo’s Pontiac, Michigan
25 Oct 2008 Club Infinity Williamsville, New York
27 Oct 2008 Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, Ontario
28 Oct 2008 Mr Smalls Millvale, Pennsylvania
29 Oct 2008 Webster Hall New York, New York
31 Oct 2008 Palladium Worcester, Massachusetts
1 Nov 2008 Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2 Nov 2008 9:30 Club Washington DC, Washington DC
3 Nov 2008 The Norva Norfolk, Virginia
5 Nov 2008 Amos’ Southend Charlotte, North Carolina
6 Nov 2008 The Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
7 Nov 2008 House of Blues Orlando, Florida
11 Nov 2008 Spring and Airbrake Belfast, Northern Ireland
12 Nov 2008 The Academy w/ Elliot Minor Dublin, Dublin
13 Nov 2008 University Student Union w/ Elliot Minor Cardiff, Wales
14 Nov 2008 Anson Rooms w/ Elliot Minor Bristol, Southwest
15 Nov 2008 Loughborough University w/ Elliot Minor Loughborough, Midlands
16 Nov 2008 Academy w/ Elliot Minor Oxford, London and South East
18 Nov 2008 The Engine Shed w/ Elliot Minor Lincoln, Midlands
19 Nov 2008 UEA w/ Elliot Minor Norwich, East
21 Nov 2008 The Forum w/ Elliot Minor London, London and South East
22 Nov 2008 The Barfly Birmingham, Midlands
23 Nov 2008 Club Academy Manchester, Northwest
24 Nov 2008 The Duchess York, Northeast
25 Nov 2008 King Tut’s Glasgow, Scotland

Linkin Park @ Projekt Revolution in Irvine, California

Linkin Park
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA

Brad Delson – Guitar
Rob Bourdon – Drummer
Mike Shinoda – Vocals, guitar
Chester Bennington – Vocals
Joe Hahn – Turntables
Phoenix – BassLinkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA

Chester Bennington

This is the 5th time around for Projekt Revolution and it gets better every year. This year Linkin Park is supporting their new album “Minutes to Midnight” which was one of 2007’s best selling albums.

I am going to let the pictures of Sunday night’s tour speak for themselves. There is still time for everyone to catch these guys and the rest of the great lineup on this year’s Projekt Revolution. Dates Here

There are more pictures after the jump.

Linkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CAChester

Linkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CABrad Delson

Linkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CAPhoenix

Linkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CARob Bourdon

Linkin Park Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CAMike Shinoda

Photos of Linkin Park at Projekt Revolution:

Chris Cornell: The Best Damn Frontman

Chris Cornell
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA
8/10/2008Chris Cornell Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008

Ahh…Chris Cornell. You may know him from Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, or maybe just from some of his solo work and the James Bond movie theme song. He’s out supporting his latest solo release Carry On that features the cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”. This is also as American Idol failed to recognize as Chris’s arrangement, but that’s another story.

There are still dates left to catch Chris on the Projekt Revolution Tour (after the jump). His set never disappoints. His voice just gets more powerful the further he gets into the set. For example, by the time he finished his set in Vegas last November his voice started chipping the paint off the venue walls. He’s just that good.

Read on after the jump for the setlist and more photos.

Photos of Chris Cornell at Projekt Revolution:

On Chris’s Myspace page he currently has his two new songs for everybody’s listening pleasure. You can listen to them by clicking on the links that will send you to his MySpace.

Setlist for Irvine:

Cochise (Audioslave)
No Such Thing (Solo; Carry On)
Outshined (Soundgarden)
Spoonman (Soundgarden)
Hunger Strike(Temple of the Dog)
Watchout (New Song)
Like Stone (Audioslave)
Doesn’t Remind Me (Audioslave)
Show Me How to Live (Audioslave)
Long Gone (New Song)
Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
What You Are (Audioslave)
Rusty Cage (Soundgarden)

Tour Dates:

15 Aug 2008 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, Ohio
16 Aug 2008 Alpine Valley Music Theatre Milwaukee, Wisconsin
17 Aug 2008 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Indianapolis, Indiana
19 Aug 2008 Blossom Music Center Cleveland, Ohio
21 Aug 2008 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre St. Louis, Missouri
23 Aug 2008 Superpages.com Center Dallas, Texas
24 Aug 2008 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston, Texas
29 Aug 2008 House of Blues San Diego, California
31 Aug 2008 Auto Club Speedway Miller Lite Rock N’ Racing – Opportunity, California FanZone San Bernardino, California
5 Sep 2008 Fashion Rocks 2008 at Radio City Music Hall New York, New York

The Bravery Hit Irvine on the Projekt Revolution Tour

The Bravery
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA

Sam Endicott – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Michael Zakarin – Guitar
John Conway – Keyboards
Mike Hindert – Bass Guitar
Anthony Burulcich – Drums

The Bravery Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008

Sam Endicott

The Bravery are on Projekt Revolution to support their latest release The Sun and The Moon Complete. The Sun and The Moon is also the follow-up to their self-titled debut album. They also re-released the same album with remixes that Sam mentioned would be mixed into the setlist for Projekt Revolution.

Read here our review from their 4/19/2008 show in Chicago @ the Metro.

The Bravery Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008Michael Zakarin

The Bravery Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008Anthony Burulcich

The Bravery Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008John Conway

The Bravery Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008Mike Hindert

Photos of The Bravery at Projekt Revolution:

Street Drum Corps Drop Beats on the Revolution Stage

Street Drum Corps
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA

Bobby Alt
Adam Alt
Frank Zummo

Street Drum Corps Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/10/2008

It was very apparent before Projekt Revolution even kicked off that Mike Shinoda and others expressed their excitement that Street Drum Corps was joining the bill when on the phone. These guys are wildly exciting onstage. It’s STOMP but with rock vocals. Actually members of STOMP, No Doubt, Bad Religion, Good Charlotte, and Atreyu (to name a few) have already performed with the Los Angeles based trio.

Need a taste of what they sound like? Check out their Myspace or their official site.

Look for an interview soon with the guys!

Update: The Interview is up with Frank (see link above).

Photos of Street Drum Corps at Projekt Revolution: