Senses Fail Gives Chubbys…

Senses Fail
Chubby Rain’s House of Tunes – Poplar Grove, IL

A lesson in punk rock.

Senses Fail Chubby Rain's House of Tunes - Poplar Grove, IL 11/07/2008

A thousand feet away from the venue, not even close to any of the bands, I could feel the excitement and emotion flowing from within Chubby Rain’s House of Tunes. On this November night, alternative rock band Foxy Shazam, metalcore band Sky Eats Airplane, and post-hardcore group Dance Gavin Dance opened for pop punk favorites, Senses Fail.

Senses Fail Chubby Rain's House of Tunes - Poplar Grove, IL 11/07/2008Now, I realize I wasn’t there to report on the ambiance or crowd, but it’s worth mentioning that it was obvious tonight was going to be “one of those crowds”. From the moment Foxy Shazam took the stage, to the very second they stepped off, the crowd was taunting. Most of them booed, but there were a few stand out hecklers that added some wonderful comments such as “You suck!”, “Go fuck yourself!”, and “Get off stage!” Whether Foxy is used to these taunts or they just didn’t give a shit, they followed through with their notorious stage antics and silly stories to keep themselves entertained even if the crowd wasn’t. Those bits of comedy created a show that was completely watchable and extremely entertaining; too bad the crowd didn’t see it that way. Oh well…I’m sure they’ll get over it and live to play another show.

Sky Eats Airplane and Dance Gavin Dance both played shows without so much as a hitch. However, I was incredibly aggravated by a photo predicament that I found myself in. Chubby Rain’s House of Tunes did not have any sory of photo pit set up; No organized way of photographing the show. So, halfway through Gavin’s dancing, I improvised.

Heading down to the first floor and powering my way through more dirty looks than a George W. Bush support rally, I finally reached the curtain backstage where I triumphantly shot the remainder of DGD’s set and patiently awaited Senses Fail.

They started out strong with “Wolves at the Door,” track five off of their new CD, Life Is Not A Waiting Room which just dropped on Oct 7th. It’s a great song with lots of energy and was complemented by “Calling All Cars” from last years Still Searching. As a so-called “fan” of Senses Fail, I feel that the crowd had a much stronger connection to the songs off the older CDs: Let It Enfold You and From The Depths Of Dreams.

Front man for SF, Buddy Nielson was feeling good; Keeping the crowd engaged by jumping around, swinging the mic, falling to the floor, and even walking out on top of the crowd; it all seems like second nature for him.

Abiding by the theme of total chaos that Foxy Shazam started, Buddy Nielson brought Eric Nally, lead singer of Foxy, back on stage to send a less than polite message to the crowd. I’ll paraphrase; Buddy essentially told the crowd they should respect all the bands that get up on stage in order to follow their dreams. Buddy Nielson then grabbed Eric and planted a huge kiss right on his lips. The crowd immediately began heckling. One fan even went so far as to scream “Faggot!” He would soon realize the mistake he had made.

Buddy Nielson immediately flipped shit, shouting back, “If you’re going to call someone a faggot, you better make sure you don’t suck dick yourself.” and “If he’s a fucking faggot, that makes me a fucking faggot too.” The shit quite literally “hit the fan.” Then it was back to the show as though nothing even happened.

The Senses Fail set was just opposite of the Foxy’s; Aside from the rowdy fans that were put firmly back in their places by Buddy, it was a fantabulous display that will not soon be forgot.

Photos of Senses Fail: