DJ Tiesto Day One at the Shrine in LA!

DJ Tiesto
The Shrine – Los Angeles, CA

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009It isn’t everyday that one can get two generations of a family at one show, but on Friday night we did.  DJ Tiesto played the first of his three shows at the Shrine. Here are the two takes on the night.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009

“Twiggs” – 20-something

“Tiesto” …one of the most recognizable names in electronica music today and why is that? Because he’s down right Awesome! The new album Kaleidoscope is a huge change from Tiesto’s normal style of music, but as with any other artist or genre as the music progresses and the style changes so must the producers. In my opinion this new album has brought his old style to the new heavier style that is rapidly becoming more popular today. With heavier bass drops, intense build-ups and a personalized light show to fit his new songs, there is no way you can go wrong by seeing him live!

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009“Lucky” – Wise-one

…The Shrine Auditorium is an old, landmark theater located adjacent to the Coliseum and the USC campus.  I knew driving out there that parking was going to be an issue, and then it hit me; tonight was the USC vs. UCLA football game!!  Despite going head-to-head with the football game, and unlike the football game, Tiesto delivered.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009Having never been to a show of this style (I’m an old school rock concert photographer) I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew this crowd of people wasn’t really dressed for a football game, so where could they all be going?  Then my son reminded me, as he had been doing all night, this guy is BIG, like Bono and U2 a few weeks ago, all these people are here for him.  He was right.  After some minor difficulties obtaining my photo/media pass we entered into a packed floor at the Shrine.

DJ Tiesto The Shrine - Los Angeles, CA 11/28/2009It was Tiesto’s shrine tonight, this crowd worshiped him, and he gave them what they came to hear.  The masses, arms raised, moved as one, in dance, to his beat.  Different than all the other concerts that I have been to, the feeling was that of a celebration, everyone was smiling and partying.  He did not let them down, bringing more approval from the packed, standing crowd, he delivered song after song.  I must admit, I was not familiar with his songs, his style yes, and even I found myself getting into the music, into the beat, and yes, smiling at the crowd while moving to the music.

Photos of DJ Tiesto at the Shrine in Los Angeles: