3 Nights with Dave Matthews Band in Chicago

Dave Matthews Band
Dave Matthews Caravan
Lakeside – Chicago, IL

Dave Matthews DMB Caravan day 3 14

I already wrote my first impressions of the Dave Matthews Caravan as it stormed through Chicago on its first day. Overall I thought it went fairly well since this was the inaugural event at Lakeside where an old steel mill once existed.  I did have complaints like all the uneven mulch on the ground, the 20 minute walk to the car, and things of that nature, but as I was walking around something odd happened…people stopped me to talk.  This doesn’t happen often, but I had several festival patrons stop to ask if I was the press. After saying yes, they started rambling things that were wrong with the festival.   The once thing that came up, and was a huge factor for them, was just how commercial the festival was. They said, “This is Dave Matthews and it’s too commercial!”  I never saw it from that perspective, but I am not a hardcore Dave Matthews fan like this group of people is. They had vendors like Harley Davidson, Square, and a big name cigarette company selling products. The other item that was too commercial for some was the food. They said it wasn’t organic and completely overpriced.

Dave Matthews Day 1 (click to enlarge photos):

The other thing that I notice, and was also brought to my attention, was how un-green this green event was.  The litter was insane, yet one can’t go blaming the concert goers for all the trash. Whoever decided to make the recycling and trash cans the same color weren’t thinking straight.  Everyone was confused even the press in the media tent. We just made a recycling can into our trash can, but by the second day they completely removed our trash can.  We saw many cans filled to the brim and no one knew where to toss their trash or recyclables so much of it ended up on the ground.  Shame shame event producers.

When it came down to the music there wasn’t anything to complain about except having to decide between O.A.R. or seeing Drive By Truckers. The only thing was Dave Matthews arriving to the stage around 20 to 30 minutes late every night.  The last night of the show seemed too drawn out. Even the huge Dave fans that waited all day in the front row by the barricade were loosing their patience.  Yet everyone’s cares drifted away with the lighting of the marijuana and the 6-packs of beers being consumed.

Dave Matthews Day 2 (click to enlarge photos):

Dave played for around 2 and a half hours every night. Plus he also did a small acoustic set with Tim on Saturday during the day.  Dave was also busy introducing the likes of Emmylou Harris onstage and hanging with his family backstage, as there were several sightings.

To cap it off, the festival went off without too big of a hitch besides the sobering walk to your vehicle and the overabundance of mulch on the ground.  The big question is will Lakeside become a new home for live music in Chicago?  Only the city can decide, but what do you think?

Dave Matthews Day 3 (click to enlarge photos):

Check out our photos from the DMB Caravan:

Amos Lee
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
G. Love & Special Sauce
Ben Folds
Umphrey’s McGee
Kid Cudi
The Wailers
Emmylou Harris
Mariachi El Bronx
David Gray
Michael Franti & Spearhead
The Flaming Lips


O.A.R. Bring a Full Deck to the DMB Caravan

Dave Matthews Band Caravan
Lakeside – Chicago, IL

All photos by Dan DeSlover at Concert Capture.

It was between seeing O.A.R. or Drive By Truckers. Most of the photographers shot Drive By while we stuck around for O.A.R.  Just FYI O.A.R. had the biggest crowd between the two bands that performed on Friday night at the DMB Caravan.  The two band played on different stages but at the same time slot.

In Photos: Umphrey’s McGee at Dave Matthews Caravan

Umphrey’s McGee
Dave Matthews Caravan Chicago

Umphrey's Mcgee DMB Caravan 4

 Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

First Impressions: The Dave Matthews Caravan in Chicago

Ahh…what a beautiful day for a music festival!  Dave Matthews and the Caravan have parked their trucks and are set to kick off the next 3 days of musical entertainment at the new makeshift spot on the Southside of Chicago where an old steel manufacturing plant used to reside.   This festival is either going to be spectacular or a bust, and I am not talking about the acts.

First Impressions

Driving here I was most concerned about how Live Nation and Jam Productions were going to pull this off.  The space is literally empty fields surrounded by trees and Lake Michigan.  When you are nearing the parking lots you’ll pass the old steel mills and think to yourself, “Where am I?”   The fields are a pain to walk through because they aren’t even turf and I already tripped several times on plants and tree stumps sticking up out of the ground.   The walk to the parking lot to the festival grounds will be a sobering one for many of the Dave Matthews fans as they leave when the nights close-it’s a long road.  Something else to prepare yourself for is the mulch and dirt on the main festival grounds. It’s not really solid and stable yet, but it’s literally only a couple hours into day 1.  So in close, you’ll get dirty from everyone kicking up the dirt that’s in the dried mulch.


I am not big into festival food. I feared walking in that it would be all fried like Summerfest up in Wisconsin.  They have a vast array of food choices here and are easily accessible.  You can get your share of ice cold pickles on a stick to homemade desserts.  I already had the Pulled Turkey sandwich from Robinson’s Ribs booth and was surprised at the great taste.  Be prepared to pay $3 for a bottle of water, $4 for pop, and $10+ for beer/alcohol.   Food prices start at $3 (pickles on the stick) and sandwiches start at $6 and range to $8.  You can get just about anything you want barbecued.


It’s Dave Matthews they are crazy! I mean that in the best way.  Gates opened at 11am this morning and fans lined up starting around 8am. That’s not so crazy, but when gates opened they can stampeding and stumbling down the entry way. We saw many fall and even do summersaults down the hill.  One of the gate crashers was even taken down by one of the many security guards around the gate.

The majority of the crowd is hanging out at the South Works Stage where Dave Matthews will take the stage at 8:05 pm.  DMB will performance full sets each of the three nights.  You can see more photos at Concert Capture’s Facebook Page.


Parking opens at 11am each day
Gates open at 1pm each day

What’s Allowed In

ALLOWED:                                                                                            NOT ALLOWED:

Cameras & cell phone cameras                                                          Video cameras

Soft back packs smaller than 18.5” x 13” x 8”                             Frame backpacks

Empty reusable bottles                                                                        Outside food

Lawn and camping chairs                                                                    Umbrellas, shade canopies, tents, metal poles

Strollers (only if used to transport children)                              Coolers

Service dogs (but no other pets)                                                       Pets

Legal prescriptions in the original bottles                                    Walkie talkies

Blankets                                                                                                       Musical instruments

Audio recording for personal use only                                          Laser pointers

For more information go to http://www.dmbcaravan.com/

Umphrey’s McGee To Play DMB Caravan in Chicago 7.9, Announce New East Coast Tour Dates


Coming off of their successful Red Rocks July 4th performance, the “fluid and majestic” Chicago-based sextet (Washington Post Express) Umphrey’s McGee is making its way back to Chicago for a special Saturday night performance at the Dave Matthews Band Caravan taking place at Lakeside July 8 – 10.

The group will close the Summer Camp stage on Saturday, July 9th, a second stage exclusively for bands that played the Umphrey’s-run Summer Camp Music Festival this year in Chillicothe, Illinois. The three-day Caravan line-up also features Drive-By Truckers, Kid Cudi, The Flaming Lips, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and David Gray.

The highly acclaimed “prog-rock warriors” (Rolling Stone) have also announced a new set of East Coast tour dates this Fall that will stretch from Portland, Maine to Wilmington, North Carolina, including a four-night run at the rock hot-spot Brooklyn Bowl in Brooklyn, New York.

Umphrey’s McGee Fall Tour Dates:

9-2 Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club
9-3 Washington, D.C. – 9:30 Club
9-4 Bethlehem, NY – Steel Jam
9-6 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
9-7 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
9-8 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
9-9 Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Bowl
9-10 Hancock, NY – Catskill Chill
9-13 Rochester, NY – Water Street Music Hall
9-14 Concord, NH – Capitol Center for the Arts
9-15 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
9-16 Northampton, MA – Calvin Theatre
9-17 Portland, ME – State Theatre
9-21 Pittsburgh, PA – Stage AE
9-22 Atlantic City, NJ – Showboat Atlantic City, House of Blues
9-23 Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson Theater
9-24 Norfolk, VA – The NorVa
9-25 Wilmington, NC – Greenfield Amphitheatre


Sweethead Makes for Sourpuss

Strange Addiction/ The End Records
www.sweethead. net

What do you get when you combine four b-level rock musicians from four separate b-level bands? You get the laziest – most uninspired 13 songs that will drone in your ears until you disinfect them with something that resembles rock and roll.

Surely Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) is intended to be the anchor here. Instead we get disjointed – musical ideas that are half-baked and played without anything that resembles cogent thought or are enoyable music. [Read more…]

Mutts Have Gone to the Dogs

The Mutts
The Tells of Parallels

There are moments when they sound like Frank Zappa’s back up band sans Zappa.

There are moments when they sound as confused as I am trying to figure out what – exactly is happening here. [Read more…]

Reel in this “Cast Off”

The Gentle Guest
Cast Off Your Human Form
Amble Down Records

One of the more interesting elements weaving through the music of The Gentle Guest is there is a whiff of Delta and dose of Americana – but somehow some old fashion punk-rock sensibilities slipped into the Petri dish. [Read more…]

The Allman Brothers Band Announce Additional Fall Tour Dates


THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND have confirmed additional cities for their Fall 2010 tour, after having sold out a just-announced Philadelphia show and three Boston performances.  The new dates include eight shows beginning November 11 and their first-ever performance at the DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, DC.  The Philadelphia concert will mark the band’s first shows since GREGG ALLMAN’s successful liver transplant in June. [Read more…]

Suns CD RELEASE – Friday at The Double Door Chicago!

beta promotions logo

Betta Promotions proudly welcomes you to The Double Door, Friday August 20, 2010 at 8PM for a $7 art showcase and musical gathering featuring SUNS. In support of the Chicago based headliners are; Robbers (NY), Gaberdine and Brontosaurus.

SUNS, is a Chicago sextet who has been making waves in the Chicago scene since playing their first show at The Metro in January. The band fronted by Mike Russell (former Wax on Radio) consists of members from other former familiar acts such as Eli, They Found Me They Named Me, and Blame Twilight. In addition, it is also the official CD release for their EP entitled “Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program/The Howl and the Many.” Information on SUNS can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/sunsband [Read more…]

Identity theft the least of their crimes

Suns Close Calls in the U.S. Space Program The Howl and the Many Self-released http://www.sunsband.com/download

I guess my biggest problem with the Suns is that there is nothing compelling about them. There is nothing that makes me want to put the disc on other than it is my job to  listen and be fair and share my thoughts on music.

They suffer from a lack of originality and a severe shortage of focus. Let’s start with the name: [Read more…]

The stars are aligned for Jones

The Constellations reap accolades
“Southen Gothic” released
Summer tours heating up


Atlanta’s latest export – The Constellations – are bringing their southern style – and their “Southern Gothic” to a town near you this summer. Their touring plans have them criss- crossing the country spreading joy and music with reckless abandon.

I caught up with lead singer Elijah Jones recently between stops to get a handle on the band that has evolved and solidified into a tight touring unit – a group so tight they can recreate much the intricately nuanced “Southern Gothic” live on stage.

“We are touring with eight members which allows us to recreate a lot of the album,” Jones said.“Still some of the songs have to be reinterpreted.” [Read more…]

The Constellations: More Kick Than A KFC Meal

The Constellations
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

the constellations Lincoln Hall

Dirty rock:

The only real way to describe Atlanta-based band, The Constellations. Grinding bass lines, filthy guitar riffs and a pair of sexy background vocalists make me want some biscuits to go with the smoky eight-piece in front of me.

Lincoln Hall is one of my favorite venues, but they were a little off this Friday. The band packed its instruments on the stage: drums and bongos, keyboards, and plenty of electric guitars. After kicking out the early birds so the band could sound check, the venue still couldn’t cope with the posse’s large sound. Lead singer Elijah Jones could barely be heard when the entire band was in full force. Outside of the occasional “ba ba ba”, I heard maybe two full songs. His vocals are similar to the Gorillaz in the fact that it’s half-sung, half-spoken. The group’s music is more than enough to make-up for a lack of vocals. The crowd was digging every note the band put out there, and they were especially hungry for that cowbell.

[Read more…]

The Avett Brothers in Chicago

The Avett Brothers
House of Blues – Chicago, IL

“In terms of the actual show it will still be a raucous high energy show. Everyone’s ready to give it their all.” – Joe Kwan, in my recent interview with The Avett Brothers.

Bursting onto the scene, The Avett Brothers did not disappoint their friends, family and fans that packed the three levels of the House of Blues. The show was sold out, but people were still asking for tickets in the line that spanned a full block just before the doors opened. The high energy show pumped-up the House of Blues crowd so much, the band could barely start their next song. Fans shouting out what song they hope will be played next, anxious and knowing their next song will be just as great as the next.
[Read more…]

Gomez Brings In ‘A New Tide’ To Chicago

Vic Theatre – Chicago, IL
March 4, 2010

Gomez Vic Theatre

Having never seen or heard Gomez before last Thursday night, I had no idea what was in store for me. With no expectations and an open mind, I attended the opening night of Gomez’s current tour in the States. Quite honestly, it felt pretty cool to be seeing Gomez live in concert for the first time while they were kicking off their tour in my hometown of Chicago. The fivesome hailing from Southport, England are promoting their latest album A New Tide, which was released almost a year ago on March 31, 2009. Three lead singers told me that Gomez is not your typical English indie rock band. There is nothing ordinary about a band whose members play multiple instruments in addition to having three out of five of the guys sharing lead vocal duties. Gomez earned my respect the second they walked out on stage and picked up their respective instruments. My admiration for Gomez and the group’s songs only grew as each song finished and a new one began. I am now a fan for life and will be at every Gomez show in Chicago from here on out.

More photos of Gomez after the jump…

Gomez Vic TheatreIan Ball (vocals, guitar)

Gomez Vic TheatreBen Ottewell (vocals, guitar)

Gomez Vic TheatrePaul Blackburn (bass)

Gomez Vic TheatreTom Gray (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Set List / Chicago

Revolutionary Kind

Hamoa Beach

If I Ask You Nicely


See The World

Meet Me In The City

78 Stone Wobble

Sweet Virginia

Pick Up The Pieces

Rhythm And Blues Alibi

Other Plans

Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here

Ruff Stuff

Ping One Down

Step Inside

Win Park Slope


Devil Will Ride


Airstream Driver

How We Operate

Gomez Vic TheatreOlly Peacock (drums)

Just to get it out of the way, I need to come clean with two random observations that I noticed. First off, singer/guitarist Ben Ottewell’s voice at times reminded me of former Barenaked Ladies lead singer Steven Page’s voice. Secondly, singer/guitarist/keyboardist Tom Gray physically appeared (to me, that is) to be a cross between Harry Potter, Elijah Wood, and Paul McCartney. Feel free to completely disagree with me on both points. Moments before launching into “Sweet Virginia,” Gray admitted to the crowd that the band was about to perform a song that they “haven’t played live in five years before tonight.” As Gray made the final adjustments to the placement of his guitar, he made the comment that it was the “perfect time for a waltz.” Indeed, “Sweet Virginia” is in fact, a waltz. “Are you ready Chicago?” asked singer/guitarist Ian Ball. And then Gomez began playing Sweet V as if they had played the song every night for the past five years.

Next up was “Pick Up The Pieces,” which had Gray stepping up to the edge of the stage and initiating the first of three clap alongs. “Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here” was the first composition included in Gomez’s set that I labeled as my favorite. If I had never gone to this Gomez show, one of the most catchiest tunes ever written would have never gotten the chance to reach my ears and become my new musical obsession. “Bring Your Lovin’ Back Here” was released back in October of 2000 on the Gomez record Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline. It took ten years for that particular song to be introduced to me. Songs affect my life in a way I can’t even begin to describe. It’s hard to explain and for some people to understand, but I feel as if my life would not be the same without BYLBH in it. That piece of music just makes every day living so much better to experience and get through.

Next up was “Ruff Stuff,” which became my second favorite song of the night. Not to say that I relate to the song, which contains the lyrics “Darling, I’ve given up fags and drugs now baby. Darling, I’ve had enough of the ruff stuff baby.” Can’t say I’ve ever taken any drugs (excluding medicine). A brief episode of smoking cigarettes lasted less than three months back in my early angst-ridden rebellious college years. But just like the addiction brought on from the use of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, the lyrics in “Ruff Stuff” paired with the melody the words are written to served as my new addiction. The way I look at it, is that it’s better to be addicted to songs and music than any of that body-harming ruff stuff. Wouldn’t you agree?

“Ping One Down” brought about the second of three clap alongs lead by Tom Gray. This time around, the clapping had a syncopated rhythm to it and the song later included a jam session breakdown showing off Ben Ottewell’s ridiculous electric guitar playing chops. Man, that guy can play! Note to those who don’t enjoy listening to or watching jam bands: “Ping One Down” may turn you off of Gomez’s music. Give their other songs a chance before you decide not to see Gomez live in concert again just because they got a little too “jammy” for your tastes. “I guess it’s time to play a song we’ve never played before. We wrote it a long time ago,” Gray said to introduce the next song “Step Inside.” Of course, the simple fact that Gomez had only played “Step Inside” during the recording of the song years ago had no effect on how well the guys performed it live last week in Chicago. To my aurally trained ears, Gomez performed “Step Inside” as if they had been playing it live every night of every tour since the beginning of the band’s career in the 1990s.

“Win Park Slope” gave Gray the opportunity to rock the shaker (as best as one can rock out on the shaker) while Ian Ball’s lead vocals were mixed with plenty of reverb and delay. “Girlshapedlovedrug” had Gray leading the audience in the third and final clap along of the evening. “Devil Will Ride” featured Gray on the vocoder, with him switching back and forth between singing into his regular microphone and his vocoder mic. Near the end of the song Gray brought the two microphones together and sang into both. In sum, Tom Gray is totally awesome. The kid plays every type of acoustic and electric guitar in existence, as well as the shaker, tambourine, keyboard, synthesizer, and piano. Oh yeah, and he can sing. Basically, I want to be him. Gomez started their encore with “Airstream Driver,” the group’s big hit from A New Tide and finished their set off with “How We Operate.” The sold out crowd was left with the final words “try to see things my way…i’ll try to see things your way.” A perfect way for humans to operate, indeed.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images:

Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar – “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur”



one fast move

One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Kerouac’s Big Sur, a new album featuring 12 original songs composed and performed by Jay Farrar of Son Volt and Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie–with lyrics based on the prose of Jack Kerouac’s landmark 1962 novel Big Sur–is set for an October 20 release on F-Stop/Atlantic Records along with a feature-length documentary of the same title in which both Gibbard and Farrar appear.

Gibbard and Farrar, having never previously met, discovered a mutual kinship in their passion for Kerouac’s work while recording several songs for the documentary, produced by Kerouac Films.

After the initial San Francisco recording session in July 2007, they decided to develop the project further to create an album using Kerouac’s own words from the book as the lyrics. Big Sur is an evocative account of a time in Jack’s life when he’d “come undone,” both emotionally and spiritually. He escapes to a cabin in Big Sur to confront his inner demons and find a modicum of peace by the sea.

Trailer after the jump…..

[Read more…]

Coldplay Continues To ‘Viva La Vida’

Alpine Valley Music Theatre
East Troy, WI
July 25, 2009

Coldplay Alpine Valley Music TheatreChris Martin (lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar)

Words cannot explain the feeling of complete and utter happiness that I feel when I’m at a Coldplay concert. If you ever attend a Coldplay show with me, you will not be able to wipe the smile off of my face no matter how hard you try. A sense of euphoria rushes through me, almost as if the sensation I’m experiencing is a drug being pumped through my veins and spreading all throughout my body giving me a high like no other. Basically, I was feeling ecstatic without actually using the drug Ecstasy. Simply put, I LOVE Coldplay and their songs! After Green Day, Chris Martin and Co. are my favorite band without a doubt. Each member can play each other’s instruments and as a bonus, each member can sing! I love that during the band’s live shows, all four guys harmonize with lead singer and frontman Chris Martin. Singing backing vocals is just another part of playing in Coldplay for guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer Will Champion. For the song “Death Will Never Conquer,” Champion takes over lead vocal duties, giving Martin a brief break, and proves that some drummers really can carry a tune.

Coldplay Alpine Valley Music TheatreJonny Buckland (lead guitar, vocals)

Opening with “Life In Technicolor,” fans couldn’t quite glimpse the band as the lights were still off, leaving the stage dark and the audience’s anticipation growing. “Life In Technicolor” is the instrumental track off of Coldplay’s latest studio album Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, which was released in June of 2008. It is the first song on the record and also happens to be the first song that kicks off Coldplay’s live set on their Viva La Vida Tour. During the band’s performance of their hit single “Yellow,” which brought the English foursome mainstream success, gigantic yellow balloons were dispersed from each side of the stage by tour crew members who chucked them out into the crowd to be thrown about like beach balls, much to every fan’s delight. Coldplay performed a medley of songs from a B stage positioned halfway between the lawn and the stage on the far right edge of the pavilion seats. Those four songs can be found below in the set list with (B) following their titles. Coldplay then returned to the main stage to perform their massive hit “Viva La Vida” and past single “Lost.” Once more, the guys were seen running up the far left side of pavilion seats to a C stage positioned in the center of the lawn directly behind the mix. The three songs performed in the lawn can be found below with a (C) following their names. The C stage set concluded with what was probably the best cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” that I have ever heard.

Coldplay Alpine Valley Music TheatreGuy Berryman (bass, vocals)

While the band ran back to the main stage from the lawn to launch into “Politik,” a remix of “Viva La Vida” kept the crowd singing along and desperately wanting more songs to be played. Confetti in the shape of multi-hued butterflies covered every single fan (me and my friend Vilmarie!) in the GA pit, as well as the majority of fans in the pavilion seats, during the second half of Coldplay’s newest single “Lovers In Japan.” Although “The Escapist” is not listed as an actual track included on Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends, Coldplay ends their Viva La Vida Tour with this outro. If you have the album, you’ll recognize “The Escapist” from the last 2 minutes and 46 seconds of the closing track “Death And All His Friends.” I have seen Coldplay live in concert five times and this was by far the best show yet. You must make it a point to see the band play a show at least once during your lifetime. You will NOT be disappointed. And make sure to catch Coldplay on tour NOW to pick up your free physical copy of the band’s brand new live album LeftRightLeftRightLeft. I got mine, now go get yours!

Set List / Alpine Valley

Life In Technicolor

Violet Hill


In My Place


Glass Of Water

Cemeteries Of London


Fix You

Strawberry Swing

Talk (Dance Version) / God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (B)

The Hardest Part (B)

Postcards From Far Away (B)

Viva La Vida


Green Eyes (C)

Death Will Never Conquer (C)

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover) (C)

Viva La Vida (Remix)


Lovers In Japan

Death And All His Friends


The Scientist

Life In Technicolor II

The Escapist (Death And All His Friends)

More photos of Coldplay after the jump…

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

*Not photographed: Will Champion (drums, vocals)

“All-Star” Jam band Team Noise to perform at Rock Room on May 23


Team Noise is comprised of: Kevin Baldes from LIT on bass and vocals, Keri Kelli from Alice Cooper and Skid Row on guitar and vocals, Jimmy D’Anda from BulletBoys on drums and Andrew Freeman from The Offspring and Lynch Mob on lead vocals and guitar.


The Orange County based “All-Star” Jam band is comprised of a group of musicians that when not touring or recording with their respective bands, form the ultimate rock experience. From Alice Cooper to Zeppelin, AFI to Weezer their live show covers the spectrum of rock the way it should be… down and dirty!

Guests must be 21 years and older. Tickets are $15 and are available by calling 702.474.4000, online at www.ticketmaster.com or at the door the night of the show. For more information on upcoming shows, please visit www.smashmagazine.com.


Saturday, May 23

Doors open at 10 p.m.


Rock Room inside Penthouse Las Vegas

3525 W. Russell Rd.

The Avett Brothers and Dave Matthews Collide on Tour

Any Avett Brothers fans out there? Did you hear that they are join Dave Matthews on tour this Spring for 8 dates?

Dates with Dave Matthews:

4/22: Raleigh, NC   Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek
4/24: Charlotte, NC   Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
4/28: Alpharetta, GA   Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park
4/29: Alpharetta, GA   Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park
5/1: The Woodlands, TX    The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
5/2: Dallas, TX   Superpages.com Center
5/5: Albuquerque, NM   Journal Pavilion
5/6: Phoenix, AZ   Cricket Wireless Pavilion

Need Poster Prints from Scott Avett(as seen above)?

[Read more…]

Dave Matthews Band in San Diego, California 8/22/08

Dave Matthews Band
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater – Chula Vista, CA

Dave Matthew Band Members:
Dave Matthews – Guitar, Vocal
Carter Beauford – Drums
Boyd Tinsley – Violin
LeRoi Moore – RIP (8/19/08) Flute, Sax
Tim Reynolds – Guitar
Rashawn Ross – Trumpet
Stefan Lessard – Bass

Dave Matthews Band Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/22/2008

This is called posting on the run. I thought I would throw some teaser pictures up for all of your Dave Matthews fans. See our Dave Matthews coverage when they hit Chicago earlier this year with LeRoi here.

UPDATE: Posted more photos of the show. I hope this satisfies the minds and eyes of all Dave Matthews fans. Let us know by leaving a comment.

Dave Matthews Band Cricket Wireless Amphitheater - Chula Vista, CA 8/22/2008Dave Matthews

Click on thumbnail to enlarge photo:

O.A.R. : Music Will Save My Soul

House of Blues – San Diego, CA

O.A.R. House of Blues - San Diego, CA 6/28/08We walked into a sold-out performance at the House of Blues in San Diego. If you wanted to try and get tickets you were out of luck. The hardcore O.A.R. packed the intimate venue to see O.A.R. in support of their new album All Sides.

O.A.R. House of Blues - San Diego, CA 6/28/08

Marc stepped foot on the stage around 8:15P.M. to a shrieking crowd that was overjoyed to see him. He was joined onstage with Chris Culos, Richard On, Benj Gershman, Jerry DePizzo, and touring member Mikel Paris. They played their upbeat grooves to the excited audience. As I sat in the barricades I could only hear the fans behind me singing along word for word of the songs. Since many of the fans were drinking; I am surprised they kept up with all the lyrics with accurate time.

To true Jam Band roots in the second they had a break for the sax solo. Their sax player, Jerry, had a mini arsenal of saxophones on hand for the show. They also broke out into bass and keyboard solos. They played their new song from their upcoming album All Sides, “This Town.” The new song received a great reception from the crowd and even had a few hardcore fans singing right along. They also played their hit “That was a Crazy Game of Poker” and “Destination.”

Be prepared for a sing-along during the encore. Everybody at the House of Blues experienced a balding older gentlemen crowd surfing. The crowd was amazed. That was a first for me seeing an older man crowd surfing. It spiraled into a 2 minute crowd surfing event.

Overall O.A.R. didn’t disappoint. An enjoyable concert for all ages!

Photos of O.A.R.:

My First Dave Matthews Band Experience

Dave Matthews Band
Toyota Park – Bridgeview, IL

Dave Matthews Band 243

I have loved Dave Matthews Band since the first time I heard that huge hit – Crash Into Me – on the radio when I was in middle school. But believe it or not, I had never seen them in concert before Friday night. I was blown away by their musicianship and laid-back performance. I immediately sensed that this concert was going to be less of a rock concert and more of a jam session. Albeit a jam session with almost 28,000 screaming people watching. Not sure about all of you who have seen DMB in concert before, but I could tell that Dave Matthews and Co. do what they do because they LOVE to play music together and not for any other reason.

Dave Matthews Band 286

Coincidently, I had just watched a documentary film in class last Tuesday called Before The Music Dies, which featured interviews with Dave Matthews himself as well as live concert footage from one of the band’s shows. After watching the movie, I was somewhat prepared for what a DMB show would entail. Which is to say that their songs are a little longer than most band’s. The guys just play and play and play! There is more instrumental improvisation and taking turns soloing than there is actual singing. One thing I know for sure though, is that the DMB fans LOVE this band and don’t care how long the songs last. Everybody was seriously rocking out nonstop.

Dave Matthews Band 207

I actually own just two DMB albums, so only the songs on those records are familiar to me. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy DMB’s music, I just don’t remember each song by its title. No set list for me, so I can only tell you which songs they played that I know:

Crash Into Me
Ants Marching
Too Much

I was hoping they would play two of my other favorites: Satellite and What Would You Say – but alas, they did not.  Oh well, there is always next time.

Dave Matthews Band 002

The coolest thing I noticed about Dave Matthews Band is their entrance when they go on stage. Normally, at every concert I have attended, there is some big dramatic start of the show when the artist is about to hit the stage. The lights go off, the crowd screams so loud you have to plug your ears, etc. But with DMB, the guys just casually stroll onto the stage from the side once the instruments have been tuned and all technology is ready to go. As I was prepping my camera in the photo pit, waiting for the big dramatic entrance, I look up to see Dave Matthews slowly walking towards center stage and scanning the audience. He just kinda was looking around, nodding in appreciation of his fans, and waving at people! It was refreshing to see musicians who care more about the music they are about to play than making some grand entrance worthy of a red carpet and papparazzi – like most artists these days.

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The energy I felt from the people around me was contagious. It was like a HUGE outdoor family reunion, which just happened to take place in a 28,000 person capacity outdoor soccer stadium that David Beckham has played in against the Chicago Fire. Fans who were complete strangers to each other before the show were practically best friends by the last song. Not joking around here. With all the beer being chugged, margaritas being sipped, and weed being smoked, all of us (the fans) bonded like there was no tomorrow.

Dave Matthews Band 303

Tim Reynolds, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, was on hand at the show as a guest electric guitarist with DMB. Stefan Lessard is the band’s original bass player. It was fun to see all the guys watching each other play and improvise solos. It was obvious that they all respect each other’s playing tremendously and love to let everybody have their moment to shine. And trust me, there are plenty of moments to shine during a DMB concert. All the guys get their turn to show off.

Dave Matthews Band 267

By the end of the night, everybody (of drinking age that is) was completely hammered and having a blast. I had never seen so many “bros” in one contained area before in my life – haha! Dave Matthews Band is just a good time, no doubt about it. If you want to party, make sure you go see DMB when they play a city near you, which should be quite often, seeing as how this band tours every year! There is always a summer Dave Matthews Band tour in America, so you will always have the chance to see them live. I can’t wait until they come back to Chicago!



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Phish Reunion?

Phish LogoPhish reunited this month at the Jammys in New York to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award, but this may not be the last time we will see all four members of Phish on stage together.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Trey Anastasio may have dropped some serious hints on a possible Phish reunion. “When Phish broke up, I made some comment about how I’m not gonna go around playing ‘You Enjoy Myself’ for the rest of my life. And it’s so funny because Fish and Mike and Page have been talking to each other a lot lately and now — it’s not that I can’t believe that I said that, but its symbolic of how much I lost my mind or how much I lost my bearings or something. Because at this point in time I would give my left nut to play that song five times in a row every day until I die. I certainly thought about that while I was in jail.”

Anastasio was sentenced to probation on charges of possessing painkillers without a prescription, which had been reduced to a misdemeanor after he completed a drug treatment program.