Kimbra on the road in the US with Gotye and Foster the People

Kimbra Promo photo

Photo Credit: Craig Banks

Kimbra is an amazing singer/songwriter from New Zealand and her debut album, Vows, was release last year in Europe and will be officially released in the United States this summer. Her Settle Down EP is a must-have and I am super stoked to see her on tour in the US. She will be joining Gotye and then Foster the People on this roadtrip. Her tour dates and “Settle Down” music video are below.

Kimbra’s “Settle Down” Music Video

Kimbra US Tour dates:
March 13 – 17 – SXSW Music Conference – Austin, TX


March 22 – 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
March 23 – Tower Theatre – Philadelphia, PA
March 25 – Terminal 5 – New York, NY
March 27 – Webster Hall – New York, NY
March 29 – House of Blues – Boston, MA
March 30 – Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
March 31 – Kool Haus – Toronto, ON
April 2 – Pease Auditorium – Ypsilanti, MI
April 3 – Aragon Theatre – Chicago, IL
April 4 – Epic Event Center – Minneapolis, MN
April 6 – Ogden Theatre – Denver, CO
April 8 – Vogue Theatre – Vancouver, BC
April 10 – Showbox – Seattle, WA
April 11 – Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR
April 12 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA


May 29 – Rumsey Playfield – New York, NY
May 30 – Rumsey Playfield – New York, NY
June 01 – LC Pavilion – Columbus, OH
June 04 – Verizon Theatre – Grand Prairie, TX
June 05 – The Backyard – Austin, TX
June 07 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Alpharetta, GA
June 10 – Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia MD
June 11 – Summerstage – New York, NY
June 12 – Lachine Canal – Montreal, QC
June 14 – Mann Center – Philadelphia, PA
June 15 – Bank of America Pavilion – Boston, MA
June 16 – The Fillmore – Detroit, MI
June 19 – Downsview Park – Toronto, ON
June 20 – Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
June 21 – Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
June 22 – US Bank Theater – Minneapolis, MN
June 25 – Deer Lake Park – Vancouver, BC
June 26 – WAMU Theater – Seattle, WA
June 27 – Edgefield Amphitheater – Troutdale, OR
June 29 – Greek Theatre – Berkeley, CA
June 30 – Gibson Amphitheatre – Los Angeles, CA
July 1 – Gibson Amphitheatre – Los Angeles, CA
July 3 – Red Rocks Amphitheatre – Morrison, CO
July 5 – The Great Salt Air – Salt Lake City, UT
July 6 – Commerica Theater – Phoenix, AZ
July 7 – The Pool at the Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas, NV | | |

Music Video: Gotye’s “Easy Way Out”

Gotye just released his new music video for the “Easy Way Out,” off his third album Making Mirrors (Samples’N’Seconds/Fairfax Recordings/Universal Republic).  The video is a stop-motion music video from Melbourne director Darcy Prendergast his  Oh Yeah Wow team. Watch the video below.

Gotye’s “Easy Way Out” Music Video

Gotye is heading out on tour with support from New Zealand singer/songwriter, Kimbra. Kimbra already released Vows in Europe and set for a Summer 2012 release. Check out more music from Kimbra here.

North American Tour Dates:
*Kimbra supporting
March 22         Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club (SOLD OUT)*
March 23         Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
March 25         New York, NY @ Terminal 5 (SOLD OUT)*

March 27         New York, NY @ Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)*
March 29         Boston, MA @ House of Blues (SOLD OUT)*
March 30         Montreal, QB @ Corona Theatre (SOLD OUT)*
March 31         Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus (SOLD OUT)*
April 2              Eastern Michigan University @ Pease Auditorium*
April 3              Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
April 4              Minneapolis, MN @ Epic Events Center (SOLD OUT)*
April 6              Denver, CO @ Odgen Theatre (SOLD OUT)*
April 8              Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre (SOLD OUT)
April 10            Seattle @ Showbox Sodo (SOLD OUT)*
April 11            Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom (SOLD OUT)*
April 12            San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (SOLD OUT)*
April 15            Indigo, CA @ Coachella (SOLD OUT)
April 22            Indigo, CA @ Coachella (SOLD OUT)

North American Tour Dates:
*Kimbra supporting
March 22         Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club (SOLD OUT)*
March 23         Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
March 25         New York, NY @ Terminal 5 (SOLD OUT)*
March 27         New York, NY @ Webster Hall (SOLD OUT)*
March 29         Boston, MA @ House of Blues (SOLD OUT)*
March 30         Montreal, QB @ Corona Theatre (SOLD OUT)*
March 31         Toronto, ON @ Kool Haus (SOLD OUT)*
April 2              Eastern Michigan University @ Pease Auditorium*
April 3              Chicago, IL @ Aragon Ballroom
April 4              Minneapolis, MN @ Epic Events Center (SOLD OUT)*
April 6              Denver, CO @ Odgen Theatre (SOLD OUT)*
April 8              Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre (SOLD OUT)
April 10            Seattle @ Showbox Sodo (SOLD OUT)*
April 11            Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom (SOLD OUT)*
April 12            San Francisco, CA @ The Independent (SOLD OUT)*
April 15            Indigo, CA @ Coachella (SOLD OUT)
April 22            Indigo, CA @ Coachella (SOLD OUT)

The Justin Bieber Factor

Justin BieberI understand the need to partner up with fellow musicians to make beautiful music. Partnerships are almost necessary for any business to grow including musicians, yet some partnerships make me scratch my head.  Let’s take Justin Bieber for example.  Once this boy hits puberty it’ll all be over for him unless he keeps writing bubble gum pop songs for the next boy who replaces him.  Even then he won’t be in the spotlight as he is today.   Please note I’ve never been a Justin Bieber fan.  I had a friend who photographed one of his meet and greets and, boy oh boy, was there a story to tell.  Justin was late to the meet and greet and he really didn’t have a good reason. He was too busy playing video games to actually meet his fans on time.  After hearing his sorry excuse, it left a bitter taste in my mouth and I really lost a lot of respect for him.  But what do I know because the teeny boppers still love and gush all over him and that means other artists are going to try and capitalize on his loyal and crazy fan base.

This past Christmas Justin teamed up with Mariah Carey for a revised version of “All I Want for Christmas.” Granted I gave it a listen because I am a huge Mariah fan, but listening to Justin’s voice is like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard.  The music video creeped me out because there was Mariah being all sexy like Mariah is great at doing and in comes an underage boy singing “All I Want for Christmas is You.”  I want to scream jailbait!  In addition the single didn’t even place on the US Billboard charts. Fast-forward to today and the electronic/hip hop group Far East Movement collaborated with Justin on their new song “Live My Life,” and again I gave the song a try, but it isn’t anything special or even catchy.   To me it’s apparent that some of these collaborations are money grabs.  If you team up with Justin Bieber on an album it’s really jumping the shark.  Artist need to weigh the pros and cons to partnering up with Justin.  Do you really want to lose some of your coolness with your older non-Bieber fans?  Is the money generated worth losing those fans? I also nearly puked in my mouth when I heard he was endorsing a product at the Consumer Electronic Show this past January.  It’s not new to have celebrities at CES but when I heard Justin Bieber and even Snookie were making appearances, CES’ coolness rating sank in my eyes.

Is it really worth it to team up with the boy wonder that will soon fall of the face of the earth after he is replaced with someone just like him?  For me I lose more respect for the artists that are teaming up with him.  Also conducted a survey and Justin Bieber was the second musical turnoff for both men and women, so if you are on a first date don’t talk about how cool that new Bieber song is, ok?

Walk the Moon Winning Over Fans

Walk the Moon
The Rave- Milwaukee, WI
All Photos by Paul Weber

Walk the Moon is:
Nicholas Petricca: lead vocals, keys, synthesizer
Kevin Ray: bass, vocals
Sean Waugaman: drums, vocals
Eli Maiman: guitar, vocals

Walk the Moon The Rave Milwaukee Wisconsin

Walk the Moon hails from Cincinnati, Ohio and was pleased to be in the Midwest last night opening for Young the Giant at the Rave in Milwaukee. They are out promoting their recently released EP, Anna Sun, off RCA Records.   They list themselves as indie/visual/lyrical band on their Facebook Page yet those categories don’t begin to capture the true essence of the band.

Walk the Moon The Rave Milwaukee WisconsinLet’s talk about the how they call themselves a visual band.  Not knowing who this fine group of gentlemen was before tonight, I read visual as in Pink Floyd visual with the whole light show and such.  Walk the Moon didn’t have any fancy lighting, but they didn’t need it as they are the visual aspect that they mention.   Lead singer, Nicholas Petricca, is a triple threat takes on lead vocals, keys, and even percussion.  The drama of the band comes from Nicholas switching from keys, drums, and alternating mics.  Also the band exudes a party energy onstage with lots of jumping  and how can I forget the face paint?

Walk the Moon fans stood out from the rest as they would walk by with painted faces.  Bonnaroo documented the band prepping for their set last year.  The band aims to bring out their inner child at every show and one part of that is painting their faces and in this particular case they guys take to the crowd to paint fan’s faces. Watch the video below:

Last night’s show was a great gift to my ears.  The sound was not overwhelming to my ears even though they had Sean Waugaman on his drum kit and Nicholas beating his drum next to his mic.  It was a first time in a while where I took out my earplugs to enjoy the band.  Each band member also had their own microphone, which is sometimes scary because some musicians just can’t or shouldn’t sing.  Walk the Moon shocked me as each member of the band hit the mic and beautiful harmonies were piped through the speakers.  They must be a production engineer’s dream as their pitch was right on.

Nicholas mentioned that he wants the band to achieve the success that Young the Giant has made for themselves.  The thing is, last night Walk the Moon killed it and could hold their own as a headliner.  They had the crowd engaged by the second song clapping right along with their music and the beating drum. I couldn’t tell that I was watching an opening band as the energy was high and won over the audience at the Rave.

Check out more photos from Walk the Moon’s set at the Rave:

Check out Walk the Moon as they open for Young the Giant on their current tour:

Date Venue Location
Feb 08 The Fillmore w/ Young the Giant San Francisco, CA
Feb 09 The Fillmore w/ Young the Giant San Francisco, CA
Feb 10 Soma w/ Young the Giant San Diego, CA
Feb 11 The Wiltern – SOLD OUT Los Angeles, CA
Feb 12 The Wiltern w/ Young the Giant Los Angeles, CA
Feb 15 Rialto Theatre w/ Young the Giant Tucson, AZ
Feb 16 Crescent Ballroom w/ Young the Giant Phoenix, AZ
Feb 18 Ogden Theatre w/ Young the Giant Denver, CO
Feb 20 First Ave w/ Young the Giant Minneapolis, MN
Feb 21 Eagles Ballroom w/ Young the Giant Milwaukee, WI
Feb 23 Riviera Theatre w/ Young the Giant Chicago, IL
Feb 24 Madison Theater w/ Young the Giant Cincinnati, OH
Feb 25 Newport Music Hall w/ Young the Giant Columbus, OH
Feb 26 Beachland Ballroom w/ Young the Giant Cleveland, OH
Feb 28 The Majestic w/ Young the Giant Detroit, MI
Mar 01 Sound Academy w/ Young the Giant Toronto, Canada
Mar 02 The Bronson Centre w/ Young the Giant Ottawa, Canada
Mar 03 The Corona w/ Young the Giant Montreal, Canada
Mar 04 Le Cercle w/ Young the Giant Quebec, Canada
Mar 06 House of Blues w/ Kaiser Chiefs Boston, MA
Mar 08 Terminal 5 w/ Kaiser Chiefs New York, NY
Mar 09 9:30 Club w/ Kaiser Chiefs Washington, DC
Mar 10 Tabernacle w/ Kaiser Chiefs Atlanta, GA
Mar 12 House of Blues w/ Kaiser Chiefs Dallas, TX
Mar 14 House of Blues w/ Kaiser Chiefs Houston, TX
Mar 19 The Echo w/ Kaiser Chiefs Los Angeles, CA
Mar 20 The Fillmore w/ Kaiser Chiefs San Francisco, CA
Mar 22 Crystal Ballroom w/ Kaiser Chiefs Portland, OR
Mar 23 Showbox at the Market w/ Kaiser Chiefs Seattle, WA
Mar 24 Commodore Ballroom w/ Kaiser Chiefs Vancouver, Canada

Milagres charm the Mercury Lounge

The Brooklyn-based quintet Milagres plugged into Mercury Lounge Thursday night to a welcoming crowd.  The outfit matriculated from NYU, but didn’t form until post-graduation.  Bringing their swooning tunes from their fall release, Glowing Mouth, lead Kyle Wilson’s falsetto burst opened the set with “Gentle Beast”, as the onlookers cheered in delight.  Milagres have a mutable sound that has been compared to Arcade Fire, R.E.M. and even Prince.  On their second song of the night, “To Be Imagined”, Kyle’s vocals reminded me of another Brooklyn troop, The Antlers and Canadian Patrick Watson with similar swooning and crashing cymbals and beats.  On “Fright of Thee”, a more macabre tone is evoked and resembled something Ryan Gosling’s band Dead Man’s Bones might have produced.

Guitarist Eric Schwortz served as speaker for the band chatting with the crowd and gauging interest in Downton Abbey?  Their fans were into it and the atmosphere felt like a room full of friends rather than industry suits witnessing the next big thing.  Eric also informed the audience of their latest track , “Quiet Street”, which premiered on Paste Magazine’s site.  Before concluding the set with “Fifty Fourteeners”, Kyle threw out an open invite to their fans to join them at HiFi , a bar up the street that would be honoring drink deals if they mentioned the gig.  Now that’s a classy band, taking care of its fans.

Set list
Gentle Beast
To Be Imagined
Glowing Mouth
Lost in the Dark
Fright of  Thee
Quiet Street
Here To Stay
For Disposal
50 14ers

Free Music Download: Scissor Sisters Remix of School of Seven Bells’ “Lafaye”

School of Seven Bells Lafaye Scissor Sisters Remix cover

Their current single is “Lafaye” and the Scissor Sisters has picked it up and remixed the track, which is currently included on School of Seven Bells’ upcoming release Ghostory. Ghostory is due out 2/28, but fans can pick up “Lafaye” on iTunes now and the Scissor Sisters’ remix is available as a free download here or click on the link below.

Free Music Download: School of Seven Bells – Lafaye (Scissor Sisters Remix)

Also check out School of Seven Bells’ “That Night” HERE!

Gem Club dreams at Littlefield

The duo of Christopher Barnes and Kristen Drymala create ethereally slow burning ditties as Gem Club.  With a keyboard and a cello, their songs are cavernous and evoke a sense of longing.  Gem Club’s tunes are the perfect soundtrack for a walk on a cold and foreboding beach, which is not surprising that their song “Red Arrow” was featured on the ABC drama, Revenge.  Hamptons approved.

For their set at Littlefield, they were joined by vocalist Ieva Berberbian.  They quickly gave the thumbs up and started with “Birds” from their self-released six-song EP, Acid and Everything.  Taking from both the EP and their full length Breakers, the audience was transported into a dreamy reverie of piano ballads.  For the track “Breakers”, Kristen delicately tapped colorful foot bells and Chris lamented “the graceless years are gone”.  Chris offered very little chatter between songs, though very thankful for the opportunity to play and open for Califone.   One of the few songs he introduced,  “Acid and Everything” started somewhat in the vein of Radiohead’s “No Surprises” with its loopy piano keys.   The band ended their short 40-minute set with “In Wavelengths”, which has a glorious rendition recorded for a Daytrotter session over the 2011 CMJ festive.

If you haven’t had a chance to witness the slow burn of Gem Club, do yourself a favor and check out their Tiny Desk Concert for NPR’s All Songs Considered.  Guaranteed to leave you in a woozy haze.

Shania Twain to Start Residency at The Colosseum in Las Vegas December 1st

Shania Twain the Colosseum Las Vegas

Las Vegas draws the hottest acts in the music business to town.  The city was the host to many icons such as Bette Midler, Cher, Celine Dion, and Toni Braxton just to name a few. In 2012 The Colosseum at Caesars Palace will host Shania Twain’s big comeback starting December 1st, 2012.  Her dates run through December 15th, 2012 and the full list is below. Shania’s performance is exclusive to the Colosseum and she will be performing her greatest hits. The tickets start at $55 to $250, plus applicable fees. The tickets go on sale Sunday,  June 19th.

Shania Twain at the Colosseum:

Shania Twain – Saturday, Dec. 1, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Sunday, Dec. 2, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Wednesday, Dec. 5, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Thursday, Dec. 6, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Saturday, Dec. 8, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Sunday, Dec. 9, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Tuesday, Dec. 11, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Wednesday, Dec. 12, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Friday, Dec. 14, PURCHASE NOW

Shania Twain – Saturday, Dec. 15, PURCHASE NOW

For additional show and ticket information, visit or follow updates from The Colosseum at Caesars Palace on Twitter@Colosseum@CP.


Music: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die Remixes

Born to Die Lana Del Rey REmixes

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die [Single Version]
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [Single Version] by PurplePR

Lana Del Rey didn’t have a fantastic weekend as her two performances on Saturday Night Live became a prime target for negative backlash from media and viewers alike. She was criticized for everything from her hair and the way she moved. It was her first US TV appearance and SNL is a big way to make any debut. Can we say nerves? She hasn’t even released her album yet.

On a positive note, today two remixes of her song “Born to Die” have been released on iTunes and on Soundcloud to stream. Below are the Woodkid and Clams Casino Remixes. Above is the original version of the song for listening pleasure.

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die [Woodkid Remix]
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [Woodkid Remix] by PurplePR

Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [Clams Casino Remix]
Lana Del Rey - Born To Die [Clams Casino Remix] by PurplePR

Richard Marx Shares His Stories With Billboard

Richard Marx has stories to tell in more ways than one. The veteran hit maker recently sat down to share memories about his number 1 hits “Hold On To The Nights,” “Right Here Waiting,” and “Satisfied” as part of a new video series from Billboard to celebrate reaching 1,000 No. 1 songs on its Hot 100 chart. “I just write songs that I’m proud of, that I like, that I want people to hear,” explains Marx, “I’ve never had the experience of either phoning it in or thinking, ‘Ooh I’ve got a smash here.'”

Marx, who has also written hit songs for Keith Urban, N’Sync, and Luther Vandross among others, will further celebrate his legendary career with his upcoming solo release, Stories to Tell, a collection of his greatest hits, acoustic versions, and live tracks that will also include a DVD of Marx’s recent performance at the famed Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London. The deluxe album, currently available exclusively at Walmart and Richard Marx’s online store, will get a wide release on February 7th.

Visit Richard’s official site for more details, and be sure to enter his special iPad giveaway

Official Sites:

Is CES Jumping the Shark?

Lady Gaga Monster Cable Booth CES

I’ve been an avid CES patron since 2007.  Many will say that’s nothing as they’ve told me they witnessed Bill Gates’ first Keynote. The main reason I go it to see the new innovation that may or may not be hitting the consumer market in the future on the showroom floor. Let’s face it just because you have a booth at CES doesn’t mean your product is going to make it.  It amazes me to see what innovators think will be a hit with the larger consumer market.  Those products that get the most attention usually have a huge marketing ploy, and money, to get potential buyers and decision makers to see the booth. Monster Cable is good at drawing attention to their product booth on the showroom floor. Nearly every year Dr. Dre and David Geffen hit the booth to talk about the new products out for Monster. Back in 2009 Lady Gaga made an appearance at the booth and drew an insane crowd of tech geeks and gawkers.  It showed corporations spare no expense when it comes to wrangling in the celebrity endorsement, but this year I feel like someone is jumping the shark.

Justin BieberI’ve seen many celebrities and musicians at CES in the past few years and not just at the booths endorsing products. I saw Sinbad hanging around waiting for someone to pick him up a the curb.  We also ran into Motion City Soundtrack while they were scoping out Gibson’s new guitars. This year the celebrity appearances were announced and none other than Justin Bieber will be at the Tosy Robotics booth.  My heart sank hearing this…did CES just get uncool? Justin Bieber is more of a punch line than an ideal celebrity endorsement at the Consumer Electronic Show. The majority of the CES show patrons are male and NOT in Justin Bieber’s demographic.  When I ran into Motion City Soundtrack Justin Pierre, their frontman, mentioned to me how it was odd being at CES because it’s not their demographic either. They also were shocked that we (Yvette and I) could recognize them.  The band was there to play on the Sony Stage at the Sony Booth along with a couple other artists. Mind you, Motion City is on a Sony Records sister label, so it made sense for them to make an appearance. Having Justin Bieber endorse a product at CES feels like a desperate cry for attention.  Is this the tipping point for CES where celebrity endorsement are more important than the innovative tech itself?

Mashable has a list of 10 Stars Making Appearances at CES this year and Justin is the worst and Jillian Michaels ranks up there at number 2 for me. You can see the full list here:

Guinevere Has Dates with Nick Carter

GuinevereAccording to both the Mayan, and the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of the Guinevere!! She is ready to take the pop world by storm as she gears up to hit the road with both an extensive US Tour opening up for Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, while also headlining the 1st leg of her national club tour with dates at clubs in San Francisco, LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas.

Guinevere will be supporting her latest single, “Crazy Crazy,” which is already being heard on over 40 influential pop stations across the country, and thanks to a powerful set of remixes (Dave Aude, DJ Escape, and DJ Kue) package, “Crazy Crazy” is rocking the dance floors while barreling up the Billboard Club Play chart at #22 this week with the highest debut from a previously uncharted artist.

Be sure to check out the video for “Crazy Crazy,” and head to to purchase tickets for the tour.


Club Dates:

1/12 – San Francisco, CA @ The Crib
1/13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Club Eleven
1/14 – San Diego, CA @ Club Eden
1/15 – Las Vegas, NV @ Krave

Nick Carter Tour Dates:

1/30 – Nashville, TN at Cannery Ballroom
1/31 – Charleston, SC at Music Farm
2/02 – New York, NY at Irving Plaza
2/03 – Baltimore, MD at Rams Head
2/04 – Philadelphia, PA at Trocadero
2/06 – Boston, MA at Paradise Rock Club
2/07 – Huntington, NY at The Paramount
2/08 – Allentown, PA at Crocodile Rock
2/10 – Pontiac, MI at Crofoot Ballroom
2/11 – Chicago, IL at House of Blues
2/12 – Columbus, OH at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion

Video: SafetySuit’s “These Times”

SafetySuit’s “These Times” Music Video

SafetySuit asked their fans to submit videos of what their lives are like these days for their newest video release “These Times.” The video is dramatic look at what their fans are going through in these times, which ranges from one fan’s sister being diagnosed with cancer, being unemployed, and to situations where they are losing their homes.

These Times” is off their newest release of the same name that is currently only available on iTunes. The album has already sold over 17,000 digital copies and knocked Adele from her #1 spot on the iTunes Chart. Also within 3 days of the release on iTunes 275,000 fans have downloaded the song which was iTunes Single of Week.

For more information of SafteySuit:

Faith Hill Inspires Linda Perry’s New Song

Linda Perry Deep Dark Robot

Deep Dark Robot- “He’s My Man”
He's My Man by Linda Perry by Deep Dark Robot

Artists find inspiration everywhere in life and it just so happens a fellow musician inspired Linda Perry’s new song “He’s My Man.” The inspiration, an event that happened at a Tim McGraw concert. A fan come up onstage and grab Tim’s package. Faith Hall, Tim’s wife, yell at the fan while she was onstage. The song feels like something from the ModSquad. It’s very female angst driven and very Linda Perry.

SafetySuit’s “These Times” Arrives at #1 on the iTunes Pop Album Charts

SafteySuit These Days Cover

SafetySuit’s newest album, These Times, hit #1 on the Pop Album Chart and #7 of the Top Album Charts on iTunes. The album is not officially released yet, but the iTunes release is part of an exclusive one-week preview.

The band also recently shot a video for the album’s title track, “These Times.” The video is about the current state of the nation and they asked fans to submit their stories of what they are going through right now. For more information head over here:

On a lighter note, SafteySuit also hit high altitudes on Southwest Airlines back in October to perform on a full Southwest flight. The band played two songs during the flight from Denver to Kansas City.

SafteySuit’s “Get Around This” Southwest Video

SafteySuit’s “Let Go” Southwest Video

For more information of SafteySuit:

Free Music Download: Harriet’s “I Slept With All Your Mothers”

Harriet group photo

Harriet is a new Los Angeles-based band fronted by former Dawes member Alex Casnoff. The group is also composed of Aaron Folb  on bass, Henry Kwapis  on drums, and Adam Gunther on guitar. The quartet will self-release their debut EP, titled Tell The Right Story, on January 31, 2012.   Their debut was produced by Sean O’Brien and recorded in Los Angeles and Sacramento.  Rolling Stone is offering a free download of Harriet’s  “I Slept With All Your Mothers” for free.  The group as a couple live shows coming up this month that are below.

Free Music Download: Harriet’s “I Slept With All Your Mothers” 


January 16, 2012 – The Satellite – Los Angeles, CA
February 2, 2012 – Harvard & Stone – Los Angeles, CA

For more information on Harriet:

Video: Freezepop’s “Doppelganger”

Freezepop’s “Doppelganger” Music Video

Freezepop’s newest single “Doppelganger” now has a video, and is also a free download -see below! The single is off of their album, Imaginary Friends. The video is directed by Mike Gill at

The gang also have a couple dates for the New Year and in January. The information is below:

New Year’s Eve in Boston: at At Brighton Music Hall, 158 Brighton Ave. With Mean Creek, Kingsley Flood, and Bodega Girls DJ set. Doors at 8, we’re on at 11:30 to start the new year off right! 18+, $15. Advance tickets recommended, available here:

Saturday, January 21 in NYC: at At STIMULATE’s “Wicked Winter Wonderland Ball IV”… Mark your calendars, more details on this one coming very, very soon…

Freezepop on the Net:

Video: Jordan Galland’s “The Party Years”

Jordan Galland – “The Party Years”

New Year’s Eve is only days away and some may know their plans already while some are going to scramble to find something to do.  Whether you have plans or just hanging around with friends, here’s a video to assist in ringing in the new year.

Jordan Galland recorded the video at Headgear Recording in Brooklyn with Sam Koppelman, Sissy Clemmens, and Sean Lennon.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Jordan Galland online:
Jordan Galland’s Official Site (for his Musical Releases)
Jordan Galland on Twitter
Jordan Galland on MySpace (hear his music)

Introducing Graffiti6

Schubas – Chicago, IL

Graffiti6 is:
Jamie Scott and Tommy D
Pete Cherry
Leonn Meade
Joe Glossop

Graffiti6 Schubas - Chicago, IL 12/22/2011

Graffiti6 is made up of core members Jamie Scott on vocals and Tommy D. on bass. The duo hail from the UK and co-wrote all of Gaffiti6’s songs from their first major label album release, Colours. The album is slated for an early 2012 release off Capitol Records.   The band was just signed to Capitol Records back in April of 2011 and is gaining huge momentum in the United States.  Earlier this year they released their EP Free, which is available now on iTunes, and also hit the road with Latin pop singer, Ximena Sariñana.

Graffiti6 Schubas - Chicago, IL 12/22/2011

This past Thursday night in Chicago, Graffiti6 ended their first US tour opening for Ximena. There was a decent crowd as Jamie and Tommy started their acoustic set.  The two appeared very comfortable on the intimate stage at Schubas.  Jamie told the crowd, “This is our first time playing in Chicago.”

Jamie introduced “Goodbye Geoffrey Drake” with the story behind the song. He first asked the crowd if anyone was in love and to put their  hands up if he or she were. As the crowd raised their hands Jamie noted that at the last stop nobody did. The crowd laughed.   He then proceeded into the story about the song, FYI it’s fiction.  It’s, however, funny in that dark humorous kind of way that the Brits are known for.  “Goodbye Geoffrey Drake” is a tragic love song about a girl who leaves a boy. The boy couldn’t deal with the fact that she left him, hunts her down, and kills her. He then comes to realize he can’t live without her so he kills himself.

Not all their songs are so dark and part of the crowd recognized their next song in the set.  Jamie started by mentioning that they were in New York last October after their song “Stare into the Sun” debuted on Grey’s Anatomy. They owe a lot to this song that got them signed to Capitol Records.

Graffiti6 “Stare into the Sun” Acoustic

They also played “Over You” which is on their upcoming release.  The song is about a girl who broke Jamie’s heart. The crowd felt the deepest sympathy for him, but he told the crowd not to feel sorry for him, he’s fine!  They also played their latest radio single, “Free” that is on the Free EP along with Colours.

The acoustic set went over well in Chicago. If you missed them on their US tour don’t fret because they are coming back to the States to open for Augustana in January! This means they will be playing Chicago again.  Also look for their upcoming full length release, Colours, in early 2012.

Set List:
Lay me down
Goodbye Geoffrey Drake
Stare Into the Sun
This Man
Free – single just gone to radio so we should be hearing this one!
Over You

Tour Dates with Augustana:

01/17     Anaheim, CA                         House of Blues
01/18     Los Angeles, CA                    El Rey Theatre
01/19     San Francisco, CA                 Great American Music Hall
01/21     Seattle, WA                           The Crocodile
01/22     Portland, OR                          Doug Fir Lounge
01/24     Salt Lake City, UT                  Club Sound
01/25     Denver, CO                            Bluebird Theater
01/27     Minneapolis, MN                    Varsity Theater
01/28     Chicago, IL                            Park West
01/30     Ann Arbor, MI                        Blind Pig
01/31     Boston, MA                           Paradise
02/01     New York, NY                        Gramercy Theatre
02/03     Philadelphia, PA                    Theatre of the Living Arts
02/04     Washington, DC                     9:30 Club
02/06     Charlotte, NC                         Visulite Theatre
02/07     Atlanta, GA                            Vinyl

Photos of Graffiti6’s Set at Schubas:

Written by Yvette Casillas and Jessica Emmerich

Behind the Scenes with Scott Weiland

Making of “Winter Wonderland”

In a handful of brand new behind-the-scenes clips, Scott Weiland sits down to share his inspiration behind his Christmas album The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, as well as the techniques behind the making of the video for “Winter Wonderland.”

Scott Weiland Discusses “White Christmas”

In one clip (above), Weiland discusses “White Christmas” and shares about how he first recorded the song on cassette tapes in the early 90s as gifts for his family: “My family members said that that was the best Christmas present that they had ever had.”  In a separate ‘Making Of’ clip for the “Winter Wonderland” video, the director revealed that they used old camera filters from the 50s to get that “glowing look,” and to create a genuine, vintage feel to compliment the song.

Grab the album in time for Christmas – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is available in stores and online at iTunes and Amazon. For more on the release, visit

Merry Christmas from JoJo!

JoJo surprised fans with a Christmas treat this week, releasing a remake of the holiday classic, “The Christmas Song.” “I wanted to give this to you guys because I’m so grateful for your support,” says JoJo in a special video message with the song, which is streaming now on Youtube.

Fans can also head to for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at JoJo’s tour bus and her life on the road. For more info, visit her official website, Facebook and Twitter.

New Backstreet Boys Album Confirmed!

Howie D Performs “Lie to Me” Live on Clevver Music
Confirms New Backstreet Boys Album Coming in 2012

Howie D stopped by Clevver Music for a live, acoustic performance of his new single, “Lie to Me,” for the site’s special ‘Live on Sunset‘ series. Howie also gave an exclusive interview where he discusses going solo, touring, and reveals that a new Backstreet Boys album is in the works for 2012.

When asked how the Backstreet Boys reinvent themselves with each album, Howie says, “That’s always the challenge working on new albums; trying to push the envelope, trying to always top the last album. But that’s what we do. That’s one of the reasons why we take our time to make the record the best it can be.”

For more on Howie, visit his official siteFacebook, and Twitter, and be sure to pick up his album, Back To Me, available now at iTunes and Amazon.

Free Music Download: The Good Natured – Video Voyeur (Remixes)

The-Good-Natured-Photo1Last week Britain’s pop-noir trio The Good Natured, released “Video Voyeur” as a free download for fans, today they have their remixes up for grabs too!  Lead singer Sarah McIntosh shared a statement with fans, “We’re very excited to share with you our brand new track ‘Video Voyeur!’ This is just a little taster of what is to come on our album released next year! You can download this track for free from our Website & Facebook!

The band is set to hit the States on January 16th in New York and end in Los Angeles at the Bardot. To cap off their mini US tour, they are set to make their  mark on US television with Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! on January 23rd.

Stream and Download the “Video Voyeur” Remixes below:

Video Voyeur (No Ceremony Remix)DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE!
Video Voyeur (No Ceremony Remix) by The Good Natured

Video Voyeur (Cruelty Remix) – DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE! Video Voyeur (Cruelty Remix) by The Good Natured

Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux Remix – Extended Edit) – DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE!
Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux Remix - Extended Edit) by The Good Natured

Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux Remix) – DOWNLOAD TRACK HERE!
Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux Remix) by The Good Natured

Want to grab a Free Download of the “Video Voyeur” Video?  You can do that HERE!

The Good Natured Tour Dates:

January 16 : New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
January 17 : Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
January 19 : San Francisco, CA @ Popscene
January 20 : Los Angeles, CA @ Echo
January 23 : Los Angeles, CA@ Bardot

The Good Natured Online:

Beach Boys Announce New Album and 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour


Legendary Band’s Golden Anniversary CELEBRATION to Include a New Capitol Album

And Commemorative Catalog Releases, a Major International Tour and More!

The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Reunion and albumHollywood, California – December 16, 2011 – The founding members of The Beach Boys, one of the world’s most legendary bands in popular music history, will reunite for a global 50th Anniversary CELEBRATION in 2012. Beach Boys Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, and David Marks will come together for a new studio album and commemorative catalog releases with Capitol/EMI and a 50-date international tour to begin in April with a headlining performance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (“Jazz Fest”) as well as other exciting events to be announced.

Brian Wilson says, “This anniversary is special to me because I miss the boys and it will be a thrill for me to make a new record and be on stage with them again.”

Mike Love says, “We got together at Capitol Records and re-recorded ‘Do It Again.’  Brian and I wrote that song which went to number 1 in Great Britain, Australia and elsewhere some 44 years ago.  Brian paid me a compliment saying, ‘How can a guy sound that great so many years later?’ Later on, while working out some harmonies on a new song Brian had written, I got a chance to return the compliment.  It was a thrill to be around a piano again with Brian, Alan and Bruce and experience firsthand the brilliance of Cousin Brian’s gift for vocal arrangements. I am very much looking forward to David Marks joining us and thrilling with his surf guitar licks. Music has been the unifying and harmonizing fact of life in our family since childhood. It has been a huge blessing that we have been able to share with the world.  Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Do It Again?  Absolutely!”

Al Jardine says, “The Beach Boys were recently inducted into the California Hall of Fame. From our humble beginnings as brothers, cousins and friends, we have been honored to sing the praises of California, and I’m really excited for our fans to be able to see us again in concert on the world stage, and to celebrate our 50th anniversary together with a new studio album.”

Bruce Johnston says, “I will be looking forward to singing Brian Wilson’s melodies and Mike Love’s lyrics once again in concert with many of the original band members, but imagine what we all could come up with vocally in a recording studio atmosphere under Brian’s musical direction.”

David Marks says, “I’m really looking forward to celebrating this important milestone in The Beach Boys’ history with the other guys, and with Capitol Records – where it all began 50 years ago. It means a lot to me that we can all reunite and pay tribute to the fans who have kept the music alive.”

The Beach Boys have already recorded several songs for their new album, to be released in 2012 by Capitol/EMI, with more tracks to be recorded before its completion. The as-yet-untitled album, the first to feature all of the band’s surviving original members in decades, is being produced by Brian Wilson and executive produced by Mike Love.

The Beach Boys and Capitol/EMI have also teamed up for a 50th Anniversary campaign spotlighting the band’s entire catalog, with several new commemorative releases planned for 2012, including a new hits collection and a career-spanning box set.

Roger Faxon, CEO of EMI Group commented: “It’s no exaggeration to say that The Beach Boys are one of the greatest and most loved bands that the world has ever produced, and true American icons. We are incredibly proud to take this next step with them as our partnership enters its fiftieth year, and I can’t wait to see the band back together doing what they do better than anyone else.”

Colin Finkelstein, COO of EMI Music North America said: “We’re honored to continue Capitol/EMI’s historic partnership with The Beach Boys as they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary.  The Beach Boys bring the best of California’s sun and surf culture to people all over the world with their music, and we’re really looking forward to working with the band on the new album and commemorative catalog releases – a real CELEBRATION of fifty years!”

Quint Davis, producer/director, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival says, “It’s an honor to present the original Beach Boys reunion at Jazz Fest 2012. Hosting the greatest artists of our era has always been the primary mission of Jazz Fest, and certainly The Beach Boys are unsurpassed as an iconic American musical and cultural institution. Every spring Jazz Fest is the number-one destination for good vibrations and fun, fun, fun; on April 27th, when The Beach Boys reunite on our biggest stage, it’s going to feel like a thrilling homecoming for everyone lucky enough to be there. We’re all looking forward to experiencing the magic and the joy.”

Founded in Hawthorne, California in 1961, The Beach Boys were originally comprised of the three teenaged Wilson brothers: Brian, Carl and Dennis, their cousin Mike Love, and school friend Al Jardine. In 1962, neighbor David Marks joined the group for their first wave of hits on Capitol Records, leaving in late 1963, and in 1965, Bruce Johnston joined the band when Brian Wilson retired from touring to focus on writing and producing records for the group. For five decades, America’s first pop band to reach the 50 year milestone has recorded and performed the music that has become the world’s favorite soundtrack to summer.

The Beach Boys signed with Capitol Records in July 1962 and released their first album, Surfin’ Safari, that same year. The album spent 37 weeks on the Billboard chart, launching the young group known for its shimmering vocal harmonies and relaxed California style into international stardom. The Wilson/Love collaboration resulted in many huge international chart hits, and under Brian Wilson’s musical leadership, the band’s initial surf-rock focus was soon broadened to include other themes, making The Beach Boys America’s preeminent band of the 1960s.

In 1966, The Beach Boys were one of the first bands to found its own record label with the launch of Brother Records, Inc. (BRI), with the band’s members as its shareholders and Capitol Records as its distribution partner. BRI continues to manage The Beach Boys’ intellectual property, including the band’s catalog with Capitol/EMI and other label partners, as well as its name, logos, image and likeness.

The Beach Boys continue to hold Billboard / Nielsen SoundScan’s record as the top-selling American band for albums and singles, and they are also the American group with the most Billboard Top 40 chart hits (36). ‘Sounds Of Summer: The Very Best Of The Beach Boys’ is fast approaching triple-Platinum sales status, and ‘The SMiLE Sessions,’ released to worldwide critical acclaim in November, has been heralded as 2011’s #1 Reissue of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 and recipients of The Recording Academy’s Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY Award, The Beach Boys are an American institution that is iconic around the world.

Graffiti6 Does Wham

Graffiti6 Covers Wham!’s “Last Christmas” below:

Graffiti6 checked in from the set of their “Free” video to give fans an inside look at the Downtown, Los Angeles shoot.  Lead singer Jamie Scott and producer Tommy D explain the meaning behind the song and introduce director Jay Martin to discuss the video concept.  Watch the clip to see Jamie joking around about looking like the Incredible Hulk in the storyboard.

Jamie also sat down to wish everyone a happy holiday with a beautiful rendition of WHAM!’s “Last Christmas.”

“Free” will appear on Graffiti6’s debut album, Colours, due out via Capitol Records on January 24th.  The Free EP is available on iTunes now.

The Making of FREE

The Phantom Leak

Alright I have to vent here for a second.   Many artists complain about their new music being leaked.  For some, they have every right to be angry because someone down the line genuinely took their music and sent it out into the great abyss of the internet.   Then there are some who say “leak” and it’s just a huge promotional stunt for fans to flock to their favorite p2p or file sharing service to pick up the newly “leaked” music.  I have an email sitting in my inbox concerning Asher Roth and it’s stating one of the tracks from his upcoming album has been leaked. The problem is I clicked through the link they gave me and it’s on the artist’s website.  LAME!! When music is genuinely leaked it’s generally via a p2p network like The Pirate Bay or a YouSendIt link being passed around.  When an ARTIST posts the track themselves online it is NOT LEAKED!

I still remember how excited I was for Miss Lolene’s debut label album, Electrick Hotel, to drop.  Then weeks before the date someone leaked the entire album.  Lolene was pissed, as she should have been, and she refused to release the album and went into the studio to re-record a new one. The problem with that is it’s been almost 2 years and there isn’t a new full length album out. She did release a mixtape, but the mixtape didn’t do justice for the tracks I did hear off the Electrick Hotel.  As a fan I really wanted to hear the album and couldn’t get my hands on a leaked copy or even buy a legitimate one. The situation was a bit frustrating. If music from an artist is released the artist should really go with the flow and take advantage of the situation. Instead of not releasing the album, creating remixes of all the songs and selling them on the likes of iTunes could have helped make money.  Remixes are hot!

The moral of this story is if you music gets leaked go with it, and release your music earlier.  The real fans are still going to buy the ticket to go to your show even if you are just starting out. For those who fake the leak of their albums that’s just tacky and you need to stop it.


Paul’s Twelve Musical Christmas Wishes

Twelve Musical Christmas Wishes

Paul's Christmas List12. I wish that someone would tell Justin Bieber that he is too young to have a “beard.”

11. I wish someone would string my guitar. (The last time I put new strings on Kurt Cobain was still alive).

10. I wish Beyonce/JLo would return my calls and have those court orders… ooops.

9. I wish Motown would rebuild the snakepit and start making relevant music again.

8. I wish Jessie J. would explain those two puppets in the intro to the “Price Tag” video.

7. I wish Pitbull and T-Pain would be my wingmen for a night.

6. I wish that every day I was shufflin’.

5. I wish Paul McCartney would get a facelift. The ex-Beatle looks like an old woman.

4. I wish Billy Corgan would get dropkicked by his fans in music and in pro wrestling.

3. I wish for two 2012 shows; Tim Minchin and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

2. I wish to sign a songwriter’s agreement – at least get some love for my lyrics.

1. I wish Elvis was still alive and all the impersonators were dead

Why You Should Love Michelle Branch

Michelle BranchIf you needed a reason to fall in love with Michelle Branch, I have one that will get you hook, line, and sinker.  Today she posted on her Facebook Page a very insightful status, “Confession: my daughter Owen who is 6 calls Justin Bieber “Justin Beaver” and I refuse to correct her.”  Dear Michelle, you just touched the hearts of many people with that statement.

Michelle Branch status

I really admire Michelle for her personal confessions on her Facebook Page.  She isn’t one of those celebrities that just posts statuses to promote his or herself. She uses Facebook to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on while on the road, in the studio, in her family life, and in her head.  Her statuses make for an interesting and entertaining read, so if you don’t “Like” her page you may want to consider it.

For those who aren’t aware, Michelle did some touring this summer opening for the Goo Goo Dolls.  She is working on her new studio album dubbed, West Coast Time.  She released her first single “Louder” this past summer and today she released “If You Happen to Call” as a holiday gift to her fans.  It’s very reminiscent of The Spirit Room. It’s good to hear Michelle getting back to the pop music that made her famous.  Granted, I really did love her stint in country partnering with Jessica to form the Wreckers, yet, the world needs some really good pop music and Michelle is the one that can bring that back.

Need to get your hands on “If You Happen to Call?”By submitting your email below you can download her new single “If You Happen to Call.”

Hot Chelle Rae’s “Whatever”

Hot Chelle Rae
RCA Records

The world needs good pop music. Pop music – by default – becomes a harbinger for the current generation and the issues that shape them. The attitude of each generation – the fashions – the trial and tribulations – are ever present in the pop music of that generation.

If you really look into it – these things rarely vary much from generation to generation. One defining component is the music. This might explain why we remember certain songs that may not be great songs – but they are linked to a special moment or event in our lives.

Hot Chelle Rae – the currently emerging pop quartet dishing on all things pop and culture have released “Whatever” which is chock full of bouncy-pouncy pop songs that are so infectious even a fussy old curmudgeon can be seen breaking a smile.

Sure the stuff sounds processed and forced – there is something really enjoyable about the surrender to what they are doing.  They have an odd fixation for – shall we say non-Caucasian-urban cultural references which are actually endearingly hilarious because they are blindingly Caucasian.

The music is seamless. The harmonies are tight. The hooks are dance-friendly. They are at the top of their game- if not the top of their genre. With luck they will grow with their audience and mature into a serious musical enterprise.

If not – we might not even hear about them in a year – but for the moment – they have their finger on the pulse of every ingredient needed to create and market a pop masterpiece.


Stand Out Tracks

Tonight Tonight

Why Don’t You love Me

Downtown Girl

Music: Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks”

Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks”

Neon Trees is ready to follow-up their successful album, Habits. They recently dropped a new song for fans via Rolling Stone magazine. You can listen to it above. “Everybody Talks” is just as catchy as their biggest hit, “Animal.” “Animal” reached #1 Alternative and #1 Hot AC and top 10 Pop, and sold over 2 million digital copies worldwide.

Don’t forget Tyler Glenn and Elaine Bradley were on Live from Daryl’s House back in November of 2010 Live From Daryl’s House is a free webcast of live performances at Daryl Hall’s house. The Hall & Oates member invites musicians to jam at his house and it’s all recorded.  Think of a weekly broadcast of CMT’s Crossroads, but for pop and rock music.  You can see the Neon Trees’ performance at Daryl’s here:

Grammy-Winning Songwriter Richard Marx Releases New Holiday EP

Richard Marx the Christmas EP coverNow Marx is resurrecting his solo career with the release of The Christmas EP, a five song set of holiday classics like “O Holy Night,” “Silent Night,” “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” and “Alleluia,” plus a new track, “Christmas Spirit,” which can already be heard in Hallmark’s 2011 Holiday promo spots.  This will lead up to the February 7th wide release of Stories To Tell, his new deluxe album featuring acoustic versions and original recordings of his greatest hits.  Stories To Tell also includes a live DVD, recorded at the legendary Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London.

For more information on Richard and his amazing career, visit The Christmas EP is available via his website and through all digital retailers, with physical copies available via Amazon’s Disc on Demand program.

Official Sites:

Graffiti6 is Headed On Tour with Augustana

graffiti6Currently on the road in the U.S. supporting Latin singer-songwriter Ximena through December, Britain’s Graffiti6 have announced that they will perform on the Rachael Ray show on December 19th as they continue to tour Stateside throughout January and into February with SONY recording artist Augustana. The tour—in support of  their upcoming Capitol Records debut album Colours, which will be released on January 24th, 2012—kicks off January 17th in Anaheim, CA, and criss-crosses the U.S. before wrapping up on February 7th in Atlanta. Please see below for all upcoming dates.

The group will perform their hit single “Free” on Rachael Ray on December 19th.  Currently Top 15 at AAA radio “Free” was the most added song in its first week at the format. The single has now been added to over half the AAA panel in just 8 weeks. Currently in rotation at such influential stations such as KLLC and KFOG in San Francisco, KINK in Portland, KBCO in Colorado, KRVB in Boise, WYEP in Pittsburgh, KKXT in Dallas and KUT in Austin, “Free” was also “Pick of the Week” in USA Today, which praised the track’s “melodic bassline and singer Jamie Scott’s exquisite falsetto breaks.” The video, which was shot in downtown Los Angeles is in rotation at mtvU and can be seen on VEVO here:

Graffiti6 — a collaboration between singer-songwriter Jamie Scott and songwriter-producer TommyD were praised in a five-star review of Colours from London newspaper The Independent raving that the album—a mélange of pop, psychedelia, R&B, and British Northern Soul—is “an assured debut album that sparkles with invention and throbs with emotion”.

The seven-track “Free” EP is currently available. It includes the radio and stripped-down versions of the title track, acoustic versions of “Lay Me Down,” “Annie You Save Me,” and “Stone In My Heart,” a cover of Fleet Foxes’ “Blue Ridge Mountains,” and a brand-new song, “Foxes.” Graffiti6’s songs have been heard on Grey’s Anatomy, Covert Affairs, CSI: NY, One Tree Hill, and the MTV series Teen Wolf. MTV has also featured the group in its Freshmen 5, Artist to Watch, and Push campaigns.

Graffiti6 on tour with Ximena:
12/07     Chapel Hill, NC                     Local 506
12/08     Richmond, VA                      The Camel
12/09     Baltimore, MD                     Sound Stage
12/10     Annapolis, MD                      Rams Head
12/11     Philadelphia, PA                   World Café Live
12/13     New York City, NY                Rockwood
12/14     Boston, MA                           T.T. The Bear’s Place
12/15   Portland, ME                           Empire Dance & Dine
12/17     Buffalo, NY                           Ninth Ward
12/18     Pittsburgh, PA                       Club Café
12/20     Columbus, OH                      The Basement
12/21  Lexington, KY                           Cosmic Charlie’s
12/22     Chicago, IL                            Schubas Tavern

Graffiti on tour with Augustana:
01/17     Anaheim, CA                         House of Blues
01/18     Los Angeles, CA                    El Rey Theatre
01/19     San Francisco, CA                 Great American Music Hall
01/21     Seattle, WA                           The Crocodile
01/22     Portland, OR                          Doug Fir Lounge
01/24     Salt Lake City, UT                  Club Sound
01/25     Denver, CO                            Bluebird Theater
01/27     Minneapolis, MN                    Varsity Theater
01/28     Chicago, IL                            Park West
01/30     Ann Arbor, MI                        Blind Pig
01/31     Boston, MA                           Paradise
02/01     New York, NY                        Gramercy Theatre
02/03     Philadelphia, PA                    Theatre of the Living Arts
02/04     Washington, DC                     9:30 Club
02/06     Charlotte, NC                         Visulite Theatre
02/07     Atlanta, GA                            Vinyl

Visit Graffiti6 online at

Kelly Clarkson’s “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Kelly Clarkson I'll be home for christmas coverKelly Clarkson gets in the Christmas spirit as did many other artists this year like Justin Bieber and Scott Weiland just to name a couple. She recorded a session that will be released on 12/27 that will feature “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” Do you smell a Christmas classic in the making here?  Fans can purchase the track now because waiting until the 27th would be pointless.

Stream: I’ll Be Home for Christmas” by Kelly Clarkson below

Free Music Download: School of Seven Bells’ “That Night”

School of Seven Bells Ghostory

Stream: School of Seven Bells’ “That Night”

School of Seven Bells - The Night by Vagrant Records

The School of Seven Bells premiered “That Night” on Pitchfork yesterday.  They are prepping for their 3rd studio album release, Ghostorydue out February 28th, 2012 via Vagrant Records/Ghostly International.  Ghostory has a theme and I bet you can guess what it is. The story is of a young girl, Lafaye, and the ghosts that surround her life.   For now fans can enjoy “That Night,” off Ghostory,  as a free download.

Free Music Download: School of Seven Bells’ “That Night” HERE!