Juicy J fills Eagles Ballrom to capacity

Juicy J – 2014 Never Sober Tour
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Juicy J - 2014 Never Sober Tour

Juicy J brought his 2014 “Never Sober” tour into Eagles Ballroom at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wis., on March 29. The show featured rapper Travi$ Scott and a DJ set from Project Pat.

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Childish Gambino draws sell-out crowd at Eagles Ballroom

Childish Gambino – 2014 The Deep Web Tour
Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Childish Gambino - 2014 The Deep Web Tour

Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino in the rap community, brought The Deep Web tour to The Rave in Milwaukee on March 21. The experimental artist’s complex opus, “Because the Internet,” has drawn critical praise and easily sold out the Eagles Ballroom.

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The Lollapalooza Lowdown!

coldplay lollapaloozaLollapalooza starts tomorrow and we have the lowdown!

2012 tickets sold out in records time, 71 days prior to the event, but those who didn’t score the coveted tickets can stream the show at http://youtube.com/lollapalooza. Live streams and interviews will be available for Jack White, AVICII, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Ocean, The Shins, Florence + The Machine, and more.

Something cool this year is the stand-alone LollaShop.  The Shop is open to the public through August 6th and has Lollapalooza merchandise and merch from Sony, Goorlin Bros. Hats, Baggu plus many more.  The LollaShop is located Thompson Hotel and the Lounge will host events and artist appearances, and yoga.  Make sure to reserve a spot by RSVPing at http://do312.com/lollashop.

When there is just too much to carry, State Farm is providing a bag check. This is free and located west of Buckingham Fountain.

Lolla + Instagram + Free WIFI

This year Lollapalooza is having bands and fans Instagram photos showing up on the jumbotron around the stages.  Remember to tag all Lollapalooza photos this weekend in Instagram with #lolla.  Don’t use Instagram? iPhone and Android photos also show up in the Lollapalooza mobile app that is available for free on Google Play and iTunes.

To assist in uploading all those Instagram photos, Lolla is providing FREE WIFI around the park.  There will be hotspots near Buckingham Fountain, Lederhosen’s Biergarten, Uncorked Win Lounge, all Lolla Lounges, and more.  The network to select is “2012 Lolla.”

What’s Allowed and Not Allowed in the Park

Since it’s been hot around Chicago and the Midwest, festivals such and Summerfest and now Lollapalooza are allowing patrons to bring in 2 SEALED bottles into the festival.  Also allowed is an empty, refillable bottle.  There will be commemorative CamelBak water bottles and packs at merch booths.  The goal is to reduce the amount of plastic containers in the park with partners Boxed Water and Vita Coco Coconut Water.

Along with the sealed bottles the following items are ALLOWED at Lollapalooza:

Blankets, Sheets, Towels

Umbrellas (ONLY Hand-Held)

Soft-Sided Coolers

Baby Strollers


Non-Professional Recording Equipment (Point & Shoot Cameras, Flip Video Cameras, etc.)

The following items are NOT ALLOWED at Lollapalooza:

Weapons of Any Kind, including Fireworks or Explosives of Any Kind

Illegal or Illicit Substances of Any Kind

Large Backpacks (Framed, Hiking Backpacks, etc.)

Glass Containers and Metal Aerosol Cans, including Sunscreen in Aerosol Cans.

Outside Food or Drinks (including Alcohol), except Two Factory-Sealed Water Bottles (up to 1 Liter each)

Skateboards, Scooters or Personal Motorized Vehicles

Bicycles Inside Festival Grounds (Plenty Bike Racks are available near The Box Office).

Carts, Tents & Chairs of Any Kind

Hard-Sided Coolers

Pets (except Service Dogs)

Professional Recording (Photo, Video, Audio) Equipment (NO Detachable Zoom Lense, Tripods or Other Commerical Equipment

No Unauthorized/Unlicensed Vendors Allowed. No Unauthorized Solicitations, Handbills, Sampling, Give-Aways, etc.


For the newcomers to Lolla the food is plentiful and diverse.  Chef Graham Elliot returned as the Culinary Ambassador to oversee the food is top notch.

Not everyone eats meat and besides having some great choices from food vendors, there is also the return of the Farmers Market. The Farmers Market will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to those vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free patrons.


Lollapalooza started with showcasing music, but today Lollapalooza has much more to experience than just music.

Green Workshops

In conjunction with the Farmers Market, there will be brief urban gardening workshops provided by Compass Green. These workshops support education in low-income schools.  These workshops are at the south end of Green Street each day of Lolla at 1p.m.


For those who are bringing the kids along there is Kidzapalooza.  Kids 10 and under enter the festival within Lolla for free.  It has its own stage and interactive games from Rock Star Video Karaoke to hip-hop workshops with the Q Brothers. Face painting is also taken to a whole other level as kids are transformed into rock stars and get a photo shoot all glammed up.

Do312 Celebrity Kickball

For the 3rd year running, DO312 put together a stellar line-up for the game that takes place Saturday morning at 11:15a.m.  at the north end of the festival by the Red Bull Soundstage.  This year’s celebrities include Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Chef Guy Fieri, Ryan Cabrera, Alderman Proco Joe Moreno, Chris Holmes, Greg Corner, Har Mar Superstar, Ryan Paradise, Dave Ziebarth, Kaylee DeFer from Gossip Girl.

For the full Lollapalooza 2012 schedule head over to http://lineup.lollapalooza.com/events/2012/08/03/.




In Photos: Lupe Fiasco at Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco
Shakopee, MN

Lupe Fiasco Soundset 2012

2012 marks the five year anniversary of Soundset. This festival was jam packed with music, B-Boys and B-Girls dancing the day away, a car show and graffiti art. Two Main Stages and the Fifth Element Stage delivered 40 artists performing nine hours of music. Unfortunately the fest was cut short due to tornado warnings. It was looking pretty ugly out during Lupe Fiasco so I cut out early. Boy am I glad I did! While walking to the car the winds started to kick up and the rain was on its way. By the time we reached the highway it was torrential downpour. The clouds moved fast and we could see a funnel cloud start to form. Shit was getting real out there!

Even though Lupe didn’t get to finish his set he came out with some awesome energy. Out of the entire festival he definitly made my top 3 acts!

Lupe Fiasco 2 Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco 4 Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco 6 Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco 5 Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco 7 Soundset 2012

Lupe Fiasco 3 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Aesop Rock w/ Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz at Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock w/ Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz
Shakopee, MN

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz Soundset 2012

Ian Matthias Bavitz better known as Aesop Rock was at the forefront of the new wave of underground and alternative hip hop acts that emerged from the 1990s and early 2000s. According from his bio his name Aesop came from a movie he had acted in with some friends that stuck. The Rock part came later just from throwing it in rhymes. Yesterday he hit Soundset with Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz.

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 2 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 3 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 4 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 5 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 6 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 7 Soundset 2012

Aesop Rock Rob Sonic DJ Big Wiz 8 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Villa Rosa at Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa
Shakopee, MN

Villa Rosa 12 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa is the collaboration project between Twin Cities MCs Muja Messiah and Maria Isa. They truely are everything I could ever ask for in a rap duo. With their powered energy they made my #1 top pick for the day. I will for sure be following them around the Twin Cities!

Villa Rosa Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 2 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 3 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 4 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 5 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 6 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 7 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 8 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 9 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 10 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 11 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 13 Soundset 2012

Villa Rosa 14 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Chief Kamachi at Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi
Shakopee, MN

Cheif Kamachi Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi hit the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset yesterday. After years of touring Europe, Canada and the US and appearing on countless records Kamachi is out promoting his 2011 album “Rise and Rhyme Vol. 1″.

Cheif Kamachi 2 Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi 6 Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi 3 Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi 4 Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi 5 Soundset 2012

Cheif Kamachi 7 Soundset 2012

In Photos: The Tribe & Big Cats at Soundset 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats
Shakapee, MN

The Tribe & Big Cats Soundset 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats bring it to Soundset 2012! They make rap fun with catchy lyrics and beats that make ya nod your head. If you haven’t seen TTxBC you should! They are one of my top picks for Soundset 2012.

The Tribe & Big Cats 2 Soundset 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats 3 Soundset 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats 4 Soundset 2012

The Tribe & Big Cats 5 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Long Doe at Soundset 2012

Long Doe
Shakopee, MN

Long Doe 5 Soundset 2012

Long Doe Records is from the Southside of Minneapolis the trio of BIG WIZ, Mike The Martyr and Tony Bones rocked Soundset playing solo material as well as group tracks.

Long Doe Soundset 2012

Long Doe 7 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 2 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 3 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 4 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 10 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 6 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 8 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 9 Soundset 2012

Long Doe 11 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Action Bronson at Soundset 2012

Action Bronson
Shakopee, MN

Action Bronson 2 Soundset 2012

Action Bronson took the stage on a hot and steamy Soundset Sunday. His stage name derives from gangster William “Action” Jackson, and tough-guy actor Charles Bronson. Before entering the rap scene he was a respected fire-flame gourmet chef in New York City, and frequently raps about food in his songs. I don’t know if he has anything knew but he used to host his own online cooking show entitled “Action in the Kitchen“. Action Bronson released his debut studio album Dr. Lecter last year and is available in digital download and also on CD. You can find them on his website. Follow Action Bronson on Twitter

Action Bronson 3 Soundset 2012

Action Bronson 4 Soundset 2012

Action Bronson 5 Soundset 2012

Action Bronson 6 Soundset 2012

Action Bronson Soundset 2012

Action Bronson Fans Soundset 2012

Action Bronson Fans 2 Soundset 2012

In Photos: Yelawolf at the Hangout Music Festival 2012

Hangout Music Festival
Golf Shores, Alabama

Update: More photos added!

Yelawolf Hangout Music Festival 2012 Gulf Shores Alabama

Hometown rapper Yelawolf took the stage today at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Photos of his set are below.

Photos of Yelawolf at the Hangout Music Festival:


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Chilly Gonzalez hosts the “Piano Talk Show” at Brooklyn’s Bell House

Though not many people may be familiar with Chilly Gonzalez, there is no doubt you’ve heard his work.  He is the Grammy-nominated producer behind Feist’s The Reminder, as well as her most recent album Metals.  His tune, “Never Stop,” became ubiquitous with the iPad commercials.

Born Jason Charles Beck, Gonzalez is a musical genius that transitions between melancholic piano virtuoso to playful comic lyricist.  This was beautifully displayed on Friday night at the Bell House in Brooklyn.  With accompaniment from the string section named Fuck Lucks, Gonzalez was part musical lecturer and hilarious host dressed in a satin robe and slippers.  First, there was a discussion about major and minor keys that stemmed from his use of the Flat E minor.   He compared the major keys to the right wing and the status quo, while the minor end coincidentally embraced by the minorities.  Gonzalez played well known tunes, such as “Happy Birthday” and “Frère Jacques” in minor keys to demonstrate the somber reversal of fortune in a simple change of scale.

From major and minor, Gonzalez shifted gears to the rap genre and how it taught him about ambition.  He sang “Beans” as a comic play on the ghetto fabulous lifestyle of excess.  Rapping sick lyrics like, “And when the beans talk, I hear the echo / Speaking to me in the voice of Mr. Gordon Gekko.” Gonzalez continued his musical education covering music counts from 4/4 to 6/8, identifying the latter count sequence as “kinda rapey”.  Throughout his musical lessons, he had members of the audience join him at his piano, playing side by side.

Given the choice of another long drawn out somber piano piece or a story on how he worked with Drake, the audience chose Drake.  Drake had sampled Gonzalez’s work in “Outro” for his So Far Gone Mixtape without giving Chilly his due.  Needless to say, Gonzalez wrote a reactionary song, “The Grudge” to cope with the episode, which he never shared with Drake.  But as fate would have it, the fellow Canadian had coincidentally bought a condo in the same building as Gonzalez’s father.  Drake’s people arranged a meeting for the two and a face to face collaboration was realized when they performed together at the 2011 Juno Awards.  No bad blood after all.

The show closed with Gonzalez atop the piano playing tunes with his feet, which somehow is not surprising from such a musical genius.  Chilly Gonzalez is releasing Solo Piano II later this year via Arts & Crafts.  Let the education continue.

Twiztid & Kottonmouth Kings Join Forces for “Kaos & Kronik” Tour

Twiztid & Kottonmouth Kings 2012 tourThis spring, two of the biggest acts in the underground will come together to wreak havoc on the road for one of this year’s hottest tours. The stars have come into alignment as Psychopathic Records’ Twiztid and Suburban Noize weed smokers the Kottonmouth Kings will unite for the “Kaos & Kronik” Tour with special guests Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Big B.

“Psychopathic Records and Suburban Noize have been allies in the underground for a decade, but this is the first time Kottonmouth Kings & Twiztid have come together on a national tour,” says Kottonmouth’s Brad X. “We asked Big B and Blaze to join us on this tour to help bring the thunder and ensure every show is pure insanity.”

See below for the full tour schedule, and stay current on all things Twiztid by visiting www.psychopathicrecords.com and following them on Twitter.

Apr 13 – Kansas City @ Midland Theatre
Apr 14 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s
Apr 15 – Omaha, NE @ Sokol Auditorium
Apr 16 – St. Paul, MN @ Myth
Apr 18 – Joliet, IL @ Mojoe’s
Apr 19 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Intersection
Apr 20 – Mount Clemens, MI @ Emerald Theatre
Apr 21 – Columbus, OH @ LC Pavilion
Apr 22 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Stage AE
Apr 23 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabody’s
Apr 24 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
Apr 25 – Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
Apr 27 – Philadelphia, PA @ Theater of Living Arts
Apr 28 – Worcester, MA @ Palladium
Apr 29 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
Apr 30 – Norfolk, VA @ Norva Theatre
May 03 – Winston Salem, NC @ Ziggy’s
May 04 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
May 05 – Clearwater, FL @ Gaoline Alley
May 06 – Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
May 07 – Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
May 09 – Little Rock, AR @ Jaunita’s
May 10 – Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
May 11 – San Antonio, TX @ Backstage Live
May 12 – Dallas, TX @ Trees
May 13 – El Paso, TX @ Buchanan’s Event Center

Twiztid Only Dates
Mar 31 – Las Vegas, IL @ The Extreme Thing, Desert Breeze Park

The 13th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos Tickets on Sale Now

Gathering of the Juggalos 2012 sale

The 13th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos has been announced, and tickets to the one and only ‘Juggalo Island’ are available now at the event’s official website, juggalogathering.com.  The music festival, curated by Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records, will take place August 8th-12th in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois at The Hatchet Landings (AKA Hog Rock), and will feature performances by Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, ABK, Boondox, Mike E. Clark, and many other acts to be announced.

Ticket packages for the Gathering include a five (5) ticket deal, a combo pack, a Big Balla Campsite pass, and more.  Regular admission tickets for the festival are also available. For more information on Insane Clown Posse and Psychopathic Records, please visit their official websites, Facebooks, and Twitters, which are provided below, and keep an eye on juggalogathering.com for the full line-up.

Official Sites:

Drake Saturday Night at the Bing Bar During the Sundance Film Festival

Bing Presents Comedy With Aziz Ansari And A Drake Performance At The Bing Bar - 2012 Park City

Saturday night at the Bing Bar, Drake fans anxiously waited almost three hours for a private performance. The Grammy-nominated rapper was severely delayed due to the blizzard that took over the Sundance Film Festival these last couple of days. Despite avalanches, road closures and plane delays, Drake finally made it to the Bing Bar and gave an epic performance that shut the house down. As the crowd waited, “Parks and Recreation” star Aziz Ansari performed some stand-up, sarcastically talking about his surprise at a rapper not being on time. The crowd was unruly as Ansari tried to get things started which led to Cuba Gooding Jr. storming the stage to get the crowd to calm down and listen. Drake finally took the stage around 1am, performing his hits and “Crew Love” for the first time ever on stage. Celebrities in attendance included: Quincy Jones, Ryan Kwanten, Jesse Williams, Will Forte, Aubrey Plaza, Donald Faison, Angela Kinsey and Aaron Paul.

Photo Credit:  Bing/Bing Bar

Die Antwoord’s “TEN$ION” Set to Release 2/7/2012

Die Antwoord tension cover

Johannesburg (SA)…Die Antwoord will release their sophomore album, TEN$ION, on February 7th, 2012. The follow-up to their 2010 debut, $0$, the zef rap-rave crew also plans to hit the States for a U.S. tour beginning February 9 in Philadelphia.

Die Antwoord came together in 2008 in South Africa and consists of Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek. Their debut album,$O$, was first made available February 2010 as a free download on their official website, and the band launched their first music videos, “Enter the Ninja” and “Zefside” on DIEANTWOORD.COM. That month DIEANTWOORD.COM received over 41 million hits and the server broke.

TEN$ION was recorded and produced in South Africa by DJ Hi-Tek with additional production by Ninja. TEN$ION ispresented by ZEF Records, in association with Good Smile, and distributed globally by Downtown Records and COOP Music, Die Antwoord se rympies sal jou fokken kop skop.


02.09.12 – Philadelphia, PA – Trocadero Theatre
02.10.12 – Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
02.11.12 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza

02.12.12 – Washington D.C. – 930 Club
02.14.12 – Toronto, ON – The Phoenix Concert Theatre

02.15.12 – Chicago, IL – Metro

02.18.12 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
02.19.12 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
02.22.12 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom

02.20.12 – Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market

02.22.12 – San Francisco, CA – Regency Ballroom
02.24.12 – Los Angeles, CA – Club Nokia
02.25.12 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues



Paul’s Twelve Musical Christmas Wishes

Twelve Musical Christmas Wishes

Paul's Christmas List12. I wish that someone would tell Justin Bieber that he is too young to have a “beard.”

11. I wish someone would string my guitar. (The last time I put new strings on Kurt Cobain was still alive).

10. I wish Beyonce/JLo would return my calls and have those court orders… ooops.

9. I wish Motown would rebuild the snakepit and start making relevant music again.

8. I wish Jessie J. would explain those two puppets in the intro to the “Price Tag” video.

7. I wish Pitbull and T-Pain would be my wingmen for a night.

6. I wish that every day I was shufflin’.

5. I wish Paul McCartney would get a facelift. The ex-Beatle looks like an old woman.

4. I wish Billy Corgan would get dropkicked by his fans in music and in pro wrestling.

3. I wish for two 2012 shows; Tim Minchin and The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

2. I wish to sign a songwriter’s agreement – at least get some love for my lyrics.

1. I wish Elvis was still alive and all the impersonators were dead

It’s So Dirty You’ll Need to Wash Your Hands

Sony Music

T-Pain rEvolvEr cover

The font choices for T-Pain’s new disc “rEVOLVEr” lead one to believe the emphasis is on the word evolve. According to Wikipedia; “Evolution is any change across successive generations in the heritable characteristics of biological populations.”  (If Wikipedia says it then it must be true; right?)

I think it is safe to say that to evolve is to grow – to develop. Musically that can be interpreted pretty broadly. The thing is – though – Mr. Pain hasn’t evolved so much as created another collection of catchy NC-17 rated songs rife with sexual conquests and countless pop culture references.

Listening to Mr. Pain’s disc is a guilty pleasure. I can crank it up and sing along, but I don’t think I’d want anyone to see me doing that.

I am clearly not the demographic he was aiming at when he cut this disc. The references are surely of a culture younger and hipper than mine. Odd thing – his way with twisting a melody around his hyperkinetic flow makes for compelling listening/dancing.

Mr. Pain has an uncanny talent for break-neck flow with easy rhymes and solid beats. There is an air of naughty-but-nice in his swagger as he shares stories – sometimes in graphic detail – about the things his bling will bring.

This is a great party disc. If you are a wallflower the lyrics are funny and smart. How does he flow so well with his tongue so firmly tucked into his cheek?

There is nothing new about the backing tracks. They veer into karaoke-quality from time to time, but he isn’t trying to set the world on fire – he is just trying to get lit.

Lily Allen’s contribution to “5:00” reminds us that the young songstress possesses a haunting alluring quality. Her voice is distinctive and textured perfectly. Her singing compliments and complements Mr. Pain.

You might want to wash your hands (thoroughly) after listening to “rEVOLVEr.” I did – the first six times I listened. Once the pop-shock wears off, you can feel free to walk around inside the lyrical ideas and really enjoy the disc.

Stand Out Tracks
It’s Not You (It’s Me)
Show Time (Pleasure Thang!)
Rock Bottom
Best Love Song

Kid Sister’s “Kiss & Tell” EP and “Kiss Kiss Kiss” Mixtape Download

Kid Sister Kiss and Tell Cover

Kid Sister is back with a new EP on 11/29 off Fool’s Gold Records.  The 4 track EP is called Kiss & Tell which features remixes by Nadastorm, Sinden, 5kinandbone5, and Scoop Deville. Kid Sister, aka Melisa Young has been spending time in the studio for working on her full length album.  She’s also been conquering North America on the Magic 8 Ball tour with A-Trak as well as performing at the Electric Zoo Festival in NYC.

Kid Sister also has a mixtape available to download for free.  Kiss Kiss Kiss is mixed by Nick Catchbubs and you can download it here.

Listen to two of the tracks from Kiss & Tell below:

Kid Sister featuring Danny Bown “Gucci Rag Top remix” Music Video

Kid Sister & Riff Raff – Hide & Seek (Prod. By Sinden & 5kinandbone5) Music Video

1. Mickey (Produced by Nadastrom)
2. Hide & Seek feat. Riff Raff (Produced by Sinden & 5kinandbone5)
3. Cliq Claq (Produced by Scoop Deville)
4. Gucci Rag Top (Remix) feat. Danny Brown (Produced by Scoop Deville)


The GAME Out in Support of R.E.D.

The Game
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

All Photos by Dan DeSlover

GAME The Rave 11 10 11 Milwaukee

The Game’s 4th studio album, R.E.D., was released on August 23rd.  The album debuted at the #1 spot on Billboard’s Top 200 the week of its release.  The album featured production from Dr. Dre and DJ Premier and features Big Boi, Young Jezzy, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, and E-40 just to name a few.  Game’s debut, The Documentary, was released back in 2005 went platinum, won 2 Grammy’s, and reached #1 on the R&B/Hip Hop song chart.  His sophomore release sold over 1 million records and his third release missed the #1 spot on the Billboard charts by 1,000 copies.

Game’s “Pot of Gold” featuring Chris Brown
Game - Pot Of Gold (featuring Chris Brown) by Interscope Records

Before the release of R.E.D. Game released Hoodmorning, a free mixtape for his fans. The tape is still available to download for free here.

Hoodmorning Tracklisting:
01. The Game – Hoodmorning [Produced by Mars]
02. The Game – Drug Test (Feat. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg) [Produced by DJ Khalil]
03. The Game – Can You Believe It (Feat. Lil Wayne & Baby) [Produced by Lifted]
04. The Game – Mr. West / Money & The Power [Produced by Che Vicious]
05. The Game – Monsters In My Head [Produced by Boi-1da]
06. The Game – Wow (Feat. Gucci Mane) [Produced by Mars]
07. The Game – 25 To Life [Produced by Mars]
08. The Game – Out Of Towner [Produced by Terrace Martin]
09. The Game – Standin On A Corner (Feat. B.o.B & Wiz Khalifa) [Prod. by Gun Roulet]
10. The Game – Grave Yard (Feat. Sam Cooke) [Produced by Mars & Point Guard]
11. The Game – The Town [Produced by Mars & Rance]
12. The Game – Uncle Otis [Produced by Mars & Point Guard]
13. The Game – Infrared [Produced by Cool & Dre]
14. The Game – Change Your Life (Feat. BWS) [Produced by Mars]
15. The Game – Red (Feat. Redman) [Produced by Cool & Dre]
16. The Game – I’m On [Produced by Mars]
17. The Game – Ace of Spades (Feat. Joi StaRR & Paypa) [Produced by Mars]
18. The Game – F*cked Up [Produced by Mars]
19. The Game – She Wanna Have My Baby (Feat. Trey Songz)
20. The Game – Rough (Feat. Yelawolf) [Produced by Jim Jonsin]

The Game has been touring in support of R.E.D. and hit the Rave in Milwaukee on Friday night.  There were about 200 to 300 people in the basement stage of the Rave.  The night didn’t go perfectly for Game.  It was about three songs in when Game was telling at his DJ to turn down everybody’s microphones.  He even complained about the mix.

The setlist:
West Side Story
Dope Boyz
Red Nation
Lax Files
Martins vs Goblins
Let’s Ride
Put You on the Game
Start From Scratch
Wouldn’t Get Far
Hate it or Luv It
How We Do
One Blood
I’m The King

There are only a couple more stops on the tour. Even if you miss him on tour, there is still plenty of music of his to listen to.

Tour Dates:
Fri            Nov 11                       Milwaukee, WI                  Rave
Mon            Nov 14                   Austin, TX                          Emo’s East
Tue            Nov 15                    New Orleans, LA               House of Blues
Wed            Nov 16                  Houston, TX                       House of Blues
Thu            Nov 17                   Dallas, TX                          House of Blues

Click on thumbnails of GAME to enlarge the photos:

For more photo galleries and live music reviews head over to Concert Capture!

The GAME online:

Odd Future Denies Everything That Happened at Voodoo


Odd Future Voodoo Experience 2011 New OrleansBillboard is reporting a statement made by Odd Future’s publicist Heathcliff Beau:

Healthcliff states, “no truth to the accusation.” 

“There simply is no truth to the accusation floating around the internet,” Berru tells Billboard.com’s The Juice. “It’s no secret that Odd Future has a love/hate relationship with photographers at shows. [It’s] simply because sometimes they are given access the group wishes there fans would have instead. After telling the photographers to clear out multiple times (as they’ve done before) Vyron (Leftbrain) took a swipe at a few cameras, NOT people. To manipulate the situation [and] to insinuate an attack on a woman specifically is careless and manipulative”

The problem with the statement above is that it did happen.  There is a video below taken by a Voodoo patron during Odd Future’s set.  It’s quite obvious in the video Left Brain is taking a swipe at someone in the pit.  Amy also stands by her statement that Left Brain looked at her at said, “I hate you bitch!” that was followed by a slap to the face.  Not only is Amy holding her position there are also other photographers in the pit that witnessed the scene. (photos of the scene to come)

The slap took place around the 1:20 mark.

Odd Future – Transylvania – Voodoo Experience 2011 from Voodoo Experience on Vimeo.

A Statement from photographer Skip Bolen that was in the pit during the Odd Future set at Voodoo:

photographers statement odd future

Also Amy states that no one in the band or security asked the photographers to leave before the incident occurred. The photographers were escorted out after the incident. Photographers on The Music Photographer’s Facebook page are also stating the same. See below:

Odd Future Music photographersOdd Future Music photographers

Editor’s note: AGAIN I state that if Odd Future didn’t want photographers in the pit it should have been in their contract with the festival.  MSO is one of the best PR firms and would have told photographers they weren’t allowed in the pit if it was by the bands request.  So dear Mr. Healthcliff, why wasn’t there a ‘no photo claus’ in Odd Future’s Voodoo contract? Especially when the band has a history of neglect to the photographers in the pit as you stated, “It’s no secret that Odd Future has a love/hate relationship with photographers at shows. [It’s] simply because sometimes they are given access the group wishes there fans would have instead.

Insane Clown Posse at The Rave

Insane Clown Posse
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Insane Clown Posse The Rave Milwaukee

Amid chants of ‘Family’ and showers of Faygo lies a single music label.  Psychopathic Records has been called many things and is known for many reasons.  But fans of the label and its artists will tell you that nothing really beats an Insane Clown Posse (ICP) show.  This year’s American Psycho tour boasting a long awaited combination of ICP, Twiztid and Blaze, was nothing less than spectacular, as usual.

Unlike the normal annual Hallowicked week of shows, the American Psycho tour consisted of several weeks across the nation ending per usual in Detroit on Halloween with a single Hallowicked show.  While many fans were disappointed in the change, the actual selection in songs well made up for the drastic change on stage.  Rather than dark forests with smokey, shadowy surprises and selections solely from the Joker’s Cards centered around terror and the season like ‘Boogie Woogie Wu’, ‘Hokus Pokus’ and ‘Dead Pumpkins’, the American Psycho Tour brought back songs that haven’t been heard over the last few years and new favorites such as ‘Everybody Rize’ and ‘Miracles’.  The show also offered collabos with Twiztid, treating fans to ‘Juggalo Homies’ and ‘The Marsh Lagoon’.  While these collabos are a common occurrence in Detroit, they are a rare treat for fans in other areas of the Midwest.  The stage change featured massive red, white and blue ICP letters with a hatchet man on each side as well as a change in barrels and Psychopathic flags wrapped around side posts hat could be seen clearly even from the back of the crowd.

ICP opened their show atop red and white striped tricycles complete with shiny blue tassels, peddling a figure eight around 4 giant, flag painted barrels filled to the brim with Faygo bottles.  As the crowd erupted with screams of approval the lights came up and the show began, Mike E Clark spinning classic Dark Carnival songs and monsters of all sorts creeping forward.  Even Uncle Sam (or rather Uncle Sams) joined in the fun.

From the time Shaggy 2 Dope popped the top on the first bottle of Faygo the music took on a sticky sweetness and adrenaline started pumping.  Shortly after that bottle flew came the first Faygo ‘break’ bringing forward lines of jumpsuit wearing clowns with buckets overflowing with Faygo ready to launch out over the front row followed by confetti, feathers and streamers.

As the night wore on the fans worked up into a frenzy.  Encouraged by Shaggy and Violent J they sang out choruses, passed around Faygo bottles and even got a little jiggy when the stage filled up with mummies and monsters galore for ‘Zombie Slide’.  The group ended the show with a bang (Pow! Boom!); All of the monsters, clowns, VIPs and group members on stage emptying out pallet after pallet of Faygo and filling the air with streamers.  This song wears on and on repeating over and over until every last drop has been released and fans are convinced they’ve received all of their entertainment for the night and Psychopathic has given everything they can to their fans.  When the evening closes to an end there is so much to remember from a Psychopathic show.  But as you walk out the door few things will stick in your mind quite as strongly as the smell of Diet Faygo, the screams of ‘Family’, the terror of soda toting clowns, and the feeling of pure adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Most notable gear for the evening:  A group of painted leprechauns complete with felt hats emblazoned with hatchet man patches and long green beards.  Each was painted as a different member of Psychopathic groups.

“Glow girls” – I have no idea where all this stuff came from, but these girls were painted head to toe in black light paint and covered in hatchet man charms in their belly buttons, eyebrow rings, on the zippers of their skirts, on their shoes, hanging from their dreads.  They looked like glowing cover models for Psychopathics from Outer Space.

Most mimicked group member: Blaze.  After I thought I saw the 20th or so Blaze waltz right past me, I quit counting.  The fans have his paint and walk down, as well as his signature outfit, bandana and hat.  Now, if only they could find a way to make themselves 6’6″……

Most notable moment not many people actually noticed: Shaggy out-doing himself once again.  At one point during ‘Homies’ Shaggy launched a bottle that hit the center of the arched ceiling in the Ballroom.

Most accomplished crowd connecting moments: Madrox and Monoxide of Twiztid working with the crowd to achieve a hug consisting of the crowd essentially changing sides.

ICP running through ‘Dating Game’ including separate introductions of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J, each working a Faygo bottle (most of which ends up over their heads on down their necks) and receiving defening screams from the Juggalettes (female fans).

Wolfpac running along the front of the barricades to give out hugs, handshakes and high fives as well as joining fans in the mosh pit after their set.

Click on the thumbnails of ICP to enlarge photos:

Odd Future: From Their Violent Lyrics to Real Life (NSFW)

UPDATE: The BAND DENIES EVERYTHING and here’s what we have to say about that

NSFW due to language

Odd Future Voodoo Experience 2011 New Orleans All photos of Odd Future are by Amy Harris

Odd Future is a rap group lead by Tyler, The Creator. The band is noted for their violent lyrics against women. It’s song lyrics from “Bitch Suck Dick” that demonstrate Tyler’s lyrical violence against women. One of the opening lines of the song states, “By the way, we do punch bitches.”  For Tyler he is quite serious and proved yesterday that he’s a man of his lyrical word along with the band.

Odd Future Voodoo Experience 2011 New OrleansYesterday on the last day of The Voodoo Experience, Odd Future took the stage and it started with a bang, actually more with a punch. Tyler arrived onstage and proclaimed his hatred for photographers. He started exclaiming that fans pay big money to be there and to be upfront, so the music photographers (aka the press) shouldn’t be in the barricade. When other members of the group joined in on the anti-photographer rant, the crowd started to eat it up. Left Brain, Vyron Dalyan Turner,  jumped down onto the speakers in front of the stage and threw water on the photographers’ cameras. He kicked a video camera over, and said, “We are going to fuck you up!” He then looked directly at Amy Harris from The First 3 Songs and said, “I hate you bitch!” and proceeded to slap her and knock her camera over. “Everybody was in shock,” Amy tells me. “Some photographers left as Tyler was saying ‘We are going to Fuck you up’ and some left as he (Left Brain) slapped me.”

After the tirade on the photo pit, the band proceeded with their set and the photographers were escorted out of the pit. Amy says that she is not pressing charges against the band.

Amy is an experienced photographer, and she currently writes for  Cincinnati’s CityBeat, The First 3 Songs, and for us here at The Dead Hub, and is represented by Corbis Images. She’s been covering live concerts for 4 years and she tells me, “I’ve seen them (artists) throw water and complain, but never violence.”

The Youtube video has very poor sound quality. Will keep our eyes out for better ones if available.

Editor’s Note: I really feel compelled to say something here, not only because Amy freelances for us, but because of the situation as a whole.  If Odd Future REALLY felt strongly about not having photographers in the photo pit covering their set they could have made that happen instead of inflicting violence to get their message across. It is not uncommon for artists to have restrictions during their live performances. Some artist will request to not have any photographers during their set even in festival settings. You can also bet that The Dead Hub will never be covering Tyler or Odd Future again.  His actions were uncalled for.

Oh yes, one more thing, Tyler lives with his mother. 

Photos of Odd Future before and as the violence hit:

Mindless Behavior Headline The Scream Tour

Mindless Behavior
The Scream Tour: The Next Generation
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Mindless Behavior The Rave Milwaukee SCream Tour

Mindless Behavior is enjoying the success of their new album, #1 Girl, on iTunes right now. Mindless Behavior is made up of 4 boys Princeston, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Prodigy. They all have the looks that make their fans scream with excitement when in their presence. They are currently headlining the Scream tour: The Next Generation with Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Hamilton Park, and OMG Girlz.

The Mindless Behavior boys hit the stage last night to a full house of screaming fans. Since it was an all ages show the doors opened at 5pm with a 6pm start time when OMG Girlz kicked off the night. It was Diggy  that stole the show before Mindless Behavior took the stage. He even invited Jacob Latimore onstage with him.  Mindless Behavior started at 8:00pm sharp.

Mindless Behaviour - #1 Girl by Interscope Records

The boys are dancers. They are very good dancers that swooned their fans with their slick moves. The quartet worked the floor and the crowd. At times the boys would head to the end of the stage and reach out to their adoring fans. They also worked the ramp and high-rises near the back of the stage. They stayed in sync with their dancing moves.

The only hangup I have with the boys is that they lip sync. It is kind of deceiving because their wireless head mics were taped to their faces. Why go through all the trouble if the band isn’t really singing? Of course I can’t rake them over the coals too much because most of the big dancing pop acts lip sync – think Britney Spears.

Was the show entertaining? Yes and it was definitely a family friendly affair.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the Mindless Behavior photos from The Rave:


Diggy on The Scream Tour with Mindless Behavior

The Scream Tour with Mindless Behavior
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Diggy The Rave Milwaukee The Scream Tour

He’s the son of Rev. Run and nephew of Russell Simmons, yet Daniel “Diggy” Simmons needed no family assistance when dropping his first mixtape. He used the internet and his personal blog to his advantage.  Now he’s worked his way up the ladder and is positioning himself for great success.

Diggy opened for Mindless Behavior on the Scream Tour: The Next Generation in Milwaukee last night.  DJ SpinBlade spun a few tunes before Diggy hit the stage in front of a packed house of screaming fans.  This was my first introduction to Diggy and he made a very great first impression.  First off all he actually raps and doesn’t rely on lip syncing for his performance.  He has a large personality and it shows on stage.  Diggy interacted with his ever so excited fans.  He even pointed to a female fan in the crowd and she was pulled to the side of the stage where she had her dream come true of meeting him.  I was there as she walked back to her friends and say tears of joy on her face.

Now we just need a full length album from him.

Songs available for purchase:
“Copy,Paste” on iTunes
“Do It Like You” Digital Downloads

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos of Diggy at The Rave:

Kickin’ it Old School: Culture Beat’s “Mr. Vain” Video

This isn’t the original video because YouTube won’t let any of the original videos be embedded. Nice going YouTube! Above is the Recall version of the song. It is more of the dance version with more sex appeal. Here is a direct link to the original Mr. Vain video with all the 90’s cheesiness.

“Mr. Vain” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts in December of 1993. Overall the song only hit #17 on the Billboard charts back on January 22, 1994. The band really needed a “We’re big in Europe” t-shirt as they experience more notoriety overseas than here in America.  Fun fact, the band went through many line-up changes and even replaced Tania Evans in 1997 with Kim Sanders. Tania Evans wasn’t the original female vocal for the band, but she is the voice on their biggest hits “Mr. Vain” and “Got to Get It.”

Where is the band now? According to Wikipedia the band is still around, but I’d like to say otherwise.  The band’s site is non-existent and the last song they released was “Your Love” back in 2008.

Torsten Fenslau, the founder of the band, died in a car accident in 1993.

Tania Evans released an album of house music called Strength To Carry On back in 2003 and then wed in 2004.

Jay Supreme left Culture Beat back in 1997 to start a solo career. He only released one single to date and it was “Your Love (Encore)” together with Cheryll Lynn back in 2000.



In Photos: Tech N9NE @ The Gathering of the Juggalos

Tech N9NE
The Gathering of the Juggalos
Hog Rock – Cave In Rock, IL

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 1

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 2

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 3

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 4

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 5

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE 6

The Gathering 2011 Tech N9NE


In Photos: Blaze @ The Gathering of the Juggalos

The Gathering of the Juggalos
Hog Rock – Cave In Rock, IL

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 3

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 2

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 4

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 5

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 6

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 7

The Gathering 2011 Blaze 8

The Gathering 2011 Blaze

Vanilla Ice @ The Gathering of the Juggalos

Vanilla Ice
The Gathering of the Juggalos
Hog Rock – Cave In Rock, IL

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 5

So before Ice came on security was on “Girl watch” trying to find girls in bikini’s to join Ice on stage. There were these 3 girls walking around butt naked and the guy backstage was all about them! Saying YES! I need all of you up here! People from backstage were peaking out to see the naked girls in all their glory. One guy even saying “dad you have to see this!” Did he just say dad? Yeah he did! Once it was getting closer to show time the girls where told they had to cover themselves up. LMAO Sorry backstage dudes! But I have to give props to Ice for having them do so. He’s got 2 little girls at home! It’s a respect thing and looking out for their best interest. You go ninja!

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 2

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 8

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 3

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 4

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 6

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice

The Gathering 2011 Vanilla Ice 7

Eminem at Lollapalooza

Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Out of the entire fest I was most excited about Eminem. Even though there were some pretty amazing acts this year my main focus was seeing Slim Shady. Sadly, I was highly disappointed – at no fault to Eminem. He looked great up there! The fault all laid in Lolla’s hands. First of all Perry’s stage was so loud it was seeping throughout the North end. The whole North side was overcome by a sea of people. I was standing around the middle of the field just out by the jumbotron and I could barely hear him. Souded like his mic kept going out, the music wasn’t very loud and even the screen nearby kept losing its signal. While talking to my peeps we used our normal voices. We didn’t even have to shout. This is not good my friends! It’s a concert, I should have to yell to talk to the person next to me.

Anyway! Other than the tech malfunctions Shady was fantastic! Playing new songs from Recovery and of course playing some oldies; “Stan”, “The Way I Am”, “The Real Slim Shady”.

Em’s backdrop’s were filled with all sorts of images, some cheesy but cool. During “Stan” the music video played, while playing “No Love” there was a beating heart, Shady also showed some Detroit love and had car moldings being formed and sprayed.

Eminem had special guest Bruno Mars come out for “Lighters”.

Shady called Chicago crazy and said he was gonna prove it. He asked the crowd “Who gets fucked up?”…..crowd cheered….”Who gets fucked up to the Recovery album?”….more cheers….”I told you!”

Even tho Eminem has his funny side he also took a moment to be serious. While talking about sexual escapades throughout the festival season he went into Nate Dogg’s “Area Codes” and paid tribute to Nate Dogg. RIP 1969-2000.

Overall I loved being able to see Eminem. Words can’t even express how tickled I am that Shady is back! It has been too long since I have seen him live and his shows just keep getting better and better. Love you Shady!

Lights Over Paris Debuts Video With Guest Appearance From Rapper Game Today

Lights Over Paris Debuts Video With Guest Appearance From Rapper Game Today

First Full Length Album to Follow

Los Angeles, CA (July 12, 2011) – Having just released the debut single and finishing up their forthcoming album, Lights Over Paris unveiled the video for “I’m Not A Gangsta” today on YouTube. The entertainingly boisterous video was filmed in Los Angeles and includes a cameo from hip hop phenomenon, Game. Directed by John Asher and produced by Michelle Larkin, the comedic spin makes this music video one that should not be missed.

The long-awaited track, produced by Dr Luke’s Ammo (Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Katy Perry), recently hit radio and continues to gain spins on Top 40 stations nationwide. It’s infectious melody constitutes “I’m Not A Gangsta” to be the explosive hit of the summer.

The forthcoming full length album will also include producers Kool Kojak (Flo Rida, Travis Barker) and Matt Squire (3OH!3, Ke$ha, Panic! At The Disco) as well as a feature from musical sensation, DEV. “It’s not just another pop record that you will shelf after a few months, we worked extremely hard to make this a timeless record,” explains front-man Robb University.


The energetic Los Angeles band, Lights Over Paris (vocalist Robb University, keyboardist Will Pepper, guitarist Devin Bronson, bassist Mike Torres, drummer Dave Gentry and DJ Shiny) blends a mix of melodic rock hooks with pulsating dance rhythms and a taste of hip hop. Their music captured the attention of renowned producer Kevin Rudolf (Lil Wayne, Cobra Starship), as well as mixing engineers Tom and Chris Lord-Alge (Blink 182, Sum 41), and Serban Ghenea (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Britney Spears) creating infectious tracks on their 2010 EP. Since coming together in 2009, this sextet has released an EP, garnered over 1 million YouTube views for their first hit single, “Turn Off The Lights” and gained rotation on numerous Top 40 stations throughout the country. The group made history with the first single to be featured on Pandora with digital only distribution. Their headlining 52-city “Turn Off The Lights” tour electrified audiences and inspired new fans with their unrivaled style and eclectic approach. For more information on Lights Over Paris, please visit www.lightsoverparis.com.

Lollapalooza’s 20th Birthday Is Coming!!!!

Oh how Lollapalooza has grown! It’s amazing how a farewell show for Jane’s Addiction could manifest into a growing mass of 115+ acres of multiple stages showcasing 130-something artists, festival grounds filled with farmers markets, hosting local gourmet fair, and enough arts and crafts to make your head spin! [Read more…]

In Photos: Calle 13 at the Congress Theater

Calle 13
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

Calle 13 on the net:


Fabulous and Yellowcard on “Hoppus on Music” tonight!

This Friday on “Hoppus on Music,” sit down with Mark to get some face time with Brooklyn rapper Fabolous. Then come chill with rock band, Yellowcard and stay around for California-based Runner Runner’s performance.  Tune in on Friday, 5/6, at 11pm/10c only on Fuse TV!