Wolfpac, Twiztid, Blaze on Tour with ICP

Big Hutch ICP Show The Rave

Big Hutch

Big Hutch, Blaze, Wolfpac, and Twiztid took the stage as openers for ICP up at the Rave in Milwaukee. Photos of each set is below. Need to see ICP photos? Check out the review and photos from the night here.

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Big Hutch ICP Show The RaveBig Hutch ICP Show The RaveBig Hutch ICP Show The RaveBig Hutch ICP Show The Rave

Wolfpac ICP Show The Rave


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Wolfpac ICP Show The RaveWolfpac ICP Show The RaveWolfpac ICP Show The RaveWolfpac ICP Show The RaveWolfpac ICP Show The RaveWolfpac ICP Show The Rave

TWIZTID ICP Show the Rave


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TWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the RaveTWIZTID ICP Show the Rave

Blaze ICP show The rave


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Blaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The raveBlaze ICP show The rave

Odd Future: From Their Violent Lyrics to Real Life (NSFW)

UPDATE: The BAND DENIES EVERYTHING and here’s what we have to say about that

NSFW due to language

Odd Future Voodoo Experience 2011 New Orleans All photos of Odd Future are by Amy Harris

Odd Future is a rap group lead by Tyler, The Creator. The band is noted for their violent lyrics against women. It’s song lyrics from “Bitch Suck Dick” that demonstrate Tyler’s lyrical violence against women. One of the opening lines of the song states, “By the way, we do punch bitches.”  For Tyler he is quite serious and proved yesterday that he’s a man of his lyrical word along with the band.

Odd Future Voodoo Experience 2011 New OrleansYesterday on the last day of The Voodoo Experience, Odd Future took the stage and it started with a bang, actually more with a punch. Tyler arrived onstage and proclaimed his hatred for photographers. He started exclaiming that fans pay big money to be there and to be upfront, so the music photographers (aka the press) shouldn’t be in the barricade. When other members of the group joined in on the anti-photographer rant, the crowd started to eat it up. Left Brain, Vyron Dalyan Turner,  jumped down onto the speakers in front of the stage and threw water on the photographers’ cameras. He kicked a video camera over, and said, “We are going to fuck you up!” He then looked directly at Amy Harris from The First 3 Songs and said, “I hate you bitch!” and proceeded to slap her and knock her camera over. “Everybody was in shock,” Amy tells me. “Some photographers left as Tyler was saying ‘We are going to Fuck you up’ and some left as he (Left Brain) slapped me.”

After the tirade on the photo pit, the band proceeded with their set and the photographers were escorted out of the pit. Amy says that she is not pressing charges against the band.

Amy is an experienced photographer, and she currently writes for  Cincinnati’s CityBeat, The First 3 Songs, and for us here at The Dead Hub, and is represented by Corbis Images. She’s been covering live concerts for 4 years and she tells me, “I’ve seen them (artists) throw water and complain, but never violence.”

The Youtube video has very poor sound quality. Will keep our eyes out for better ones if available.

Editor’s Note: I really feel compelled to say something here, not only because Amy freelances for us, but because of the situation as a whole.  If Odd Future REALLY felt strongly about not having photographers in the photo pit covering their set they could have made that happen instead of inflicting violence to get their message across. It is not uncommon for artists to have restrictions during their live performances. Some artist will request to not have any photographers during their set even in festival settings. You can also bet that The Dead Hub will never be covering Tyler or Odd Future again.  His actions were uncalled for.

Oh yes, one more thing, Tyler lives with his mother. 

Photos of Odd Future before and as the violence hit:

Lollapalooza’s 20th Birthday Is Coming!!!!

Oh how Lollapalooza has grown! It’s amazing how a farewell show for Jane’s Addiction could manifest into a growing mass of 115+ acres of multiple stages showcasing 130-something artists, festival grounds filled with farmers markets, hosting local gourmet fair, and enough arts and crafts to make your head spin! [Read more…]

Two (HED)s are Better Than One

(Hed) p.e.
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

(Hed) p.e. is:
Jared Gomes – vocals
Mawk (Mark Young) – bass
DJ Product © 1969 (Doug Boyce) – turntables
Jaxon – guitar
Trauma – drums

(Hed) p.e. have been around for 17 years with 9 albums to their credit. They have influenced several big name bands with their style of music that ranges from rock, rap, hardcore, and metal. They have teamed up with Mushroomhead again on the (Hed) to Head tour 2.0; each band taking turns headlining every other city. Tonight, Mushroomhead were the headliners.

After what seemed like a longest teardown between the openers and (Hed) p.e., (Hed) p.e. started their set about 20 min late. There was hip/hop music playing in the background as the crowd waited chanting for (Hed) p.e. and Mushroomhead.  The lights dimmed and (Hed) p.e. walked out to “Truth Rising” from their latest self titled album, followed by “Live or Die Free.” The stage setup was kept simple; it was all about the music and at times rants of singer, Gomes. Gomes and DJ Product prowled the stage like two MC’s going back and forth with lyrics before DJ Product settled back in on the turntables & pumped the crowd up. The crowd was into it – from the jumping and pits erupting in the middle of the floor, yet the intensity increased when Mushroomhead had their turn.

(Hed) p.e. reached back in to their music catalog, playing hits off their first couple albums. As a band, they were very tight – playing all styles and ranges to go along with Gomes kinetic energy as a lead vocalist. At times, they matched perfect and a few times, just did not flow well.  The set l included a guest appearance from one of the guys from Mushroomhead. The favor was returned when Trauma played the water drums with Mushroomhead for their set.

With only an hour for their set, (Hed) p.e. jammed in as many songs as they could but honestly, I felt they could have played more.  Gomes felt the need to talk to the crowd about the political world we are in, how Wisconsin is dealing with union issues, and Fox news being a bunch of liars to the American people. Now, I don’t mind a little speech in a show, but it felt like it went on longer than it should and set a buzzkill to the show. Yes, (Hed) p.e. is a social/political band, but let the music provide the message.

With that put aside, the music and show was great fun. I had only heard about their energy on stage, as this was my first time seeing them live, and they did not disappoint.
If you’re looking for a show to see that is not your typical rock show and with lots of visual performance and energy, then you won’t want to miss this two-headed monster tour.

written by Peter Lizano

Hollywood Undead Free Download


Hollywood Undead are giving fans a taste of their new music from their upcoming album, American Tragedy, by offering a free download of the track “Comin’ In Hot.” Fans can get the free download now at http://bit.ly/HUCominInHot. The new album hits stores this Spring in March.  Across this album and tour, the band members sport new masks, and they’re giving fans a taste of how the new faces were conceived and created in a “Making Of…” video, which features makeup/special effects artist, Jerry Constantine.

Don’t miss your chance to check out Hollywood Undead on “The Nightmare After Christmas” Tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, and New Medicine. For more information regarding dates and ticketing, as well as updates on the release of their latest record, American Tragedy, make sure to check out Hollywoodundead.com. Also, don’t forget to check out the bands Facebook page for more updates and news as well!

Hollywood Undead Reveal New Masks

Hollywood Undead has released an exclusive photo and video revealing their brand new masks to all of their fans.  Be sure to check out the first photo of their brand new look.  Also, the band has released a “Making Of…” video which features makeup/special effects artist, Jerry Constantine in a behind the scenes look at the creation of their new look. J-Dog spoke about Jerry and the new masks saying:

“We wanted new masks because they represent us as a band, and as a whole. We all felt it`s years later since the first record and time to start a new chapter. Also the guy, Jerry, who molded them said “I noticed it was a problem when some of your fans masks started looking better than yours.” So we stepped it up. Now ours look better, light up, and shoot f*ckin missiles at terrorists!”

Hollywood Undead’s first single from the album, “Hear Me Now” is dominating the modern rock charts, killing the competition as the #1 most added record at Alternative and Active Rock Radio as it makes its climb.  Don’t miss your chance to check out the guys on The Nightmare After Christmas Tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour, and New Medicine.

For more information regarding dates and ticketing, make sure to check outHollywoodundead.com and also don’t forget to check out the bands Facebook and MySpacepages for updated news as well!

Hollywood Undead reveal teaser for new album American Tragedy




Hollywood Undead are back! The band has just revealed a teaser on their Facebook page which features snippets of a new track that will be featured on the album American Tragedy. The song will be featured on their new album American Tragedy (in-stores March 2011). The new release is the follow-up to their controversial gold selling debut, Swan Songs.

Hollywood Undead’s first single from the album, “Hear Me Now” is already climbing the modern rock charts. It has been the #1 most added record 2 weeks in a row at Alternative and Active Radio combined!

“Been a long time, were out of the studio, done recording, beat the shit out of ourselves to make sure our second record is better then our first,” said J-Dog.  “Was hard but we finally finished it and are ready to release our first song, Da Kurlzz cried when we finished it harder then he did when he lost his virginity on leave from the navy on a beach in Germany. The song is called ‘Hear Me Now.’ One of my favorite songs we’ve ever written.”

The group is an explosive cocktail of hip hop, rock and metal, forging an alternative style that carved out a loyal and die-hard fan base since their debut on the LA scene in 2005. They craft incisive, sharp and sarcastic raps that slash the jugular of mainstream pop culture. Donning individual masks, Hollywood Undead possess a dark aesthetic that’s connected to their hometown’s depravity.

Beginning on January 20th in Reading, PA, fans can catch the group on tour with Avenged Sevenfold, Stone Sour and New Medicine for The Nightmare After Christmas Tour. For all dates and ticketing information log on to: site.hollywoodundead.com/events for full details.

ICP plan massive Hallowicked shows, release new track



Insane Clown Posse will be celebrating the Halloween season this year by playing four very special Hallowicked shows, from October 28th till the final Hallowicked show on Halloween Night in Detroit. Joining ICP on stage will be Psychopathic Records’ own Dayton Family, Mike E. Clark, and ABK (Anybody Killa).

ICP have also just unleashed a new Halloween themed track called “This Halloween Is Crazy” which can be heard here. The full list of Hallowicked dates are below.

10/28 The Rave Milwaukee, WI

10/29 The LC Indoor Pavilion Columbus, OH

10/30 Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville, IN

10/31 The Fillmore Detroit, MI


Even a Dirtball can be King for a Day

Kottonmouth Kings
Long Live the Kings
Suburban Noize

If someone would have approached me in June and said that I would a. listen to a Kottonmouth Kings album and b. like it; I would have laughed out loud. I appreciate what they do and am amazed that they have had this longevity. Their success is undeniable – if only within a devoted niche of fans who know good music when they hear it. [Read more…]


Desperate Measures In Stores Now!

Gold selling recording artists Hollywood Undead are coming at you with their very first fan app! The brand new iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app allows fans to have access to Hollywood Undead at all times. Create custom wallpapers based on the band’s latest release, Desperate Measures, or build your own customized mask with your photo and mash it with some features from the guys’ own masks. Check where the band is on tour with a special tour map and use the direct links to buy tickets to shows! You can even play a tap game that uses the band’s masks as puzzle pieces. This is the ultimate for Hollywood Undead fans, so be sure to download it now. [Read more…]

Hollywood Undead Release “Radio Undead” Webisode 3

Hollywood Undead are starting the countdown to their new, customized radio station on iheartradio, “Radio Undead.” The band just posted a new countdown widget on their Facebook page that includes a video of the guys – complete with animated masks – discussing their musical choices. Click here for the widget, or just watch the video on YouTube. “Radio Undead” will kick off this April, and for two weeks fans can listen to hours of music by some of Hollywood Undead’s favorite artists, some of which, according the band themselves – might surprise you. Click here to RSVP to the event before April 1st!

Hollywood Undead is currently working on their sophomore album, a follow-up to their acclaimed debut Swan Songs. For more info and updates on the band’s progress, head over to the band’s official MySpace Page, and stay tuned to iheartradio.com.

Hollywood Undead Release “Radio Undead” Webisode 2


As a follow up to their last webisode, Hollywood Undead has released a new webisode of their fans singing their song, “Undead.” As another treat for their loyal fan base, the band has partnered up with iheartradio.com to launch a special digital station titled “Radio Undead” this April. The band chose hours of music by their favorite artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Muse, Deftones, Snoop Dogg, Alkaline Trio and more specifically for “Radio Undead” listeners. In addition to spinning their favorite tunes, “Radio Undead” will announce a massive Hollywood Undead contest that will go live in the coming months. The station is an iheartradio exclusive and will run for two weeks.

[Read more…]

ICP unleash new video for “In Yo Face”


Insane Clown Posse have just released a new video for the song “In Yo Face”. The video takes place at the “Theatre Bizarre” and features dancing show girl Juggalos, flames, and a Juggalo children’s choir.

The song comes off of the band’s latest album Bang! Pow! Boom! which debuted at No.4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart back in September. Additionally the album saw success on the Independent chart, debuting at No. 1. Bang! Pow! Boom! is a return to the band’s Dark Carnival concept, which is ICP’s distinct sound, musical tactics, and lyrical storylines.

Hollywood Undead’s Desperate Measures In Stores NOW!

JUST A REMINDER FOR ALL!!! Our Featured Artist, Hollywood Undead’s, album is now in stores!!

hollywood undead

Hollywood Undead’s 2 disc CD/DVD package Desperate Measures is finally here. The 6 crazy MC’s have given their fans 3 new studio recordings, 3 cover songs, 6 live tracks, and 60 minutes of uncut footage from their live performances at The Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque, NM and The Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ. The new release is now available in-stores and online everywhere.

Make sure to pick up your copy here and visit www.HollywoodUndead.com for the band’s most recent co-headlining tour dates with Atreyu.

Hollywood Undead’s Desperate Measures: “I Fucking Hate You Johnny!”

The Hollywood Undead
Desperate Measures (CD/DVD)

hollywood undead

Lyrical Genius – Charlie Scene
Sweet Talker – J-Dog
Loud Mouth – Da Kurlzz
Singer – Deuce
African Baritone – Funny Man
The Server- Johnny 3 Tears

Today is the day…the day when the much anticipated album from Hollywood Undead drops! Desperate Measure is a collection of studio material and live performances from these crazy guys. The CD/DVD combo ranges from covers of Zeppelin and Operation Ivy to live performances from The Sunshine Theater in New Mexico and The Marquee Theater in Tempe Arizona.
I was recently introduced to these six Los Angeles natives and I quickly associated them with the likes of Hed PE, and by that I mean their live performance and sound. Their live performance is immense to say the least just check out the crowd on the DVD! The energy from the album will knock your socks off.

More from Hollywood Undead, purchase the album, find tour dates all after the jump…

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