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Meet the Crew

Meet The Crew!

Jessica Emmerich (Midwest)- Editor in Chief

Yvette Casillas (Midwest) – Deputy Editor (Nightlife)

Paul Weber (Midwest) – Photographer Extraordinaire

Dan DeSlover (Midwest)- Writer/Photographer at Concert Capture

Amy Harris (Midwest)- Photographer/Interviewer at The First 3 Songs

Paul Barile (Chicago) – Album Reviews with Flare!

Sharlene Chiu (NYC)- Indie Folk/Rock Reviews

AyOhAy (LA) – Reviews all that is Pop/Rock/Hip Hop

Ben Farber (AKA Farbrew)(LA) – The Beer Guy at

Ben Bibriesca (London) – Photographer

Samara Howland (Midwest) – Photographer

Guest Contributors:

Writer Eric Schelkopf From The Total Scene

Photographer Chad Mercurio

Writer Scott Blitstein

Writer Joseph O’Fallon

Past Contributors:

Writer  Blake Russell
Photographer Matt Ginger
Photographer George Nieves
Writer Raphael Espinoza
Photographer Sparky
Photographer Kate Williams
Writer Stacy Young
Writer/Photographer Celia Martinez
Writer Erin Lavelle
Writer Jessi Randazzo
Writer Mari Kuhl
Writer Rachel Manter
Writer/Photographer Andy Keil
Writer Rob Kaltenbach
Writer/Photographer Christopher Free
Writer Twiggs
Writer Jason Mcneill
Writer Elliot Conrad
Writer Heidi Wigdahl
Writer Kate Jacobsen
Writer Jessica Galliart
Writer Rachel Morris
Photographer Rene Segura
Photographer Greg Lucker
Writer/Photographer Jennifer Boyer
Writer Sarah Seemiller