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  • Chicago Welcomes Newcomer Matt Hires

    Matt Hires
    The Vic Theatre
    Chicago, IL
    August 2, 2009


    Matt Hires The Vic Theatre

    Having never before heard the songs of Matt Hires, I showed up at his show last night in Chicago with an open mind and ready for anything. I honestly had not heard of Matt Hires before discovering he was the opening act for Paolo Nutini (along with Erin McCarley). Let me tell you though, I liked what I heard. I mean, I REALLY liked what I heard. Not only did this 22-year-old from Tampa, Florida win me over with his music, but he also appears to be a truly humble and genuinely good person. He plays barefoot for crying out loud! How laid back is that? The only other artist I have ever seen perform shoeless on stage in front of thousands of people is Kelly Clarkson. I found myself comparing Matt Hires to lead singer Michael Stipe from R.E.M. throughout the evening, which I believe to be a good thing. I like Michael Stipe and think his voice stands out from the hundreds of other male singers out there. The fact that Hires has a voice so unique that it reminds me of an amazing artist like Stipe only makes me more of a fan for life.

    Of course, what makes an artist truly succeed or not in the music business is their talent and songs. However, having a voice that doesn’t sound like any of the other millions of singer/songwriters in the world definitely helps. In my opinion, Matt Hires has what it takes to make it: talent, good songs, and a distinct voice. If you want to decide for yourself, check out Matt Hires when he plays a city near you. Or you can pick up his debut album Take Us To The Start, available now! No matter what, at least take a few minutes to listen to my personal favorite Matt Hires song, “Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song.”

    Set List / Chicago

    You Are My Sunshine / I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover/medley)

    Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song

    Pick Me Up

    You In The End

    A Perfect Day

    You Are The One

    Maggie’s Farm (Bob Dylan cover)

    Listen To Me Now

    Turn The Page

    State Lines

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