Eric Hutchinson Preps Crowd for Kelly Clarkson

Eric Hutchinson
Rosemont Theatre – Rosemont, IL
October 27, 2009

Eric Hutchinson Rosemont Theatre

To be honest, I am the person who knows every song on the radio, yet fails to know who the artist is. Many times, I have caught myself singing the song “Rock & Roll,” thinking about how catchy it is and how much I like it. On Monday, October 26th, 2009 Eric Hutchinson performed at the Rosemont Theatre, holding a coveted slot opening for Kelly Clarkson. To my surprise, as I was bopping my head along to Eric’s soulful melodies, I found myself singing along to the song “Rock & Roll.” Finally, my mystery was solved and the respect that I was giving to Eric already, sky-rocketed. I immediately made it my mission to seek out his music after the concert.

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Set List / Chicago
All Over Now
You Don’t Have to Believe Me
Back to Where I Was
OK, It’s Alright With Me
Rock & Roll

Eric Hutchinson Rosemont TheatreHutchinson’s first song “All Over Now” jump-started the vibe for his entire performance. The jazzy bassist, soul-filled drummer, funky keyboardist, and collective harmonious background vocals added to the already dynamic show. Eric brought guitar and piano elements to the mix, showing everyone why he deserved to be onstage while singing “All Over Now.” Playing electric guitar to kick off his set supporting Kelly Clarkson, Hutchinson danced across the stage with fancy footwork that reminded me of a funkier version of James Brown.

By the third song “Oh!” Hutchinson was comfortably seated at his keyboard. I expected Eric’s busy feet to stop at any moment, but they did not. Even while singing his heart out at the keys, Hutchinson’s two feet were dancing out of control with the beat. Hutchinson, bolstered by his boyish good looks and beautiful voice continued to amaze me. Needless to say, I was blissfully content.

With the song “Back to Where I Was,” fans immediately began clapping upon hearing the first bar of music. Then Eric, waiting to come in, said: “Yeah, keep clapping, I like it,” adding that it would “keep him on track.” Eric followed “Back to Where I Was” with his latest single, “OK, It’s Alright With Me.” The singer/songwriter performed on NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien show earlier in the year. I nodded my head along to the familiar beat and groove. However, the night’s performance did not come around full circle until “Rock & Roll,” which was of course the last song Eric Hutchinson performed.

I instantly recognized the radio hit and a huge smile spread across my face accordingly. This song’s folksy, fast-paced rhythm that I so dearly loved had been the sound and style of Eric Hutchinson the whole time! As “Rock & Roll” came through the house PA system, I found myself being brought to a very happy place. Simultaneously with the hit single’s introduction, I commenced singing along and graciously complied when Eric told the audience to: “Get up to get ready for Kelly.” Eric Hutchinson, along with his band, was the first performance I have witnessed in quite awhile that has presented the audience with quality showmanship. The vocals, the unity of Hutchinson’s band, and his creative dancing appeared to be 100% genuine talent and skill. Basically, Eric Hutchinson’s concert was an awesome start to a fantastic concert. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Someone point me to the Soul Section!

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Written and Photographed by: Kaytee Doering