Josh Kelley Gets Nasty at Taste of Chicago

Josh Kelley
Petrillo Music Shell – Chicago, IL

Josh Kelley Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago, IL 6/29/08

Josh Kelley was nothing like what I had expected from a singer/songwriter type of guy. I was expecting him to be just like all the other singer/songwriter guys that play guitar while singing about girls and love. But to my pleasant surprise, he stuck out from all of the rest! I laughed out loud multiple times during his commentary between songs. This guy is FUNNY and is not afraid to make fun of himself in front of thousands of people. No wonder Katherine Heigl married the man. I would too if he was available (and I somehow ended up dating him). I didn’t know any of Josh’s music before his show. It was a first for me to see him live in concert.

Josh Kelley Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago, IL 6/29/08The first thing I noticed while up in the photo pit waiting for Josh to come on stage was the keyboard. It was positioned right next to his microphone and guitar pedals, so I knew it had to be for him. Another photographer even asked ME if he played piano – like I would know. I guess nobody knew because we were all shooting Josh for the first time and were under the impression that he just stood, played guitar, and sang. I mean, I knew he sang and played guitar (simultaneously of course!). But I had no clue the guy could play the piano as well and that just made me respect him so much more. I am a sucker for guys who rock out on the piano. He played electric and acoustic guitar during his set too (as you can see in my photos).

Josh Kelley Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago, IL 6/29/08After I took my pictures, I watched the rest of Josh’s set and waited for that one song of his that I would recognize as his big hit – the one on commercial radio. Sure enough, right before his one song encore, he played it and I instantly remembered hearing it multiple times before and NEVER knowing who sang it. For those of you who are in the same position as I was, that song is called Amazing and if you take a listen, you too will have a lightbulb moment when everything comes together.

Josh Kelley Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago, IL 6/29/08Josh and his band also played a song that was recently chosen to be played for the Summer Beijing Olympics. The guys had never played the song for an audience before. And in fact, they had never played the song the whole way through before. Chicago’s show last night was the world premiere. Don’t ask me what it was called. I am so bad at remembering song titles from concerts. I can only remember the melody and hum it back to you. Obviously that’s a little hard to do in a blog. Oh well. Once the Summer Beijing Olympics start up with their commercials and promo materials, everybody and their mother will hear that Josh Kelley song. Be waiting for it!

Josh Kelley Petrillo Music Shell - Chicago, IL 6/29/08