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All Time Low + Popcorn + Lady Gaga = Dance Party

All Time Low
The Bamboozle Roadshow
Soldier Field – Chicago, IL
June 12, 2010

All Time Low Bamboozle Chicago 6

What could easily have been an all time low for fans at the Chicago stop of The Bamboozle Roadshow ended up as a stroke of PR ploy genius resulting in an otherwise noteworthy show. Bewildered power pop/rock music zealots stood around in confusion and frustration when the main stage was left deserted and nothing appeared to be happening. Baltimore-based foursome All Time Low lead kids to believe that they had deserted their gig at The Bamboozle Roadshow after twenty minutes passed by and still no sign of any All Time Low band members was evident.

More photos of All Time Low from The Bamboozle Roadshow and the set list after the jump…

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Boys Like Girls Break It Down To Business & Break Even

Boys Like Girls
Love Drunk
The Bamboozle Roadshow

boys like girls

Boston power pop/rock quartet Boys Like Girls stopped through Chicago on The Bamboozle Roadshow and took a pretty significant chunk of time out of their schedule to chat with The Dead Hub. Boys Like Girls is Martin Johnson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar), Bryan Donahue (bass), and John Keefe (drums).

“Heart Heart Heartbreak” sounds incredibly similar to “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi. When writing, recording, and producing the track was it your intention to emulate the Bon Jovi hit single in any way?

Martin: Did you see the YouTube that mashes them up? I’m really excited about it.

Bryan: I didn’t see it.

Martin: You know what it is? It’s the two hits at the beginning. I didn’t realize that until it was on the record. I probably would’ve changed the two hits if I had known so many people were going to talk about it. It’s just that I don’t really care. Bon Jovi’s sweet, so whatever. Everybody rips off everybody. [Copying] is the best form of flattery. Hey Bon Jovi, thank you, thank so much. Good song guys. It’s the two hits at the beginning. It’s the stealthy rock-and-roll hits. I guess we’re just keeping some stealthy rock-and-roll hits alive. We didn’t realize it until after the record [was finished] that it was kind of similar. I’ve never experienced ourselves in one of those “Wow, you ripped yourself off” or “Wow, you ripped somebody else off” video mashups. We got really excited. There’s this one with Nickelback where they rip themselves off. It’s a mashup of two [of their] songs.

Dead Hub: Well, all of their songs sound alike pretty much.

Martin: I’m not even a closet Nickelback fan. I’m a public Nickelback fan. I think they’re great.

Bryan: We all are. We made that public years ago.

Martin: We’re all public Nickelback fans. Check that out on YouTube [BLG/Bon Jovi mashup] and know that the band gets a good laugh out of it.

Read the rest of our interview with Boys Like Girls after the jump…

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Drive A Announce Summer Tour With All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind And Others

Drive A Announce Summer Tour With All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind And Others

Los Angeles punk rock band DRIVE A is meant to be seen live. Currently wrapping a nationwide tour with Finnish heavyweights HIM, the foursome are revving up for a summer run on the Bamboozle Roadshow, kicking off May 21 in Washington D.C. (full tour itinerary below). Also on the tour are All Time Low, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, among others. Tickets are on-sale now at

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Boys Like Girls Rock Nevada with Cobra Starship

Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship
Henderson Pavillion – Henderson, NV

Boys Like Girls Henderson Pavilion

Boys Like Girls Henderson PavilionBoys Like Girls Henderson Pavilion

Boys Like Girls

I will admit I hadn’t heard much about either of the two bands, Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls, which played last night at the fairly new venue, the Henderson Pavilion, in Henderson NV. Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls marks them as the biggest artists to have graced the stage at the new venue thus far. It was a shame that the bill, which also included A Rocket to the Moon and Versa Emerge, was scheduled for a Sunday. Judging by the crowd of mostly teens the fact that there was school the next day may have kept the crowd size down. Yet as the house lights dimmed, Cobra Starship and Cobra Starship hit the stage, the kids rushed to the front of the stage giving the feeling that there was a decent size crowd.

Photos from Boys Like Girls and Cobra Starship after the jump…

Boys Like Girls Henderson PavilionBoys Like Girls Henderson PavilionLead singer Gabe Saporta quickly got the crowd going with “While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets” from the band’s debut album of the same name. What followed was a swift set of the bands brand of catchy pop/electro/punk that the crowd gladly absorbed complete with hand signals of a Cobra for the bands song from the movie “Snakes on a Plane”. Finishing up with the hit “Good Girls Go Bad” from their current album “Hot Mess”, with keyboardist Victoria Asher filling in for “Gossip Girl’s” Leighton Meester on the female vocals, the band managed to make what could be a rather large venue when filled to capacity into a nice club venue for the night.  After a speedy set change it was time for Boy’s Like Girls to hit the stage.

Boys Like Girls Henderson Pavilion

Boys Like Girls Henderson Pavilion

Singer Martin Johnson approached the mic and as the flashbulbs from the screaming teen bathed the stage, he launched into the song “Lovedrunk” from the band’s latest release. The bands blend of pop/punk easily kept the crowd in a frenzy and judging by the crowd singing every lyric they were “lovedrunk” with adoration for the band.

Johnson, and other bandmates John Keefe (drums), Bryan Donahue (bass) and Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar) were appreciative. The night closed with the hit “Great Escape”. Hopefully this is just a precursor of the bands that will soon be filling this nice new venue and from the reaction of tonight’s show if you book them they will come. Just maybe not on a Sunday!!

Boys Like Girls Henderson Pavilion



Two is Better
Great Escape

Cobra Starship in Photos:

Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009

Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009










Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009

Boys Like Girls & Cobra Starship Henderson Pavillion - Henderson, NV 10/25/2009


Intro/The City is at War
Smash it up
Nice Guys Finish Last
Smile for the Paparazzi
Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)
Guilty Pleasure
Hot Mess
Good Girls Go Bad

Boys Like Girls Bring ‘Love Drunk’ to Chicago

Boys Like Girls
The Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
October 18, 2009

Boys Like Girls The Riviera Theatre

For having been only the second time seeing Boys Like Girls live in concert, I must say I was quite impressed with their stage etiquette. The foursome from Boston, Massachusetts conducted themselves in true boy band / rock star style. During the band’s encore, lead singer Martin Johnson took a moment to really listen to what the die hard fans smashed up against the barricade in the front row had to say to him and his bandmates. “What did you say? You want water?” Johnson asked his tween fans just two feet away from him. After signaling the quartet’s tour/stage manager to grab some water bottles, the two guys began throwing out the water that was surely going to be untouched. One water bottle was chucked so far it practically made it to the back of the balcony! It was nice to see a band who cared about the well-being of their fans, the majority of whom were most definitely dehydrated from standing in the front row since doors opened at 4:30pm. By the time the water was handed out, the clock read somewhere around 9:30pm. Johnson then acknowledged that what he was doing was in reality quite detrimental to the venue’s bar sales and proceeded to apologize saying, “Sorry bar.”

More photos of Boys Like Girls after the jump…

Set List / Chicago

I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas cover)

Love Drunk

Five Minutes to Midnight

She’s Got a Boyfriend Now

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World


Heart Heart Heartbreak

Two Is Better Than One


Heels Over Head



Someone Like You

The Great Escape

Boys Like Girls The Riviera TheatreBryan Donahue (bass, backing vocals)

Boys Like Girls The Riviera TheatreJohn Keefe (drums)

Boys Like Girls The Riviera TheatrePaul DiGiovanni (lead guitar, backing vocals)

“This is the first song we ever wrote together,” admitted Johnson before Boys Like Girls launched into “Thunder.” The song is off the group’s debut album, the self-titled Boys Like Girls, which was released in August 2006. “Thunder” was also the third single off the band’s first record following the previous two singles “Hero/Heroine” and the mega smash hit that landed the band on the mainstream pop/punk/rock map “The Great Escape.” Boys Like Girls is currently performing around the country on their “Love Drunk” tour promoting sophomore release Love Drunk, which came out last month, more than three years after BLG’s first LP.

Boys Like Girls The Riviera TheatreMartin Johnson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar)

You would think that after three years of performing for millions of fans around the world, Johnson would have figured out how to maneuver his away around the stage. However, this was not evident at Chicago’s show last Sunday night at The Riviera Theatre. Johnson repeatedly kept walking over to stage right even though his microphone, being so near the stage right monitors, gave off horrible feedback. I’m not going to lie, I experienced a few “What the fuck?” moments where I pondered why Martin did what he did. Feedback hurts your ears, dude! With every wince, I silently cursed the Boys Like Girls frontman for putting me through the torture of being forced to hear that terrible high-pitched sound that no human being should be exposed to…

Boys Like Girls The Riviera TheatreBoys Like Girls closed their set with “The Great Escape,” which has been the guys’ biggest radio hit single to date. “Get up here. Get them all up here,” shouted Johnson to female fans taking a chance at crowd surfing their way up to the front in hopes of touching the lead singer’s fingertips. When venue security guards refused to help or even allow fans to get on stage, Johnson (in my opinion) crossed the line and called one of the security guys a “piece of shit.” A few seconds later Martin gave it one last try and gave out the order: “Everybody get on stage!” I have to admit, what happened next was pretty cool to watch. All I remember is seeing kids everywhere around me rushing to get through the fans holding court in the general admission pit and onto the stage. Some people made it up there, some did not. When the guys finished playing “The Great Escape,” Johnson handed his guitar back to his guitar tech and stage dived directly into the pit. From there, he continued to be groped and supported by 15 year old girls while venue and tour security attempted to save his life from the hands of hormone-crazed tween fans.

New song “Heart Heart Heartbreak” could be considered Boys Like Girls’ effort at writing part two of “It’s My Life” by rock gods Bon Jovi. The track is the first song on Love Drunk, kicking off the band’s new album with a harder and heavier rock sound. However, though “Heart Heart Heartbreak” may be a decent attempt at the BLG boys desperately trying to become real men, the song simply appears to be a blatant rip-off of Bon Jovi’s worldwide smash hit. Of course, maybe if Boys Like Girls had the best pop songwriter in the world Max Martin co-writing songs with them, as Bon Jovi had with “It’s My Life,” then they too would have a worldwide hit single.

Another new song off the Love Drunk album “Two Is Better Than One” features country sweetheart Taylor Swift. Unfortunately, the audience at the Boys Like Girls concert this past weekend were not graced with Swift’s presence. When it came time to play “Two Is Better Than One,” the lead singer from one of the opening bands came out to sing Taylor’s verse. Apparently, Martin Johnson has written a few songs with Swift. After looking up Johnson on ASCAP’s online database, I discovered that he is the band’s main songwriter. Then curious, I searched for the song “Thunder” because Johnson claimed that it is the “first song we ever wrote together.” Umm, together? More like written by Martin Johnson and Martin Johnson alone. Sorry folks, but ASCAP does not lie when it comes to writing credits. Look it up for yourself here.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge photos:

Metro Station Makes Crowd ‘Shake It’

Metro Station
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL

Metro Station congress theaterMason Musso, Vocals-Guitar

Metro Station

opened up for Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls when the Soundtrack Of Your Summer Tour stopped in Chicago this past Tuesday night. But they didn’t just open for the other two more well-established bands, they pretty much stole the show and completely won over the entire sold out crowd! We are talking almost 4,000 people here. If someone in the audience had never heard of Metro Station before the show, by the end of the band’s set, they were a fan for sure. Those songs are so infectious!

Metro Station congress theaterBlake Healy, Synth-Beats-Bass

Personally, I was looking forward to Metro Station’s set than any of the other, bigger bands. I have seen Metro Station twice before and bought the album right after the second show. I had NEVER heard of them before I saw them open for Cobra Starship (btw – what is THAT band doing now? where are they?!). But by that second show, I knew I would be a fan for life. The four guys are young, very young – all under 21. I felt like the oldest fan in an audience filled with middle school and high school kids (95% girls too).

Metro Station congress theaterTrace Cyrus, Vocals-Guitar

I wish the band had a longer set because I really want to hear them play every song on their debut album, Metro Station. At least they played my two personal favorites: Disco and Shake It. Here are some songs I remember from their too-short set:


Shake It


Seventeen Forever

Wish We Were Older

Tell Me What To Do


Metro Station congress theaterMason

One thing I noticed about Metro Station’s live show though, is that a lot of the music is pre-recorded. Guitarist Trace Cyrus hardly ever played his instrument, while lead singer and guitarist Mason handles the majority of the singing and guitar playing. Trace also sings, well more like “talk-sings” if you know what I mean. It’s not so much melodic singing like Mason’s vocals, but just talking. I have a cousin who does that and it always drove me crazy! But with Trace talking and Mason singing, the verses and choruses come together quite nicely. Also, while there is a drummer and a keyboardist, there is no bass player. So the bass line that you hear at their show must be a backing track programmed into Blake’s synthesizer. It was weird seeing a band without a bass player. Maybe since Trace doesn’t play much guitar on stage, he could pick up the bass and contribute more…

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

However, I do give these teenagers major props for putting on one hell of a show. The dudes have soo much energy – it is contagious. You can’t help but dance along with the techno-dance songs they write and perform. If you’re not a dancer (or just don’t dance in public), you will still tap your foot to the beat and bop your head along to the music. Seriously, their songs are catchy as hell, even if they are about two minutes long.

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

Sorry everybody, but I couldn’t get a solid photo of drummer Anthony Improgo. He was drumming like a mad man and wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a non-blurry shot.

Avril Lavigne – Best Damn Tour

Avril Lavigne
Rosemont, IL – Allstate Arena

Avril Lavigne Allstate ArenaGah! I have NEVER seen so much pink in my life than I did on Friday night at the Avril Lavigne concert! I am officially sick of that color even though it WAS my favorite – before Avril used and abused it for her live show. Everything was pink. And I mean EVERYTHING – baby grand piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, drum set, microphone, hoodie, and pom poms – you get the picture. Avril had her own BeDazzled hot pink microphone that was absolutely covered with glitter and rhinestones.

For the encore she performed her hit Sk8r Boi and had her own BeDazzled baby pink hoodie! Of course, she started the night off with her huge hit from last summer – Girlfriend – which was great because that really pumped the audience up. Again, I am guilty of singing along and going crazy with all the other 13-year-old girls there with their moms and dads. Avril does write pretty darn catchy songs. I surprised myself by knowing the words to most of the songs she sang at the show. It was fun, no doubt about it. She is a definite guilty pleasure of mine. I am not gonna lie!

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Boys Like Girls opened for Avril and pretty much had more fans there for them than Avril had for her! I was practically deaf by the end of the BLG set. They performed their huge hit, The Great Escape, as their last song. I have to admit, that song is SO CATCHY! I was singing my heart out and screaming at the top of my lungs with the best of them because I just LOVE that song’s chorus! How can you not? It is seriously addictive. Avril sang all of her big hits to date including Complicated, Hot, Happy Ending, I’m With You, and Don’t Tell Me. Avril performed the angst-ridden track Losing Grip from her debut album Let Go, acoustic with her two guitarists. It was awesome! She really does have a lot of hit singles now that I think of it.

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Avril apparently feels the need to prove to her fans that she is, in fact, musically talented. She played the piano for her second single When You’re Gone off her latest album, The Best Damn Thing. The screen above the stage was zoomed in on her hands while she played the notes, but I soon realized from watching her fingers, that she was playing at the level that I was playing at when I was 7 years old and in 2nd grade! Honestly, she is not that accomplished on the piano as one might think. She played electric and acoustic guitar for half of her songs. But keep in mind she still had a lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist in her band that played right along with her. And also that by playing guitar I really mean that she strummed a few of the chords in the choruses. She then made sure everyone at the show knew she could play the drums and sing at the same time, albeit not that well. I caught her more than once “playing” the drums but not singing. She let her two backup singers take care of the vocals so she could concentrate on hitting the cymbal at the right time…

Avril Lavigne Allstate Arena

Check Avril Lavigne out when she plays a show in your city and judge her musical ability for yourself. Look up her tour dates at If you are a sucker for hook-heavy power-pop-punk girl-power songs like I am, go pick up a copy of Avril’s latest CD – The Best Damn Thing – in stores now! I have my guilty pleasure copy that I rock out to in my car and you should too!