Buckcherry are DEAD Serious with New Video


fresh off a national tour with Nickelback have unveiled a new video for the track “Dead.”

“Dead,” the second single from the band’s recent studio album, All Night Long was hand-picked by Buckcherry fans via the band’s social network properties. The song encompasses rebelliously inspirational lyrical content and the themes woven throughout the video are no different. Dedicating the song to today’s disenfranchised youth,Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd comments, “I had real issues with authority figures growing up.  I wanted to write about the authority figures in my life who told me I’d never amount to anything.  It’s a big “fuck you” to all those people.” Buckcherryguitarist Keith Nelson adds, “(It’s) one of those songs that marries the greasy rock and punk elements together. This will be a scorcher to play live.” [Read more…]