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Riot Fest & Carnival 2012 First Wave of Bands Announced!

RIOT FEST & CARNIVAL 2012 Chicago Lineup is Announced! Rise Against, Iggy & The Stooges, Elvis Costello, The Offspring, Coheed & Cambria and many more…Get your tickets here!

Riot Fest Lineup

In Photos: Atmosphere

ATMOSPHERE To All My Friends Tour with Blueprint, Grieves & Budo, and DJ Rare Groove
Congress Theater, Chicago, Il


Special Guests: Possessed, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust and Withered

(Chicago, IL) DANZIG will headline the 2010 edition of the Blackest Of The Black tour in support of the new DANZIG studio album, Deth Red Sabaoth, which sold 11,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart. Deth Red Sabaoth was released on June 22 via Evilive/The End Records. Produced by Glenn (who also played bass and drums on the album), it was recorded in Los Angeles over the course of 2009. [Read more…]

Riot Fest Founder Mike Petryshyn Becomes Head Talent Buyer at Chicago’s Congress Theater

Riot Fest Founder Mike Petryshyn Becomes Head Talent Buyer at Chicago’s Congress Theater

Riot Fest Partners with Red Bull for Major National Expansion

Michael Petryshyn, founder and managing partner of Riot Fest Music Co., has just accepted the position of Head Talent Buyer for General Market and Rock at Chicago’s Congress Theater. One of the city’s largest vintage theaters, the Congress has hosted Riot Fest for years now. This alliance means more great music for Chicago fans from a man with big plans for the future. “Because of the growth of Riot Fest, I’ve been offered talent buying jobs recently in other markets; however, it meant that I would have to give up Riot Fest, which I would never do because of the expansion we’re looking at in the next several years. I prefer to stay independent, and when Eddie (Carranza) approached me about the position and stated that I have their full support, it was an offer I was waiting to hear for the past several years. With that said I’m excited about helping make the Congress Theater one of the premier and most respected venues in the Midwest.”

[Read more…]

Inside the Life of Party Rockers LMFAO

In between taking naps and working on their next album, LMFAO tells us all from the start of the uncle/nephew team to what is in store for future concert goers. Their sold-out tour will be stopping and dropping at over 30 cities across the nation. Did you get your ticket to the party?


I was lucky enough to catch LMFAO in between naps on the road to their Saint Louis show before the weekend. The native California duo have also started their own clothing line, exclusively sold at LMFAO can almost always be found wearing something new from the brand. The super chill Red Foo, uncle to Sky Blu, spent some time to talk about the past, present and future of their lifestyle brand: Party rock.

Dead Hub: Well, let’s just start with you guys. What gave you the idea to form a group with a family member?

Red Foo: We’ve always been doing music together for a long time, but we were both solo artists. We did a few tracks together… and then we both took a trip to Miami. I mean, we’re like best friends. We were playing basketball and making music, and after we came back from the WMC, then we just decided to just be groupie’s group!

Read more about what LMFAO had to say after the jump…

[Read more…]

Riot Fest 2009 In Photos: The Arrivals

The Arrivals
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009

Lil’ Dave – Guitar, Vocals
Isaac – Vocals, Guitar
Paddy – Bass
Ronnie – Drums

The Arrivals Congress Theater – Chicago, IL October 11, 2009Photos of The Arrivals at Riot Fest in Chicago:


Riot Fest 2009 In Photos: She Likes Todd

She Likes Todd
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009

She Likes Todd Congress Theater – Chicago, IL October 11, 2009

Photos of She Likes Todd at Riot Fest 2009:

Riot Fest 2009 In Photos: Screeching Weasel

Screeching Weasel
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009

Ben Weasel
Danny Vapid
Sleepy Lamb
Justin Perkins
Adam Cargin

Screeching Weasel Congress Theater – Chicago, IL October 11, 2009

More photos of Screeching Weasel after the jump…

Riot Fest 2009 In Photos: Pegboy

Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009

Pegboy Congress Theater – Chicago, IL October 11, 2009Photos of Pegboy at Rio Fest at the Congress Theater in Chicago:

Riot Fest 2009 In Photos: Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009

Alkaline Trio Congress Theater – Chicago, IL October 11, 2009More photos of Alkaline Trio at Riot Fest 2009 in Chicago:

Girl Talk Makes Sweet Sweet Love to a Sold Out Congress Theater

Girl Talk
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL

Girl Talk Congress Theater - Chicago, IL 11/08/2008To cap off my week of really ridiculously good concerts (Kings of Leon, We Are Scientists, The Whigs, and Ghostland Observatory) was the naked DJ himself, Gregg Gillis. Not familiar with that name? Maybe Girl Talk will ring a bell.

Gillis ran onto the sold-out stage of Congress Theater, the biggest show he’s ever played. Starting out in a yellow sweatshirt and some navy sweatpants, he was quickly down to just a pair of boxers shielding our eyes from his cash-and-prizes. It would have been incredibly awkward if Gillis was on stage alone. Thankfully, a small number of fans were allowed on stage with him; not his usual type of show.

Tons more photos and some senseless words after the jump…

Girl Talk Congress Theater - Chicago, IL 11/08/2008For those who are unfamiliar, Gregg Gillis usually gets ‘buck wild’ on stage, in all aspects of the phrase. According to an interview in Filter magazine issue 31, there’s been on-stage sex three times. Whether he’s had sex on stage or he’s watched others, it’s unclear. Either way, I think you get the idea of what a Girl Talk show is like.

Many fans were disappointed to find themselves hindered by a chest-high barrier and a group of security guards acting as though they were protecting Obama himself. The die-hard fans didn’t let anything stand in their way and I saw several people try more than once before finally making it on stage without being grabbed by security. There was even a green man, I mean c’mon guys, isn’t dancing around dressed head to toe in a skin tight lime green spandex suit a free ticket on stage?!

Gillis took several different moments throughout the set to thank the crowd for coming and explain how much the show meant to him. “I’ve been playing shows for eight years and this is by far the biggest fucking show I’ve ever played, thanks for coming out guys” he said at the end of the night as giant balloons were passed around the crowd.

To finish off the night, hundreds of balloons cascaded down from the ceiling popping on contact just before Gillis crowd surfed from the stage all the way back to the sound booth. While the show wou’dve been a bit more kick-ass if everyone was able to frolick around the stage but because the security at Congress are some serious fun-haters, I ended up with some stellar photos and I met some fantastic people in the process.

I don’t think there is any better end to a weekend. Thanks Girl Talk, come back soon!

Photos of Girl Talk:

Gym Class Heroes Shows Chicago Their Quilt

Gym Class Heroes
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL
October 24, 2008

Gym Class Heroes Congress Theater - Chicago, ILTravis McCoy (vocals)

When Travis McCoy, the frontman for live band hip hop group Gym Class Heroes, asked the audience “How many of you people only know us as that band who sings the song about Cupid?” I was proud to NOT be one of the fans screaming and raising their hand high in the air. I can honestly say I have been a fan of Gym Class Heroes since June 2006, when I first saw them perform on the Vans Warped Tour outside of Charleston, South Carolina. There were maybe 10-15 kids standing around contemplating whether they should stay and watch or head home after a long, hot day at the Warped Tour. Gym Class got stuck with a time slot near the end of the day, so I couldn’t blame kids for being exhausted and wanting to drive home and go to sleep (and be in an air-conditioned house!). However, my friend Jennie and I wanted to stay until the VERY end and see as many bands perform as possible. It was the first Warped Tour for both of us and we felt like we had to soak up the entire experience that day. We grabbed a seat on a picnic bench next to the GCH’s stage, sat down, relaxed, and watched the foursome from upstate New York try to rile up a crowd of kids who were ready to pass out for the next 12 hours.

More photos of the band members from the show after the jump…


Gym Class Heroes Congress Theater - Chicago, ILDisashi Lumumba-Kasongo (guitar/vocals)

Since that show was almost two and a half years ago, I have made sure to attend every Gym Class Heroes show in Chicago and have yet to miss one since! A week or so ago I got to see the guys open for The Roots – the only remaining black live band hip hop group made up of all original members. British rapper/r&b singer Estelle opened for GCH and proceeded to join them on stage for the song “Guilty As Charged” from the group’s latest album The Quilt. Estelle is the featured artist on the album’s master of the song, and getting to see her perform it live with Gym Class Heroes was such a treat. “Guilty As Charged” is probably my favorite song on the band’s new album. Another crowd favorite that Gym Class saved for the end is the new “Cookie Jar” feat. Even though the band is barely getting any radio airplay with this track-the first single off The Quilt-most people in the crowd were quite familiar with the song from seeing the music video on MTV and MTV2. It’s obvious why this is the album’s first single-it’s super catchy-but for some reason radio stations in Chicago like B96 and 103.5 KISS have not added the track to their program. However, they play The Dream’s music, so I don’t see what is taking so long! Radio still plays “Cupid’s Chokehold,” but man oh man am I sick and tired of that song or what?!

Gym Class Heroes Congress Theater - Chicago, ILEric Roberts (bass)

My favorite song from Gym Class Heroes is off their sophomore album As Cruel As School Children: “Clothes Off!” The band also saved this fan fav for the end of their set, which has become a staple of their live show. I never have to worry that they won’t play it, because if I wait patiently, sure enough GCH will save the best for last and get the audience singing along with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy on the chorus “We have to take our clothes off! We have to party all night! We have to take our clothes off! To have a good time!” With The Quilt, we get to hear the guitarist Disashi sing lead vocals on a couple of the songs he wrote such as “Live A Little” and “No Place To Run.” If you listen to these two tracks back to back, it is crystal clear that Disashi wrote both and sings lead on both. No offense to him or anything, but they sound almost exactly the same; almost as if one is a continuation or part 2 of the first. Take a listen and judge for yourself. Don’t get me wrong – I am NOT complaining. First of all, Disashi is a great songwriter. Second of all, he can sing on pitch and carry a melody. And lastly, I think it’s pretty cool that Travis McCoy lets another dude in his band take over as the frontman for a couple of tunes and steps back from the spotlight.

Gym Class Heroes Congress Theater - Chicago, ILMatt McGinley (percussion)

Click on thumbnails of Gym Class Heroes to enlarge photos:

Metro Station Makes Crowd ‘Shake It’

Metro Station
Congress Theater – Chicago, IL

Metro Station congress theaterMason Musso, Vocals-Guitar

Metro Station

opened up for Good Charlotte and Boys Like Girls when the Soundtrack Of Your Summer Tour stopped in Chicago this past Tuesday night. But they didn’t just open for the other two more well-established bands, they pretty much stole the show and completely won over the entire sold out crowd! We are talking almost 4,000 people here. If someone in the audience had never heard of Metro Station before the show, by the end of the band’s set, they were a fan for sure. Those songs are so infectious!

Metro Station congress theaterBlake Healy, Synth-Beats-Bass

Personally, I was looking forward to Metro Station’s set than any of the other, bigger bands. I have seen Metro Station twice before and bought the album right after the second show. I had NEVER heard of them before I saw them open for Cobra Starship (btw – what is THAT band doing now? where are they?!). But by that second show, I knew I would be a fan for life. The four guys are young, very young – all under 21. I felt like the oldest fan in an audience filled with middle school and high school kids (95% girls too).

Metro Station congress theaterTrace Cyrus, Vocals-Guitar

I wish the band had a longer set because I really want to hear them play every song on their debut album, Metro Station. At least they played my two personal favorites: Disco and Shake It. Here are some songs I remember from their too-short set:


Shake It


Seventeen Forever

Wish We Were Older

Tell Me What To Do


Metro Station congress theaterMason

One thing I noticed about Metro Station’s live show though, is that a lot of the music is pre-recorded. Guitarist Trace Cyrus hardly ever played his instrument, while lead singer and guitarist Mason handles the majority of the singing and guitar playing. Trace also sings, well more like “talk-sings” if you know what I mean. It’s not so much melodic singing like Mason’s vocals, but just talking. I have a cousin who does that and it always drove me crazy! But with Trace talking and Mason singing, the verses and choruses come together quite nicely. Also, while there is a drummer and a keyboardist, there is no bass player. So the bass line that you hear at their show must be a backing track programmed into Blake’s synthesizer. It was weird seeing a band without a bass player. Maybe since Trace doesn’t play much guitar on stage, he could pick up the bass and contribute more…

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

However, I do give these teenagers major props for putting on one hell of a show. The dudes have soo much energy – it is contagious. You can’t help but dance along with the techno-dance songs they write and perform. If you’re not a dancer (or just don’t dance in public), you will still tap your foot to the beat and bop your head along to the music. Seriously, their songs are catchy as hell, even if they are about two minutes long.

Metro Station congress theaterTrace

Sorry everybody, but I couldn’t get a solid photo of drummer Anthony Improgo. He was drumming like a mad man and wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to get a non-blurry shot.