Canada’s New Legislation for the Digital Age

Canada introduced new legislation in Parliament on Thursday that would make it legal for users to copy their music onto their mp3 or portable devices, unlike it is in the United States.

This bill also pardons the ISPs from being in violation of copyright laws by their customers. Although they still are required to take down copyright violations.

Another aspect of the bill allows recording television and radio programs to watch at a later time and date. This practice is dubbed “time shifting.” The catch, the recorded material must not be permanently on the device.

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My New Favorite Artist = Ingrid Michaelson

So my Music Publishing teacher came into class after returning from SXSW raving about how his new favorite artist is this girl named Ingrid Michaelson. He proceeded to tell us that he attended a panel discussion in Austin during the music festival where Ingrid’s manager was a guest speaker. He then told us that Ingrid’s manager and lawyer were geniuses when it came to the deals they established in Ingrid’s music career. After breaking down her royalty collections from her CD sales and comparing that amount to what Ms. Michaelson would have received if signed to a major label, I was hooked. I had to know everything about this singer/songwriter who is now a millionaire from doing everything herself without the “help” of a major. So of course I jumped at the chance to interview her and ask her how she pulled it off. Read on to hear what Ingrid Michaelson has to say about the music industry and what it’s like to be the “girl who’s doing it all by herself.”

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The RIAA vs The Artists they Represent

Apparently no one can play hide and seek with the RIAA, if you are downloading illegally on a P2P network, but they are the ones that are hiding now and holding money hostage.

Apparently, enough time has past to strike worry in some artists and artist’s managers such as John Branca (The Rolling Stones, Korn) and Irving Azoff (Christina Aguilera, The Eagles, Van Halen, and Seal) as to when they are seeing money from the lawsuits. None of the artists that are represented by the labels that sued, and collected on the upwards of $400 million , have seen a dime. No legal action has been taken yet, but could only be a matter of time.

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