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Josh Turner
Country Thunder 2011
Twin Lakes, WI
Josh Turner Country Thunder Twin Lakes, WI 2011

I don’t really have a reason for posting some Josh Turner pictures from this summer, but then I thought, “I really don’t need one”, right?  For whatever reason these photos did not get posted in our coverage of Country Thunder 2011 this summer. It is a shame because Josh Turner is a good lookin’ man!

Josh Turner’s “Firecracker” Music Video

Earlier in the month BMI awarded Josh’s #1 single “All Over Me” Song of the Year. He was also nominated for 2 American Country Music Awards.

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Easton Corbin at Country Thunder

Easton Corbin
Country Thunder
Twin Lakes, WI

 Easton Corbin Country Thunder 2011 6

Easton Corbin performed at Country Thunder yesterday in Twin Lakes, WI. It was fairly hot outside, but Easton just made it hotter!

Amy Harris spoke with Easton Corbin about touring, life on the road with Rascal Flatts, and being starstruck. You can check that out here.

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Check out Easton on Tour:

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In Photos: Lorrie Morgan, Craig Morgan, & Darius Rucker at Country Thunder

Today started off similar to yesterday, rain rain rain and more rain. The rain caused more flooding again and this time Her & King’s County and Neal McCoy were moved into the Frat House tent. I am laying odds that the Country Thunder production team is glad they have that side stage tent.  The mainstage action started with Lorrie Morgan today with the stage area of the grounds fairly dried out.

Lorrie Morgan:

Craig Morgan:

Darius Rucker:

Zac Brown Owns Day Two of Country Thunder

Staying true to Country Thunder form, yesterday started with a storm that delayed the maingate’s opening.  Twin Lakes was estimated to have 4 inches of rain overnight.  It flooded the reserved seating area that left some VIPs very unhappy. With the front area of the stage area flooded, Jason Jones and Steel Magnolia were moved to the Frat House tent, which acts as the second stage for the smaller acts.  The tent had more benefits than the reserved seating area, which is NOT covered because the rain did cool things down for a bit it, but did not take long before the humidity and heat moved back in.

Steel Magnolia

Charlie Daniels was the first act to take the main stage at Thunder and the 2 feet of water that flooded the area was now dried up. Yes, it was that hot outside! Charlie Daniels even cracked a joked about the cold snap that occurred in the morning hours.  It was incredibly hot for the fans, but even worse for the artists onstage.  All day we watched the sweat drip off each artist as they were in full garb and costume.  I am surprised no one passed out.

After Charlie Daniels Band the day belonged to Zac Brown, literally.  Every artist after Charlie was signed to Zac Brown’s label.  First was Sonia Leigh who wasn’t the stereo typical female country artist. She’s more of an edgy country with rough vocals.  Then Blackberry Smoke hit the stage and they are no strangers to Country Thunder.  They are almost a staple of Thunder as they’ve either played the Road House (aka the old Frat House) or on the mainstage.  These guys have performed at Country Thunder so many times they’ve earned the opening slot for Zac Brown.

When Zac Brown hit the stage the sun had thankfully set.  If you’ve only seen and not heard Zac Brown before you may be under the impression you are about to witness a rock show. He looks like a biker, but then sounds and feels like Jimmy Buffett!  It was a bit of a surprise for me as I hadn’t heard his music before.  I would classify him under “Chill Country”.  It also didn’t take long for fans to inflate their beach balls of all sizes and volley them in the crowd.  I stood next to a man, who turned into a 5 year old girl, when his beach ball made it onstage. He couldn’t have been more proud and his friends couldn’t  have be more embarrassed.  There was a shining moment as Clay Cook took to the runway and stopped one of the huge beach balls and proceeded to sit and lean on it as he rocked out his guitar solo.

What is a better way to end the night than seeing lightning in the sky and knowing tomorrow will be another mud pit again?

Country Thunder Day 2 in Photos:

Steel Magnolia:

Charlie Daniels Band:

Blackberry Smoke: 

Zac Brown Band:

In Photos: Zac Brown Band at Country Thunder

Zac Brown Band
Country Thunder – Twin Lakes, WI

Zac Brown Band Country Thunder 2011 111

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Lady Antebellum Kicks off Day One of Country Thunder

Welcome to Country Thunder 2011 where there is always plenty of heat and music. So far the turnout is small. Thursday usually gets packed after everyone gets off work. Then begins the carmagedon of Country Thunder.  Cars sit in massive lines from Richmond, IL trying to get their parking spot in the GA lots.  If reserved parking isn’t full, try buying a ticket there, trust me it’s worth it!

Walking around in the high heat makes just about anybody melt.  The hottest commodity is the ice cold spray bottles. The men selling them are spraying them on patrons as they walk by. If it were any other time I am sure people would be angry, but not today. It’s 100 with a heat index of 112.  The EMTs are ready for those who need it right next to the stage as well as lots of off duty cops walking around.

The one thing Country Thunder needs to change is the water situation.  At Lollapalooza, and most recently DMB Caravan in Chicago, if you purchased or brought in an empty water bottle you could fill it for free at water stations.  Stagecoach in Indio, CA does this as well.  With water and beverages at different price points around the grounds, it’s frustrating to find the station that costs the least. Oddly enough the beverage stand in the reserved seating only costs 3 food tickets ($3) while another outside in GA costs 4.

The Stages

This year they have a frat house open with bands playing at all times.  This is a blessing for those who need to escape the sun as the Frathouse is a gigantic white tent.  Mid day I found 80 percent of the patrons under the tent instead of cooking in the heat.

The Attire

It’s a country show I understand the need for a cowboy  hat. They are practical on days like these as are tank tops. I don’t even care if bras are showing from tanks on the ladies either because it’s so stinking hot.  The real thing that makes heads turn, and then ridicule, are the super short daisy dukes the young ladies are wearing. I don’t care how fit or thin you are, your butt cheeks hanging out of your shorts is not cool! It’s really not attractive when you keep trying to pull them out of your butt crack too. What are you thinking ladies?!

The Music

Already an act canceled. Stealing Angels had to bow out due to one of the Angels being ill. The Roys happily filled in the slot. They were at guitar center yesterday when their tour manager pulled Lee Roy aside and asked if they wanted the first spot of the 4 day country music festival. Lee said, “I thought about it for maybe a millisecond and said absolutely yes!” The brother sister duo seemed most grateful to the crowd for listening and several time mentioned to never give up on your dreams as they do come true. They drove that message home since they were only slotted to play the Frathouse stage all four days of Country Thunder. A lucky break and they graced the mainstage, which is a country stars dream come true.

The Roys are blue grass country which is a bit of a rarity on the Country Thunder stage this year. Most of the acts are the new country that melds pop licks into their music. The Roys opened with some Dolly Parton “9 to 5” and played the coal miner’s song that they made the video for the song in a real coal mine. Lee looked at Elaine said, “She don’t look so pretty in a hard hat.”

The Roys in Photos:

Sawyer Brown took the stage and no heat stopped them from their stage performance.  The heat actually infused lead singer Mark Miller.  The man never stopped moving or spinning even as the sweat dripped off of him.  It was actually very difficult to stand on the pavement in the reserved area in the direct sunlight. Not really sure how those who made it out early withstood the heat.

Sawyer Brown Potos:

The sun went down and so did some of the heat.  Yet the temperature rose when Lady Antebellum hit the stage.  I watched the crowd rush the GA fence and fans climbed on shoulders of others just to get a better view.  The fans in the reserved area ran to the stage and runway as Lady Antebellum set foot on the runway.

The night’s set was filled with new songs from the new album We Own the Night, which will be released this fall as well as a melody of songs they wrote for other artists.  They managed to squeeze in “Stronger”, along with covers from Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Johnny Cash.  A funny note is Five For Fighting the night before had played the same Katy Perry cover of “Teenage Dream.” How many times have you heard that one live?

Even though Lady Antebellum had to end their night at Country Thunder, Friday brings a new set of great artists to the fold including Jason Jones, Steel Magnolia, Charlie Daniels, Sonia Leigh, Blackberry Smoke, and Zac Brown Band.

Lady Antebellum photos:



Country Thunder Wisconsin adds more Artists!

Country Thunder Wisconsin just announced more acts for this year’s line-up! Say hello to Darius Rucker, Easton Corbin, Zac Brown Band, Lorrie Morgan, Steel Magnolia, Steeling Angels, Jason Jones, Sawyer Brown, Neal McCoy, and Craig Morgan! This is on top of headliners such as Martina McBride and Lady Antebellum, and Rascal Flatts.

I am not going to complain even though Arizona does have Toby Keith. Other than Toby the Wisconsin line-up beats Arizona’s.

For more information on Country Thunder check out the official website here.

Country Thunder 2011 Headliners Announced!

country thunder 2011 logo

Country Thunder is still a long ways away, but that doesn’t stop any of the Wisconsin Country Thunder fans from being overjoyed or in some cases furious over the 2011 headliners that were just announced.  If you take a look at the Country Thunder Facebook page you’ll see the Midwesterners angry over the lack of power headliners in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. You’ll even see fits of jealousy. Granted I would love to see Toby Keith in Wisconsin, but the Wisconsin Country Thunder line-up isn’t bad at all!

Thursday July 22nd – 9:00pm Lady Antebellum /AZ Headliner Thursday April 7th – Sawyer Brown

Friday July 23rd – 9:00pm Zac Brown/AZ Headliner Friday April 8th – Jason Aldean

Saturday July 23rd – 9:00pm Martina McBride/AZ Headliner Saturday April 9th -Martina McBride

Sunday July 24th – 9:00pm Rascal Flatts/AZ Headliner Sunday April 10th – Toby Keith

I can tell you I am most excited about Martina McBride and I don’t even know who Zac Brown is.

We’ll have more of the line-up as it’s announced!

Stay Tuned!


Country Music festival set for July 21 – 24, 2011

Twin Lakes, WI (July 24, 2010) – Today, Brian Andrews, producer of Country Thunder music festival announced, award-winning music group Rascal Flatts will headline the closing night of the 4 day festival. The 19th annual Country Thunder festival, is set for July 21-24, 2011.

“It’s very exciting to be able to have a talented and successful group join us for Country Thunder 2011. As the headliner for the Sunday show, Rascal Flatts will be a great closer for the festival,” states festival producer Brian Andrews.

For Country Thunder festival information, tickets, campsites, directions and contact information please visit