Ellie Goulding Shines in Chicago

Ellie Goulding
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

Ellie Goulding lincoln hall chicago 2

After much buzz from the blogosphere, Ellie Goulding is finally touring the U.S. since finally releasing her highly anticipated album Lights.

Ellie Goulding is able to connect with fans through writing about personal experiences. Many of her songs are about heartache and love, a topic well known by many of us. Goulding did not always see singing as a career opportunity. It wasn’t until she found the confidence, after winning a university talent competition while studying Politics, English, and Drama at the University Kent in Canterbury, which she decided to give it a chance. She teamed up with an electro-pop producer, moved to London, and began writing songs. Since then her songs like “Starry Eyed“, “Under the Sheets,” “The Writer,” and “Guns and Horses” have become hits.

Ellie Goulding is finally showing her Chicago fans much love. Playing to a sold out show, her fans in return received her warmly. They were very supportive even helping her sing through songs whenever her voice would strain due to sickness. She humbly chatted up the audience in between songs and even admitted to needing her apple vodka and tea to get her through. You could sense the strong connection she had with her fans as she made them laugh and “aww” with her down-to-earthiness.

She opened up strong with her hit “Under the Sheets” and finished off the show with her biggest hit “Starry Eyed,” which really got the crowd moving and singing along.

Throughout the show she made sure to let all her fans know how much she appreciated their support through her sickness. She expressed much disappointment in herself tweeting how much she enjoyed the show even though it was not her best. She even took it upon herself to make it up saying, “And I promise I will come back to Chicago in the summer and do another show and absolutely rage. Hold me to that xxx.” Keep an eye out for that summer show; it’s bound to sell out too.

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