The Inaugural Kanrocksas is a Success

Kid Cudi Kanrocksas

Kid Cudi @ Kanrocksas 8/5/2011

Speedways have been successfully hosting concerts for years, Altamont’s 1969 tragedy not included..  Though Altamont had roughly ten times the crowd as Kanrocksas did this past weekend at Kansas Speedway, 300,000 versus roughly 30,000, but Altamont did not have close to the infrastructure that made the first ever Kanrocksas a success for the fans even it if might not have been profitable for the event.

Flaming Lips Kanrocksas

Flaming Lips @ Kanrocksas 8/5/2011

Kansas Speedway boasts a 1.5 mile triangular oval with enough space that it could comfortably host a professional baseball stadium and football stadium within its interior infield.  Chris Fritz has been managing and producing concerts since he was 16 years old and foresaw the scale that could be achieved in a venue such as this.  One of the most redeeming qualities of the Speedway was its pre-existing infrastructure that is already in place for a large number of fans:  plumbing and permanent toilets; physical, air-conditioned, structures within the infield that could house site management, media, and emergency personnel; grass surfaces for the fans and paved surfaces for temporary services; and a very large grandstand with permanent seating that not only gave a respite from standing but also provided necessary shade in the afternoon.  For those who didn’t mind sitting on a paved surface, the track itself has a natural incline and many fans chose this location during the headline sets of Eminem, Friday, and Muse, Saturday, to absorb the sights and sounds (and whatever else they might have gotten into the venue).

Three stages and a tented dance area shared the infield with a series of activities designed by Art Director John Bukaty.  Individual risers (think large crates) dotted the area for animated dancers and a large wall was constructed for master artists to create paintings inspired by the live music.  Tents of varied shapes provided shade and misting stations.  For those who wanted more than just mist, or an in-promptu shower for the campers, there was a designated rain tent.  Water filling stations flowed non-stop and could be found within the main grandstand and at the center of the infield.  Our personal favorite addition to the venue were the roughly one dozen local food trucks which provided tried-and-true food specialties that ranged from gourmet meatball sandwiches (Italian with shaved Parmesan and basil oil or spicy Thai with an Asian slaw) to vegetarian gyros (curried chickpeas and roasted vegetables with feta and tzatziki sauce on a pita) to fresh bakery food and gourmet coffee; and all at prices that were a reasonable $3-7.  The food trucks were in addition to the typical, and numerous, beer and food kiosks that one would expect.  Liquid refreshment was never more than a few feet away as individuals with coolers stocked with beer and water were everywhere.

The Black Keys Kanrocksas

The Black Keys @ Kanrocksas 8/6/2011

Josh Hunt of Mammoth Entertainment put together a stellar first year lineup that went well beyond Eminem and Muse with a diverse spread of talent.  The Black Keys impressed with their Akron-based, garage-produced, blues inspired rock.  Les Claypool of Primus gave yet another mind blowing display of bass-centric funk metal.

Cage the Elephant, Kid Cudi, A Perfect Circle, Flogging Molly, and Ween all had great sets.  Didn’t see Bassnectar but didn’t need to, he was impressive from across the venue.

Photos from the two days will be up today!


In Photos: D12 & Kid Cudi

In Photos: Fitz and the Tantrums, Ween, & Primus

Eminem at Lollapalooza

Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Out of the entire fest I was most excited about Eminem. Even though there were some pretty amazing acts this year my main focus was seeing Slim Shady. Sadly, I was highly disappointed – at no fault to Eminem. He looked great up there! The fault all laid in Lolla’s hands. First of all Perry’s stage was so loud it was seeping throughout the North end. The whole North side was overcome by a sea of people. I was standing around the middle of the field just out by the jumbotron and I could barely hear him. Souded like his mic kept going out, the music wasn’t very loud and even the screen nearby kept losing its signal. While talking to my peeps we used our normal voices. We didn’t even have to shout. This is not good my friends! It’s a concert, I should have to yell to talk to the person next to me.

Anyway! Other than the tech malfunctions Shady was fantastic! Playing new songs from Recovery and of course playing some oldies; “Stan”, “The Way I Am”, “The Real Slim Shady”.

Em’s backdrop’s were filled with all sorts of images, some cheesy but cool. During “Stan” the music video played, while playing “No Love” there was a beating heart, Shady also showed some Detroit love and had car moldings being formed and sprayed.

Eminem had special guest Bruno Mars come out for “Lighters”.

Shady called Chicago crazy and said he was gonna prove it. He asked the crowd “Who gets fucked up?”…..crowd cheered….”Who gets fucked up to the Recovery album?”….more cheers….”I told you!”

Even tho Eminem has his funny side he also took a moment to be serious. While talking about sexual escapades throughout the festival season he went into Nate Dogg’s “Area Codes” and paid tribute to Nate Dogg. RIP 1969-2000.

Overall I loved being able to see Eminem. Words can’t even express how tickled I am that Shady is back! It has been too long since I have seen him live and his shows just keep getting better and better. Love you Shady!

Eminem Heads Up Lollapalooza 2011


Oh how Lollapalooza has grown! It’s amazing how a farewell show for Jane’s Addiction could manifest into a growing mass of 115+ acres of multiple stages showcasing 130-something artists, festival grounds filled with farmers markets, hosting local gourmet fair, and enough arts and crafts to make your head spin!

In case you have been living under a rock these days the rumor of Eminem playing this year’s Lollapalooza is soooo true! Eminem will be one of the main acts headlining Lollapalooza! One of the summer’s biggest music festivals will set up camp in Grant Park in Chicago August 5-7th. Eminem is said to mark one of the greatest hip-hop moments in Lolla’s 20 year history! I know I am personally ecstatic to see Slim Shady’s performance this summer!

Check out the full Lolla lineup and come celebrate Lolla’s 20th Birthday!

Lollapalooza’s 20th Birthday Is Coming!!!!

Oh how Lollapalooza has grown! It’s amazing how a farewell show for Jane’s Addiction could manifest into a growing mass of 115+ acres of multiple stages showcasing 130-something artists, festival grounds filled with farmers markets, hosting local gourmet fair, and enough arts and crafts to make your head spin! [Read more…]

The Pretty Reckless Cover Eminem & Rihanna And The XX

The Pretty Reckless stopped by Radio 1’s Live Lounge and performed an acoustic mash up of Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love The Way You Lie” and the xx’s “Islands.”

Light Me Up, the debut album from Taylor Momsen and her band, is due out later this year in the US on Interscope Records.

Eminem’s “Crack A Bottle” Video Leaks Onto The Web

The video for Eminem’s “Crack A Bottle,” another Relapse single that was at one point claimed by 50 Cent for his own delayed Before I Self Destruct, leaked out onto the internet the other day.  You can check it out at Nah Right. Unlike most hip-hop videos this one doesn’t show the actual rappers. No Em, Dr. Dre or 50! Tho there is a fugly homeless person & lots of hot girls.

The bum starts off the video screaching, laying next to a 40 that opens up revealing an inner apartment complex. For Eminem’s verse, the bottle shows Room #313 (Detroit’s area code) and shows how the Slim Shady felt during his struggle with addiction: The room, like the “3 A.M.” video, shows a troubled man trapped in a cell surrounded by his own paranoia and schizophrenia as the lyrics of “Crack” are sprawled all over the walls. For Dre’s verse, we jump to Room #213 (So-Cal’s area code), a smoky tattoo parlor. Finally, for 50 Cent’s Room #718, we get some insight into what goes on in the mind of Fiddy: Beautiful women traipse around a nightclub, making out with one another while making it rain with stacks of cash.

Eminem’s Detroit Homecoming Show

Yesterday prior to Eminem’s release show, Em turned Detroit into a citywide scavenger hunt, sending fans running around the Motor City as he revealed clues to the whereabouts of tickets to the release-party via Twitter. “4 more tickets are in the Joe Louis fist monument on Jefferson. Look between the thumb & index,” Em Tweeted. “Ok, Paul has a pair of tix at the Original Pancake House on Woodward and 14 Mile. He’s hungry, so come quick” and “A man with a mohawk named Andrew is standing in front of Comerica Park at the Tiger. He has four tickets.”

Eminem’s official return to the stage was a free show performing at Detroit’s Motor City Hotel to celebrate yesterday’s release of his new album Relapse. Em performed seven songs before bringing some D12 members on the stage for an encore of the 8 Mile hit “Lose Yourself.” Check it, Nah Right has video of the entire performance! What are you waiting for? Go Now!!!

Eminem Gets Animated & Brings Laid-Off Auto Workers to Jimmy Kimmel

Eminem is showing love to his hometown by fling 200 laid-off Detroit auto workers to Los Angeles when Em stops by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show for an interview and performance this Friday, May 15th! According to the Detroit Free Press, the rapper will also invite the 200 workers and a guest to a secret show he’s staging in the Motor City next week.

“In all the media coverage Detroit is getting, everyone forgets about the people that have lost their jobs without getting big cash payouts after dedicating themselves to the auto industry,” Eminem told the Free Press in a statement. “Jimmy Kimmel and I got to talking, and we wanted to remind everyone that there are real people affected by what’s going on in Detroit, and try to show some of them a good time while we’re at it.”

Eminem will also make a “cameo” this Sunday on one of my favorite shows, Family Guy! Animated Eminem & Stewie are to host “Animation Domination” on Fox. “It was a thrill to work with Stewie,” Eminem said in a strange press release. “I’m a big fan of talking babies and their humor.”

Don’t forget Relapse hits stores on May 19th!

Eminem’s “Relapse” Tracklist Hits The Interweb

In an interview on Shade45 satellite radio station last week Em said there’s only one copy of his upcoming Relapse which he is carrying around himself to prevent leaks. Yesterday Rap Radar confirmed the titles and lengths of Relapse’s 20 tracks, four of which are skits. iTunes has revealed the album’s next two singes, “Old Time’s Sake” featuring Dr. Dre and “Beautiful,” will be released through their digital music service on May 5th and May 12th.

“Dr. West” (Skit) 01:29
“3am” 05:20
“My Mom” 05:20
“Insane” 03:01
“Bagpipes From Baghdad” 04:43
“Hello” 04:08
“Tonya” (Skit) 00:43
“Same Song & Dance” 04:08
“We Made You” 04:30
“Medicine Ball” 03:57
“Paul” (Skit) 00:19
“Stay Wide Awake” 05:20
“Old Time’s Sake” feat. Dr. Dre 04:35
“Must Be The Ganja” 04:03
“Mr. Mathers” 00:42
“Deja Vu” 04:43
“Beautiful” 06:32
“Crack A Bottle” f. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent 04:58
“Steve Berman” (Skit) 01:29
“Underground/Ken Kaniff” 06:19

Eminem puts the “e” in Rehab

Eminem tweeted a picture of himself outside some building today calling it “Marshall Checking In to Popsomp Hills.” has been redone with heavy promotion for his upcoming release Relapse. This is hilarious, there is an ad that says “Advertisement” under it & when you click on it it takes you to (sounds like “pop some pills”) which is a fake rehab center. This is why I love Eminem! I find this so entertaining. The welcome page says:



At Popsomp Hills we give each abuser a choice: go into rehab or risk losing everything. We use a number of cutting edge techniques to persuade even the most desperately addicted person into treatment. Our number one priority is their long-term well-being.


In the case of some drug addictions sudden withdrawal can be dangerous and frightening, so starting from the second our patients walk in the door, their comfort is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on having the lowest relapse rate in the country and being able to transform lives in the blink of an eye. Once you arrive at Popsomp Hills failure is not an option: your success is our business.


A typical on-site package lasts 60 days. Phone consultation in preparation of on-site services will assess if a longer on-site visit will be necessary.


Contact a physician: Help is moments away. Call our 24-hour confidential information line at 313-486-5975 or send us a private email to


If you need further assistance or just need someone to talk to…email us anytime. We want to help.


The wackyness doesn’t stop there! When you click “Learn More,” you’re redirected to the Wikipedia page for “Hell” the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy links read:

Terms and Conditions

 •Thank you for caring. Unfortunately, it will never be enough to save you.

•We are not fair people.  We make mistakes under the influence just like you did in order to get you here.

•Life is too short, party harder than ever.  We can help.

•Pain is not only tolerated- in fact it’s encouraged.


Privacy Policy

•Nothing is private in this world.  Let’s not kid each other here.

•We don’t trust you.  We don’t even trust ourselves.

•We tell our staff all of your secrets. All confidential information provided to us during the course of your treatment will ultimately be used against you.


But don’t just read the welcome page, you have to check out the About Us link and the Success Stories. 

Eminem Is Back! Relapse Hits Stores May 15th


Eminem’s video for “We Made You,” the first single from his up and coming album Relapse hit MTV and leeked onto the internet today. “We Made You” features Em’s always loved alter ego Slim Shady. Em plays many character such as Bret Michaels, Captain Spock, Elvis, Tony Romo and many more all while mocking the likes of Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian,Sarah Palin, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears and more public figures all packed in a 4:36 minute video. As always Em is cruel but entertaining!

I’m so glad Em is back! I can’t wait to hear the rest of his album. Relapse hits stores on May 15th. Also look for Relapse 2 that will be out later this year.

Eminem, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood, & Flea Induct 2009 Class of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers


According to Rolling Stone:

Eminem, Jimmy Page, Ronnie Wood and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are among the artists who will induct the 2009 class of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers at a ceremony in Cleveland on April 4th. Eminem, who returns from a long hiatus with a pair of Relapse albums due out this year, will welcome rap icons Run-DMC into the Rock Hall. San Francisco metal gods Metallica will be inducted by Flea, whose own band will become Rock Hall-eligible next year.

One Yardbird will induct another as Jimmy Page salutes his former band mate and fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jeff Beck. This will be Beck’s second time as an inductee: he entered the Hall as a Yardbird in 1992; this time it’s for his solo work. (Page, himself a two-time Hall of Famer reentered as a member of Led Zeppelin in ‘95.)

A pair of popular late-night television musicians will also be on hand. David Letterman’s sidekick Paul Shaffer will honor songwriting great Spooner Oldham, while E Streeter and Conan O’Brien bandleader Max Weinberg will welcome DJ Fontana into the Hall. Another E Street Band member will take the stage when bassist Garry Tallent posthumously inducts Elvis Presley’s bassist Bill Black. Finally, Smokey Robinson will take the podium to pay tribute to vocal group Little Anthony & the Imperials.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be live on Fuse at 9 pm on April 4th.

Senior Gospel Choir Gets Gangsta

This was too funny I just had to post it! I don't know if this church is just trying to attract the kiddies to come to church more often but I would totally be down going to church just to see the choir get gangsta. The video includes a clip of Eminem's Lose Yourself, Chamillionaire's Ridin', OutKast's Hey Ya!, Pussy Cat Dolls Don't Cha, MC Hammer's Can't Touch This, & a parody of Nelly's Hot In Herre.

Eminem’s Return: Relapse

Is Eminem’s Relapse coming out two days before Christmas? According to, Slim Shady’s return may be dropping December 23rd. Interscope hasn’t released official word about Relapse’s release date, and Amazon has altered the listing to the vague “TBD” since news of the pre-order page spread; Amazon has proven to be a trustworthy oracle regarding albums that were not yet announced. In the past year, both the Raconteurs’ surprise release of Consolers of the Lonely and Rivers Cuomo’s upcoming Alone II were revealed via Amazon pre-order pages rather than traditional press releases. Plus, Em himself hinted that Relapse could be out before the end of the year, and two days before the most marketable day of the year makes more sense from a sales standpoint than a post-Christmas release.