What’s Streaming on Your Facebook Feed?

For those who haven’t noticed yet Facebook released their updated news feed, which at first glance, has been hated by many and praised by a select few. With the updated news feed users can see all their friend’s activities.  Users can select to opt-out of receiving the real-time updates of their friends, by going to their friend’s page and clicking on the “Subscribed” button and uncheck the comments option.  It’s a bit of a pain to individually going through all your friends and deselect their likes and comments option, actually so much so I’ve given up and I think that’s what Facebook wants.

With the new real-time updates from friends, I am now inundated with what everyone is listening to on Spotify.  Yes, you can turn that off too by going to your friend’s update and click on the tab at the top right of the update and clicking “hide all Spotify.”   Part of me finds it interesting to see what everyone is listening too. It’s also funny to see what the ‘influencers’ are listening to and then to see other people follow their lead.  Monkey see monkey do! I had an invite to Spotify when they started here in the US but I hadn’t logged in and used it until now.  I just can’t get into streaming music services, especially when I have to pay. I have a pretty extensive music collection where all I need to do is hit shuffle on my music player and I am good to go. –that’s just my personal bias towards the services.

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of social sharing of different music services.  New music services that have popped into my stream this week are from Touch Tunes Digital Jukebox and Radio.

Touch Tunes Digital (http://touchtunes.com)

My TouchTunes logoTouch Tunes Digital Jukebox is a nifty idea for those who frequent bars and hit up the jukeboxes.  Touch Tunes Digital lets you create and online account with a playlist of songs you listen to.  When you are at a bar with the Touch Tunes Jukebox you can login and all your songs are right there for you to choose from to play.  This is great if you need to set-up a playlist ahead of time.  Granted you still have to pay to play your playlist of songs, but if you are logged into the Jukebox and play your songs you receive bonus credits for songs.  It’s nice to have a perk like that.  The downside to the online listening aspect of Touch Tunes is it doesn’t let you listen to the entire song, just fragments.  Touch Tunes really need to cut a deal with the labels to enable full streaming.


RDIO (http://rdio.com/)

RdioLogoRDIO is another online streaming service.  There is a free account to try the service out for 7 days, otherwise streaming music starts at $4.99 a month.  The $4.99 a month package is for web streaming only, if you want to stream on your phone or even your Roku device you need to upgrade to the Unlimited $9.99 a month plan.  The RDIO service is very social friendly enabling you to sharing the music you are listening to with your friends on Facebook, if you choose or just share with your friends you connect with on Rdio.

Spotify (http://spotify.com)

Spotify logoSpotify has a free streaming account that doesn’t expire. It does limit how you can listen to the music on your account.  You can play, organize, share, and have access to artist radio –a Spotify generate playlist, but you are unable to stream the music on a mobile device, have access to higher bit rate music, or listen to music when you are not online.  The biggest perk about Spotify is the desktop software. If anyone out there is like me, you may have a couple different browsers open with multiple tabs and close them as fast as you open them.  This is what I call being efficient, but I also close tabs that I really didn’t mean to close. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve closed my streaming music tabs.

I am just waiting for Google Music to let me share what I am listening too.  Granted Google Music lets users stream their own music collection online. Which means Google doesn’t supply it; therefore the only information that could be shared is the text of what the user is listening to and not the link to the music stream.  This is an area Google music needs to work on.  Also I just wonder when Pandora will jump on the social sharing bandwagon.

Lolla Remix Throwdown

Lolla Remix Throwdown

The Lolla Remix Throwdown is officially launched and accepting submissions until May 22nd! Enter your original composition or remix for a chance to win a spot on Perry’s Stage at this year’s Lollapalooza! Check out all the submission details on the Lolla Remix Throwdown Page.

Sum 41’s Screaming Bloody Murder

Sum 41
Screaming Bloody Murder

Sum 41 Screaming Bloody Murder

I must say when I heard Sum 41 had a new album coming out I was shocked. To be honest I didn’t even think they were still around anymore. Growing up during the time of pop-punk being in its prime I’m always delighted to reminisce of Sum 41’s All Kill No Filler but any album after that I lost interest. I didn’t get it when they went all metal on us. And Screaming Bloody Murder is much different than anything I have ever heard from the trio.

Screaming Bloody Murder’s first track “Reason To Believe” is a mixture of metal & pop-punk. I know that may sound sort of odd but it actually really works well together. “Screaming Bloody Murder” has beautiful piano & vocals in the begining before the rocking out begins. This one is definitely my favorite! I can picture myself singing along to this at their show. “All Comes To An End” Deryck Whibley resembles the voice of Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, it’s kinda strange but works for me! “Time For You To Go” has a very poppy and has pumped drumbeats. “Jessica Kills” reminds me of the old school Sum 41 with the fast guitar riffs and screaming vocals. [Read more…]

Chat with The Spill Canvas TOMORROW!!!

The Spill Canvas is extending a personal invitation via video to their fans to join them Thursday, July 8th at 5 pm CST for a special Ustream “covers” concert and chat on Facebook. To make this an extra-special show, fans who participate during the chat will be entered into a lottery for one of twenty Spill Canvas t-shirts. RSVP now, and stay tuned to TheSpillCanvas.com and the Spill Canvas Facebook page over the next week for more details. See you on the 8th!

Alex Band, Lead Singer of The Calling, Returns with New Single “Tonight”

Alex Band, Lead Singer of The Calling, Returns with New Single “Tonight”

Solo Debut We’ve All Been There Out June 29th

The inspiring sound of Alex Band’s powerful, emotionally charged voice is immediately recognizable to millions of music lovers, thanks to his former band The Calling’s modern-day classics like “Adrienne,” “Our Lives” and the chart-topping hit “Wherever You Will Go,” which Billboard recently named the #1 Adult Pop Song of the Decade. We’ve All Been There, Band’s solo debut (released June 29th on his own AMB label through EMI), contains the first new material fans have heard from Alex in half a decade. “I’ve lived with these songs for years,” says Band, “and the whole point is to share them with everybody now.”

[Read more…]



Hollywood Undead are currently working on their sophomore album, but in the meantime you can pick up their new EP, SWAN SONGS Rarities, the next edition in the complete HU Swan Songs Collection. This digital-only EP contains three rare and previously unreleased fan-favorite tracks; “Bitches,” “The Kids,” and “Circles,” and is available exclusively at their official site. While you’re there, take a look at the brand new Hollywood Undead iPhone App, available for download now!

Be sure to keep up to date on the band through their Facebook and MySpace, and Twitter pages.


Aswan, Devin, Jordan, Danny, Clayton, Joey and Cody make up the band, Paper Tongues. Get to know more about them in MTV’s PUSH Artist of the Week feature where you’ll learn that the guys’ song, “For the People,” was chosen by MTV to be the theme to their new show, “When I Was 17.” Click here to see what Paper Tongues had to say about when they were 17 and what manager & American Idol’s Randy Jackson thinks of them.

MTV recently featured Paper Tongues’ song, “Ride to California,” as the first song of the season premiere of MTV’s hit reality show, The Hills. Check out the track on Paper Tongues’ Self-titled debut album which is in stores and on iTunes now. Keep up with the band thru their MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.



Fresh off the release of their highly anticipated fifth album, Smoke & Mirrors, and preparing to hit the road with Daughtry in support of the new record, Lifehouse found time to sit down for the weekly syndicated radio show “The iTunes Download” and share with fans the songs that they’ve recently downloaded onto their own iPods. In the free podcast, available now on iTunes, the guys also spin songs from bands that influenced them – including Nirvana and the Police – and laugh about life on the road. Download the show now, and then share the link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

Lifehouse’s nationwide tour with Daughtry and Cavo kicked off March 18th in Baltimore, MD and will wrap up in mid-June. For all upcoming tour dates and ticket details visit LifehouseMusic.com. Smoke &
Mirrors, featuring the hit single “Halfway Gone,” is available in stores and online now. It debuted at #6 on the Billboard charts after its March 2nd release – the highest debut of the band’s career.

iTunes Back to School Sampler

iTunes is now offering a free Back to School 2009 Sampler on the iTunes Facebook page. This 15 song sampler features some great songs as you head back to class, including artists like, K’Naan, Gary Go, Billy Boy on Poison, and Anjulie. The codes are available while supplies last so be sure to redeem the code before it expires.

Back to School 2009 Sampler

Track list:

1. Happy Birthday (feat. Tech N9ne)- Krizz Kaliko
2. 40 Day Dream- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
3. Believe-Dirty Heads
4. Love Song for a King- Caleb Rowden
5. Wonderful-Gary Go
6. Mountain Man-Crash Kings
7. Relax (Radio Edit)- Portable Payback
8. Happy Valentine’s Day-Billy Boy on Poison
9. DJ- Amanda Blank
10. Falling Down (feat. Chelsea from the Paradiso Girls)-Space Cowboy
11. Maybe-Kevin Hammond
12. Trinity-Paper Tongues
13. Read Between the Lines-KSM
14. I Hate People- Jemina Pearl & Iggy Pop
15. Rain-Anjulie

Class of ‘99

In the midst of getting older this is the year of my 10 year High School reunion. I have indifferent feelings about this upcoming event. Not really sure how one is supposed to feel. Part of me is shocked and can’t believe it’s been 10 years while the other side of me doesn’t care at all. Friends are freaking out to say the least. I guess this mile marker in our lives makes you reflect on what your life has been or where it’s going. And who can blame them with the super activities that lie ahead! I learned about said reunion via an email from a friend. The droning celebration will be an entire weekend full of various festivities designed around Homecoming next month. Friday night kicks off with a mixer at the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Yay, I can finally see all of those Facebook friends that friended me yet never talk to. Saturday consists of the homecoming parade, game, & a possible tour of the school throughout the day. Seriously? Can someone tell me what for? So I can see where my old lockers were or to remember where Todd Gorsich got his ass handed to him? Finally the weekend wraps up with a Sunday family BBQ. I think this is what freaks out my single friends the most. I mean it’s not likely to be an awkward situation at all. I mean who cares if they haven’t started a family or even occupy a significant other. Should be good times all around, right? Well I say fuck that! To relish in the journey of my 10 year staring me in the face I have decided to take a look back at the only thing that made me happy back then & that would be my fav music of ’99. So here we go!

Follow the jump for more…..

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Drinks and Zombies on the House

As some of you already know, I am not a big Facebook fan. It’s for many reasons but one is the great deal of widgets or applications that are on Facebook. I currently have 90+ requests from people to use applications. I am over the zombies and the Christmas tree applications. I feel like I am continually bombarded with quizzes and trivia.

I am more of a Myspace fan myself, I see the use in Myspace at least from a marketing standpoint. Now that they have allowed an open platform for applications I am scared. I have a bulletin from Shania Twain:

From: Shania Twain

Date: Apr 29, 2008 1:22 PM
Subject: Pets and gifts
Body: Hi, Shania Fans!

Hope your spring time is going smoothly!

Respectfully, we have to request that you please stop the “pet” and “human gift” requests (new MySpace applications that you download). They are getting out of control and filling up the inbox by the THOUSANDS.

Shania greatly appreciates your continued love and support!

Take care!

When are the useless applications going to stop? Let me know, or pass it along, when someone has a more practical app like “finding the cheapest gas station near you” widget.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love my friends on the social networks, but Respectfully, I have a request that you please stop sending me “zombie” and “trivia” requests. But please feel free to send me a round of drinks! ;-)

Facebook Music: WTF?!?!

Facebook is reportedly getting into music business. Reports are coming out from Billboard, major labels are in talk with Facebook. It’s so fascinating, lets sit back and think about this for a minute. Two “business” entities, neither can turn a profit, are getting together to sell music? Oh wait, it’ll be advertising based so it can be streamed for free and pay per download. How original! I can’t wait to see what these two entities,that don’t turn profits(or dropping each quarter), are going to do together.

If I were a musician I wouldn’t trust Mark Zuckerberg with my pencil. He wouldn’t return it and he is just a corporate “leader” who people think is the next Steve Jobs. That’s funny, didn’t Steve build a business where it had value to its costumers, and so much so that they PAID(and still paying) for his products? Funny, what does Facebook sell besides advertising because that’s not original?

Why is Facebook getting into music? My bet is Myspace rocks at doing the music promotion gig. Facebook might tout that their users are more educated, but I am not seeing artists flock to Facebook to promote their latest shows and releases like they do Myspace. Myspace carved a niche with their Myspace Music and fit the artists demographic.

My advice to Facebook, there is so much more you could be doing to fit your demographics, your music service will not last. Find your own niche Service. If you need help thinking of some I have ideas you can stir on, but for a price of course.