Slipknot Runs over Photographer in San Diego

Rockstar Mayhem 2008
Cricket Wireless – Chula Vista, CA

Stage: Rockstar Energy Drink Mainstage

0 Sid Wilson – Turntables
1 Joey Jordison – Drums
2 Paul Gray – Bass
3 Chris Fehn – Percussion
4 James Root – Guitar
5 Craig Jones – Samples
6 Shawn Crahan – Percussion
7 Mick Thomson – Guitar
8 Corey Taylor – Vocals

Rockstar Mayhem 2008 Slipknot Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008

I am going to admit none of the Dead Crew stayed for the Slipknot set. It was decided we’d rather beat traffic out of the parking lot. I must say even though we only stayed for 4 songs of the set, it could have been the most interesting 4 songs.

The show started with the smoke machines producing so much smoke photos and video were tough to get for the first song. Corey, the frontman of the band, was drooling onstage that made for some gross but very interesting video. We’ll have that up soon, I promise.

As Sparky got kicked out of the barricade after her 2 songs of shooting video she was walking up the walkway to the right of the stage. As she sees me, I notice a security guard and a guy in mask running up the way. Of course it wasn’t good. Sparky ended up being pushed into the temporary railings and down she and the railings went. Apparently Slipknot’s drummer jumped offstage and ran over everybody in his way. It was very rockstar-like, but also very arrogant and rude.

After we peeled Sparky up from the ground and she figured out what just happened to her we gathered the Crew and headed out as Slipknot went into the only Slipknot song I knew, “Before I Forget.” A few of us just don’t understand Slipknot, Corey is such a great singer and isn’t an eye sore yet people love Slipknot in masks. Yes, I understand it’s a gimmick.

I am really enjoying Corey singing for Apocalyptica on “I’m Not Jesus.” That is a great song. If you haven’t heard it yet, don’t worry it doesn’t sound like Slipknot, and you can actually understand the words he sings.

Photos of Slipknot at Mayhem: