Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch bulldoze Mayhem’s main stage

Rob Zombie & Five Finger Death Pupnch – 2013 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre – Tinley Park, IL

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Rob Zombie - 2013 Mayhem Festival

A cold spell arrived with the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre outside Chicago on July 27. Not that they needed it, but the cool temps gave fans just another reason to rock a little harder. Rob Zombie brought a carnival atmosphere and Five Finger Death Punch hit the crowd with an onslaught of lights and in-your-face metal. They were joined on the main stage by the richly melodic Mastodon and Swedish death-metal outfit Amon Amarth.

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Five Finger Death Punch ‘Trespasses’ into Milwaukee

Five Finger Death Punch – Trespass America Festival
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Five Finger Death Punch - 2012 Trespass America Festival

Five Finger Death Punch headed a brutal metal assault that’s been dubbed the Trespass America Festival. The show pulled into Eagles Ballroom at The Rave in Milwaukee on July 19, 2012. The 31-date tour also features Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Pop Evil, Emmure, God Forbid, and Battlecross.

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Interview with Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch will be one of the headlining acts of Rock in the Range this year, one of the nation’s biggest Hard Rock and Metal festivals that takes place in Columbus this weekend. They have become known for their “active” show encouraging crowd participation that can get on the edge of out of hand at times. The band released their third studio album last year American Capitalist which quickly shot to the top of all Rock and Metal charts.

Amy caught up with drummer Jeremy Spencer  and the two discussed the grueling nature of the industry especially as a drummer and the advice that has driven him to be in the position of leading the rhythm and timing of Five Finger Death Punch. They will be taking the stage Saturday night on the Main stage in Columbus.

Amy: I was excited to talk to you because I know you just won the Golden God award for Best Drummer. How was that experience for you?

Jeremy: It was really great because I am a fan of all those drummers in the category and to be put in the same category was humbling already and then to win, it was “Wow, this is really cool.” We couldn’t be at the show because we were out on tour. I got a call saying, “You know he won and if you could put together a video for the acceptance that would great.” So I made this really ridiculous acceptance speech video where I dressed up as redneck fans mocking me giving a speech so I did a multi-character video for winning the award and it was really funny. It is all over the internet in case you get a chance to see it. Everyone got a kick out of it, but overall it was a really humbling experience and really cool.

To read more of the interview head over to The First 3 Songs! (Direct link to interview)

Five Finger Death Punch at The Rave

Five Finger Death Punch
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Five Finger Death Punch the Rave Milwaukee

Following All That Remains is not a simple task, however Five Finger Death Punch shouldered the task and revitalized the frenzied and sold-out crowd at The Rave / Eagle’s Ballroom.  It was a certainty that more than a few decided to “Share the Welt” on this tour; and countless fans left the venue sweaty, bruised and shirtless into the chilled fall air.  Though they also departed content, leaving everything they had inside.

Vocalist Ivan Moody preached pro-American dialogue between songs, “We are all American!” in support of U.S. troops.  Otherwise they let their music speak, and it spoke volumes as their aggressive sound was thoroughly devoured.  Touring on American Capitalist, FFDP continue to gain momentum with each release while leaving a wake of new and satisfied fans along the way.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory was a marvel to watch as he thrashed his long dreads while displaying some amazing fretwork.  His style meshes will with Jason Hook’s guitar play.  Chris Keel has filled in well on bass duties, replacing Matt Snell earlier this year.

Rains replaced Rev Theory (they had to withdraw from the tour due to an injury) to open the tour.  Hatebreed are also on the bill.

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1. Under and Over It
2. Salvation
3. American Capitalist
4. Hard to See
5. The Way of the Fist
6. No One Gets Left Behind
7. Bad Company (Bad Company cover)
8. White Knuckles
9. Far From Home
10. Bulletproof
11. Never Enough
12. The Bleeding
13. Burn it Down

Click on the thumbnails of Five Finger Death Punch to enlarge photos:

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Under and Over It
American Capitalist
Hard to See
Way of the Fist
No One Gets Left Behind
Bad Company
White Knuckles
Far From Home
Bullet Proof
Never Enough
The Bleeding
Burn it Down

Five Finger Death Punch’s Zoltan and Chris Talk Fans, Being the New Guy, and American Capitalist

Five Finger Death Punch Ohio

Five Finger Death Punch is the biggest and most exciting show you can find in Metal music right now. They are set to release their third studio album American Capitalist which features the popular single “Under and Over It” and the song “Back For More,” featured in the latest game offered in the Madden franchise. They are about to go out on their Fall headlining “Share the Welt” tour with All That Remains.

Amy spoke with lead guitarist Zoltan Bathory and band newcomer and bassist Chris Kael at X-Fest in Dayton, Ohio. The three discussed the upcoming album and why the band’s music moves a more aggressive crowd. The new album, “American Capitalist” will hit shelves on October 11th.

Amy: I want to talk about the new record  American Capitalist, it’s all over the radio but I actually heard “Back For More” for the first time this past week and I think I like it better than the first single. I’m excited. What’s the story behind that one?

Five Finger Death Punch OhioZoltan:  The interesting thing about that one is, that particular song is on the soundtrack for “Madden 2012,” and we were looking at the record and trying to pick the first single. Basically what we did this time, we kind of wanted to pick something that was not so obvious. There are a couple really nice ballads, a couple really heavy songs, and there is potential for many more songs that are singles. This time, we went with something unexpected, we did this with the first single, the album cover, everything. We wanted to shake it up. It’s funny that you mention “Back For More” because we were going “Which one? Which one? Which one?” will be the first single. We went with “Under and Over It” because we wanted to wait for Madden to debut “Back for More.”

Amy: The new Madden, with the Browns on the front cover.

Zoltan: Some people love the Browns. I am just saying that is the reason we ended up going with this one because we gave that song to them and we wanted them to debut it. Madden debuted that song and then the single “Under and Over It” is out there. So you have two songs that are a little bit up-tempo out there and floating.

Amy: Let’s talk football for a minute.

Amy: The reason I ask this, I live in Cincinnati and am a Bengals season ticket holder and at the games they play “Bad Company” constantly so I always think of you at football games. Do you have a partnership with the NFL or do the teams just gravitate toward your songs?

Zoltan: The interesting thing about our band and the mentality we have and the general overall message. Every time that you listen to music, you usually put in a CD that will put you in a specific mood. If you are depressed, you are going to gravitate to music that will speak to that mood. If you are happy maybe the Beach Boys is what you go to for that kind of music. Every style of music puts you in specific mood, and if you look at Five Finger Death Punch, at least I’d like to think, it’s the kind of music that pumps you up or “Let’s go, let’s take it” kind of mood. Most of our fans are already football fans, soldiers, people that are “Let’s get up and fucking do this.” So it’s kind of like our music resonates with people that are ready to go and pumped up, and it’s just football. It’s every Sunday. It’s not just them but a couple different football teams are playing that song.

Amy: I think I heard it in Cleveland as well.

Five Finger Death Punch Ohio

Zoltan: It’s a pretty common song to play in arenas.

Chris: Last night in the UFC fight too. Somebody also waked out to it.

Zoltan: Stan, a former Marine, one of the UFC fighters walks out to it. Jake Ellenberger walks out to it. Kyle Watson walks out to it. In fact, I am friends with these guys.

Amy: I know you fight. You have talked about this a lot before. Do you work out to your own music?

Group: YES!!

Chris: “Under It, Over It” that’s a good stomp, you can time it right to the treadmill. It works out real well.

Amy: You are the newest member?

Five Finger Death Punch OhioChris: I am the newest member.

Amy: How did you come about being in the band?

Zoltan: Tell her the story of how you ended up in Vegas. His car broke down while he was heading to LA.

Chris: I got to Vegas about ten years ago, went out there to pursue music, did things for quite a while. I heard they were looking for a bassist through friends of theirs. My old friend from high school is actually their drum tech, Saul.  He has been working for those guys for a little bit now. I heard they were looking so I kept telling Saul, “Get me an audition, do what you can.” So finally, I had been trying and hadn’t heard anything, went to go see System of a Down at the Palms and was watching those guys on the stage and turned around and looked at the stage and it hit me, “If you want it, go after it.” So that night I went home and Facebooked Jason Hook, a real brief message, “I’m your guy. Call me. All I need is an audition.” He messaged me back the next day and asked “How are your vocals?” Other projects I had done before I did lead vocals so I sent him a track from something I had written and was singing on as well. I guess they liked it because I was invited to do the audition. I came in that Saturday.

Zoltan: It’s an interesting thing because when he showed up, it was kind of the audition with the friends of friends, people that we kind of knew. Because you never know what you’re gonna get. You get the crazy person and have to live with him. It’s not just a musical thing that has to click but personally. He walks in, and he is a laid back guy and when I saw his Muay Thai T-shirt, he is a fighter too.

Amy: I’m scared you all are going to get hurt in the parking lot. Look at him, he’s ready.

Chris: That shirt was worn by design.

Zoltan: And I was like, “This guy is a fighter” and he has a pro record already.

Chris: Not a good one though.

Zoltan: What is it, 1-0?

Chris: 0-1

Five Finger Death Punch OhioZoltan: When he walks in, it takes balls to get in the ring. It takes balls. Whoever says otherwise, it is you and the other guy and there is no way out unless you die. So he walks in as a laid back guy and I see the shirt and I ask him, “Do you fight?” He says, “Yeah, yeah.” It’s a hobby on the road touring.

Chris: So he got a work out partner.

Zoltan: You have to have a laid back guy that you can live with on the bus for 300 days a year. I want some guy who is chilled, nice to people.

Chris: Boy did I have him fooled.

Zoltan: No, he sounds awesome. I loved his bass tone. Ivan wasn’t there and we called him, “We got the guy. We got the guy.” That night we went to dinner with Ivan and Ivan loved him too. It was done.

Chris: It was one of those things, it was a good proposition. During the audition, very first song, I felt it. I’m sure they felt it as well. Very first song, right into the chorus.

Amy: You just knew.

Chris: Him and Jeremy during the first chorus.

Zoltan: It’s really interesting, musicians know. Some people who are not musicians may not, you have to have connections. It is how bands survive. It is not necessarily about success, not necessarily about music. The first and foremost issue with bands on why they break up is personal, it’s always personal issues. So the bands that never have success and fall out are either about substance abuse issues or personal issues amongst members. So, half of the success is keeping your fucking band together. Therefore, you have to have the right member. He was the right guy.

Amy: Have they played any jokes on you yet?

Chris: Not really. It has been pretty low key. There have been a couple little small things. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.

Amy: I am excited about the new album. I look forward to seeing you guys on tour. You guys are going to  be touring again for this album soon right?

Zoltan: The album comes out October 11th. We are really proud of it. It is a really strong album. We are Five Finger Death Punch. We will never try to be something else. We play the music we love.

Amy: Well you guys have a huge fan base.

Five Finger Death Punch OhioZoltan: Yeah, but you have to look at it this way. We played the music that we love and then we got signed. We already had a record before we got signed. We are just lucky that a lot of people out there have similar taste. Really that’s how it works. I can’t twist your arm to like me. I can’t give you money and say, “Hey, listen to us please.” You are not going to. If I give you a free CD and you don’t like it. Because it is free are you going to listen, no.

Amy: I get them every week. I do not listen.

Zoltan: It is pretty much that we are blessed to have so many fans and we are blessed that we love what we do. And that’s what happens. We look at recording as we are the same.

Amy: The new record sounds the same. You are not going to alienate the fans.

Zoltan: We have a bonus CD that has some interesting remixes but those are remixed because they are interesting.

Amy: I have only heard two hard songs off of it so far. Any ballads? Any “Bad Company”?

Zoltan: Yeah we have a couple, there is a song that is called “I Remember” and it sounds like an 80’s ballad out of the book. All of us listened and thought it was really 80’s but it is such a good song that we have to use it. The fans, we love. The haters, I don’t care what they have to say. Listen to something else. We play for our fans. We know who those guys are. Everybody else, we don’t care. Do whatever, it’s your life, this is ours. Oh yeah, you got your ballads. There is one that’s a ballad and one that is slower and ballad-y. There are no “Bad Company’s” but it’s not really a ballad anyway. It is not a song that you could call a typical ballad.

Chris: And coming from the outside…

Amy: Did you know every song when you auditioned? You were ready?

Chris: No, for the audition I learned three songs. I came in and did those. He gave me a heads up later in the week saying, “You might want to go ahead and start learning these other ones too.” He gave me the heads up and we got it done. But yeah, the new album…

Amy: Do you like it?

Chris: I really do, coming in.

Zoltan: We had finished the album by the time we found him. The album was done.

Amy: Sounds like approval for an official external opinion.


Five Finger Death Punch’s new single “Under It and Over It” to debut on Wednesday



FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is pleased to announce their brand new single, ‘Under It and Over It’, will debut tomorrow on radio stations nationwide as well as online at

“Under and Over It” is the debut single from 5FDP’s upcoming third album, American Capitalist, which hits stores on October 11th, 2011. American Capitalist was recorded at “The Hideout” in Las Vegas, NV with producer Kevin Churko. The single art, posted above, was revealed with Hard Drive Radio and Revolver Magazine on July 13th.

“This record crystallizes the sound of Death Punch,” says guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

Singer Ivan Moody adds, “I literally laid every ounce of blood I had on this one. We are a people’s band. Our fans understand us because of who we are. We’ve never tried to be anybody else but Five Finger Death Punch. If you’re inclined to please the whole world, you’ve got to take a step back and realize that at the end of the day, you have to be you- first and foremost. Otherwise, you’re useless to anyone else.”

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH is widely renowned as one of the most important bands of recent metal history- where today they play sold out shows, headline prestigious festivals and command an army of die-hard fans across the globe.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH’s last album, War Is The Answer, debuted at #7 on the Billboard chart. ‘Far From Home’ peaked #2 at Active Rock radio and was named the #1 Rated Song at Mediabase Rate-The-Music for eleven straight weeks, while the hit single “Bad Company” hit #1 at Active Rock radio. Both 5FDP albums, War Is The Answer (2009) and The Way of the Fist (2007) are RIAA-certified Gold and continue to post some of the strongest sales week after week in the world of hard rock and metal- charting for 100 straight weeks on the Billboard Top 200.

Look for FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH on the cover of the September 2011 issue of REVOLVER Magazine, on stands August 16th.  5FDP have previously appeared on the covers of Metal Hammer and REVOLVER Magazine, as well as receiving three Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in back-to-back years.

The band has been featured in Kerrang!, Rocksound, Guitar World, Guitar Edge, Decibel, Billboard, MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, MTV2, Fuse, Yahoo!, AOL Music, Hard Times, MySpace Music, CBS’s Criminal Minds, ESPN’s The X-Games, Sportscenter and more.

Expect another big announcement from Five Finger Death Punch next week as well.

For more information on FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, please visit:

Five Finger Death Punch Heat up the House of Blues

Five Finger Death Punch
House of Blues – Chicago,IL

Zoltan Bathory – Guitars
Ivan Moody – vocals
Jason Hook – guitars, backing vocals
Matt Snell – bass, backing vocals
Jeremy Spencer – drums

Hell Yeah & Five Finger Death Punch 331 copy

FFDP invade the House of Blues in Chicago. For the fans who braved the extreme weather that night, they were not disappointed.

If you never have been to a FFDP show, you are missing one of the most exciting bands to come around for a while. With two amazing guitar players, pulling off speed metal riffs to melodic chord changes, pounding Bass & Drums to Ivan growling voice mixed with clear vocal range of emotions.

With a barebones stage setup, a long break between tours and missing a UFC fight the night before. The knuckleheads (FFDP fans) were ready, chanting FFDP before they came on.

They opened the show with (Burn it down).
At one point they teased the crowd with a short intro into Pantera’s (Walk) that almost blew the roof of the HOB before going into (Bad Company). They ended the night with their huge crossover hit (The Bleeding)

FFDP have come a long way in just 2 albums to make a mark in the music industry filled with mediocre Metal bands. They have played for the troops overseas to the huge festivals such as Download Festival, Rock am Ring and Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH.
They are in the process of recording their 3rd album for a release date of mid to late 2011. For fans looking for new music, they can purchase their new box set with 11 B-sides & rarities along with an in-depth DVD.


Burn it Down
The Way of the Fist
Hard to See
No One Gets Left Behind
Bad Company
White Knuckles
Never Enough
Dying Breed
The Bleeding
written by Peter Lizano

5FDP unleash “Walk Away” stream


Spinefarm Records UK | MySpace Video

 5FDP (Five Finger Death Punch) have just released an audio stream for the song “Walk Away.” The song is featured on the band’s sophomore album, War is the Answer, which is in-stores everywhere now. With the new album Five Finger Death Punch has fine-tuned their songs more than ever, and their sound has progressed immensely. Guitarist Zoltan Bathory puts it best: “We’ve matured but we’re still the same band. Maybe we’ve gotten closer to traditional metal on War Is the Answer.” The band produced the album alongside world renowned producer Kevin Churko (Ozzy Osbourne), and attracted legendary mixer Randy Staub (Metallica) to the project as well. Also, the band had grown together as people, performers and songwriters. Singer Ivan Moody relates, “We tried to keep the basic ingredients but expand the sound at the same time. We spent two and a half years on the road together, and these guys have become closer to me than my biological family.”

5FDP are just wrapping up their Shock and Raw tour with Shadows Fall and Otep, and are preparing for European domination throughout November.

Also make sure to check out the spooky, graveyard themed video for “Hard To See”.


Los Angeles, CA (July 24, 2008) – The Hollywood Reporter said that it “makes heavy metal matter once again” and Billboard called it “one of this summer’s most anticipated hard rock tours.” But the Phoenix New Times said it best when they wrote “metalheads would be hard pressed to find a better festival bill this summer than the Rockstar Energy [Drink] Mayhem tour.”

Led by mega-platinum-metallers SLIPKNOT and DISTURBED, the first-ever ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL launched in Seattle last week to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The traveling roadshow tore up the west coast with speaker-shredding intensity, offering concertgoers full-throttle performances, festival activities, and an unintentional surprise or two. As reported on MTV News, the festival made headlines after its first show in Washington, when Slipknot’s DJ Sid Wilson leapt from a riser stationed at the back of the stage and landed hard, breaking both his heels. But as the band’s percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan told MTV, nothing will stop Slipknot from making this tour a memorable one. “We’re blowing all the carbon out of the motor and just hitting it,” he said.

Slipknot are giving fans a sneak preview of songs from their highly anticipated new album All Hope Is Gone, including lead single “Psychosocial.” (The video premiered on MTV last Friday and will be in heavy rotation on MTV and MTV2.)

Disturbed’s self-produced album “Indestructible” marks the band’s third consecutive Number One debut on Billboard’s Top 200 album chart, making them one of only six other rock bands in history to score three straight Number One debuts with studio albums. “Indestructible” was certified gold with over 500,000 units sold just 5 weeks after its June 3rd release. The band has been wowing festival-goers with new songs from the album, including powerhouse hit lead single “Inside The Fire,” which is a Top 5 all time Active Rock chart topping song with 13 weeks and counting at Number One, and is the band’s sixth Number One single. Disturbed is currently on the August covers of Metal Edge and Revolver magazines, and just graced the covers of the previous issues of Revolver, Guitar World, Drum! and Metal Hammer magazines.

[Read more…]

The Weekly Plug

Journey Arnel San Diego 3

This week was Mayhem! Literally, we had back to back shows on the West Coast as the Midwest had some downtime. We usually have a great spread and variety of music we cover, except this week belonged to heavy metal and rock. We covered Journey, Heart, and Cheap Trick and pissed off some Journey fans because people thought my review of Arnel’s bright yellow pants was racist. Then Thursday we have plenty of iron in us as we covered Mayhem and all it’s glory. Pictures are up from 36 Crazyfists, Walls of Jericho, Mastodon, Machine Head, Five Finger Death Punch, and The Red Chord. We snagged interviews with Suicide Silence, Underoath, Black Tide, and Mastodon. Watch for more Mayhem content in the next few days. Still sifting through all the video footage! We have live videos of Slipknot and Disturbed to name a couple bands. Keep your eyes peeled because you don’t want to miss them.

Five Finger Death Punch at Mayhem

Rockstar Mayhem 2008
Five Finger Death Punch
Cricket Wireless – Chula Vista, CA

Stage: Jagermeister Stage @ 4:45pm (The times rotate at each Mayhem stop)

Ivan – Vocals
Zoltan – Guitars
Matt – Bass
Darrell – Guitars
Jeremy – Drums

Rockstar Mayhem 2008 Five Finger Death Punch Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008Ivan

Rockstar Mayhem 2008 Five Finger Death Punch Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008Matt

Rockstar Mayhem 2008 Five Finger Death Punch Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008Darrell

Rockstar Mayhem 2008 Five Finger Death Punch Cricket Wireless - Chula Vista, CA 7/16/2008Zoltan

Photos of Five Finger Death Punch: