Emily Hurd’s Daytime Fireflies

Emily Hurd
Daytime Fireflies

The very things that attract us to a potential mate – tend to be the same things that eventually become the most annoying habits or affectations that person possesses.

Emily Hurd is a smart and gifted songwriter who has released a collection of bold and textured songs. Her quirk is a lisp that whistles at times while it is almost completely inaudible on other songs.

I am not – by any means – making fun of Hurd – I am curious why she plays it up on some cuts and downplays it on others. She creates these sweet little moody pieces of music that draw you in either through a rolling melody that tugs at the heartstrings or by visual images that read like Don Robertson vignettes.

There are moments where her dramatic flair delves into the melodramatic – but her lilting voice and the innocence in her delivery forgive any misstep.

The title cut “Daytime Fireflies” combines a vintage show-tune with some later Beatles’ orchestral fidgeting. Lyrically it is filled with irony (literary irony as opposed to the misnomer that Alanis M. sang about a number of years ago) that  makes the listener think – and then smile to themselves as they unravel the idea within the musical context. [Read more…]

The Devil Makes Three frontman Pete Bernhard releases second single “Warning” from solo album “Straight Line” Out NOW!

After an awesome run of solo tour dates,
The Devil Makes Three frontman, Pete Bernhard announces a second single from his solo foray “Straight Line”

pete bernhard

Check out Warning HERE!
Check out ORPHAN HERE!
Pete Bernhard never rests!

After a triumphant turn at Bumbershoot with The Devil Makes Three and The Earthdance Peace Festival coming soon
Pete is hitting the road once again with a full fall national U.S. Devil Makes Three tour!

The Devil Makes Three announce additional fall tour dates – with even more dates to come!

After selling out shows all across the country via word of mouth from fans and friends,
and an amazing turn LIVE on KEXP(check them out performing Do Wrong Right!

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The Devil Makes Three Kick off yet another leg of their NEVER ENDING Tour!

Check out Working Man’s Blues on Little Radio

dm3 bikeLOWRES

Starting off on their home turf of San Francisco on May 2nd to wind their way east, covering the entire U.S. through June.
Check out summer festival dates at High Sierra and Bumbershoot!
More dates to be announced soon!

If you have yet to see The Devil Makes Three, check out JUST what you are missing!


All Hail LIVE from the forthcoming Do Wrong Right!

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Meiko Opens for Joshua Radin at the Belly Up Tavern

Meiko Opening for Joshua Radin
Belly Up Tavern – Solana Beach, CA

Meiko Opening for Joshua Radin Belly Up Tavern - Solana Beach, CA 2/18/2009I am completely and utterly addicted to Meiko’s new album. I just wanted to get that off my chest. It’s one of those albums I was handed in advance and didn’t listen to the whole thing at first. Then I came back to it about a month ago and am completely enamored with it. She’s right up there with Tina Dico for my favorite singer/songerwriters. She’s young, witty and let me put it this way, picture a innocent looking tickle me Elmo that when you “tickle” the Elmo it curses like a sailor. That’s Meiko!

At this point I believe she had done too many “all ages” shows because she asked us last night if this was one of those. The crowd roared, “No!” She then said, “Fuck!” “I have been dying to say that!” She then proceeded to mark her set with bits of profanity. She also had cut her finger moments before going onstage digging through her bag for something and hit her razor. OUCH!!!

I must say I have been to the Belly Up quite a few times for all types of music, but tonight had THE LOUDEST crowd ever. Meiko commented between songs, “It’s like I am in the Superbowl.” I think she was talking about all the loud talking and conversation that was going on all around the venue. It was difficult to concentrate on the music when there are such distractions. She’s  a trooper and did a wonderful performance. The live performance didn’t have all the backing strings accompanying her as the album does, but it didn’t matter. Mr. Johnny Flowers was on the cello backing her and it made some of the songs pop live such as Reasons to Love.

I know I was waiting for her and Josh to be onstage together performing Josh’s “Fly” but that didn’t happen. Earlier in the evening I sat down for an interview with Josh and he mentioned having Meiko onstage with him and it didn’t happen. *I guess everything is subject to change.

Setlist: I am missing 3 or 4 songs

Said and Done
Under My Bed
Reasons to Love
How Lucky We Are (she used to call it “Shitty Apartment”)
New One: You’re a Good ___???(help with this title please!)
Boys with Girlfriends

She is currently on Myspace Records, which is getting really good at picking great artists to represent. Her self-titled debut album is out now.
Catch her on tour now with Joshua Radin:

San Luis Obispo, CA
Downtown Brew (all ages)
Los Angeles, CA
Music Box @ The Fonda (all ages)
Aspen, CO
Belly Up, Aspen (all ages)
Colorado Springs, CO
The Black Sheep (all ages)
Lawrence, KS
Bottleneck (all ages)
Minneapolis, MN
Fine Line Music Cafe (18+)
Milwaukee, WI
Pabst Theatre (all ages)
Chicago, IL
Park West (18+)
Cincinnati, OH
20th Century Theatre (all ages)
Kent, OH
Kent Stage (all ages)
Louisville, KY
Headliners Music Hall (all ages)
Nashville, TN
Exit / In (18+)

Photos of Mieko opening for Joshua Radin:

Feminism: Oops, I said a baaaad word!

Ani DiFranco
The Orpheum – Los Angeles, CA

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CAStage presence at a concert, especially at larger venues such as The Orpheum, is what makes or breaks an artist. There was none lacking here. Ani DiFranco’s smaller stature was nothing compared to her impressive talents that flew from the stage. Her obviously fit body oozed energy and drew the audience into each song at times pulling them collectively from their seats.

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CAAlternative, folk, lyricist, singer, guitarist, and poet. Ani DiFranco is the epitome of a feminist in the best sense. She is truly an accomplished artist who has a loyal following for good reason. She released her first recording in 1990 and hasn’t stopped yet with over 19 albums released. Ani is no shy woman either. She’s covered all topics from politics to sex, religion, science, and business with unabashed and at times brutal honesty. She’s not afraid to use the F-word, but will also amaze you with her poetical vocabulary. This accomplished artist has built her own label and become the example of the change she wants to see in the world. As role models go, she is the perfect role model for women everywhere. All the Britney’s and Paris’ in the world could never fill her shoes.

Ani Difranco The Orpheum Theatre - Los Angeles, CA