Hinder Talks Touring, Blackouts, and Ke$ha

All Hinder Photos By Amy Harris

Hinder is Oklahoma hard rock. The band, comprised of members Austin Winkler (lead vocalist), Joe “Blower” Garvey (lead guitarist), Mark King (rhythm guitarist), Mike Rodden (bassist), and Cody Hanson (drummer) blew up in 2005 with the release of their debut studio album Extreme Behavior which featured popular hits “Get Stoned” and “Lips of an Angel.” They are climbing the charts again with the single “What Ya Gonna Do” off their third studio album, All American Nightmare.

Amy Harris caught up with the band prior to their performance at Rock Fest when she traveled to Cadott, Wisconsin to check out the popular rock festival that has been around since 1994.They had time to discuss the new album and the festival life. The band will be rocking the entire summer hitting rock festivals all across the country.

Amy: You’re out here in the metropolis of Wisconsin. What did you guys do last night?
Austin:  We played a show in Indiana.

Amy: So you were on the bus last night?
Group: Yeah

Amy: Is this your first time at Rock Fest?
Austin: I don’t think so. I think we’ve played this before in 2007.
Blower: I know we’ve played this venue.
Austin: We played with Three Doors Down in ’07.

Amy: What can we expect today from the set?
Cody: Rain!
Austin:  Rain and Lots of wetness.
Cody: We’re going to get the chicks wet tonight.
Mark: God is doing it for us.
Cody: Wow!

Amy: That’s the line of the day. You guys were just at Rock on the Range. What was your craziest Rock on the Range story?
Mike: I think I pissed myself that night.
Amy: Any particular reason?
Mark: I don’t remember why because I was blacked out but I definitely woke up with some wet pants.
Cody: Shit I was so hammered that night, I might have pissed your pants.
Austin: I got so high, I didn’t know where the phone was.

Amy: Did you guys go to Rocklahoma after that or did you just go on tour?
Austin: Yeah, we did Rocklahoma for the first time. That was pretty awesome. It was about time too because we are from there.

Amy: I love the new album. It was one of my favorites that I listened to prep for Rock on the Range. I’ve been listening to it ever since. What are your favorite tracks to play live on the album?
Mark: “Two Sides of Me” is one of my favorites to play live. It’s a good little rocker.
Austin:  “What You Gonna Do” is one of my favorites to play recently.
Amy: It’s catchy. I can say it with you.
Mike: Tell that to radio.
Amy: It’s all over the radio. I’ve been in traffic coming into this place for a day and I think I heard it three times today. I think they got the memo that you were here. You guys have toured with some huge bands. Are there any other bands that you would like to tour with or play with?
Austin: I want to play with the Rolling Stones. That would be awesome.

Amy: You guys did Aerosmith for a few dates right?
Group: Yeah
Austin: That was badass.
Mike: I’d like to play with The Doors, if that was possible.

Amy: I had a question about “Striptease.” Any particular strippers or clubs that inspired that song?
Austin: I think it’s a lot of the bullshit that’s being shoved down people’s throats these days.
Cody: It’s more about a few of the pop artists and you can throw some reality stars in there.
Mike: Yeah, it’s kind of like they belong more in a strip club than they do on the radio or TV. That’s about how much talent they have.
Mark: Dude Ke$ha is talented, alright.
Amy: In more ways than one right?
Cody: I doubt that. I did just see a picture of her online yesterday with her holding her tits and a big wad of nut underneath.
Group: Are you kidding me?
Amy: Are we sure it was her?
Cody: Yeah, or it was some nasty bitch that looked just like her.

Amy: So what has been the highlight of 2011 for you guys so far?
Mike: I don’t think we have any super-big highlights.
Austin: The fact we have our third record out is pretty awesome. Being well-received by our fans, I think that’s pretty badass.
Mike: We might just make a highlight tonight.

Amy: I have to tell you. I was here last night and Rob Zombie made a highlight.
Cody: What did he do?
Amy: The stage, as you know is two-tiered. He said, “Everybody is too far away. Come up on the stage.” So all the girls came up on the stage with them for four songs. He said, “If you behave. Don’t fuck it up.” Next thing you know I am running onto the stage and at John 5’s feet.  So I think that shocked the security and the venue for a minute. So you guys can try it.  Nobody got hurt.
Mark: They are a lot braver than us.
Blower: A lot more scary looking too.

Amy: Any regrets over the years?
Mike: Yeah, we have lots of those. We have a whole bag of them.
Cody: We have tons of regrets and mistakes we have made over the years especially when you first start out being a band. You are green and you let outside people have a little too much control and make some bad decisions for you. If we could go back, we would probably have a lot more money.

Amy: Do you guys all still live in Oklahoma.
Austin: I don’t. I live in California.
Cody: But the rest of us do.
Amy: How often do you get home?
Cody: We just came from home. We have been home for quite a bit on this cycle. It’s been a little more relaxed. We’re out on this run for like seven weeks. So it’s good to be out.

Amy: Do you guys prefer to play festivals like this and Rock on the Range or your own shows where you have your own, obviously your fan base is here too, but when you have your own shows, you know who is there?
Autin: Either way, we bring the same show. I guess sometimes when we play like Rock on the Range, we only get a certain amount of time. We come in and play 40 or 45 minutes, that kind of sucks. I wish we could play longer. Other than that, we bring the same show no matter what.
Mike: It’s kind of cool too, to have a break from the same tour every night and have a few festivals stuck in there because the lineup is different, and there are different bands at all the festivals. So it’s cool to get a change from the everyday show.

Amy: Anybody you are looking forward to seeing today?
Blower: I’ve never seen Kid Rock so I am pretty stoked about that.

Amy: You guys are touring with the new album. Have you started working on any new music yet?
Austin: Not necessarily recording in the studio but we are always coming up with ideas and stuff on the road. We kind of never really stop writing.

Amy: What’s your process? Do you guys do it together or separately?
Austin: Usually me and Cody will sit down with acoustic guitars and write the nutshell of the song and bring it to the rest of the guys and they put their thing on it.
Amy: How does the feedback session go?
Mike: Pretty straight forward.

Amy: You guys have been together forever so you can take it right?
Group: Yeah
Amy: You guys had a ton of songs to pick from for this album?
Cody: We’re hoping to be able to recycle some of those and use some for the next record. There are some really great songs that didn’t make it. Hopefully we’ll pick some of them out for the next one.
Amy: We’ll you tonight at the show when we all get wet.

Photos from Hinder’s set at Rock Fest are here.

Interview and photos by Amy Harris at TheFirst3Songs.com.

In Photos: Hinder at Rock Fest 2011

Rock Fest 2011
Cadott, WI

All photos by Amy Harris at TheFirst3Songs

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In Photos: Hinder in Chicago 2/14/2011

House of Blues – Chicago, IL

Hinder is:

Austin Winkler – vocals
Joe Garvey – lead guitar
Mark King – rhythm guitar
Mike Rodden – bass guitar
Cody Hanson – drums

Hinder set list

2 sides of me
up all night
use me
whatcha gonna do
better than me
how long
american nightmare
hey ho
lips of an angel
waking up the devil
room 21

Click on Thumbnails to enlarge images:

Hinder Takes the All American Nightmare on Tour

Austin’s Saloon – Libertyville, IL

HINDER Austins Libertyville 26 F

Hinder is out on the road promoting their newest album All American Nightmare. This 3rd studio album from Hinder drops December 7th off Universal Music and last night they hit Austin’s Saloon with Default and My Darkest Days. [Read more…]

Hinder Takes It To The Limit in Vegas

The Pearl Theater – Las Vegas, CA

Austin Winkler- Vocals
Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey- Guitar
Mark King- Guitar
Mike Rodden- Bass
Cody Hanson- Drums

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008It was Hinder’s night, the night of their album release party at The Palms. The show has a new vibe compared to previous Hinder shows. They were playing new material and the crowd was digging it. The new album dropped on Election Day, November 4th. This is their follow-up to their hit album Extreme Behavior. The album is filled with new radio hits and rock ballads. Hinder is currently headlining the Jagermusic Tour with Rev Theory and Trapt supporting the bill. It makes for a great night of music.

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008Hinder wasted no time and started with their first single off the new album “Use Me.” The crowd was already singing along. The entire set flowed smoothly between the rock ballads and the up temp songs. The night was filled with a great mix of music from their first album and new music. While listening to the new songs they performed I could smell radio hits all over it. Their newest single “Heaven Sent” is destined to be another one of their radio hits. The title track “Take It to The Limit” is also another catchy song with choruses that will wheel you in.

Throughout the night Austin’s mic stand would change. For those who have seen Hinder live before, they know his mic stand is filled with different colored bras. Tonight he also had the American flag waving from his stand. Now don’t read this wrong, it was on a completely different mic stand from the one with the bras. They had the same set they have been playing on for a while now. It contains a catwalk that wraps around the back of the drum kit. It’s made of chrome and is a perfect match for this rock band.

Austin, Blower, Mark, Mike, and Cody all looked very excited to be there onstage. Not only is it still early in the Jagermusic Tour, but that night there was a big party up at the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Fantasy Tower in The Palms. I know many of us were looking forward to that also. I can tell you at the after party, we got to see a look at the new comic book based on the life of Hinder. You know you are special when you get your own comic book. For more information you can check it out here.

Hinder The Pearl Theater - Las Vegas, CA 10/30/2008The setlist for the night:

Use Me
Homecoming Queen
Heaven Sent – off Take it to the Limit
Take it to the Limit – off Take it to the Limit
Better Than Me
How Long
Best is Yet to Come – off Take it to the Limit
Up All Night
Born to Be Wild
Without You
Room 21
Thing for You – Austin said this was a new song, but I remember him saying that last year performing at the House of Blues in Vegas.
Lips of an Angel
Get Stoned

One would think the night’s festivities ended with Get Stoned, but it didn’t. The party was just getting started as the crowd and the boys headed up Fantasy Towers in Vegas to the Hugh Hefner Suite. I could tell you stories of what happened up there at the Party but you know the saying, “What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas!”

Can’t get enough of Hinder? Check out our photos and reviews from their show in Irvine, or in Vegas last year at the House of Blues.

Need to Catch Hinder Live?

A). November 6th they will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
B). Check out their Tour Dates

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Tour Dates:

Oct 30 2008 Las Vegas The Pearl Theater At The Palms Casino all ages Link

Nov 1 2008 Reno Grand Sierra Resort Theatre all ages Link

Nov 2 2008 Anaheim The Grove of Anaheim all ages Link

Nov 4 2008 Los Angeles Wiltern Theatre all ages Link

Nov 8 2008 Jacksonville Metropolitan Park all ages Link

Nov 9 2008 Orlando Tinker Field all ages Link

Nov 10 2008 Ft. Walton Beachhe Swamp 18+ Link

Nov 12 2008 Baltimore Rams Head Live! all ages Link

Nov 14 2008 Worcester The Palladium all ages Link

Nov 15 2008 Allentown Crocodile Rock all ages Link

Nov 16 2008 Montclair Wellmont Theatre all ages Link

Nov 19 2008 New York Nokia Theatre16+ Link

Nov 20 2008 Atlantic City House of Blues 18+ Link

Nov 22 2008 North Myrtle Beach House Of Blues all ages Link

Nov 23 2008 Knoxville Valarium all ages Link

Nov 24 2008 Starkville Rick’s Cafe 18+ Link

Nov 26 2008 Tulsa Cain’s Ballroom all ages Link

Nov 28 2008 Springfield Shrine Mosque all ages Link

Nov 29 2008 Omaha Sokol Auditorium all ages Link

Nov 30 2008 Wichita The Cotillion all ages Link

Dec 2 2008 Minneapolis First Avenue all ages Link

Dec 3 2008 Des Moines Val Air Ballroom all ages Link

Dec 4 2008 Kansas City The Uptown Theater all ages Link

Dec 7 2008 Houston Verizon Wireless Theater all ages Link

Dec 9 2008 Sauget Pop’s all ages Link

Dec 11 2008 Milwaukee The Eagles Cluball ages Link

Dec 12 2008 Cincinnati Bogarts all ages Link

Dec 13 2008 Ft. Wayne Piere’s 21+ Link

Dec 15 2008 Dayton Ervin J. Nutter Center all ages

Dec 17 2008 Grand Rapids The Orbit Room all ages Link

Hinder Hits Irvine and New Tour News

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Irvine, CA

Austin Winkler- Vocals
Joe ‘Blower’ Garvey- Guitar
Mark King- Guitar
Mike Rodden- Bass
Cody Hanson- Drums

Hinder Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/31/2008Austin Winkler

This was an interesting bill for the night, 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hinder, and Sick Puppies. One may categorize all these bands as Rock but they are all different types of Rock. For the two bands, Hinder and Sick Puppies, the crowd wasn’t as cheery as their normal crowd of fans.

We saw Hinder back in December at the House of Blues in Vegas. When those guys hit the stage the crowd roared and moved. You could see that Hinder was feeding off our energy and we we feeding off theirs. That wasn’t the case on Sunday. Austin hit the stage as his usual energetic, lively self, but the crowd didn’t respond to him. It was obvious that the guys were a little disappointed in the crowd.

Hinder Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/31/2008Mike Rodden

It wasn’t until they played “Lips of an Angel” and “Get Stoned” that the crowd actually started singing and moving. I wish it was in a smaller more intimate venue because Hinder’s energy screams in those types of venues.

Their set was filled with my personal favorites such as Better Than Me. This one Blower starts off on acoustic and takes it home on his electric guitar. It is a great rock ballad. Their new single “Use Me” was in the set also. This is simply a fun rock song that’s best hear very loud in a car. They also played “Homecoming Queen” which is usually a crowd favorite for the time I saw them in concert, but no so much tonight.

Hinder is out on the road supporting their November 4th release of their sophomore album, Take it To the Limit. Watch for a co-headlining tour with Buckcherry in the future.

The Album Release party is, of course, in Vegas on October 30th. We will be there to bring you all the details, because it’s always a great party with Hinder.

Hinder Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/31/2008Mark King

Hinder Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/31/2008Blower

Hinder Verizon Wireless Amphitheater - Irvine, CA 8/31/2008Cody Hanson

The Setlist:

How Long
Homecoming Queen
Heaven Sent You – Off New Album
Better Than Me
Use Me – New Single
Room 21
Lips of an Angel
Get Stoned

Need More Information on Hinder?
Visit their MySpace and their Official Site

Photos of Hinder in Irvine:



Hinder Las Vegas House of Blues

What a great photo opportunity for The Dead Hub! The show was a rockin’ good time with lots of great guitar solos and 2 new songs to boot. The band is very energetic on stage and threw out guitar picks and set lists to their adoring fans. What did they get in return? BRAS, and lots of them I might add. I didn’t score the set list, but I did manage to walk away with a guitar pick, fantastic photographs, and an awesome adrenaline rush! These guys will be hard to top!

The band member s are as follows:
Austin Winkler – Vocals
Cody Hanson – Drums
Joe “Blower” Garvey – Guitars
Mark King – Guitar
Mike Rodden – Bass Guitar

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