Guess I’m on board now, and I look forward to adding to the site as much and as often as possible. Why not begin with working the AMA preparty at House of Petals in LA. As Jessica mentioned I am a troublesome friend. Troublesome in that I know how to party and love to meet new people everywhere I go. And boy did we meet people, celebs, rockstars, up and comings, and various other influential people. The vendors were plenty and very giving, and the food was simply exquisite. Among the celebs that showed up for the night were Andy Dick, Tim Daley (well known for Wings), Crossing Jordan’s Steve Valentine, Boxer Tarick Salamaci from the Contender, Cast members from LA’s Wicked, and many, many more! Among the well known artists were Buckcherry and Weezer. Also there was an up and coming band called Jay with a cd release scheduled for 2008. The exquisite food I mentioned was provided by Lu Concierge. There was never a shortage of tasty treats and the staff was very pleasant to work with. Let’s not forget that we were there to work and work we did. The early hours were spent assisting the vendors with set-up and the day was spent running a silent auction to raise money for Rock for MS. The celebs were all quite gracious in listening to our little pitch and signed the two books we had up for the auction. The books are called Uncommon Sound and are a catalogue of the most amazing artists who were left handed and made a huge impact on music. I can tell you that theLiveHub scored this particular item from the auction. What I won’t tell you is how much it cost! Let’s just remember that it was for a great cause.