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  • Flobots Open For Matisyahu @ The Vic

    The Vic

    Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008Flobots are a rock/hip hop group from Denver who gained success with their hit “Handlebars“. You know that one song, “I can ride my bike with no handlebars…” Yeah, those guys.

    This band has the basic guitar, bass, and drums set up but they also come with 2 MC’s, a trumpet player, and a violist. They manage to incorporate those pieces and still identify as rock music (with a bit of hip hop of course). Pretty impressive. Their album Fight With Tools is out now on Universal.

    The content of their music is socially and politically fused and for a band that’s just few years old, they’ve gained enough attention to be able to open for established acts like Public Enemy. With the current state of hip hop, Flobots are a good thing.

    Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

    On Sunday, Flobots opened for Matisyahu at The Vic and this was my first time catching the group.

    Once I actually saw them on stage I really realized just how many people are in this band. They seemed a little crunched for space up there and I could barely hear MC Jonny 5. The sound during this show wasn’t the best.

    There wasn’t as much energy at this show as I expected and I couldn’t figure out why. The band seemed to be having a good time but the audience didn’t. Of course once the opening for “Handlebars” started, things changed…a little.

    A large sign that read IRAQ was used as a visual to demonstrate the letter game that is the song “Iraq” and MC Brer Rabbit gave us a pop’lock/robot routine that attempted to get the crowd hyped up. Truthfully, I could have done without it.

    I can appreciate their message and innovation so I won’t knock em’.

    Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

    Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

    Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008