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Nosaj Thing Jason ChungGrabbing his name from a graffiti mistake, the intergalactic DJ Nosaj Thing sent the Chicago crowd spinning with track after track of pure gold. His set was a pretty standard amount of time for an opener, yet the L.A. native seemed to slow down time with his very unique electronic sound. Originally wanting to produce tracks as the next Timberland, Nosaj Thing decided to take matters into his own hands and create his own music in the meantime. “I find creating music very therapeutic… When I first start creating a track, I don’t really think about it,” Jason said in a pre-show interview.

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One of my favorite tracks from Drift, “1685/Bach”, made an appearance early in the set warping the venue into a deep space feel. This track has absolutely no boundaries letting his moody melodies soar above the deep bass. Just before the baddest of all beats drop, Nosaj stands back from his controls, confident that the next switch would be one to remember. He could have easily been cockier… There wasn’t a person at the venue who wasn’t shuffling hypnotically to his tracks.

Nosaj takes phenomenal songs like Kid Cudi’s “Man on the Moon” and weaves an equally phenomenal personal spin into his intricate live set, complimenting Cudi’s vocals with sounds similar to that of Air or Télépopmusik. Actually, Nosaj Thing’s interpretation of the song (via “Aquarium”)was used on Kid Cudi’s recent mixtape. I mean, this twentysomething has almost as many remixes as original songs. And there’s no end in sight. He even paid a brief homage to trip-hop artist Portishead with a crowd pleasing mix of “Wandering Star”. You can downloada few of his recent remixes FREE at his website below.

In my recent interview, I found out he is working on a mixtape-type album to be released sometime around June of this year. The (mostly) remix album will feature one of Jason’s biggest influences, Daedelus, Flying Lotus and a few other artists to be mentioned closer to the release date. Nosaj Thing is also collaborating on a must see live visual art show. A short preview can be found here. But, if you just happen to be in Barcelona this summer, head on over to Sonar. Nosaj Thing plans on premiering a more complete project at the venue. The spectacular show is currently scheduled for June. “Then, hopefully we’ll be able to do it in the States,” Jason commented.

Jason gets by with a little help from his friends, the creative minds of Julia Tsao and Adam Guzman who will revitalize the near-cinematic art show. The rest of us will just have to wait for a (very likely) US tour featuring the ethereal sounds of Nosaj Thing with the out-of-this-world synchronized art of Julia Tsao and Adam Guzman.
Nosaj Thing is definitely an artist to watch in 2010. Be on the lookout for an upcoming remix with Fever Ray! for tour dates, videos and a free track or three.

Written by: Blake Russell

Jason Chung (Nosaj Thing) Keeps It Honest

A self-proclaimed “music research geek”, L.A.-native Jason Chung a.k.a. Nosaj Thing originally wanted to produce tracks like Dr. Dre or drop beats in the likes of Timberland. After sneaking out to his first rave sometime during 8th grade (remember: This is L.A.), Chung was hooked on the melodies and bass of electronic music. leaving high school and a synth-pop duo (sans keytar), the young mix master started creating his own tracks using every resource at his disposal.

Jason Chung of Nosaj ThingNosaj Thing’s debut album Drift topped iTunes Electronic charts at #5, but his work doesn’t stop there. With almost as many remixes as original songs and a secret remix EP dropping this summer, the 23 year-old DJ is spending time working on an innovative live visual performance creating an otherworldly environment not unlike the moody melodies featured in Drift.

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