Ke$ha in Chicago on the Get $leazy Tour

Charter One Pavilion

Photos by Ben Bibriesca

Kesha Charter One Pavillion 9

Ke$ha was back in Chicago at the Charter One Pavilion showing off her I am the Dance Commander dance moves on her Get $leazy Tour.

Ke$ha’s debut album Animal was release back in January of 2010 to mixed reviews, but was a hit with fans. It spawned her biggest hit “Tik Tok“.  It is odd to see a large pop act drop another album just 10 months after releasing her first major label debut, but her reason for doing doing so was for her touring set.  She told Spin magazine in an interview back in November of 2010, “Not to sound like a cheese dick, but my fans are my entire life at this point because I’m always on the road. I feel like they’ve become my family. With my first album, I only had enough material for an hour-long show, and I wanted enough for a two-hour dance party that’s gonna take over the planet. Plus, I wrote songs all throughout this crazy whirlwind experience of the past year. “

Last November her second studio album, Cannibal, was released and then the remixed album,  I Am the Dance Commander, dropped on March of this year. It’s a great way to milk fans for money by releasing remixed album. Apparently it’s the new thing to do. Ke$ha says she has hundreds of songs written so it’s just a matter of time before a new studio album hits the digital shelves.

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Tik Tok Covers from YouTube:

The Ukulele Version

The Acoustic Cover

Metal Cover