Marilyn Manson Crushes 20 Million Claim By Ex Bandmate

UPDATE 12/31: The Lawsuit has been settled. Check out news from the AP/MSN  here.

Marilyn Manson Chicago 4 use


LOS ANGELES (CNS) – Marilyn Manson’s insurance coverage will pay $175,000 to settle a lawsuit brought against him by a former member of his band, but all of the money will go to the plaintiff’s attorney, a lawyer for the goth rocker said today. Stephen Bier, better known by the stage names Pogo and Madonna Wayne Gacy, brought his breach-of contract case in Los Angeles Superior Court in August 2007 against Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner.

Bier, who was seeking more than $20 million, alleged Manson used money from their former band partnership to buy items ranging from Nazi paraphernalia to a $150,000 engagement ring for ex-wife Dita Von Teese, depriving him of his partnership share. Manson’s lawyer, Howard E. King, said Bier will not get any proceeds and that the settlement check will be made payable to Bier’s lead attorney to cover the costs of the latter’s investment in the case. King maintains the lawsuit never should have been filed. “After being dismissed from the band, Bier could have focused on resurrecting or attempting to pursue a music career,” King said. “Instead, he devoted the last several years to complaining about Manson’s alleged spending habits and extravagant behavior to anyone who would listen.”

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DJ AM Sues for $20 Million


DJ AM is seeking at least $20 million in damages from the company that booked the jet carrying himself and Blink-182’s Travis Barker when it crashed back in September 2008. AM wants $10 million for economic damages, medical bills and lost earnings, while the other $10 million is for physical pain & suffering and other “non-economic losses.”

30 Seconds to Mars Disappoints Record Label

30 Seconds to MarsDespite selling 100,000 albums on their self-titled debut and having their 2005’s “A Beautiful Lie” go platinum, Virgin Records is suing the band for $30 million for failing to deliver a new album on time. That’s a pretty clever number. Do you think that was deliberate? Some big-wig probably thought that was really cute. 30 Seconds? Why don’t we sue for 30 million! Particulars of the band’s punctuality have not been disclosed. The lawsuit states the band “repudiated” a 1999 contract in July. What does that even mean? After touring in 2007, the band has been working on a new album, but apparently it’s not coming along fast enough. 30 Seconds to Mars may just be another victim of the money saving merger with Capitol Records implemented by EMI to reconstruct business to save millions a year. Good for them!