Linda Perry Introduces the Deep Dark Robot to Chicago

Deep Dark Robot
Schubas – Chicago, IL

All photos by Yvette Casillas

Deep Dark Robot 20

Linda Perry is an amazing musician. In my eyes, she ranks up there as an icon for her prolific songwriting and her unmistakable voice.  She may be most recognized for her work fronting the 90’s band, 4 Non Blondes, but in the early 2000’s she started writing hits for others.   The artists she’s written for include Adam Lambert and Christina Aguilera.  Linda also co-wrote most of Pink’s Let’s Get This Party Started.  However, it didn’t take long for Linda to grow tired of writing and pushing out pop songs like “Beautiful” for the labels and their artists.  It’s about time, in my opinion; she hit the road again by forming Deep Dark Robot.

Deep Dark Robot recently released their debut album  8 Songs About a Girl off Linda’s label, Custard. The album is about the girl Linda couldn’t have and it’s openly explored in the album.  Linda said of 8 Songs About a Girl, “They were written in the past five months and were inspired by a girl who put my heart on a roller coaster and didn’t let me off.”

Linda started the night off looking a tad annoyed at the loud crowd.  She mentioned she lost track of time on the bus because she was meditating.  We also found out during the show that she is a vegan and, I must note, she was the only vegan in the house at Schubas. Apparently Linda Perry fans’ in Chicago aren’t big on the vegan thing.

She opened with “I’m Coming for You” and it didn’t take long for her warm up and get acquainted with the stage and crowd.  The set was about an hour long and it felt like something straight off of VH1’s Storytellers.  She talked and interacted with the crowd more than any artist I’ve seen live.  There was a British chef who yelled out to Perry that she is amazing.  Linda then asked where his accent came from. This sparked several minutes of discussion of British words and accents and the introduction of Simon from her band that is from Birmingham.  I am telling you, it was one of the most entertaining performances.  Linda also reached out to her Twit Pit fans that were in the front row who made a sign, yet didn’t hold it up. They taped it to the stage, which made for some good laughs.

The set included two covers, “Angie” and the Cure’s “Love Song.”  “Love Song” was dark and Linda and the Deep Dark Robot took the tempo down a few notches.  Our British friend said, “It’s amazing!”  He was absolutely correct.  Linda took to the ivory keys for “Speck” and then transitioned into “Angie” since she was ‘in the mood.’  She did discuss the elephant in the room, which was her mood.  She was honest in saying she is a very moody person.  I didn’t think the fans minded too much since she made us laugh and repeatedly thanked everyone for being at Schubas.

The best songs from the show were the ones where you could feel her passion and anger, such as “Fuck You Stupid Bitch” and “Feeling Strange.”



I’m Coming for You
No One Wake Me Up Like You
What I Want
Can’t Getcha Out of My Mind
You Mean Nothing to Me
Feeling Strange
It Fucking Hurts
Won’t You Be My Girl
The First Time
Fuck you Stupid Bitch
Love Song
Search and Destroy
Somebody Love Me Now

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