John Legend Ends the Year with Chicago

John Legend
The Venue – Hammond, IN
December 30, 2009

John Legend Chicago 7

Witnessing the undeniable talent of John Legend live in concert for the second time in my life ended up making me bounce between two utterly different emotions. First off, I felt inspired and was left in awe of how amazing a pianist and songwriter John Legend truly is. Second of all, I couldn’t help but feel like a complete loser for being just six years younger than John Legend and not possessing even half of the musical gift and skill set belonging to this man. Legend did not have an opening act to warm up the crowd before gracing the stage himself. And to be honest, with as much music as Legend has under his belt, John did not need an opener to precede him last Wednesday night at Horseshoe Casino’s The Venue in Hammond, IN.

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Lil Wayne & T-Pain ‘Got Money’…Your Money To Be Exact

Lil Wayne & T-Pain
Sears Centre ArenaHoffman Estates, IL
April 10, 2009

Lil Wayne & T-Pain Sears Centre Arena

The “I Am Music” Tour came through Chicago (well, the suburbs) for the second time on April 10, 2009. Lil Wayne’s headlining tour with T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes, and Keri Hilson first hit Chicago (the city) on December 28, 2008. The December show took place at the United Center and the April show occurred at the Sears Centre Arena. Lil Wayne’s hit “Got Money” featuring T-Pain does in fact feature a guest appearance by T-Pain during the live show. “Got Money” was the third song in Wayne’s set for both shows. Yes – I did go to both shows. Check out my photos of Lil Wayne after the jump. The photos with Wayne and Pain are obviously when they were performing “Got Money,” which happens to be my favorite Lil Wayne song. Take a listen if you only know Wayne’s biggest hit “Lollipop” or the infectious single “A Milli.”

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