Matisyahu delivers ‘Spark’ to Madison

Matisyahu – ‘Spark Seekers’ Tour
Capitol Theater – Madison, WI

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Matisyahu - 2012 tour 1

Matisyahu and opening act, The Constellations, took charge of the Capitol Theater within the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisc on Nov. 13, 2012. Despite performing to a half-full venue, both acts brought their A-game to an appreciative crowd. Matisyahu is current wrapping up his headline tour in support of “Spark Seekers.” However, he just announced an acoustic tour and EP, “Spark Seeker: The Acoustic EP” for early 2013.

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MATISYAHU Releases “Elijah’s Song”

Matisyahu elijah song

Matisyahu has released “Elijah’s Song” in memory of a young boy he met who was suffering from cancer. During the time that Matisyahu knew him, he and Elijah became great friends; Matisyahu would keep in constant contact with the young man, even surprising him by performing at his bar mitzvah. Elijah had asked that he and Matisyahu record a song together, and in Elijah’s final hours, the song was completed and is now available to download.

Says Matisyahu, “I wrote and recorded this song with my friend Elijah just hours before he passed away last December. Proud to be able to share his voice and story while helping his family on their road to recovery. If you like it, you can make a donation and get two versions of the song–including one with him singing.”

The track can be downloaded HERE with a minimum donation of $1 and all of the proceeds go to the Elijah Memorial Fund, administered by the Chabad of West Boca. The download includes two versions of “Elijah’s Song”, including a special version with Elijah and Matisyahu singing together the night before Elijah passed.

Read full letter about Elijah’s Song from Matisyahu


Elijah’s Song: 
Elijah’s Song w/ Elijah: 

Expands Traditional NYC Eight-Night Residency to Additional U.S. Cities and Adds Ninth Show!

Expands Traditional NYC Eight-Night Residency to Additional U.S. Cities and Adds Ninth Show!

Matisyahu has announced today that, for the first time in its history, he will take his annual Hanukkah celebration, Festival of Light, on tour. The series of shows, historically 8 shows in New York City and Brooklyn, will expand to additional northeast U.S. cities due to increasing demand from his fans. Set to kick off on November 29 at Brooklyn, NY’s Brooklyn Bowl, Matisyahu will perform four nights in Brooklyn – one show at the Brooklyn Bowl and three shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg – marking the fifth year in a row that he has brought his Festival of Light to hometown crowds. He’ll then head to AlbanyBoston, Baltimore and Philadelphia before wrapping in Portland, ME on the last night of Hanukkah. Tickets go on sale on to the public on Friday, October 22nd whileMatisyahu will hold a special pre-sale for his fans through Twitter and Facebook.

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Matisyahu to Perform Olympic Campaign Anthem “One Day”
“One Day” Remix Featuring Akon Now Available

Coming off the heels of a very successful partnership with NBC Universal for their “Countdown to Vancouver” Olympic promotional campaign, Grammy nominated artist Matisyahu is set to perform his hopeful and uplifting anthem “One Day” as part of the LiveCity Vancouver! and Canada/ Whistler Village Square Stage outdoor free concert celebrations. NBC Universal has been airing the promotional Olympic spot featuring “One Day” over the past few months across all the networks on NBC Universal (NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, The Weather Channel, Bravo, Oxygen, SyFy, Universal Sports, Universal HD, Chiller, and Sleuth).

As excitement for Matisyahu’s “One Day” continues to build, a very special remix version featuring multi-platinum recording artist Akon is now available for purchase online and has already become an instant fan favorite.

Shows featuring Matisyahu during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games celebrations:

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Flobots Open For Matisyahu @ The Vic

The Vic

Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008Flobots are a rock/hip hop group from Denver who gained success with their hit “Handlebars“. You know that one song, “I can ride my bike with no handlebars…” Yeah, those guys.

This band has the basic guitar, bass, and drums set up but they also come with 2 MC’s, a trumpet player, and a violist. They manage to incorporate those pieces and still identify as rock music (with a bit of hip hop of course). Pretty impressive. Their album Fight With Tools is out now on Universal.

The content of their music is socially and politically fused and for a band that’s just few years old, they’ve gained enough attention to be able to open for established acts like Public Enemy. With the current state of hip hop, Flobots are a good thing.

Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

On Sunday, Flobots opened for Matisyahu at The Vic and this was my first time catching the group.

Once I actually saw them on stage I really realized just how many people are in this band. They seemed a little crunched for space up there and I could barely hear MC Jonny 5. The sound during this show wasn’t the best.

There wasn’t as much energy at this show as I expected and I couldn’t figure out why. The band seemed to be having a good time but the audience didn’t. Of course once the opening for “Handlebars” started, things changed…a little.

A large sign that read IRAQ was used as a visual to demonstrate the letter game that is the song “Iraq” and MC Brer Rabbit gave us a pop’lock/robot routine that attempted to get the crowd hyped up. Truthfully, I could have done without it.

I can appreciate their message and innovation so I won’t knock em’.

Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

Flobots The Vic 10/19/2008

Matis-YAHOO! – (Couldn’t Resist)

The Vic

Matisyahu The Vic 10/19/2008

Known mostly for being a Hasidic Jew, Matisyahu (born Matthew Paul Miller) has received lots of praise from the reggae world in the short time he’s been around. The New York rapper has three albums out and a few remix EPs. The last studio album released was 2006’s Youth but we can expect a new album entitled Light out early next year.

Not to be confused with dancehall, Matisyahu sticks with styles closer to Roots Reggae with rock riffs and beat-boxing in between. On the studio albums the rock and hip hop influence can really be heard but live, reggae takes the spotlight. “Live at Stubbs” is one of my favorite reggae albums and believe me, good reggae is hard to come by these days.

Matisyahu The Vic 10/19/2008Matisyahu was in Chicago over the weekend and performed at The Vic on Sunday.

There were no surprises for me at this show. The crowd was filled with hippies and hip hoppers but you don’t have to be either to appreciate the music. According to the set list, there were 28 songs to be played (set list below) but we only went through about half. I was ok with that since most of the tracks are extended to fit in his many, many hums and hollers.

Best parts about Sunday:

– Everything about this show went smooth and on time. I find that The Vic is always good about that. I appreciated it.

– “Youth” – The first time I saw Matisyahu the Youth album wasn’t out yet so I’ve been waiting to hear it live for a while. Yes, it was worth it.

– “King Without a Crown” – Clearly this is the song everyone knows but it still so great. Live performances of this song are always better than what’s featured on the album. (with the exception of “Live at Stubbs” -that by far is the best version)

– The band – Matisyahu‘s band is always amazing. It’s probably the only reason I started listening to him in the first place. Those guys get the job done and they do it well.

Matisyahu has clearly come a long way since the first time I saw him. For some reason this time seemed more official and his performance was more confident. He also gave us a few sweet dance moves.

Matisyahu The Vic 10/19/2008

Matisyahu The Vic 10/19/2008

Matisyahu Coming to The Vic Theatre on Sunday!

Remember the “King Without a Crown” song? You know, that fresh reggae track that Q101 debuted here in Chicago a couple years ago? Unless you were living in a hole the past couple of years, there’s really no way you don’t know about Matisyahu or you at least have heard about “that one rapping Hasidic Jew.”

Well, a few things have changed since his debut, but he’s still pumping out great reggae tracks that carry lots of rock weight. A little beatboxing too! If you didn’t catch him back in July at Ravinia, Matisyahu will be back in town this Sunday with special guests Flobots.

If you want to check him out before the show, Youth and No Place to Be are both out now on Sony BMG.

Catch Matisyahu this Sunday 10/19 at The Vic Theatre!

Visit for tickets.