Farbrew’s Beer Review: CoCoNut Porter by Maui Brewing Co.

CoCoNut Porter
Maui Brewing Co.

coconut porter maui brewing co

Upon pouring this beer, I thought to myself that this has to be the darkest beer I have ever seen. It poured very black and my initial assumption was this was going to be a thick beer. As I started drinking it, I started to not only taste to hint of Coconut, but also the hints of chocolate and coffee which obviously gives this beer its darker look. This beer is not very heavy in malt and smooth to drink. I think this beer is a perfect beer to have as a desert type. This is not a beer you would have as a compliment to a meal, as I felt like this beer alone was enough for a course of a meal.

Talking to the expert at Wally’s her explained to me that some breweries prefer to package their beers in cans, but comsumers think that drinking beer out of a can skew’s it’s taste. Honestly, I am not sure how I feel about that as I think beer from a bottle is better even if I am still drinking it from the glass. I feel like the metallic of the aluminum really gives the beer an off taste. (Of course this doesn’t apply to the typical Bug Light or Miller Lite as those beers are meant to be drank a freezing temperature so you can’t even tell the taste.)

This was definitely a fun beer to try. It’s brewed at Maui Brewing Co. in Hawaii.

ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 30

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