Interview with Megadeth’s Lead Guitarist Chris Broderick

Megadeth Mayhem Cincinnati

Megadeth can be considered one of the most legendary sounds in all of music, not just Metal. They are synonymous with a time period, moments in the lives of so many of their fans. They may have a different look than when the band was formed in 1983 but they are one of the founding fathers and would definitely find themselves on the Mount Rushmore of American Metal music and can still fill festival stadiums all over the world. They have been doing their thing for almost 30 years and show no signs of stopping. They had released their fittingly named 13th studio album TH1RT3EN last year before they came to Cincinnati. They will return to Ohio as one of the main acts at Rock on The Range.

Over the past year, Amy had time to speak with band drummer Shawn Drover two times and lead guitarist Chris Broderick at Mayhem Festival about life on tour and what the future holds for the band. Their timeless sound continues on and will be able to be heard on the Main Stage in Columbus next Sunday night with Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie.

Excerpts with Chris

Amy: I know you joined the band in 2008, right?

Chris: Yeah, the very beginning.

Amy: What was it like the first time you played and jammed with Dave (Mustaine)?

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