Downloading Music: You’ll Pay for That!! For Some, TWICE!!

I am a big Techcrunch fan. For those who don’t know what Techcrunch is a tech blog run by Michael Arrington. He reviews new start-up companies and well, if he writes about you good or bad, lots of people flock to you site. It’s called getting Crunched.

I digress, Michael wrote a post on the 28th of March that I briefly touched on March 16th. Yes, this article pissed me off so much that I am writing ANOTHER article about it. I was so angered when I read Michael’s article (Not mad at Michael just the subject of the article) that I screamed because Warner Music really is gunning for the $5 a month for each customer to pay their ISP, if their ISP volunteers to opted into the deal with Warner.

Yes, its voluntary for ISP to sign up for the “program” but once the ISP says it will take part in the $5 a month per customer scam…I mean program, everyone who uses that ISP, example, Comcast, would have to pay the $5 per month fee regardless if they download music illegally or if you download music at all.

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