Muse and Cage the Elephant lift D.C. on 9/11

Muse / Cage the Elephant- 2013 Tour
Verizon Center – Washington, D.C.

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Muse - 2013 Tour - Washington D.C.

On a day where two million bikers were to converge upon Washington D.C. in memory of 9/11, thousands of music fans crammed into the Verizon Center to watch a mesmerizing performance by Muse on Wednesday night. Cage the Elephant opened the show with a strong, high-energy set.

Touring on their fourth consecutive #1 smash, “The 2nd Law,” Muse are known to deliver an over-the-top live show. Featuring an expansive stage with a five-tiered pyramid of video panels that dynamically align into various positions during the show, the English trio gave a jaw-dropping audio-visual extravaganza that was equally impressive from any angle. Matthew Bellamy played the Star Spangled Banner on guitar after the second song in tribute to 9/11 that induced goosebumps.

We were limited to the first three songs for a photo review with no ticket, so flip through the gallery to see why this is a must-see event.

Pre-order Cage the Elephant’s forthcoming album, “Melophobia,” due out October 8.

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Remaining Muse / Cage the Elephant 2013 tour dates:

9/17 – Denver, Colorado – Pepsi Center
9/19 – Salt Lake City, Utah – Energy Solutions Arena

Chicago’s United Center experiences rapture with Muse

Muse – 2013 “2nd Law” Tour
United Center – Chicago, IL

All photos by Dan DeSlover – Concert Capture

Muse - 2013 2nd Law Tour

Having attained multi-platinum success with “Resistance” and breathtaking world tour that spanned nearly two years, Muse have returned with the critically acclaimed “The 2nd Law” that is another masterpiece from start to finish. Their 2013 tour packed the house at the United Center in Chicago on March 4 with Dead Sara opening the show.

Continue reading the rest of this review (and find more great photos) at The Examiner!

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In Photos: MUSE at Kanrocksas


MUSE KanrocksasFor wrap-up and more photos from Kanrocksas check out our summary here.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos:

The Inaugural Kanrocksas is a Success

Kid Cudi Kanrocksas

Kid Cudi @ Kanrocksas 8/5/2011

Speedways have been successfully hosting concerts for years, Altamont’s 1969 tragedy not included..  Though Altamont had roughly ten times the crowd as Kanrocksas did this past weekend at Kansas Speedway, 300,000 versus roughly 30,000, but Altamont did not have close to the infrastructure that made the first ever Kanrocksas a success for the fans even it if might not have been profitable for the event.

Flaming Lips Kanrocksas

Flaming Lips @ Kanrocksas 8/5/2011

Kansas Speedway boasts a 1.5 mile triangular oval with enough space that it could comfortably host a professional baseball stadium and football stadium within its interior infield.  Chris Fritz has been managing and producing concerts since he was 16 years old and foresaw the scale that could be achieved in a venue such as this.  One of the most redeeming qualities of the Speedway was its pre-existing infrastructure that is already in place for a large number of fans:  plumbing and permanent toilets; physical, air-conditioned, structures within the infield that could house site management, media, and emergency personnel; grass surfaces for the fans and paved surfaces for temporary services; and a very large grandstand with permanent seating that not only gave a respite from standing but also provided necessary shade in the afternoon.  For those who didn’t mind sitting on a paved surface, the track itself has a natural incline and many fans chose this location during the headline sets of Eminem, Friday, and Muse, Saturday, to absorb the sights and sounds (and whatever else they might have gotten into the venue).

Three stages and a tented dance area shared the infield with a series of activities designed by Art Director John Bukaty.  Individual risers (think large crates) dotted the area for animated dancers and a large wall was constructed for master artists to create paintings inspired by the live music.  Tents of varied shapes provided shade and misting stations.  For those who wanted more than just mist, or an in-promptu shower for the campers, there was a designated rain tent.  Water filling stations flowed non-stop and could be found within the main grandstand and at the center of the infield.  Our personal favorite addition to the venue were the roughly one dozen local food trucks which provided tried-and-true food specialties that ranged from gourmet meatball sandwiches (Italian with shaved Parmesan and basil oil or spicy Thai with an Asian slaw) to vegetarian gyros (curried chickpeas and roasted vegetables with feta and tzatziki sauce on a pita) to fresh bakery food and gourmet coffee; and all at prices that were a reasonable $3-7.  The food trucks were in addition to the typical, and numerous, beer and food kiosks that one would expect.  Liquid refreshment was never more than a few feet away as individuals with coolers stocked with beer and water were everywhere.

The Black Keys Kanrocksas

The Black Keys @ Kanrocksas 8/6/2011

Josh Hunt of Mammoth Entertainment put together a stellar first year lineup that went well beyond Eminem and Muse with a diverse spread of talent.  The Black Keys impressed with their Akron-based, garage-produced, blues inspired rock.  Les Claypool of Primus gave yet another mind blowing display of bass-centric funk metal.

Cage the Elephant, Kid Cudi, A Perfect Circle, Flogging Molly, and Ween all had great sets.  Didn’t see Bassnectar but didn’t need to, he was impressive from across the venue.

Photos from the two days will be up today!


In Photos: D12 & Kid Cudi

In Photos: Fitz and the Tantrums, Ween, & Primus

Lollapalooza’s 20th Birthday Is Coming!!!!

Oh how Lollapalooza has grown! It’s amazing how a farewell show for Jane’s Addiction could manifest into a growing mass of 115+ acres of multiple stages showcasing 130-something artists, festival grounds filled with farmers markets, hosting local gourmet fair, and enough arts and crafts to make your head spin! [Read more…]

Silversun Pickups: The Dead Hub 2009 Best New Artist

Silversun Pickups
United Center – Chicago, IL
March 12, 2010

Silversun Pickups United Center

Silversun Pickups left me with just one thought as they left the stage upon completing their set: This band should have won the 2010 Best New Artist Grammy Award that it was nominated for…these four musicians deserved to have won. Instead, the Zac Brown Band took home the coveted award that can make or break an artist’s career. What the hell was up with that? Silversun Pickups only performed eight songs while opening for Muse last Friday night at Chicago’s United Center, but those eight chosen pieces of music were LONG. The alternative indie rock foursome from California played for almost 45 minutes, alternating between new songs from 2009’s release Swoon and 2007’s breakthrough record Carnavas.

More photos of Silversun Pickups after the jump…

Set List / Chicago

Growing Old Is Getting Old

Well Thought Out Twinkles

There’s No Secrets This Year

The Royal We

Future Foe Scenarios


Panic Switch

Lazy Eye

Silversun Pickups United CenterBrian Aubert (guitar, lead vocals)

“You guys are fucking awesome. First of all, ‘hi everybody behind us.’ Sorry about that,” said lead singer and guitarist Brian Aubert as he apologized to those fans unfortunately stuck with an obstructed view from their seats located behind the stage. Even though the concert was in the round for Muse’s stage setup, Silversun Pickups had to make do with an end stage and perform to the crowd standing and sitting before them. Muse had three skyscraper-type pillars on their stage, one for each band member to perform upon when the time came. However, when Silversun Pickups took to the stage, the columns served as nothing more than a backdrop that prevented audience members in the rear end of the arena from viewing the band’s performance.

Silversun Pickups United CenterNikki Monninger (bass, vocals)

The view from my standpoint was not that much better, though. Sporadic lighting with plenty of strobe light flashes made it quite difficult to clearly see each member of Silversun Pickups. At one point during the band’s opening performance, Aubert told the left side of the arena to take out their cameras and start taking photos with the flash on. Aubert then had the right side do the same. The fans on the main floor joined in third. “You in the back, start flashing!” ordered Aubert. “This is our only light show, so come on.” Indeed it was the band’s only light show.

For reasons unknown to me, whenever Aubert walked away from his microphone to rock out with a tricky guitar solo, there was no spotlight following him. I watched the man play in almost complete darkness, which bummed me out to be honest. My favorite part of any concert is intently watching the musicians play their respective instruments. I only wish I could have witnessed Aubert’s insane guitar playing more easily, without having to squint my eyes. In the end, I basically had to accept the fact that simply listening to (and not watching) Aubert’s skills would have to suffice.

Silversun Pickups United CenterChris Guanlao (drums)

There’s no denying the talent of Silversun Pickups as a whole. However, one cannot fail to notice the odd combination of its members, mostly evident during the band’s live show. While the drummer Chris Guanlao and Brian Aubert rock out like they’ll never play again, Joe Lester (keyboards) and Nikki Monninger (bass/vocals) seem to be quite content chilling out with minimal movement. A cymbal was positioned abnormally high on Guanlao’s right, forcing him to reach up with his right arm fully extended every time he hit it. By no means am I an expert on drums and percussion, but Guanlao’s sparkling metallic purple drum kit was set up in a fashion unfamiliar to me. This didn’t stop Guanlao from shooting his right arm up in the air every few seconds (drumstick in hand) while head-banging away, his hair whipping around in a bizarre heavy-metal video move straight out of 1986.

Bassist and backing vocalist Nikki Monninger chose to rock out on her own terms. This being a subtle nod of the head back and forth from left to right. Besides the slight movements every now and then from her neck up, Monninger pretty much just stands there behind her microphone and plays her part. Keyboardist Joe Lester is equally as uninteresting to watch as Monninger, to say the least. Lester performed the entire set hiding behind his piano/synthesizer, which was covered in a black tarp for whatever reason. That annoyed me, actually. I didn’t see any point in having his instrument blocked from the fans’ view. Being a piano player myself, I love everything about watching musicians’ fingers tickling the black and white keys live right in front of me. It appeared as if Lester was protecting his keyboard from a potential downpour of rain, which would have been perfectly acceptable if this was Lollapalooza. But come on, this was inside a basketball/hockey arena for crying out loud!

“Do not look Matt Bellamy in the eyeballs,” warned Aubert in between songs where he tended to scream much more than I was expecting. I don’t recall his vocals being so angry and screamo-y on the band’s records. I guess playing in front of 25,000 people brings the metal/emo side out of the Silversun Pickups guitarist. Not being fan of screaming in place of singing, Aubert’s amazing use of his foot pedal to create multiple guitar riff loops blew me away. As the grand finale and biggest hit of the band’s career “Lazy Eye” came to an end, I was spellbound by Aubert as he walked to the front edge of the stage and got lost in a solo that made me want to pick up a guitar and learn to play it. I can only dream of being as proficient on the instrument as this guy. And I truly believe that making a fan (like me) walk away from a show wanting to learn how to play the guitar (or any instrument, really) is a sign of a great artist, band, musician, etc. Silversun Pickups made me do just that. Now I just need to sit down and pick up that acoustic guitar…

Click on thumbnails to enlarge images:

Muse Release Official Music Video For “Resistance”

Muse Release Official Music Video For “Resistance”

English alternative rockers Muse have released the official music video for their chart topping single “Resistance.” The video gives fans a glimpse of their energetic and extravagant live performances for which they are known. The single comes from the band’s fifth studio album titled, The Resistance, which has topped the charts in 19 countries and reached number three on the American album chart thanks to the lead single “Uprising.” The best selling CD fuses a number of musical genres, including progressive rock, classical music, and electronica. Head on over to iTunes and pick up the bands new iPhone app and self-produced album, The Resistance.

Tour dates after the jump…

[Read more…]

Run Devil Run: The New Album and the Album Release Party @ The Roxy!


Run Devil Run* – Former members of the Los Angeles-based Rock band Poets & Pornstars are back with a new name, Run Devil Run (RDR), a new front man, Jeremy Aric and their highy anticipated new album titled “5 by 5” scheduled for release this Friday, March 20th! As part of Poets & Pornstars the band toured nationally, selling out House of Blues venues across the country and opening up for acts such as Guns & Roses, Muse,and Bon Jovi in front of audiences as large as 15,000-plus.

To commemorate their awesome return and new album, they will be performing LIVE at The Roxy!

RUN DEVIL RUN CD Release Party
with Warner Drive
Also appearing: Silent Treatment and Attic of Love

Friday, March 20th 2009
9 PM
The Roxy
9009 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 278-9457