DoubleTwist Vs. Dropbox: Wirelessly Sync Your Music Media to your Smartphone

DoubleTwist is an Android based app that lets users sync their desktop media files to their Android powered Smartphone wirelessly.  At first glance I thought this would be the greatest thing ever. I only have one chord to power and sync my G2 phone.  It’s a pain finding where I plugged the thing in at and then hooking up it up to my computer to load my pictures and music.  DoubleTwist’s solution for wireless transfer solves the problem, but it isn’t new.

I am on the road and at shows writing notes, setlists, and even occasionally taking photos with my phone.  I thought, “There has to be an easier way of transferring files from my computer to my phone!”  So 1 month ago I download Dropbox to my Android device.  Once installed, I created a private folder for myself to drag and drop files to sync.  It’s been the biggest relief for me since I installed Dropbox.

The one big benefit to Dropbox versus DoubleTwist is it’s free.  DoubleTwist does offer a free download for your desktop computer, but to download the Android App on your phone will run you $4.99. Since I am a cheapskate, Dropbox sounds really awesome versus that $4.99 price tag.  You can use the DoubleTwist desktop software to sync your computer’s desktop to your phone, but you have to do it with your USB chord.  That just brings me back to my original problem.  The other handy thing I can do with Dropbox is invite people to my folder to share my files if I so desire.

So until DoubleTwist’s AirSync App does more than just sync, I’ll be sticking with my Dropbox.

DoubleTwist is currently at the Google I/O 2011 in the Sandbox.

More info on DoubleTwist:

To download DoubleTwist’s AirSync App search “DoubleTwist” in the Android Market and go to to download the desktop software.

More info on Dropbox: